Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Biden spends WHAT?

Biden Spends $1 Million Annually for Weekend Trips

Monday, 04 Jun 2012 05:04 PM
By Ronald Kessler
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Ronald Kessler reporting from Washington, D.C. — Last June, President Obama appointed Vice President Joe Biden to root out wasteful government spending. But behind the scenes, it’s a different matter.

Every Friday, Biden takes a helicopter designated as Marine Two from the vice president’s residence to Joint Base Andrews in Maryland and then hops on Air Force Two to fly back to his home in Delaware. At the end of the weekend, he returns on Air Force Two, usually a Boeing C-32.
Vice President Biden boards Air Force Two.
(AP Photo)
During warm weather, Biden regularly returns to Andrews on the airplane on Saturdays to play golf at the Air Force base with President Obama. After the golf game, he flies back to Delaware and returns to Washington on the plane on Sunday evening — all at taxpayer expense.

The cost of flying Air Force Two is $22,000 an hour, so each half-hour trip to or from Delaware costs about $10,000. Each golf game costs taxpayers $20,000. At that rate, the annual cost to taxpayers of Biden’s weekend trips is well over $1 million.

In addition, the Secret Service rents more than 20 condominiums in the Wilmington, Del. area for agents who must accompany Biden when he returns to his home state.

Biden’s press office had no immediate comment.

“Biden leaves every Friday from Joint Base Andrews, so he gets lifts from the observatory via Marine Two to Andrews Air Force Base, takes off via Air Force Two, lands in Delaware, and stays the weekend and then comes back on Sunday nights,” says a Secret Service agent familiar with the trips.
Biden has been a long-time proponent of train travel.
(AP Photo)
“Every three or four weeks when it’s warm, he gets up there on Saturday and then will fly back on Air Force Two,” the agent says. “While Air Force Two is sitting on the tarmac at Andrews, he goes and plays golf with the president at Andrews Air Force Base, gets back on the plane, and flies back to Delaware. Let me tell you something, that is egregious.”

Besides that, “The Secret Service rents condos in Wilmington because his schedule is so fluid and never concrete enough to properly prepare for his visits to Delaware,” the agent says. “So they keep a fully staffed Secret Service advance team in Delaware in condominiums that we lease so that when he does these things back and forth to D.C., they’re up there ready for him to arrive.”

The Boeing C-32 that usually flies as Air Force Two is a specially configured Boeing 757-200 commercial jet which typically requires a crew of 18.

As a U.S. senator, Biden was proud of the fact that he commuted daily by train from his home in Delaware to Washington during the week. Amtrak named the newly renovated Wilmington station the Joseph R. Biden, Jr. Railroad Station. But after taking office as vice president, a Secret Service agent says Biden began the pattern of commuting on Air Force Two on weekends, costing taxpayers close to $4 million so far


Silverfiddle said...

He could be flying commercial, or even a private executive jet. Our government is rife with such waste, at all levels. The money may be chump change in the grand scheme of things, but it is a very destructive mindset.

Always On Watch said...

As a U.S. senator, Biden was proud of the fact that he commuted daily by train from his home in Delaware to Washington during the week.

Well! We see what has happened to him since becoming part of this administration's executive branch.

Frankly, I'm not surprised. Are you, Z?

I AM, of course, DISGUSTED!

heidianne jackson said...

i'd say "unbelievable" but aow's right. there's nothing surprising about his behavior.

combine the cost of his weekend trips with the amount it costs for the first family's 16 (or is it 17, now?) vacations with the amout it costs for obama's nearly 100 rounds of golf (security, etc.) and we truly have a great example of this administration's view on spending. it's truly disgusting and OUT OF CONTROL.

Big Fat Tio Mike said...

A million dollars comes out to about 1/4 of a cent per citizen. I'll probably save my outrage for something else.


Ducky's here said...

So what.

How much did it cost when Chucklenuts shot a round every other day.

Or Clinton.

Might be interesting to find out what security for Ike's golf cost.

Z said...

SF...chump change, absolutely...but you add enough of the chump change in this administration, and ...

AOW, I guess I am a little surprised because hypocrisy is something I never get used to.

HJ..definitely OUT OF CONTROL...I wish CNN would cover this :-)

BFTM: It's not the money.

Ducky, sorry...Obama's far outplayed Bush at golf and I guess the leftwing sites you go to haven't mentioned it. Plus, Bush stopped playing golf when soldiers went to war.
Um...this has nothing to do with golf, by the way.

Z said...

This is almost like Obama and fans who whine about the 1% and then have dinners at George Clooney's house for $15,000 a plate.
The hypocrisy is NUTS

viburnum said...

I've got it!!!

The flight from DC to Wilmington would take little more than 30 minutes in the helicopter and could land in his backyard,

Since it takes more time to fly to Andrews and change aircraft, then fly to Wilmington and motorcade to his house, they must have decided that the more time he spends traveling the less time he can spend talking. ;-)

Ducky's here said...

Yeah z, Bush's golf outings cost about zero.

Isn't the larger issue that we should be troubled that our political leaders use their spare time to play freaking golf? Talk about mindless.

Liberalmann said...

Pay Us Back: Boehner and GOP Owe Taxpayers $124 Million for Bush Vacation Travel


Kid said...

Well, a couple thoughts...

1.) I wouldn't have the slightest problem with this, if the killer moron clown who is joe biden actually added some value to America, or for Americans. He does neither. he's a paid stooge for the unions, obama, and all the rest of the machine that rapes us with telephone poles each and every day.

2.) I know nana pelosi spent a hundred grand a year just restocking the bar on her airplane, porported to be a 757 with 16 (count em) flight attendants for her weekly trips between San Fran and DC. I don't know for a fact that it was a 757, but I wouldn't be the least bit surprised. She wanted something that didn't have to stop and refuel on the way. Can't say I blame her, that refueling would happen in "fly over" country, were all of us scum of the Earth live.

nana, who wants to pass bills so she can find out what's in them. It's on youtube folks, look it up.
nana who wants us to get off fossil fuels and move to Natural Gas.
nana who graduated from Trinity college in 1964, with a major that was so impressive, she doesn't bother mentioning it on her very own website.

Almost brings tears to the eyes doesn't it? Unless you're one of these moron libs who would rather hate some CEO of a company making 12.5 mil a year, actually providing a service to you, instead of nana pelosi, worth 450 mil at last report and providing nothing but additional proof that liberalism is a mental disease and liberals have not the slightest problem have a speaker of the house who would lose on Jeopardy to a headless hammer. (The hammer would score zero, and nana would be in negative numbers. Wanna bet?)

Thanks Z, for today's reason to laugh at liberals. ;-)

Kid said...

hey libnut. oBama spent 124 million on vacation in the first year or so, compared to 8 years of GW Bush?


Get professional help.

PS - here's a speeling erro you can focus on since Content is lost on you I'm sure.

And Thank You for today's 2nd reason to laugh at libs.

Sam Huntington said...

Libnut would tie up a mental hospital for years ...

Z said...

Viburnun: "they must have decided that the more time he spends traveling the less time he can spend talking. ;-)"


Ducky, no...not everybody wants to do what you would like to do in your spare time. Remember, not being you doesn't negate a person.

Kid, what I can't figure out is why Michelle has to travel a couple of hours before the president and costs us that much money,not caring that she could have just sat around another 2 hours and saved us about half a million dollars.
And did you know that their DOG was sent separately on one of the gov't's planes? yup.

This family knows no shame.
And let's not even talk Michelle's amazing vacation expenses. At a time when she's moaning about 'poor America'....man

Kid said...

I know Z,

You can't be a liberal unless you practice Maximum Hypocrisy don't ya know.
Well, they don't really practice anymore, they're experts at it.

Kid said...

Sam, Ever wonder why the libs closed the mental hospitals ? :)

Anonymous said...

"Might be interesting to find out what security for Ike's golf cost."

Well nutjob...let me take a stab at it. Since the 747 or jets for that matter were not a common form of transportation and DC6's and 7's were ( all gas powered piston aircraft ) and gas probably cost .20 cents per gallon...and the President didn't travel all that much...and salaries were 1/2 or less of what they are now...and he didn't fly to Africa or Martha's every other weekend...I'd say it cost about 1/10 of what it costs today. And in relative terms...it most likely cost the government about $1000 more to commute than the average American by car?

Remember...it was JF Kennedy...another royal Prince then King of the demorats, that made the transition to AF One wiith a Boeing 707 from the DC's 6 and 7's.

Mustang said...

It isn’t only elected officials who think they are entitled to our money (although I do admit, the arrogance of Biden, and Obama (and his wife) infuriates me). It should gall everyone that even bureaucrats are living the high life at our expense. Does political party affiliation really matter? Now, I’m sure this doesn’t bother Liberalmann and Ducky because collectively, they only have the sense of an adolescent gnat … but it should bother responsible citizens, and wasn’t that the purpose of this post?

Anonymous said...

"Sam, Ever wonder why the libs closed the mental hospitals ? ..

Cause they couldn't tell the inmates from the regular visitors?

Anonymous said...

" what I can't figure out is why Michelle has to travel a couple of hours before the president and costs us that much money.."

The TMZ scuttlebutt is that she's a flaming bitch and she argues and fights with the One every chance she gets? Maybe the guy needs to get his space and keep as far away from the the typical angry BBA as he can? Rumor is he only married her to prove he wasn't on the low down.

Kid said...

Imp, I'm thinking self-protection.

Anonymous said...

"they only have the sense of an adolescent gnat..."

Or the hubris and arrogance of a flea doing the backstroke down a river with an erection and blowing a horn to the bridge tender to open up the bridge so they can pass under it?

Kid said...

Imp, Seriously, I'm thinking michelle all by herself spent 124 million on just one vacation. Remember the one where she took 50 of her closest friends overseas? Plus all the security. Easily more than 124 mil on just one episode. Easily.

Z said...

Kid said...

Sam, Ever wonder why the libs closed the mental hospitals ? :)"

The best offense is a good defense? :-)

Mustang, yes, that's the purpose.
You reminded me of something else:

The other day, I read how Romney had gone to visit a son at his "magnificent lakeside home" ....over the weekend, Biden's got married at his "lakeside home"

See the difference? Think Biden's just isn't magnificent? :-)

Imp...what's "on the low down?"
But, I think they were paired together, tell you the truth. Very effective packaging.

Kid...right..I hadn't seen your "self protection" before I wrote my reason above!

Anonymous said...


How I wish I could help them.

WALKER WINS. Libs as usual lose to intelligent conservatives with fully functioning craniums.

Kid said...

And libnut is busting a brain cell, the only one he has btw, on 8 years and 124 million total? Is that right lib? 124 for the 8?

Good God.

Here's the main problem with libs. They have no self-respect. They Cannot be embarrassed. That's certainly one trait of the sociopath, though I wouldn't accuse them all of being true sociopaths. Yet, this one feature manifests itself in the species Liberalis Domesticus Buffoonus.

By way of lacking this one self-protective gene, they are never motivated to crawl back in their clown lodge and Learn Something before rambling off to some other website to completely expose their ignorance to yet another group of people.

Fascinating really.

Anonymous said...

"Imp...what's "on the low down?"

Ebonic slang for gay. Blacks don't like that.

Kid said...

IMP ! Thanks for the news Update! That is Fantastic !

Wow. Common sense intelligent people up against the Entire Union Machine of America. And they Won! Fantastic !

Anonymous said...

"Imp, Seriously.."

"For the first time in my life I'm proud to be an American....now show me all that GD bling bling I can get my hands on. I am now...the Queen bitch and I intend to loot, rob and steal to get my reparations and payback for generations of my peoples enslavement."


Kid said...

AHhahahaha. Hey Imp and all the rest of you wonderful people.

Here is My FAVORITE Wisconsin Teacher Sit In the State Capitol Protest Picture

Being teachers in Wisconsin - Profitable !
Not knowing what the actual issue is when making and hauling your signs to the State Capitol. HILARIOUS !
I love this pic...

Anonymous said...

"Thanks for the news Update! "

Kid...hold on to your britches bud...they may have something up their sleeeve....I hear rumors of a recount...shades of Al Freaken? It's what I'm hearing now.

DemSheets can't abide by an honest election...remember...it's not who wins...it's who counts the votes. And these busturds have their counters well placed.

Z said...

Imp>>>. this is SUCH GOOD NEWS.

But the media's spinning that Walker had 10 times the money (which is apparently true, but REALLY? People only came out because some money/ad told them to and to vote for him? :-)

It's not like this guy hadn't had HUGE public relations (90% BAD, let's face it,and he STILL WON;


Z said...

I'm not surprised that there will be a recount; the news was saying the lefties are all ready to make HELL over a win if Walker pulled it off.

A recall should be illegal. Are all states' lefties going to now demand recalls for every Republican voted for? rubbish

Kid, I like that picture...what loons

Sam Huntington said...

NBC is reporting the Wisconsin election "too close to call."

The ticker shows 44% of precincts reporting, Walker 58% and Barrett 44% ...

Too close to call? Really?

Kid said...

IMP. Roger that. I also heard the head voter fraud facillitatortot - eric holder flew up there to be hands on.

I think they're gonna need more than several bozos showing up with 500 lost ballots in their trunks, all filled out for the other guy though.

Kid said...

Z, I heard the unions threw at least 50 mil at this one.

Kid said...

Z, I have that pic on all my PC's. Any time I want a good laugh, I click on it.
I still LOL....

Z said...

Sam, you're right. 55% is not 'close'...

Other good news is that the Lt. Gov got 58%, which shows me that Walker, even at only 44% of the precincts counted, is IN.
Ya, it could go wrong; maybe it's all suburbs so far and the big city libs (and fraud) will pull it off, but I strongly doubt it.

By the way, the Lt Gov is SUCH a pretty, impressive young woman! With Nikki Haley of S. Carolina, this lovely Lt Gov in Wisconsin and a few others, this country could soon be filled with lovely, smart Republican female politicians....on the right track again :-)

Lisa said...

congratulations to Wisconsin and America. Nothing more to add except "Eat it Liberals"

I really enjoyed reading Kid's and Imp's comments on this thread.
Pretty funny stuff.

Z said...

Lisa, a really good thread tonight, true!

Z said...


I've been commenting a bit tonight at others' blogs and I'm finding, more than ever, that the word verifications don't matter, so WHY DO THEM?
It used to be difficult to read them and you'd goof from time to time, but now it's ridiculously weird, with photos of numbers, etc...
I have had the feeling the last month or so that I didn't get the word right but I haven't had one comment turned down. WHY?

Tonight, I went to Lisa's, typed in a word I thought was wrong because I could barely tell what the letters were, didn't type the number at all because it was fuzzy and illegible, clicked on PRINT to see what happened, and VOILA, it printed.
SO, is this something like keeping track of our blog activities? Because it's SURELY not a verification anymore that actually works.

Z said...

Walker's at 57%, Barrett at 42%...astounding.
66% precincts in.
"Race Called"

Kid said...

Lisa, Tank ya.



viburnum said...

RCP has it 55-44 at 75%


Elmers Brother said...

Ed Schultz was in tears and the hyperbolic rhetoric is flying...its hilarious.

Elmers Brother said...

Jesse Jackson I'd complaining about being outspent...where was he when Obama was going to raise a BILLION dollars?

Z said...

Elbro, I just did tomorrow's post on this. I've found some pretty astonishing stuff on the win.

Ed Schultz! Gee, so sad :-)

CNN's in a frenzy but trying to look dignified with all five or six liberals (no Republicans again) on their panel. They're in such spin control I'm giggling here...I wrote about that, too!

Viburnum, Super, isn't it?



Lisa said...

Z I didn't even know I had word verification. Do you know how to get rid of it?
Those new numbers are weird.Don't know why they changed it.
Elbro I was watching Ed Schultz too and he had Mahlon Mitchell on and he was talking about the partisan politics and all the injustices. Oh boo hoo,what a bunch of babies.
Then Yahooo has on its Home Page Walker wins recall election and underneath it says:
Pres Obama a socialist? Romney misspells again.
What a bunch of micro brained morons. It's like they are all the same. There is no deviation whatsoever. They are all exactly the same.
It's really remarkable

Kid said...

Lisa, (And everyone)

Posts and Comments
Word Verification, Hell No !


Z said...

THanks, Kid...
Lisa, that's the way to get rid of it.."NO"!

I'm thinking of letting Anonymous commenters here again but not sure.
What do you all think of that, anyway?

Lisa...cool and you and Elbro both watched Ed Schultz and I was watching CNN...we've got to know what's going on.
I wish the Left would watch the Right. fat chance

Kid said...

Z, fwiw, I don't read Anon comments. If they're too lazy to setup an ID...

Z said...

yes, that's a point.

But some of my friends don't want Google to have any info on them and Google apparently does ask your name and email address, apparently, to set up a Google acct? I don't remember but my friend told me that this morning..

viburnum said...

Z: "Super, isn't it?"

It is indeed. At the moment Walker looks to win the recall by a larger margin than he was elected by in the first place, and with a far greater turn out

It's enough to give me hope FOR change! >;-)

Lisa said...

Thanks Kid

Right Truth said...

Joe Biden and Obama, Michelle, get to do whatever they want, spend whatever they want. Remember Biden ran on his riding the train every day back and forth, what a pile of crap

Right Truth

Elmers Brother said...

Mad Cow Maddow wouldn't even talk about Wisconsin, switched to the cigarette tax referendum in California quicker than you can say epic fail.

Kid said...

Z, Google believes my name is Wile37Coyote, and my email address is here_a_kid_there_a_kid@yahoo.com.

I don't read the email at yahoo. I log in and mass delete it about once a month.

And if you access the net, Someone knows who you are wand where you live from your IP address, unless you're really clever and have some expensive equipment.

Just sayin.

Kid said...

Lisa, My pleasure.

Elmers Brother said...

And she practically gushed over Feinsteins win in CA. Suggested Wisconsin was forgiven, not being "the craziest" state and switched to some crazy birther Dentist. Avoided the recall like the plague.

Elmers Brother said...

Finally, she called the results wacky.

Kid said...

And according to people who live there. Madison Wisconsin is the most liberal city in America.
So there's that also.

Anonymous said...

"eric holder flew up there to be hands on."

Of course he will...he has to find 3 or 4 Negroes that will swear they were denied entry to a polling place,,,,CAUSE THEY COULDN'T PROVE WHO THEY WERE AND DIDN'T HAVE ID?

After all...Holder the racist scumbag prince of racism has declared his entire purpose is for..."my people"...not all people...just his black cousins.

Am I the racist? Or is Holder the bagman for the CBC?

viburnum said...

Elmers Brother:" Finally, she called the results wacky."

Next will come the allegations of fraud. Liberals just can't deal with rejection, or learn from mistakes.

Elmers Brother said...

I guess Schultz said Walker was going to be indicted in the next couple of days.

Anonymous said...

"I heard the unions threw at least 50 mil at this one."

Ummmm...but not at the most unfortunate among them right? See...this is where the demrat puss prove how disgustingly ignorant they really are. They piss away 50 mil on placards and gang banging among themselves...but not a penny of tat on those they deem..."unfortunate". Hypocrites, liars and frauds all.

Kid said...

Hey, what happened to libnuts?

Answer: he/she/they will be back tomorrow, like nothing happened, spewing the same self-degrading nonsensical talking points that couldn't even be defended by Johnny Cochran and not even understand how pathetic he/she/they are.

Libnut - If they brain don't fit, you must a.. Quit.

Anonymous said...

"Madison Wisconsin is the most liberal city in America.So there's that also."

The most self centered, brain damaged, illiterate, hateful, ignorant imbeciles of Norwegian inbreeding...that all have..."degrees" in errrr...studies of some sort.

Those that teach don't do anything. Those that don't teach....DO what they can't.

Kid said...

Imp, Well, the money worked in O-Hi-O.

They got SB5 overturned here.

Course it is ohio, where the vast majority don't even know how to drive, let alone understand any of the rules of the road.

Dude, they almost come to a stop to cross the bridge on I275 over the Miami river. Unbelievable but true.

Anonymous said...

"Hey, what happened to libnuts?"

Licking his nuts? Self gratification and hedonism is what they do best.

viburnum said...

Imp: "I heard the unions threw at least 50 mil at this one."

They may find it hard to recoup that. I read an article this past weekend that said that when Wisconsin did away with closed shops for public sector employees people left the unions in droves.

Kid: "Course it is ohio, where the vast majority don't even know how to drive, let alone understand any of the rules of the road."

Thanks for the warning. I'll be driving through there next month.

Kid said...

Viburnum, it's not as bad when school is out. And I"m not sure if it is the students, faculty or both, but it is the most dysfunctional driving I've ever seen.

You'll be good next month, but keep an eye out for nonsense.

viburnum said...

Kid: "...but it is the most dysfunctional driving I've ever seen."

Never been to Massachusetts?

"...keep an eye out for nonsense."

Will do and thanks again for the heads up.

Z said...

Feinsteinn won again.
I have to pay attention.