Friday, June 3, 2011

Dunkin' responsibility...........

Wouldn't you think a diabetic would want to control what kind of sweetener went into her coffee?
A woman is suing Dunkin' Donuts because they put real sugar in her coffee........and she suffered diabetic shock from it.  In my opinion, there's a big HOLE in this case!

Here's Z as the Judge:  "Madame, this court and Dunkin' Donuts, I'm sure, is sorry for your having been ill, but nobody did this on purpose and, in the future, please know that you should take responsibility for your condition and control your own coffee and sweetener.  Order your coffee black and carry Splenda in your purse. Grow up.  Case dismissed."

How about you?
(I wanted to post an image of a donut, but my favorite are glazed and I found out no food stylist can do them justice!)



Lisa said...

I'll go with you as the Judge Z,lol!!!

I wouldn't be surprised if Holder slaps tem with a huge fine being this admin is so "Sue" Happy

Linda said...

You mean there is a judge out there that has some common sense? I hope she had to pay the court costs!

I like glazed too, but don't get them too often, because I eat too many!

beamish said...

Krispy Kreme's glowing red neon "Hot Donuts Now" sign is like a mind control laser that comes on and drags my car into their drive thru.

They're best fresh out of the fryer :)

MK said...

Reminds me of this program i saw recently, there's this pommy cook going around in LA trying to brow-beat you Americans into eating vegetables and all that. Anyway he targeted one poor fast food owner using a bit of emotional blackmail.

He got this fat girl with type 2 diabetes to speak to the owner and cry a lot about how her whole family has this disease because they couldn't stop eating burgers and all that. Essentially blaming the owner for their own stupidity.

You're a far nicer judge than I am Z. I would have had her thrown out of my court room and made her pay court costs for Dunkin Doughnuts.

If i was dunkin doughnuts, i'd stop offering people the sweetners, as they can see now, it's far too risky and costly if an employee screws up.

By the way, you asked me a question on my post, as you probably suspect, most of us in Australia don't want the carbon tax. Hence the desperate urge among the fascist left to shove one down our throats anyway.

Anonymous said...

No, I disagree with your premise. Americans are incapable of taking care of themselves. They need Obama to provide for them, make their house payments, car payments, forgive their debt, provide their medication, raise their children, regulate their pets, monitor usage of electricity, and tell them what kind of electric car to purchase.

See how simple life would be if you would just let go of that stubborn, independent mind and love of freedom?

Z said...

*I've got the best comments on the planet..
great answers!

Lisa, I accept! JUDGE Z...has a ring, don't you think!? (if you knew my real name, you'd get a kick out of what I just wrote, I think!)'s only ME; I am quite sure there aren't too many judges with common sense left...!!
and those donuts with raspberry filling! OH, TIE ME DOWN!
But, I never eat them unless Mr. Z's son's here in town and he'll go buy himself some and I'll weaken "okaaaay..!" :-)

Beamish...that laser is a bummer, isn't it??!! I've got one, too! At about every fast food place in town; and I almost NEVER give in. not bad, huh?
Mr Z and I once heard that Pamela Anderson was condemning KFC for bad treatment of chickens, so we we followed our laser that minute and bought some!

MK...think the Australians have a chance of being listened to on the carbon tax thing?

And yes, we just can't control ourselves, apparently! we MUST have salt taken off tables, we must have our coffee served less hot than scalding because ONE dope put her open coffee cup between her legs while driving and it spilled on her and she won the suit!
YOu know with lefties: ONE person has a problem, EVERYBODY will pay for it.

Mustang; the way you put it, I'll NEVER GIVE IN!! :=)

Z said...

By the way, I mean my commenTERS...are the best!

Ducky's here said...

What is she claiming for damages? Doesn't seem like a serious case.

If she ordered artificial sweetener then she probably prevails as things go.

True, best practice is to make it black and provide sweetener and milk at a separate station.

Ducky's here said...

What's Obama got to do with a tort in Pennsylvania, mustang?

You think she's going all the way to SCOTUS? Not likely, since they'd would almost certainly rule in favor of the corporation.

Z said...

Ducky, so she shouldn't have to think for herself, is that right?
YOU deign the best practice to be a station for additions to her coffee?
She has to change EVERYBODY'S behavior because she had a problem she should have handled herself?

And re Obama; did Mustang SAY Obama was getting involved?
As if you didn't know, Obama is creating a nanny state...this is what perpetuates this idiotic kind of lawsuit, Ducky....HIS, and yours, is the kind of thinking that robs us of our freedom because we have no responsibility, no choice. unreal.

beamish said...

Beamish...that laser is a bummer, isn't it??!! I've got one, too! At about every fast food place in town; and I almost NEVER give in. not bad, huh?
Mr Z and I once heard that Pamela Anderson was condemning KFC for bad treatment of chickens, so we we followed our laser that minute and bought some!

Well, Krispy Kreme's red light only comes on when they're got a fresh batch ready.

Sorry about the KFC. If you had a Lee's Famous Recipe around you'd understand why Colonel Sanders is burning in hell for telling people he sold good chicken. :P

Ducky's here said...

z, if she orders artificial sweetener and that request is standard at the shop then there is an implied guarantee that the coffee has artificial sweetener.

That's the law and we aren't going to rewrite it. You can think of many cases where this implied warranty is important, very important.

Z said...

Beamish..I thought you meant when you see that place, your built-in 'focus', or laser, goes into effect!

I didn't say we loved KFC, I said we bought it because a leftwinger (pardon the pun), who just happens to also have big br... oh, never mind! :-).......said we shouldn't eat it!
And, I DO like the flavor very much.

Ducky...I have to run out for the evening...I didn't read anywhere that it said Artificial Sweetener is standard. Also, I Googled for an image and the choice was there...sugar OR artificial sweetener.

Silverfiddle said...

Amen sister! Instead of hope and change, how about we restore personal responsibility to America?

What the heck did she expect going into a Dunkin Donuts? It's all dough and sugar. I think the restaurants themselves are made out of sugar...

Scotty said...

Being a type 2 diabetic and having a daughter with type 1, I’ve been around the diabetic issue, it seems, forever.

Her sugar levels were out of whack before she had that sweetened coffee. Diabetes is easily regulated and if one is on top of their diabetes like they should be, a shot of sugar in coffee would be unlikely to set em’ off.

I’m a bit suspect…..

Anonymous said...

""Hot Donuts Now" sign is like a mind control laser that comes on and drags my car into their drive thru."

On this...we can agree....I'm heading there now.

Chuck said...

There is a bit of an onus on the store to provide what they are promising to deliver.

With that said, a lawsuit is absurd.

I'm a little skeptical that she developed a very serious diabetic reaction to one or two spoons of sugar.

It may have been the donuts and other food she ate along with the coffee.

Another possibility is that she has practiced such poor control over her diabetes over the years that she is brittle and the sugar pushed her over.

Pris said...

Oh for crying out loud, what the heck is anybody who can't tolerate sugar, doing in a doughnut shop?

I think perhaps, looking to make a killing. She can't eat the doughnuts, right? So she goes in there to order coffee?

I like your ruling Judge Z. Judge Judy has nothing on you!

Z said...

Scotty, I wondered about that, that a shot of sugar would put her in such distress; thanks for clearing that up.

Chuck, as you're in medicine, I see you agree with Scotty; that makes sense.
Chuck, who promises anything to deliver behind the counter? As you know, there are very few places which put the accompaniments to a cup of coffee in them...clientele almost ALWAYS does, right?

Pris, I never even thought about the fact that she's diabetic in a DONUT SHOP! :-) Of course, she might have only wanted sugar.!!
I'd LOVE to be a judge, I really would!

Anonymous said...

This is absurd.

I think she ate a dozen jelly-filled THEN she ordered her coffee.

beamish said...


If there's better fast food fried chicken than Lee's, God's keepin' it for himself.

Actually, the secret to Lee's is that it IS the "Kentucky Fried Chicken" family recipe (Colonel Sanders was Lee Cummings' uncle and business partner) that PepsiCo didn't get when they bought out KFC.

Remember how much better KFC tasted in the 1980s compared to now?

Lee's is where that recipe went ;)

Joe said...

Now look...just because it is a donut shop is no reason to suspect that there might be sugar involved.

I mean, what are you? Some kind of rational thinker?

BTW, Z, what time is your court program going to air and on what channel?

I wouldn't miss it for the world!

Always On Watch said...

Mr. AOW is a diabetic. His sugars are under control, so one cup of coffee with sugar presents no problem whatsoever.

Question: What is a precariously-controlled diabetic doing at Dunkin's Donuts in the first place? Too much temptation!

And like Jen, I think that the woman had already gorged on something sweet before ever getting that cup of coffee.

Z said...

Jen, you're probably right!


Joe, thanks! You can be my BAILIFF!

AOW...I'm not diabetic and even I read that and thought "That little bit of sugar caused THAT?"
This case won't go anywhere.
But, I was so glad it exposed Ducky's thinking...imagine that it's STILL HER FAULT? :-)
THis is how bad the Left's become about personal responsibility. unreal