Monday, June 20, 2011

Nude Miss USA? Will it come to that?

1950 and 2011

I know they have Miss Nude America (or I suppose they do?) but I'm talking about the more mainstream contests here, based on pictures from the past:

Every time I see pictures of the Miss America or Miss Universe swimsuit competitions, I wonder if they'll ever just go nude with the banners across their........oh, wait, the 2011 contestants don't even... wear the... banners ...anymore :-)  OOPS! :-) YOU think the same thought when you watch? Could it ever get to that?!!

What do you think?
and CONGRATULATIONS, Miss California, for winning Miss USA.......I don't really care WHO won, but since she's a California girl from about 20 minutes from me, I have to congratulate her!

Yup...there she is...beautiful!   (can it get skimpier?)   How about in 10 years? !!  Will that bikini be old fashioned!? ?  


Brooke said...

I have a hard time watching that stuff. If the woman is to be judged on her character, intelligence and looks all the way around, what's with the constant dress changes and bikinis?

Do we see men subjecting themselves to this for a scholarship? Of course not.

And ultimately, this makes me think of that gawd-awful abuse peepshow on TV called Toddlers and Tiaras. I wonder how many of these women got their starts that way.

Z said...

I haven't watched since my grandmother loved to and we were hostages as she babysat! But I do wonder if you think they'll just be topless any time soon...or completely nude...just wondering where they 'go' from where they are now!
Not drawing any big moral line here; I know how bad our culture has become (and yes, BAD used to mean something and nobody questioned "what's BAD? after all?"!)...just wonder if it's a possibility?

The Born Again American said...

One can only pray... That of course coming from a dirty old man...

Z said...

BAA! "That, of course" HILARIOUS! :-)

Elmers Brother said...

If the scholarship were the right amount...I could use the money.

Ducky's here said...

Missed it again.

Z said...

Elbro, how do you look in a bikini? :-)

Leticia said...

I haven't seen a pageant since the early 80's. I got bored with it. And it was the same ole crap just different women.

I think the topic picture is the best. Women don't have to expose their bodies to look beautiful. I see sophistication when I look at the photo of the 50's.

From the looks of things, thongs will be next.

Z said...

Leticia...thongs, that's true; there IS a halfway point between bikini and completely nude. Good point.
How sad.
We might as well all be puppies or snakes when you think that nothing in humans seems to be sacred anymore"Sure, who it ALL!"; except puppies have fur on :-)

Opus #6 said...

Z, lol, now I understand the nude comment. HA! These types of bikinis came into vogue in the 1970s, and I think things have plateaued since then. Public nudity is still frowned upon by our officials.

Bob said...

If there is no swimsuit competition, what's the point?

Oh,yeah, I forgot the talent portion. That was a always a real thrill. Maybe we can now add the makeup competition, along with the hair competition. Don't forget the manicure aspect (or pedicure if so inclined).

Then they will add shoes, handbags,and accessories. Where will it stop? Clothes?

Why should I have to have an excuse to ogle at pretty women? Let's see them in swimsuits or birthday suits.

Besides, we need a reason to hand out all those scholarships.

Spurious Missives

Chuck said...

I'm of two minds

I'm with Brooke in that the whole thing is silly

At the same time, I have to agree with Born Again - if they must have the pageant, who are we to stop them from wearing skimpy bikinis?

I mean, I respect their right as a woman to dress this way ;)

Joe said...


Z said...

Opus, right..but........who knows, in five years?

Bob and CHuck! I TOTALLY understand your encouragement of their wearing bikinis or 'birthday suits'!

I'm not making moral judgment, really, I"m just asking COULD IT HAPPEN THAT THEY GO NUDE or with thongs? And, as much as you guys might like it, is it healthy for a society? :-)

thanks, Joe!

WomanHonorThyself said...

Like I've said for decades..this is the ultimate misogyny ..strutting half nekked and men ogling..its sickening truly Z.

Silverfiddle said...

When did they go to bikinis?

I put my foot down long ago. My daughters would never participate in these parades of misogyny. Thank God none of them expressed an interest, maybe because they saw the disdain in which I held such vapid displays.

My daughters are beautiful, smart and talented in singing and playing music, and they don't need to parade around half-naked to gain America's approval.

Z said...

SilverFiddle...good for you! And you're a comparatively young dad!

Woman HT; I'm not sure how I feel about beauty being judged but I do draw a line at bikinis or worse. Some of the bikinis were much briefer than the ones in the picture I posted!

I guess it doesn't send the best message to little girls...and, of course, they don't do it for men, so....

BUT, it's a time-honored institution, admiring pretty women, and...heck......why not? As long as they're clothed!!

Chuck said...

Most joking aside, I have to agree with Woman and Silverfiddle, I would not have my daughter do this.

As far as if it's good for the country, I think the swimsuits are a little irrelevant. I think the pageants themselves are a little degrading to women.

It is a meat show. The talent competition is just a lame attempt at legitimacy.

If they wanted to show real talent, have one of them do open heart surgery or complete a complex mathematical equation on the stage. It is supposed to be a scholarship competition, right?

As to the beauty of the women, that ship sailed long ago for me. I lost interest when I realized that they were all hairspray, plastic, and silicone. I only find natural beauty to be attractive, not the blown dry look of beauty pageants.

As an example, Kate Middleton at her wedding. She is far more beautiful than any of the pageant ladies.

beamish said...

I seriously doubt, even in the 1950s, that anyone was watching the Miss USA pageant for breakthrough theoreticians in nuclear physics.

I say if a woman looks good in dental floss, let her flaunt it.

Chuck said...

Z, wanna blow a gasket?

Silverfiddle said...

@Chuck: If they wanted to show real talent, have one of them do open heart surgery or complete a complex mathematical equation on the stage. It is supposed to be a scholarship competition, right?

Amen brother!

I'm no prude, but let's drop the charade and see this for what it is. Beamish nailed it. My daughters know that their worth is not defined by a pack of horny guys, but by who they are and what they possess inside of them as human beings.

I love the movie "Little Miss Sunshine." It's a little vulgar in places, but it fingers the industry for what it really is.

Bob said...

Oh, you wanted to know if it was healthy for society. Hmmm.

I understand that society needs standards, and sometimes it seems that these standards for stripped-down female contests are getting more stripping oriented to attract audiences.

These contests do not happen in a vacuum. Women participate in agreement with the men who want to watch. After all, money is involved.

I am not sure about what is good for society. We have to keep our own counsel, and keep our fences in good repair to protect our families.

Spurious Missives

Z said...

you guys are right... the women get plenty for going into this, too... and it really is just short of stripping, when you think about it

Chuck, that video is AWFUL, truly awful. I agree with you about Kate Middleton; she was LOVELY and natural. All the contestants now look vaguely like sisters because they apply the makeup the same, they all have pretty much the same figures, their hair is so similar..and it's mostly not them, anyway. true.

Okay, you all convinced me. They need to stop the pageants :-)

Beamish, they just might be wearing floss in five years.

Z said...

funny enough, for MORE nudity, come back tomorrow and see my post!!

cube said...
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cube said...

I quit watching this crap when I was a little girl and I never looked back. If I needed a scholarship so badly, I'd rather shoot for an academic one.

Z: You mentioned your grandmother holding YOU hostage... well, my grandmother used to love two shows: "Let's Make A Deal" and "The Tom Jones Show" and nobody could get between her and the TV when those shows aired.

As a result, I can't tell you how thrilling it was to watch Tom Jones performing on American Idol a few weeks ago. I didn't even know he was still kicking much less performing.

I think I was channeling my grandmother ;-)

Z said...

cube, that's funny! My grandmother loved LAWRENCE WELK and the LENNON SISTERS (Oh, GOD!)

And now my aunt's very best friend is Kathy Lennon so it's fun to get to see her from time to time...she and Janet Lennon sang at my aunt and uncle's anniversary party last summer! I kept thinking "Grandma would have JUST FLIPPED!" about channeling!