Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Ray (Elmer's Brother)'s sister ERIN is very sick..........imagine that?

So, Ray had his stents put in and he goes home Friday after having suffered a heart attack.  He's got a good prognosis but you can imagine how it scared his family and friends.    Well, now his sister Erin, who we wrote about HERE is very sick and in the Emergency Room.   She has infection, very high fever and nausea...and yes, this situation IS attributable to the machine she the insurance company just denied her again.  Please continue to pray for Ray and add Erin to your prayers!   Thanks so much.



Jan said...

I'm so sorry to hear that, Z.

Of course we will be praying for Erin, and for Elbro.

How unfair that the insurance denied her the needed equipment, that they had afforded another with the same problem.

Anonymous said...

It's infuriating that insurance companies (unqualified people making life or death decisions) would deny someone of such help.

I hope Erin gets her lymphedema machine soon.

Brooke said...

I hate to hear this.

I hope she does improve despite the roadblocks!

Z said...

Brooke, she's having the implants out Friday.

Elmers Brother said...

Thank you for your prayers everyone for both myself and my sister.