Friday, June 22, 2012

Boehner gets it right.......

To: House Republicans
From: Speaker Boehner
Re: U.S. Supreme Court Ruling on President Obama's Health Care Law
Date: 21 June 2012
Next week, as you know, the Supreme Court of the United States is expected to issue a ruling on the constitutionality of President Obama's health care law. In the months since oral arguments were heard by the Court, we have worked diligently with each other, as well as our colleagues in the Senate and in state capitols across the country, to analyze all of the potential rulings and their impact on the American people.
No one knows what the Court will decide, and none of us would presume to know. But if the Court strikes down all or part of the president's health care law, there will be no spiking of the ball. Republicans are focused on the economy—and under President Obama's policies, our economy is struggling. We will not celebrate at a time when millions of our fellow Americans remain out of work, the national debt has exceeded the size of our nation's economy, health costs continue to rise, and small businesses are struggling to hire. ObamaCare has contributed to all of these problems. Repealing it completely is part of the solution ... but it is only one part.
Americans opposed the president's health care law when it was enacted, and they have only grown more opposed to it since then. From listening to the people, Republicans know the critical points remain these:
* The president's health care law is making things worse—driving up health costs and making it harder for small businesses to hire workers. The only way to change this is by repealing ObamaCare in its entirety.
* Unless the Court throws out the entire law, we need to repeal what is left of ObamaCare and enact common-sense, step-by-step reforms that protect Americans' access to the care they need, from the doctor they choose, at a lower cost.
* Republicans will not repeat the Democrats' mistakes. We won't rush to pass a massive bill the American people don't support.
* Health care coverage has become too expensive for too many people. The number-one health care concern of families and small business is the cost of health care, and Republicans' health care reforms will lower costs.
* Women make approximately 80 percent of the health care decisions made for their families. Republican health care reforms will ensure families and doctors make health care decisions—not Washington.
* We want families to be able to make their own choices in health care, visit the doctor of their choosing, and receive the health care they and their doctor feel is best. Those decisions shouldn't be made by Washington.
As I, Leader Cantor, Whip McCarthy and other leaders have made clear in recent days, the House will act in the coming weeks on legislation to repeal any part of ObamaCare that is left standing by the Supreme Court. Such action is critical for jobs and our economy and for the health care of millions of American families.
Please pray that SCOTUS agrees with most Americans and that no group should ever pass any law this huge without having had the chance to really read and discuss it, and that Americans must have no more mandates.   We might get somewhere with cooperation.



Right Wing Theocrat said...

With you and him on this one Z. I will be celebrating though, it's the only way to get through to fascist leftards who are clearly happy to cram their agenda down your throat.

Always On Watch said...

This household went through HELL to get Mr. AOW's cataract surgery scheduled at the surgery center.

Yesterday, I found out why all the red tape: "New federal regulations that went into effect on January 1."

ObamaCare in action -- without the full monty in place.

Joe said...

If the SCOTUS does NOT strike down any or all of ObamaCare, what then?

This has gotten ridiculous!

Already it is affecting people's lives, and it has not even been completely implemented yet.

I certainly pray that Republicans have what it takes to get rid of this atrocious, socialist piece of junk!

Ducky's here said...

Get ready to pay through the nose and have your Medicare cut.

My guess is that a few of you guys have high costs and can't self insure.


Ducky's here said...

AOW,are you paying for the procedure?

If not why do you expect to be taken immediately for non life threatening procedure?

Right wingers, when it effects them, loves them some nanny state, don't they?

Always On Watch said...

Medicare/Medigap paid all but approximately $300.

There was an ophthalmic reason for the rush.

But the nonsense we were put through wasn't related to the timing of the surgery but rather to the location of the surgery (in the MRSA-free surgical center or in the MRSA-infested hospital).

I offered to sent the surgery center a .doc file with all of Mr. AOW's medical history therein. But no! The intake person said to me over the phone, "I have to write all this on the form, so you'll have to read it to me over the phone." As you know, Mr. AOW's medical history is a long one. Previous to this year, that same surgery center accepted .doc files, which they rightly went through over the phone with the patient or the patient's legal guardian.

The surgery center called the surgeon's office -- AFTER medical clearance from both the neurologist and the primary care doctor and said, "We can't do the procedure here. Mrs. AOW said, 'My husband is dead weight. We don't do that kind of lifting here.'"

Well, I never said any such thing! I did say, "He can walk to the table from a wheelchair with a quad cane. You'll need to HELP HIM LIFT HIS LEFT LEG UP ONTO THE TABLE." If the woman had let me send the .doc file, that would have been clear and on paper!

The surgeon's office went ballistic and told the surgery center, "He was in the office here just last week and got into three different exam chairs without being dead weight."

On the day before the surgery, I got chewed out over the phone because I didn't have a copy of thallium stress tests done 6-8 years ago. Hell! All three of those tests were completely normal -- as have been all EKG's all along, the most recent EKG last week.

There's more to what went on. The above is the short version.

Now we have to wait to see if Medicare will approve the YAG laser procedure. Medicare used to approve that procedure as a routine matter, but not now. I can understand that cutback if a patient is over 80 years of age. Mr. AOW, however, is age 62; his expected life span in 80+ as he is THAT healthy and that stable now.

Always On Watch said...

Now to your insulting comment:

AOW,are you paying for the procedure?

If not why do you expect to be taken immediately for non life threatening procedure?

Right wingers, when it effects them, loves them some nanny state, don't they?

As I explained above, immediate surgery had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the problems we encountered. Even if the surgery center had booted Mr. AOW over to the hospital for the surgery, the surgery would have been done on the very same day. That hospital is loaded with MRSA, and the surgeon (the best in the region as Mr. AOW had a difficult kind of cataract to deal with) tries to avoid operating there for a very good reason.

So, your hatred of the Right has caused you to jump to an incredibly erroneous conclusion. And pissed me off as well. Get a grip on yourself.

Bob said...

"Get ready to pay through the nose and have your Medicare cut."

This statement is hilarious! That's what Obamacare was designed to do to the system. Obama is ripping $500 Billion from Medicare. This is a direct attack on the system. It causes rationing of care to Seniors, and results in death panels where minor government bureaucrats make the decision if people will live or die. That's the goal of Obamacare.

Obamacare guarantees that the entire nation will pay more for healthcare, and everybody will get lower quality healthcare, and less of it.

Ducky is the proverbial duck that gets up in a new world everyday. The problem is, just what world does Ducky live in, anyway?

Silverfiddle said...

Ducky is right. The Obamatons in government will exact so much revenge on us if the Supremes knock this monstrosity down. They will twist things up in such knots it will make the previous red tape look like nothing.

They don't care how many people languish or how many have to die in order to scare the proles into voting for Dear Leader.

There will be a bureaucratic backlash if this is struck down, and it will be ugly.

Anonymous said...

I don't care what the Speaker says, if SCOTUS strikes the whole thing down, I'll be celebrating.

Z said...

RWT...I'll be celebrating, too. You might hear me all the way to Australia.
EVERY DOCTOR I KNOW (Mostly liberals) HATE this and NOW are sorry they voted for Obama, imagine?
This will send a message that it's COSTS that must be cut, not SERVICES and we do not need people in Washington telling our doctors what we need. I said at your blog, more and more of my friends are suddenly hitting brick walls for medical procedures they had as commonplace before, people with real issues.
Medical institutions are scared to death and gearing up this last year, and complying (many have anticipated this thing will pass before AMericans started understanding more and polling more and more against it) because they need to get ready in case it does.

Joe, if it doesn't strike it down, we slide further down the slope of socialism lite.
Also, if the mandate doesn't pass but everything ELSE does, then there's virtually no way to pay for anything and I suppose Obama will outsource our whole new health care program to china!$$ :-)

SF...I can't imagine what he's got planned for us if this hallmark of his presidency bill is overturned...look out.

Lisa said...

we are already feeling it her as well Z. My mom had a foot infection,I took her to the podiatrist which he took her the same day,but I am sure that will change soon. Anyway he prescribed her a strong anti biotic and 2 hours later at the pharmacy we went to pick it up and they never received the E-Script because the computer at the doctors office was down and they weren't allowed to call it in due to new federal regulations. So we had to wait there for an extra half hour for the computer to be up again. So in other words you may have to get your foot amputated instead.
And my mom is quite healthy this infection was not a result of her health but something that got in there somehow like any one of us could have gotten.

And 2 weeks ago her doctor put her back on Diovan and it took 1 week for her to get it because of all the red tape. Her doctor had to write a letter stating why she could not have a Generic.
This is Blood Pressure medication.
Thanks Obama ,Thanks Pelosi
I am sure if this were any of your families you wouldn't be dealing with this.
I say strike down the whole thing.

Z said...

lisa, a pharmacy's not allowed to get a phone call with the prescription due to FEDERAL LEGISLATION? Sure, there's no RECORD OF IT then...they must know for those panels.
this is all leading to nowhere good, isn't it.
I hope your mom's doing better.

Lisa said...

The pharmacy said they can but the doctors office said they are not allowed or they won't be allowed so they are readjusting now.
The future will be that they are not going to be allowed to call it in. Otherwise how can the government keep tabs on us?

Lisa said...

yes it cleared up in 2 days .
Z do you know how the system is in Germany? I know someone who lived there an she had cut her arm open an they didn't even stitch or give an antibiotic as a preventive and she wound up with an infection and had to be hospitalized on an IV.
Someone else I know in tis country had a deviated septum and cannot breathe through her right nostril. She is not getting covered for it until she tires Nasonex first yet she has been suffering with this her whole life.
There is protocol and the government is requiring doctors to follow it and this is just the beginning. Yes it's her insurance but it's regulations that are paralyzing the system more.

Z said...

Lisa, I'm running out the door but wanted to respond that the stories you're relating from Germany don't at all sound like the German medical system I'm very familiar with.

It doesn't make sense that a cut arm didn't get a hospital ER? At the doc's? What medical pro would do that?

The Nasonex situation could be true, that's exactly what will be happening here very soon if all passes. Even here, now, you kind of have to have a doc familiar with your history to prescribe a surgery..

I remember while I lived in Munich and Gerhard Schroeder was begging Germans to buy their own private health insurance because the State just couldn't afford it ....
My stepdaughter already pays more than $1000 a month for German healthcare, so I think only the lower class or illegals or immigrants who are legal but not working get the free healthcare...

see you later!

Pris said...

If Obamacare is upheld, we all will be paying even more for overhead costs, which have little to do with healthcare.

These costs will simply be for complete control over whatever a doctor prescribes, or medical procedures.

We will lose a major part of our freedom, and doctors will be in invisible chains as they try to implement care for their patients.

Obamacare is not meant to care for people's health, it's meant to create more power over us all, including the medical profession!

This is called tyranny, plain and simple. It's not complicated once you understand what the agenda is.

So I have a question for you Ducky, since you're so nosy about someone like AOW who, with concern for Mr. AOW, had to jump through bureaucratic, unnecessary hoops, for his cataract surgery!

If you were in pain and suffering, would you accept without complaint, expanding the time you had to agonize because of forms, paperwork, and approval for your care? Would you accept being turned down for care because of some ridiculous red tape?

And finally, would it be possible, even then, for you to even admit to yourself that Marxism won't work here in America, any better than it has anywhere else it's been tried, or still exists!

To me this is NOT socialism lite, this is tyranny.

I have to laugh at a woman's "right to choose", while this administration is busy attempting to remove all our rights to choose what happens to our own bodies.

Right Truth said...

I agree with him, except for the "spiking the football" comment. There is nothing wrong with celebrating, acknowledging, a success. I also do not agree with "replacing" Obamcare. Repeal, screw replace

Right Truth

Lisa said...

Pris you say it like no one else.
It's so true hat this is nothing more than demonrats wanting more control over everything because they do it so well and yes it is tyranny,slowly but surely only this president is fast tracking.

Rita said...

I know I'll be celebrating. Last week my doc told me he's thinking about retiring because of this mess. My current client administers pensions and health care for their members. The insurance companies they deal with can not make any decisions because Obamacrap is so poorly worded and burdensome they ate left waiting for the bureaucrats to decipher the pages Pelosi never read.

I could slap every idiot Congresscreep that voted for that junk.

And Ducky's response to AOW deserved him a slap too. Idiot.

Jan said...

Aow..I know, exactly, what you've been through, because my husband just had knee surgery, and is trying to get scheduled for a much needed hernia surgery. (He doesn't mind my sharing this, or I wouldn't have.)

What he has been going through with all of the red tape is just ridiculous..especially considering the fact that we've never had to jump through all these hoops, until now.

And yeah, I'll rejoice if the monster is struck down, because it is just that, a monstrosity!

The poor, or minority, will still get health care, just as they always have, and the ones who pay, as they always have, will have a say in their own health care.

Ducky...compassionate, much?

Always On Watch said...

Thanks for that confirmation!

And this is just the beginning with ObamaCare. Private health-insurance companies are shutting down in December. Get ready, folks.

Lisa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lisa said...

Is that true AOW. I knew that was the goal but you heard this yerar they will be closing?

Liberalmann said...

You guys really do want to watch a family member die because insurance companies can deny them coverage if Obamacare is defeated. You really want to have to sell your house to pay for your kids surgery to save his life? How about a raffle or a Spaghetti Dinner at the local VFW?

And Lia, explain to me how your 'red tape' is apart of Obamacare.It's not.

Elmers Brother said...

As opposed to a 15 member gubmint panel? I can find another insurance company.

Elmers Brother said...

Duhkkky wants to use the game theory to make these decisions, individual stories matter little as long as the collective is elevated. We're merely objects to these leftists.

Z said...

Liberalmann, thinking before you propose idiotic scenarios really does help, if you don't mind my saying so! :-)
Man, some people come here and drop ridiculous comments like yours, others come to advertise their blogs...

AOW, I am not hearing of any large private insurance companies closing yet, what are you hearing? I know Blue Shield isn't, at least not this year. But, they'll all have to once the lie is discovered that "you will be able to keep your insurance" (as Obama knows very well and did when he said it), there will BE no existing private insurance for us. That was the cagiest nasty lie ever.
Plus, if the iillegal mandatory insurance caveat in the bill isn't passed, who WILL pay for ObamaCare? It wasn't thought out before they pulled it over us...and we have to hope it fails.
I will be spiking the football!

FT..there's a note I hope to see in response to your last taunting comment. You know where it is.
Please read it...thanks!

Average American said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Average American said...

You idiot Ducky! NObama already cut $500,000,000,000 (billion-in case you can't count all those zeros). I doubt the Republicans can or will do much worse.

Average American said...

DAMNED RIGHT I will be celebrating if this piece of shit gets the axe, but I think the Speaker is right when it comes to his fellow politicians. They really should tone it down so that when we recapture the Senate and Oval Office, maybe whoever is left can get along just a little better than they have been.

Rita said...

Obamacare does not allow the insurance companies to maintain their normal insurance reserve funds, which is used in the event of a catastrophic event. This was mainly used by self-insured companies from rocking wildly out of control if one of their insured was diagnosed with a debilitating disease. The law forces the companies to spend 80% of their premiums on claims or rebate money back to the insureds. Now companies will be subject to net income(losses) swings when their employees have bad health years.

Another idiotic idea made by people who are clueless on the laws they are making.

We have prime examples of the compassion of the left. Punks like Libnut and Ducky love death panels for anyone that disagree with them.

Z said...

Rita, also, the insurance companies will face extinction because what company's going to use Blue Shield if there's a much cheaper government option offered?
Of course, we know that 'cheaper' may not even happen now because the truth's coming out about Ocare, but ...they're scared to death, at least my Blue Shield agent says the agents are very worried about their jobs, their companies, and the health care of Americans.
I mean, what company's going to say "No, I think we'll stick with Blue Shield at $500 an employee" if there's a $200 option?

THEN the prices will hike up and everyone will be up S*** Creek.

Elmers Brother said...

If liberalman knew history behind health insurance, he would understand our aversion 2 government run healthcare. Besides health insurance companies can't send you to the gulag or commit genocide. Neither option is perfect but I choose more freedom over less

Pris said...

"You really want to have to sell your house to pay for your kids surgery to save his life? How about a raffle or a Spaghetti Dinner at the local VFW?
And Lia, explain to me how your 'red tape' is apart of Obamacare. It's not."

Liberalman, if I had to sell my house to save one of my children, you bet I would!

Secondly, if I or anyone, sells a home beginning next year, a federal tax of 3.8% of the price of the home, will be charged to the seller. This is in the healthcare bill.

Don't you realize regulations regarding health care are being imposed now, as we speak?

What do you think fills up those 2700 pages of the healthcare bill, the words, "have a nice day?" It's filled with regulations, mandates!

Good grief man, for once, think! Try to see the big picture.

FreeThinke said...

I have no idea what you're talking about, Z.

An invitation to visit FreeThinke's new blog could hardly be interpreted as "taunting," nor could praise for Lisa and Pris along with an expression of sympathy and understanding with AOW.

I said Boehner was a dullard. Was that it? He is. I'm sorry we don't have more dynamic leadership, but it's not my fault.

I think we all agree that a complete repudiation of Obamacare by the high court would be just cause for celebration.

But let's have no more of this nonsense.

I have no interest in wrangling with you or anyone else.

Have a good weekend.

~ FreeThinke

Z said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Z said...

FT..I was referring to the first time I responded to you in about 9 months ...about the cake on the other post. You know very well what I meant.
Of course your being kind to Pris and sympathetic to AOW wasn't fact, it was refreshing compared to the past.
I just don't want trouble here again. You know very well what I mean.
I won't have it anymore.
Am delighted you have your own blog...enjoy it and I hope it grows and grows.

Z said...

Pris, what about those other things in the health care bill, like that tax on selling your house? Remember?
There are all SORTS of things totally un-health related and TOTALLY unknown ...
I hope Romney can bring some of that up in the debates.

Man, I'd still give $100 to see Obama debate Gingrich just once! :-)

Always On Watch said...

About insurance companies closing....

The other day, Warren and I chatted for a while. The insurance company that his employer uses received notice that the insurance company is shutting down on December 31 because of "upcoming regulations in 2013."

I don't know the name of the company. It's not one that I've heard of here in Virginia, but apparently it is quite well known in Indiana, where Warren lives.

Warren's employer is a very small, very specialized company with mostly high-risk insureds on the plan (which has a lot of deductibles as well). The plan has been outrageously expensive this year -- taking up over 80% of Warren's income, thus resulting in Warren's having to work TWO other jobs.

In essence, Warren works one full time job just to pay for the health insurance! He works this job 5 days a week and the other two jobs on the weekends. I believe that his work week consists of over 60 hours -- IF the work is there for the two part-time jobs.

This year, when the rates soared to the moon, Warren looked into getting a private plan -- only to discover that such a private plan was even more expensive that the one the employer provided, mainly because the employer does pay part of the insurance for employees.

The much-touted-by-the-Dems health insurance plans that are supposed to be "low cost" (as the plans are subsidized by the feds and the states) are unavailable unless one has been WITHOUT ANY COVERAGE FOR AT LEAST SIX MONTHS.

Six months is a very dangerous window for people over age 50 -- or for anyone if there is a car accident or the like!

Medical bankruptcy can ensue very quickly if catastrophe strikes for a family without health insurance and even for a family WITH health insurance if that family does not have substantial savings.

As Mr. AOW and I learned in 2009, 10 weeks of post-stroke medical care costs about $200,000 in the D.C. area. We had insurance -- expensive and high deductible. Nonetheless, we were "only" $10,000 out of pocket BECAUSE WE HAD INSURANCE.

Always On Watch said...

To be clear....I haven't heard that all private health insurance companies are closing. But I know for a FACT that some are!

Mr. AOW has a Medicare Advantage Plan. I've been watching developments related to that. See THIS and THIS. Such plans, run by private companies that are very diligent with regard to patient care AND answering the phone to help (as opposed to calling the Medicare office) prevent the bottomless out-of-pocket that regular Medicare offers. One reason that the AARP and like organizations supported ObamaCare was that such companies were supposed to remain untouched by ObamaCare. Well, nobody bothered to read the bill in Congress, and the fine print is kicking in.

Z said...

AOW, this is really awful.
Yes, the fine print is kicking in and some of it's apparently tough to change even if SCOTUS overturns the whole thing; which I think is the point of the Obama administration.

Thanks for your information.

I hope MR. AOW's doing well today.xx

Elmers Brother said...

And its not just healthcare hes regulating to death; for example, Boeing CEO Jim McNerny cited the Labor Relations Board trying to stop Boeing from opening a factory in a non-union state, the FDA holding up approval of new medical devices, and the EPA blocking new energy projects involving fossil fuel. McNerney said businesses would invest billions in hiring and expansion if they didn’t have all these regulations and the uncertainty of whether taxes will go up at the end of the year hanging over their heads. By the way, if you think he’s just a rightwing partisan, McNerney is actually a member of Obama’s own advisory council on American jobs and competitiveness. But he’s become increasingly frustrated with how many people in Congress and the White House who claim they have the key to saving American business actually have no business expertise.

Z said...

Elbro, that's amazing information!
I wish that guy'd get quoted somewhere on a network news program (ya, like THAT's going to happen, right?)

Thanks for that...very interesting.
It seems so obvious how restrictions and fears for the future would prevent hiring, investing, etc., but leftwingers usually tend not to see that. It would help our country if they could.

beamish said...

Man, I'd still give $100 to see Obama debate Gingrich just once! :-)

Not going to happen, ever. Too many hardcore extreme far-left communists like Michelle Bachmann and Paul Ryan and other Stalinists in the Tea Party movement have a vested interest in seeing their boy Mitt Romney shore up their entitlement gravy trains and safety nets.

After all, why vote for more Bush-Obama when you can go even further left with Romney?