Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Frasier: Elect the LOON?!

I watched a rerun of the television show Frasier last night, some of the best comedy writing ever, of course.  Here's the scenario of last night's episode:

Frasier was promoting a friend for Congress and had him to his home to tape a commercial for him.  As they stood on Frasier's balcony overlooking the night lights of Seattle's downtown buildings, the wannabe Congressman, a friend of Frasier's, told him he'd like to confide something...and he did.    He told Frasier he had been abducted by aliens.

Of course, Frasier was stunned and then very upset that he had to go inside and tape an ad promoting this person he'd discovered is, well,.... a loon!   He did tape the spot, but he was nervous and struggling over the script which was so complimentary to the candidate!   Niles watches his brother's weird delivery and suspects something's up and beckons Frasier to the kitchen where he asks "What is WRONG with you?"  

Niles convinces Frasier to tell him what's up....Of course, Niles is shocked when Frasier tells him.   He can't believe this wannabe Congressman, Phil, is such a loon and poor Frasier has to promote him.   BUT, the next sentence is what caught my attention!

Niles says "But, we have to elect him, we can't let the other guy win...what about the environment!  what about education!  what about the ARTS!?"    They shudder at the thought!.........and Niles finally admits "well,'s better to have this LOON elected than the other candidate.....yes, he can be changed!  He'll need a lot of therapy!"   But, what the heck, they both decide, it must be better to elect the nut!

That sounded so familiar I had to share it with you :-)   Kelsey Grammer is a staunch Conservative, so this must have rankled him!


Always On Watch said...

A friend of mine gave us a set of Frasier DVD's. I'll have to dig them out.

Z said...

Lucky you,'ll not be sorry; i promise, you'll laugh out loud. Excellent, really smart comedy.

Silverfiddle said...

I haven't seen that episode, but it's oh so true.

Remember Hillary mocking the idea of being a "Stand by your man" woman? Well, she is, along with millions of other liberal abuse victims.

Bill Clinton used his position as most powerful man in the world to coerce sexual favors from a starry-eyed barely legal intern, and the feminists defended him!

I don't know why Anthony Wiener resigned. A majority of dimbulbs in his district saw nothing wrong with what he did and said they would reelect him.

beamish said...

I don't know why Anthony Wiener resigned. A majority of dimbulbs in his district saw nothing wrong with what he did and said they would reelect him.

Resignation keeps him legally eligible for later elective office, whereas impeachment and eventual expulsion would permanently disqualify him. He resigned so he could return with a "therapy cure" on his resume.

I'm surprised Obama hasn't made him some sort of internet communications "czar."

beamish said...

I liked Frasier better on Cheers.

Z said...

Silverfiddle...imagine people wanting a pervert to be your representative?

Beamish..."I'm surprised Obama hasn't made him some sort of internet communications "czar."

Very well said!! It is surprising, but you know, Eliot Spitzer is on CNN, so.......anything could happen.

I like Frasier way more than his character on Cheers (met him at a conservative event about a year ago, he's amazing), but I do love Cheers and watch it a lot late at night.

Am attending an Allen West event here in 2 weeks...really looking forward to it.

cube said...

Either I missed that episode or I forgot it. Sounds like they were referring to Ron Paul... just kidding.

Silverfiddle: I think Weiner resigned in order to keep his pension and keep open any opportunity for returning to some other office once his "therapy" was a done deal.

Bob said...

Where do you people get all that time to watch all that TV? I seemed to have missed most of Cheers, Frazier, Seinfeld, etc.

Others calibrate events in their lives based on Seinfeld episodes, and win trivia contests because they watch all this stuff. I can't even sit down long enough to watch the re-runs on Netflix HD streaming video.

On topic: That's exactly what happened, we elected the loon and lackluster buffoon with Barack Obama. I was wondering where his brilliant academic writings were, and what astounding cases he handled when he worked for ACORN.

Z said...

Bob, you obviously don't have insomnia :-) The reruns are on now.
For the record, I was never much of a Seinfeld watcher.

Cube...big fan of Ron Paul, huh? :-)

cube said...

Z, Ron Paul scares me. So does his messy-haired son.

Z said...

Cube..ah, the BRILLO BOY!:-)

Leticia said...

I am enjoying the Frazier re-runs. I have always wondered what Niles wife looked like, though.