Friday, June 29, 2012

Holder won't prosecute....HIMSELF? .WHAT?

You know, I thought it was absolutely nuts enough when Holder asked two attorneys in his office to investigate him and Fast and Furious.  That was weird, but...okay.

But now THIS?   Holder's "Justice Department" isn't going to prosecute him for Fast and Furious?  
Wait, HIS DEPARTMENT has decided that he HAS turned in all the papers the Republicans AND 67 Democrats signed the contempt charges over?
(Reuters) - The U.S. Justice Department said on Friday it would not prosecute Attorney General Eric Holder for refusing to turn over to Congress documents about a gun-running scandal to Mexico.
Holder, who heads the Justice Department, was cited on Thursday for contempt of Congress by the Republican-led House of Representatives. The mostly partisan vote of 255-67 marked the first time a sitting attorney general and presidential cabinet member was cited for contempt by the full House.

Are those SIXTY-SEVEN DEMOCRATS who agree with the Republicans that he's not complying just agenda-driven, ideological....?  

So, THAT'S IT?   Is this a DICTATORSHIP?  Is it a JOKE?   Is it POSSIBLE?

By the way, even the Washington Post's blurb that comes on their Email Alerts says "The attorney general oversees the Justice Department." after it says that the department's not prosecuting Holder.   You think THEY might be waking up?   I mean, it's so OBVIOUS that this STINK!



christian soldier said...

to your final questions-

YES-and we had better start action -hopefully at the voting booth!

Right Truth said...

Well, when you assign two of your own people to investigate you, this could be the only result. What a sad joke on the American people.

Right Truth

Kid said...

If enough people approve of this in November I'm done with this. I go to Attack Plan R (see Dr Strangelove)

BUT, if he was prosecuted now, oblabber would just pardon him, maybe he can be prosecuted after Jan 22.

Kid said...

Attack Plan R!


Z said...

CS...pray, pray, pray!

Deb... Will Americans even HEAR about this? I've been checking in on CNN and nothing so far as far as I can see.

PLEASE, anybody...if you see CNN cover how he's been let go by HIS OWN EMPLOYEES, please let us know.

KID..I SWEAR I WILL MOVE TO MUNICH.. I can, and I WILL. I don't want to, tho I love it, but I will. This is almost TOO MUCH.

Z said...

Kid, that video.......:-)

Tom's Place said...

Do you actually think that Holder's own department is going to investigate the "boss"? this lifetime.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Independent prosecutor.

Jan said...

Z..more, and more it's looking like a Government of HIS people, by HIS peole, and for HIS people!

The laws apply to whom THEY say it applies.

This is becoming a nightmare!

Law and Order Teacher said...

Of course, his DOJ will not investigate him. Under BO more and more parts of the government are politicized at the expense of the people. We all know that government is up for grabs, but under this guy government is more politicized than ever. I thought FDR was the ultimate politicizer, but BO makes him look like a punk. We really need to get rid of this guy.

For those of you who profess puritanism as far as conservatism, please wake up. This guy is way out there when it comes to government interventionism.

Z said...

Law and order, you said "For those of you who profess puritanism as far as conservatism, please wake up"

There are Conservatives who won't vote for Romney...period. They feel they have integrity; I feel they're putting their pride in front of our country.
Do I adore Romney? No. Could I, if I heard more? Possibly.

I'd vote for a ham sandwich (as my friend and fellow blogger Brooke so aptly put it once) over Obama.

Tom...yes, I keep thinking Americans will put country first. Go figure!
you're right...I'm naive.

Ed...that'll be the day.

Z said...


Wait, the same guy who had his boss declare EXEC PRIV is now declaring this?

I need to go do something other than politics...this is WAAAY too much

Sam Huntington said...

The American people are responsible for Holder’s arrogance; they voted for Barack Hussein Obama, who appointed holder.

The American people are responsible for Hillary Clinton’s ineptness; they voted for Barack Hussein Obama, who appointed Clinton.

The American people are responsible for Obama-Care; they voted for Barack Hussein Obama, who told them up front he intended to destroy this country.

So then, whom shall we hold responsible for the reelection of Barack Hussein Obama, or his repudiation? If the people of Smallville don’t care whether dead people are voting, if “civic virtue” no longer has any meaning in America, then we cannot blame anyone but ourselves.

Anonymous said...

Did you guys see this?

'ATF Needs To F--k These Guys'


Jan said... really gets to me, too, which is why I just have to stop reading, or watching anything for awhile.

FB..I had read that, earlier today, and it just made me feel sick!

Pris said...

"For those of you who profess puritanism as far as conservatism, please wake up. This guy is way out there when it comes to government interventionism."

L&O, You're so right. We are living right now under a thugocracy. The administration believes they can do what the hell they want to. Our laws and Constitution, are a nuisance to them and we, the people, are simply fodder for their quest for power.

Anyone who thinks his/her integrity is on the line if they vote for Romney, is not seeing the big picture. I don't understand how that's possible at this point, but there it is.

beamish said...

Eric Holder never took a mistress to Tiffanys. What's the big deal?

Leticia said...

This is just a nightmare, Holder gets away with everything and Obamacare just got passed.

Americans need to band together and fire Obama or vote him out and DEFINITELY fire Holder with zero benefits and jail time. I would love to see both serve jail time.

Z said...

Sam, We just HAVE to hope and work toward their waking up before November's vote, don't we.

FB, I had NOT heard that. Oh, GOD, I wish Americans would get the information.
I STILL haven't heard much at all on F&F on CNN, the networks, etc...
Think the NY Times would put that quote in any article they did on this? what a laugh.
That's HORRIBLE...what classless, horrible men are in charge.
WHY can't the Republicans EVER get a break and have the truth get to the American people and BLOW THE LID on the corruption?'s almost getting too much, isn't it.

Pris, OH, it's possible! We've got folks like that all over the conservative blogosphere...I have to respect a few of them but, mostly, I think we're expected to do all we can to protect this country, and, right now, that's getting OBAMA OUR and, realistically, we have two choices.

Leticia...this truly is a living nightmare and, every day, we hear more and more.

Right Wing Theocrat said...

Here's to hoping the next republican administration will prosecute this POS and we'll finally see him being led away in cuffs.

viburnum said...

Congress does have it's own authority to arrest, try, and even imprison those in contempt independent of the executive branch.

Hasn't been used since the 1930's but if there was ever a case for it, this is it.

Pris said...

I know Z, it is possible. But, if Obama should be re-elected, those same people will regret that egotistical decision. There is nothing to stop the far left once the election is over. The hammer will come down hard on all of us!

This is not about them, though they may think it is, it's about our country, and their fellow Americans.

Liberalmann said...

The right will do anything to keep Holder from investigating the states involved in voter suppression. That's all this is about. If not, why not call some Bush officials on the stand? They started this program.

viburnum said...

Lib-Mann: "If not, why not call some Bush officials on the stand? They started this program."

As usual, you're missing the point. The contempt charge is about refusing to cooperate with a congressional investigation.

If Holder somehow missed learning Jurney v MacCraken

he should demand his tuition back from law school, 'cause he's in for a rude surprise. His ass belongs to John Boehner. His tame Deputy AG won't be able to save him and neither could a habeas writ.

Liberalmann said...

viburnum said...
"As usual, you're missing the point. The contempt charge is about refusing to cooperate with a congressional investigation."


Holder gave them some 7000 documents, the one's they are withholding protects the agents in the field. Nice try.

Z said...

Libmann, you just can't buy that lie, it's not possible.
MY GOD, you people will go to any length...........

that is's this damned WH that's been leaking like a sieve, suddenly they want to protect people? you're really something.

Z said...

By the way, it is NOT 7000 DOCUMENTS! it's 7000 PAGES of the 70,000 pieces that the panel needs to see.


Jason Altmire (Pa.) Joe Baca (Calif.) John Barrow (Ga.) Sanford Bishop (Ga.) Dan Boren (Okla.) Leonard Boswell (Iowa) Dennis Cardoza (Calif.) Ben Chandler (Ky.) Jim Cooper (Tenn.) Jim Costa (Calif.) Jerry Costello (Ill.) Mark S. Critz (Pa.) Peter Defazio (Ore.) Joe Donnelly (Ind.) Gene Green (Texas) Martin Heinrich (N.M.) Tim Holden (Pa.) Ron Kind (Wis.) Larry Kissell (N.C.) Ben Ray Lujan (N.M.) Jim Matheson (Utah) Mike McIntyre (N.C.) Mike Michaud (Maine) Bill Owens (N.Y.) Collin Peterson (Minn.) Nick Rahall (W.V.) Mike Ross (Ark.) Tim Ryan (Ohio) Kurt Schrader (Ore.) Heath Shuler (N.C.) Tim Walz (Minn.)

viburnum said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
viburnum said...

Lib-Mann: "Holder gave them some 7000 documents,..."

And where is the log of missing documents so that they can be reviewed by a judge to determine whether they are pertinent and can be released? That's how it's usually done with a claim of executive privilege, but that's OK. It'll be more fun if he waits until the Sergeant-at-Arms knocks on his door.

Z said...

Viburnum; I'd rather that a Federal MARSHALL knocked on his door.

viburnum said...

Z: "I'd rather that a Federal MARSHALL knocked on his door."

Except they work for DOJ. The Sergeant at Arms and the Capitol Police work for the Congress. The SCOTUS decision I posted earlier, in section 2, upholds the authority of Congress to arrest and punish contempt on it's own.

viburnum said...

Lib-Mann "...the one's they are withholding protects the agents in the field."

Oh. Really? In that case they're not covered by executive privilege.

And BTW, have you wondered how Obama can claim executive privilege regarding a program he claimed to have known nothing about?

They're blowing smoke up your butt and you don't even notice.

Kid said...

Viburnum, obama releases all sorts of OPSEC about SEAL ops in his Frantic Desperate quest to try to log something in the accomplishment column.

No doubt he did that to protect SEALs and the rest of the military people for that matter.

Needless to say all he had to do with that operation was spend a few months polling everywhere he could to find out if missing osammi would hurt his re-election chances, and then when satisfied with his own pathetic imbecilic ass did he utter "ok" when they called him for the millionth time to ask him of they could go take care of the guy that was mainly responsible for KILLING 3000 AMERICANS on 9-11-2001.

Libtards are retarded pathetic excuses for human beings. Their brains are gone. The only litmus test they put into anything is whether the "Right" are against it. If the answer is Yes, they are then For it. Doesn't matter what it is. Could be coming to your house and give you body cavity searches on a whim, they don't care. Probably a bad example though as they would actually enjoy that in most cases I believe. But you get the idea.

And in my opinion, they aren't worth getting worked up about. The brainless twits don't have the capacity to understand your responses.

If they did, the imbecile empty suit, zero accomplishment, spent the last 2 yrs of high school in an alcohol/drug induced haze, only protested against Whitey in Hahvard, racist, anti-American POS would have never made it past the the Senate race. 5 yrs ago, let alone found his way to the WH.