Thursday, June 7, 2012

Leftwing bad-wishers...why?

This video's nasty and quick;  I hope you watch it.  It's yet another leftwing nut saying he hopes the Lieutenant Governor who kept her job in the Recall nonsense in Wisconsin gets colon cancer and dies before he can do what he'd like to her, which is get her "the F out of the state".

I think every group has a nut here and there, but I guess that's the difference between a conservative like me and a leftwinger;   when a supposed Tea Party attendee held up ONE SIGN that was questionable in its content, we got comments here and in the media about how that person "represents them all."   Then when the OWS people started defecating and having sex in public, etc., the leftwing said "that's not the real group, that's just a couple of nuts" 
See, I think a couple of nuts can give a bad rap to a whole group;  but I see them as nuts, not the whole group.  For example, I know not all Democrats in Wisconsin want Kleefisch dead!  
I wonder if I'd be accorded the same decency and generosity  if the tables were turned and a Republican had said what the guy says in this video.  I think not.  The leftwingers are even Twittering DEATH THREATS to Walker now!  Do they think that's the American way?   I still mourn the fact that so many leftwingers rejoiced at Tony Snow's painful and untimely death and the Conservatives I know had blogs saying they disagreed with Ted Kennedy but wished his family the best.

There's a kind of mindset I think we need to fix in half of's unkind, unhealthy, and a terrible example for our children.  But how?



Silverfiddle said...

Leftwingers are nasty and hateful, just look at the ones who comment here.

In a stunning feat of mass psychological projection, they delude themselves by repeating over and over how mean conservatives are.

At the bottom of progressivism and modern day American leftism is a fundamental self-hatred and a hatred of humanity. You see it in the pro-abortion activism, the mother earth uber human beings, and the unceasing urge to rule other and tell us all what to do.

Leftism and Progressivism are nasty, mankind-hating ideologies.

Mustang said...

There is no difference between the person in your video and the talk radio host John “Sly” Sylvester who accused Kleefisch of engaging in group sex, and then attacking her children —or the vile filth we hear from Ducky toward Palin and other GOP women. Ducky and Liberalmann are both uncouth. How can anyone respect suh sewage?

Ducky's here said...

Don't forget Breitbart.

DaBlade said...

Yet another example Z. Swatting.

FairWitness said...

When I see grown adults speak in such uncivilized ways, I wonder who raised them. Where did they learn it's their right to disparage a woman who earned her lieutenant governor position - TWICE - for the same term? I also wonder at their ignorance of authority given the winners of free and fair elections. What classes did they take and fail or did the classes fail them?

Leftists are miserably unhappy, mean-spirited, destructive people. Negativism begets negativism. I feel sorry for them, really I do.

The Debonair Dudes World said...

Look, the bottom line is that the U.S. economy has been staggering for months if not years and we still have millions of people out of jobs. We have lost nearly 9 million jobs lost since the start of the recession. And no matter how you spin the figures, the official unemployment rate has hovered around 9 percent or 10 percent for more than two years.
Obama has promised to focus his work on jobs, and instead all we see of him doing is campaigning and fund-raising. , What exactly has the Obama and his lame administration done to create jobs so far besides blame Bush? I for one am still waiting for an answer!

Always On Watch said...

I can't imagine that the Department of Justice under Eric Holder will d a damn thing.

Lisa said...

That right there is one of many reasons Walker won. And one of many reason the republicans took the house back in 2010 and one of many reasons we will sweep it all in November.
If they want to be Euro-trash then I suggest they git!

Ducky's here said...

Fairwitness, you talking about Limbaugh or Beck?

Rabies radio something the right is proud of?

Ducky's here said...

The Greeks are much better at this:

"The spokesman for Greece's extremist far-right Golden Dawn party physically assaulted two left-wing deputies on live television during a morning political show.

A public prosecutor ordered his immediate arrest following the incident on Thursday.

Golden Dawn spokesman Ilias Kasidiaris had taken offence at a reference by radical left Syriza party member Rena Dorou to a court case that is pending against him.

He hurled a glass of water across the table over Dorou when she said there was a "crisis of democracy when people who will take the country back 500 years have got into the Greek parliament."

He then turned on prominent Communist Party member Liana Kanelli, hitting her around the face three times."

Louis H. said...

Liberal Twitter users are openly advocating the assassination of Gov. Scott Walker:

@DONTTouchTheFRO: They gone JFK Scott Walker. Shoot his mfn head off BANG BANG!!! *chief keef voice*...

@SeXXX_Symbol_: Somebody need to Abe Lincoln Scott Walker cave frog lookin ass. ...

@realwesleywess: Someone from the NRA should shoot Scott Walker in the head, GTA-style. ...

@caleb_white: Scott walker will die within the next week ive already payed for the hit ...

They are also threatening Gov. Walker’s wife and son:

@SwaggedTf_Out: NBS I Know What School Scott Walker Son Go To

Read more:

Lisa said...

Good Lord Ducky do you do this just to be provocative?

'He then turned on prominent Communist Party member Liana Kanelli, hitting her around the face three times'

there is no such thing as a prominent Communist Party Member and if you don't think Nasty Pelosi deserve some water dumped on her head especially when she passed a bill to find out what's in it.I think she deserved more like a bucket of water like any witch should.

Sam Huntington said...

I'm curious. Can anyone remember Limbaugh or Breitbart spewing this kind of poison?

Me either, so I guess this is yet another occasion where Ducky is lying in order to further his putrid cause. I think this tendancy of lying or distorting facts is why people should avoid rectal child birth whenever possible.

Bob said...

Why do Wisconsin Democrats make threats against those who won the election?

I think the answer is simple. Liberals, or Progressives, are just jealous, little people. These are people of diminutive character and intelligence.

We see the same story playing out all over the nation. SEIU members beating a handicapped man at a Tea Party rally in St Louis. OWS slugs raping and pillaging New York and Oakland in their protests, against what they are not able to articulate. Now, the death threats from union scum in Wisconsin.

These are people of little character, and they are all Democrats.

Bob said...

"people should avoid rectal child birth whenever possible."

Sam! Stop it! I can't stop laughing.

Z said...

SF: It really does seem that way and I keep giving benefit of the doubt here, like my liberals have more problems in their lives and react with bitterness because of that.
But, I guess it's part of the 'disease' so many people talk about.

Mustang...I hadn't heard they did that to Kleefisch. My GOD. And I do remember the amazing things said about Palin...thanks for that reminder.

Ducky...we will NEVER forget Breitbart. He wanted honesty in media; Conservatives all want that.
Long Live Andrew's legacy.
I remember, by the way, that you said you wished he was in a body bag ...I guess this post of mine really is true.
And, by the way, PLEASE stop it. This post is about the American left...saying "they're worse in Greece" doesn't cut it. And they are NOT worse. This is AMERICA and we are supposed to have a real media that tells all the truth, we are not supposed to indoctrinate our children instead of teaching them TO THINK.
That was a really silly ploy, Ducky, even for you.

FW...and i believe the left kind of brings out something in me my friends don't see. Even this post was written with nastiness and I don't like what they bring out in me. I'm not blaming them, I have to curb my hurt and anger at what's happening to America...because of them. It's hard to do.
But, yes...who raised these people?

Dude, yup..we're all waiting.

AOW, that'd be a laugh! I was wishing the hearings this morning with Holder were televised and am trying to find info on how much he lied. have you heard?

Louis! MY GOD...thanks for the links. I'd heard that but, again, I never believe people will be THAT BAD.!!

SAM, after seeing Louis' comment, I was JUST going to ask that question about Breitbart, particularly. Did you know he had many liberal friends? they adored him.
One person I know said "I'd introduce him to lib friends who hated his guts and, within 15 minutes, they loved Andrew" That's the kind of man he was.
No, he never threatened personal injury, never got ugly like this.

BOB...character is the key..none there. I miss the days of true Democrats who would look at the left of today and cringe and (gasp!) criticize strongly and make them stop. BUt, our society today, due to LIbs, doesn't allow for that kind of 'un PC behavior'...

Z said...

DaBlade....yes, I heard about that.
thanks for the link. Isn't it awful?
They're like high schoolers calling for pizza at an address that's not theirs but this is really serious; this is the Left.

Ticker said...

This is just more proof that liberalism is a psychological disease. Only those who have deep psychological problems would spew such hatred.
The spirit of hate brings about constipation which I suppose explains why liberal women are so ugly. ;>)

As far as their being prosecuted. Under political free speech they can spew such hate toward the Governor and not be prosecuted. Any speech toward the President such as that will get you arrested post-haste.

Z said...

That's Sam Huntington's latest piece at Always' will want to read that, too.

Leftwing bad wishers...only nasty or really, truly dangerous to our security as well.

BY the way, will Holder step in about the death threats via Twitter, etc? Isn't that illegal?
Ya, I know he won't. geeeeZ

Anonymous said...

"party physically assaulted two left-wing..."

We all know that doesn't work. But a Caterpillar D9 does.

heidianne jackson said...

today's dems - well most of them - no matter how reasonable they were at one point staunchly toe the party line. so few of them seem to recognize that the party today is NOT the party they belonged to 30, 20 even 10 years ago. it is getting progressively more socialist.

like the frog in the slowly heated water, the dems of today do not seem to recognize that the party is changing around them. they simply appear to believe the filth fed to them from the msm and turn in anger that those on the right are "changing" the game.

i doubt that most of them will ever understand that the right is largely unchanging and it is they on the left inching towards the abyss...

How’s that Hopey-Changey Thing Working Out for Ya? said...

Wishes? I have a few..for one, I won't be happy until the Kenyan and the Moocher move back to the trailer that they came from.

Z said...

Heidianne, this could be the ticket for Romney to push; this is not your party anymore, we embrace you Democrats who still DO believe in the Constitution and the goals and ethos of the Founding Fathers...
"We know most Democrats don't believe in redistribution and some of you even understand that IS the road to socialism (at least those of you who went to college more than 20 years ago might)..." etc.

I think I'm feeling another Romney speech post come up in me..stay tuned! I love to write speeches for these guys! :-)

Pris said...

I'm beginning to think these lefties are carrying a lot of negative baggage from the way they were brought up.

Hate and violence are learned. I'd love to know what their childhoods were like. Were they just spoiled rotten? Or, were they misused and abused?

There must be some explanation. It's for sure they weren't taught to be good sports, win or lose. As for manners, forget it. It's obvious that's becoming a lost art, given the left's example of behavior.

To Ducky and Libman. If I were you I'd give this some thought. Look around at your lefty mates and ask yourselves if this is what you want to be part of.

To want someone to die because he/she disagrees with you, is a sickness. You've lost your bearings, and frankly, I pity you.

Chuck said...

Z, the Tea Party groups don't even have to do anything - the left will just make stuff up for them. (Think spitting on Congressional members)

Z said...

CHuck, that's right.
The video so clearly showed nobody did that yet leftwingers who heard the lie believed it and so did many other Americans.
It's tough when the left's set it up like this: the Right's always bad, no matter what.
Except I think Obama's performance is beginning to make some people look at ROmney and Ryan and others as real hope.

Ed Bonderenka said...

They need to bring Zel Miller back again as a keynote speaker at the convention. Figuratively.

Z said...

Ed, excellent point. maybe he could help!

had you heard that from 2009?!

Lisa said...

Ed-OMG Zel Miller and Spitballs. That was great!

Kid said...

Z, Here's a couple.

The lesbian comedienne at obama's event wished that Rush get liver or kidney disease an die. obama, the president of the USA laughed.

The HEAD of the school teacher's union in New Joisey, sent an email to EVERY TEACHER in her union asking them to pray for Chris Christie's Death.

There is no question about this. There is no confusion. "Leaders" of the liberals/progressives actively seek and revel in the death of those who use their purely American freedom to oppose their viewpoints.

SOMEONE send me a link that details, so specifically, that anyone in even the republican party or tea party, or community leaders even who are considered to be standup conservatives have wished the death of obama, or any of the democrat/communist politicians, or radio hosts or other personalities.

They'd be rejected by the vast majority of conservatives.

The only people you are going to find wishing death on non-democrat politicians or major liberal personalities are drunken redneck A* living in trailer parks.

Kid said...

Eh. That would be "Death on democrat politicians..."

Kid said...

PPS, and talk about Ignorant. obama goes to Tecson, and all his drooling spittle-mouthed sociopathic supporters are there MC'ing an obama Pep Rally.

obama never complained about that. Therefore, he approved of it.

Imagine being the parent of someone who was murdered there, showing up to maybe get some peace and comfort from the president of the USA and he shows up and has a campaign pep rally event.

Beyond words disgusting.

beakerkin said...

Duck hunting season

Where is Elmer when we need him.
I guess I will have to do my Bugs Beakerkin persona to deal with Doofy Communist Ducky. Just read the
following comments with the Looney Tunes theme in the back in a Bronx- Brooklyn Accent.

The DumbA$$ Duck seems to forget that the Greek Party he is describing is one that is fixated on Holocaust Denial. No mainstream conservative at this site ever espouses such lunacy. In fact the only known Joooo hater at this site is the Duck. If this clown didn't assault commies he could parrot much of the Jew hatred. In fairness
the Duck has never gone near Holocaust denial or 9-11 Joooish conspiracy theories. Lefties tend to espouse Jews abused the Holocaust
to disposses Arabs and the 9-11 conspiracy bit is almost always on the left.

Lefties are nasty people who side with every enemy of America. The Duck is okay with calling Condi Aunt Jemimah. Sounds like a racist remark from a self righteous loon.

Duck Season

Z said...

Kid, what HORRIBLE things the Left's doing!
Did you hear that Obama had to have the Vietnam closed down for something like 9 hours because he was around and demanded security? People were so upset.

I just read something today that he did to truly inconvenience people, too. Can't remember it..BUT I will say that LA residents are REALLY getting ticked at the traffic snarls his motorcades keep causing; seems like he's here every 2 weeks now..apparently, he's doubled Bush's campaign events for the same amount of time.

My solution for his campaign dinners is to have them AT THE AIRPORT> a hotel or very nearby. My uncle did a really swanky party for his wife at a private airport hanger with caterers, etc., because she thought he was taking her somewhere and the party was there instead.
Why can't Obama do THAT?

You won't get any links of conservatives saying anything near what the left're right.

Beak...Ducky calls everybody such awful names and then complains we're tired of the nastiness.......and has ANY of you seen ONE conservative here constantly use ridiculous names for any leftwinger? Doesn't happen, but Ducky's got a degrading name for every conservative.

It really fits my post

Always On Watch said...

Obama had the Vietnam Memorial closed for his photo op ON MEMORIAL DAY! There were a lot of pissed off people; Rolling Thunder was still in town.

Z said...

AOW...but why didn't ANYBODY make a stink in the NEWS? Why didn't a bunch of them let this information out? It was barely talked about.

I WISH I could remember what just happened in another state with Obama and inconveniencing the people really badly..darn. Maybe it'll come to me and I'lll let you know.

I understand that presidents need security, I'm all over that, but there must be ways they can do things without impeding Americans, particularly on special days...

Kid said...

Hey libtard, You're either doing it or talking about it, albeit like a child.

Kid said...

Z, Yes, obama had the Vietnam War Memorial shut down for a photo op, on or very close to Memorial day. It doesn't get much more ignorant than that, but he manages to do so anyway.

All this Operation Security stuff he/his staff at the White House has been releasing is on the level that would put a soldier either in the brig or given a dishonorable discharge.

And I can just envision his spittle-mouthed marketing people there frantically putting out anything that would put him in what they perceive is a favorable light regards his "accomplishments on the terrorism front".

It's the kind of stuff that gets people killed. It may have very well have played a part in the Pakistani doctor being sentenced to 30 years for his role in outing osammi.

Truly disgusting.

Dixonniau said...

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