Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sunday Faith Blog...and Father's Day


This being Sunday, it's a great day to honor your earthly father and your Heavenly Father even more than usual!    I want to take this day to thank you good fathers out there who've raised solid Americans who love this country and appreciate its exceptionalism and its blessings.  I know some of you have lost your fathers, as I have, and it's a time to remember them and feel the gratitude we have for who they were and what they did for us, isn't it.

"The father of a righteous man has great joy;  he who has a wise son (or daughter) delights in him.
May your father and mother be glad; may she who gave you birth rejoice!
My son, my daughter, give me your heart and let your eyes keep to my ways." Proverbs 23:24-26

"My father didn't tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it."-- Clarence Budington Kelland,

Can some of you GeeeZ Dads tell us what your family cooked up for you today?  Did you get a card from a geographically distanced child that made you happy?  Did you get a yacht? :-)  Did you go to the movies or get a special meal?  Tell us!  Thanks!  XX

Happy Father's Day to Mr. Z, who gave me the honor of mothering and fathering his two adult children when he left us.  And Happy Father's Day, Dad....I miss you very much.

Congratulations, L and M XXX


Silverfiddle said...

Here's my favorite Father's Day quote. It's from Mark Twain:

“When I was a boy of 14, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be 21, I was astonished at how much the old man had learned in seven years.”

sue hanes said...

Z - Thanks for the Father's Day Quote from Clarence Kelland - because it speaks of my father too.

I wish you were celebrating today with Mr. Z.

Have a good one - Z.

Pris said...

Happy Father's Day to all Dads who enter here at GEEEZ!

Today for me, is now a day for happy memories. I have many of those of my Dad and Mr. Pris, and for that I am so grateful.

Ed Bonderenka said...

My son offered to come back and sit in the hospital with me again.
I don't need a card. I have a son.
Actually three, but the other two can't make it.

FreeThinke said...

A special post in honor of Fathers everywhere may be seen at

I hope you'll all stop by and enjoy it.

HEADS UP: Today ALSO happens to be the FORTIETH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY of Mr and Mrs. AOW!

FreeThinke said...


I am deeply sorry for the loss you have sustained. I was unable to reach you at the time, but please accept my heartfelt sympathy now. I do understand what you must be going through, believe me.

It's been my experience that as long as we remember those we love they continue to live in our hearts. I often see things or hear things happening in the moment through the eyes and ears of loved ones long departed. Their wisdom and humor continues to instruct and cheer.

I hope that proves true for you and Z as well.

Take care, and God bless.

~ FreeThinke

Kid said...

Z, I can't imagine better holiday's than Father's Day and Mother's Day.

Z said...

SF, that is a good one, isn't it.

Sue, thanks....Even though we had no kids together, I did do something special for Mr. Z on Father's Day...and this is a hard day.
Plus, I had an amazing dad and I remember him today with happiness and grief all at the same time, you know?
I hope you're having a nice day.

Pris, I'm thinking of you and Mr. Pris....he was a great dad and you have great kids! What blessings.

Ed, time is the greatest cards are needed, you're right.

FT. You truly take the cake ..

Kid...Thanksgiving (the food's better :-) HA!! XX

The Debonair Dudes World said...

Out to dinner with my Wife, my daughter and my Son who recently became a Father himself.

Z said...

Dude, congrats on your grandchild.
How nice that you all got together...
Happy Dad's Day, Dude

Jan said...

Happy Father's Day to all the great fathers and grandfathers here, at Z's place!

Kid said...

Not today Z. Filet w/portabella, a fw large prawns and a few sea scallops put on the grill then finished in the pan with the butter and mushrooms. A made by me remoulade sauce but of course Mademoiselle.

Law and Order Teacher said...

Just got back in town after my wife and I had a great visity with our children. I'm blessed by my family and my good fortunes are many. On a down note, this is the fourth anniversary of my father's passing, so he was on my mind today.

I strive each day to be as good as he was. I know Mr. Z is smiling down and you today thankful for the time he had with you. God bless.

CnC said...

This was my grandsons first birthday and we had a great party for him. that was a great fathers day for me and my son-in-law! Also my stepson gave me a very nice fathers day card and a very heart-felt hug. it was a good day for me Z !

Z said...

CnC, sounds great. I know that stepson was here for 3 months..He left on Mother's Day and gave me a card that said "Because you're just like a mother.." Pretty nice :-)

Kid, sounds delicious!

Law and Order, I'm so glad you feel so blessed and I thank you for your remembrance of my Mr. Z.
They sang IT IS WELL WITH MY SOUL in church today, amid the praise songs, suddenly there it was, the hymn that rips my guts out and that I had the organist play among other hymns as people came in to Mr. Z's funeral. It was all I could do today to stay in my seat....very emotional.

Ticker said...

My daughter couldn't be with me today but I had a very precious part of her, actually two, with me to celebrate Fathers Day. Her two older kids(13,&11) are here visiting for a couple of weeks with Poppa and Nana.
It made the day very happy. Of course I have two wonderful grand children and their mom living with us and they got me a card with a certificate to one of my favorite eating places.
Then my wife's son called and I , as always, said hello and hang on and I hand the phone to Momma. He said NO, I called to talk to you and wish you Happy Father's Day. What a special phone call. I am not his father but he wanted to show his love and respect by calling today and then telling me that he would see me Thursday evening since he is traveling with his job.

I am more than blessed on this day.

Z said...

Ticker, you deserve it.

Lisa said...
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Lisa said...

Great Quote SF.
I had my other 2 fatherless friends over for a Barbecue. I am really upset that my dog bit one of them he had never met. That pretty much ruined it for me and for her of course. But I cleaned her up,it was superficial, ran to the store and bought her 2 rolls of self adhering gauze and some Neosporin to take home in a 'doggy' bag.Dog got locked up for the rest of the day we threw back a few and tried to finish having a nice day. I felt relieved because she said despite the dog ,she had the best time.
Anyway yes Father's Day. I read a really Good one today in our paper about a guy who is a literary teacher who was never able to get his dad to open up to him until his dad had a stroke and was homebound recovering then the son felt this was his last chance and said to his dad "Tell me your Life Story" and he said 3 hours later fueled by Chocolate Chip Cookies and powerful memories got it all on tape and it became fodder for his book that was published this month called "The Language Of Men: A Memoir"

His dad told him he never had an open relationship with his own dad that when he went off to Viet Nam he went to hug his dad and he gave him a handshake so it was difficult for him to express himself.
The good news is his dad recovered from the stroke and they are closer than ever today.
They had their picture in the paper and his dad looked pretty darn good and the son who wrote the book looked just like Josh Grobin. Just something I noticed.

Great post Z Happy Father's Day to all and to all those no longer with us.
Don't forget to say "I Love You"

Z said...

Lisa "Don't forget to say I LOVE YOU" is the best advice ever, particularly for a post like today's...thanks.

So, your friend's incident gave new meaning to DOGGY BAG, huh? :-) I'm so sorry that happened and can imagine how upsetting it was but I'm glad it all went well after all and she enjoyed her time with you!

Thanks for sharing that story, too. xx

Bob said...

Here it is almost two in the morning after Father's Day, and I am just now going over my favorite blogs.

I spent much of the day at my daughters house working on a new swing-set with a million pieces with my son-in-law and his father. Our grandson had a great time getting tools for us as we assembled his dream fort/swing-set.

I devoted my blog to my kids. It is they who make it all worth while.

Mark said...

I got a "Happy Father's Day" text from one of my 5 children.

But it's OK.

I've always said Parenthood is a thankless task. At least my children have integrity and aren't in Prison. Except one, and he's not my natural child.

Mark said...

Silverfiddle, As you may or may not know, I always head my blog posts with an appropriate quotation. My Father's day post begins with Twain's quote. I understand we don't really know for sure who said that, but it is attributed to Mark Twain, and so, I too, attributed it to him. As did you. My father was a recipient of a true miracle from God. I wrote about it on my blog.

(sorry, Z, for the shameless self promotion)

Z said...

No problem, Mark...I'm just glad you recognize "shameless self promotion" when you DO it!
I'm going to your blog right now...thanks for the head's up!

FreeThinke said...

Where's my cake?

It was promised four whole days ago, and I haven't received so much as one thin slice yet.

~ FreeThinke

Z said...

FT, I am inviting you to leave my blog. I have forgiven the way you behaved so many times here because we are all human and who knows what prompted you to behave like you did?
Please help me not to print here the emails you've sent me over the years, some of which I think you'd prefer I didn't share.

I thought you were mature and kind enough to understand my comment here of "you take the cake" and consider it a gift that I didn't say something that more reflects what you'd done here in the past.
But, instead, you taunt again.
I feel for you but will not tolerate you here again. The name calling when I was so sick, the constant disruption and insulting my dear commenters here is not welcome and we both know that the time it takes you to slide down hill at geeeZ gets shorter each time you return. WHy? I have no idea...but that's your choice!
Am delighted Silverfiddle helped you get your account and blog and I truly wish you great happiness there.

I promise you I will never treat you in kind, I will not use the name calling you've done to me at your blog, believe me.
Thanks so well.

Cuttysark said...

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