Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The White House and LEAKS

While I'm no expert on security, you've all seen me here pointing out what seemed to me to be breaches of security, or giving details so copy-cat criminals will know what not to do next, etc, etc... So, the following isn't as upsetting as affirming.  I wish I'd been wrong.
A expert in this business who is a past-supporter of Obama, is really upset:

We're apparently letting allies down by exposing information so they may never help us again (that is scary); we're letting enemies in on information which would be far better left secret.  Putting aside the thoughts of some Republicans that Obama's leaking to make himself look tough on terror  (we don't know that for a fact), this is a BIPARTISAN deal both Dems and Reps are getting together on.  Liberal Dianne Feinstein is one at the helm of this problem.  Now, we'll see how long she stays there, we've seen people change when they might have been "talked to," but I think that woman has enough sense to know this is important and she may just keep up the pressure.

Is there anything we can DO about this?   One thing you ALL CAN DO is send this video to friends, liberal and conservative.  This is serious stuff.  As Mr. Goodwin suggests, this could be getting "dangerous."    Sure seems like it to me.  And why isn't the NYTimes in trouble for reporting it? 



Always On Watch said...

Z & EB,
FYI. I should have heard more by now, but have not.

Always On Watch said...

This is a big deal for both the NYT and Obama.

Even the WaPo is saying that this issue will not go away for Obama in time for the election.

In fact, yesterday in the WaPo, Dana Milbank used this phrase: "Junius Horribilis for Obama." Hell, even Richard Cohen is saying that the information in the leaks is an attempt by Obama's supporters to make him look like Superman.

FreeThinke said...

There are so many leaks coming from the White House these days the place could easily be mistaken for a Public Toilet.

~ FreeThinke

FreeThinke said...

If the likes of Milbanks and Cohen are beginning to turn on Obrother, surely his effort to win re-election is doomed.

Hope springs eternal.

~ FreeThinke

Ducky's here said...

Wow, the United States Cyber Command was involved in the Iran virus. That's a freaking surprise, isn't it.

All these drone killings and z gets the vapors when she finds out there's a kill list. Guess you thought they were firing at random.


This Maddening World said...

Is Ducky here, everywhere?

Z said...

AOW...RICHARD COHEN's saying that? I used to be such a fan of his...this is amazing.
I was just thinking how CNN hasn't covered much of this.

Ducky, That's actually the part I've never criticized. How can we get terrorists without a hit list? GOod try to get us off track of F&F and the fact that Holder won't produce the thousands of sheets of information Congress has been asking for.

The kill list is necessary.
The cyber command was highly confidential, yes...and that we'd worked with Israel. That was a terrible breach of security according to the experts.

Silverfiddle said...

DiFi is a poser. She blocked the vote on an independent investigator.

She's also a war profiteer, so she's just another liberal bs artist, like obummer.

FairWitness said...

Good morning Z, these leaks obviously came from the White House, coordinated by Obama's minions. The future safety, security and reputation of the United States and her citizens have no value to the Obama Administration, all they care about is retaining power to continue their Marxist agenda. They will be stopped in November.

I don't believe Eric Holder will EVER release the documents subpoenaed by Congress, because they'll show not only his direct participation in covering up and lying about what he & his team knew and when, but also that he directed and approved the operation.

I am so distraught that my government deliberately put lethal weapons into the hands of Mexican drug cartel killers. They KNEW the weapons would be used to kill human beings. They COUNTED ON THAT. They wanted a border weapons crisis to explode, thereby creating the need for gun control. The complete disregard for the human beings who lost their lives and those who will continue to be killed with the weapons we did not track -- there are massive amounts of blood on the hands of us all. My God, these human beings lives were SACRIFICED; what are we now? Aztecs??

We deserve the lack of trust the rest of the world now feels toward the USA. We elected this regime, we put this man in office. We elected an incompetent, dangerous man to lead the world. THIS IS OUR FAULT!

I hope Americans are learning what it means to elect a radical Marxist to our Presidency and the danger we've placed the entire world in, as a result. The mistake will be rectified in November, but we will suffer the consequences of President Barack Obama for decades to come, if not centuries. And to be honest, we should suffer for this.

Americans need to take their civic duty seriously and make intelligent, responsible decisions at the voting booth. We knew Barack Obama was not up to this job, yet we completely ignored that.

I am terribly sad at the deplorable depths this nation has plunged. And I am truly enraged at my fellow citizens who are responsible for electing Barack Obama and all the other far left radicals who are hellbent on destroying our way of life.

Z said...

Sf, I didn't hear that she blocked the vote for an independent her indignation at the breaches was just politics or did she state a reason?
Just Googled...she's impressed by the two attorneys Holder selected.
Apparently, she doesn't understand that when there's a probe to do it only looks self-serving to use one's one subordinates to do the job? WHAT?
It's so typical of our gov't that the investigating attorneys will come back saying HOlder did nothing wrong and then the Republicans (and several Democrats) will again be saying "what did we expect them to say?" Then the Republicans will be maligned again for not playing ball...and the beat goes on.

Sam Huntington said...

I addressed this last week, writing, “In May 2011, President Barack Obama made a televised announcement about his victory over Osama bin Laden. In this speech, Obama identified Pakistani doctor Shakil Afridi as the person responsible for fingering bin Laden to US intelligence agents. Afridi is now serving 33 years in prison for treason. Is this mere coincidence, or is it something more sinister? Would Barack Hussein Obama destroy a Pakistani family in order to serve his own presidency?

“Now let us consider this glut of White House leaks of national security information to the New York Times involving covert operations in Iran, and the so-called "kill list," which some say are designed to make Obama appear competent and “in charge.” In the case of Dr. Afridi, was it Obama’s intention to warn other pro-American Muslims to keep their mouths shut? Is Mr. Obama attempting to conform to his Muslim roots, providing aid and comfort to our enemy, without actually committing an overt act of treason?”

Obviously, I don’t know the answers. I only know, and agree, that there is far too many loose lips inside the beltway. Clinton herself acknowledged the cyber attack on Iran, and then almost in the same breath the State Department whined about Chinese directed cyber attacks on the US. Can we possibly get any dumber than this?

Z said...

FW, I agree with you. THe thought that Israel can't trust us anymore is awful, and that I heard the other day we're on higher alert because of expected Iranian retribution should be unsettling to every AMerican..
or how about the Pakistani Doctor who might die because we told the world he helped us get Osama? Who will ever help us again?

Romney needs to hit on those points...he's been quiet so far, hasn't he.
On the other hand, if I hear him say "Obama said our economy's fine" one more time, I'm going to be praying he gets rid of his advisers because we only need to hear that for 2 days after Obama's gaffes....not until it's so hackneyed that it gives material to Yahoo as they, this morning, were saying 'Romney STILL on Obama's saying things are FINE'.

It's hard to think about the people who voted for Obama and harder yet to think most of them will again. amazing. But, the left's done such a job on Republicans, you almost can't blame the uninformed who only watch CNN or the networks and don't ask questions.
Hopefully, the horrid economy will convince people to get in that voting booth and say "I don't care how cool it was to tell friends I'm voting for Obama, I just can't do it again"

Mustang said...

Do I understand this correctly? America has a cyber command. Is this where convicted hackers go to pay their debt to society? They must be positively giddy whenever they successfully plant a virus in another country’s national computer system. I’m not sure how this works out to the advantage of the US government though, particularly when releasing “news” of our successes, covert Iranians are arrested, tortured, and killed. This does sound a lot like Chicago politics, doesn’t it? You know, Chicago: where everyone wears the same sized cement shoes?

Z said...

SAM "Can we possibly get any dumber than this?"

And we used to be so good at it, too. But, people in the CIA and FBI and STate Department must believe in our greatness to truly protect us...and they must think AMerica's worth protecting. And they must understand that other countries are FAR more cunning than we are, particularly countries in the Middle Eastern region... nothing we've done to appease muslims has done a bit of good for us and, in fact, lowers us in their estimation because PRIDE IS EVERYTHING there and we're showing none...being nice is looked upon as a weakness and our CIA apparently hasn't picked up on that yet.

Z said...

Mustang, I think it works to our advantage if we can at least try to delay Iran's nuclear ambitions...
but, you're right, when we're talking about it and letting secrets out, it's NOT HELPING.
Chicago cement shoes...good one. I'm sure that Pakistani who supposedly helped us find Bin Laden's feeling a little heavy-shoed right now.

Z said...



Let's see how far this goes..

And I wish I didn't have a busy day ahead because I'd love to see what happens when Dimon testifies at noon EST :-(

FairWitness said...

Z, I hear you. President Obama is going to be decisively defeated. Take it to the bank, President Romney will win big.

I shudder when I think of the problems and irreparable damage done to our country, in so many ways, under this regime. I hope Marxists, Communists and Progressives are finally relegated to the ash heap of history, where they all belong. Their philosophies destroy civilization, inflict misery and suffering upon humanity.

I hope we never see those who hold these ideologies in positions of power & governance again. I have never felt such disgust in my entire life.

Ducky's here said...

Mark it down folks, Silverfiddle and Ducky are in absolute agreement although it happens more often than either of us will admit.

DiFi is a stinking corporate stooge like most all of our(LMAO) elected officials.

Ducky's here said...

Mustang, you were not aware of the Cyber Command?

You didn't have much credibility to begin with. Know it's even lower.

Mark said...

I have no problem with a "kill list" if it rids the world of terrorists.

But letting the existence of a "kill list" become known by the world is dangerous for the US and our allies, whatever the reason.

I would say I suspect the Obama administration is doing this because they want our allies to distrust us, but I'm not a conspiracy theorist.

Perhaps it's just incompetence, but any way you look at it, Our allies will withdraw their support for us if this continues.

Z said...

Ducky, Mustang "didn't have much credibility?" That's a laugh!!

Anonymous said...

The leaks, Holder may be charged with contemp of Congress, Holders law suit against Florida is going to blow up in Obama's face and, the possibility that SCOTUS will make the RIGHT ddecission on Obamacare are all things that are going to work against Obama's reelection.

Always On Watch said...

The title of Richard Cohen's essay yesterday: Obama loses veneer of deniabilty with intelligence leaks

An excerpt to give you an idea as to the essay's tone:

Pity the poor Obama administration leakers. They impart their much-cherished secrets to make their man look good and then, at the first chirp of criticism, are ordered to confess their (possible) crimes by the very same president they were seeking to please. In this, they are a bit like the male praying mantis. He does as asked, and then the female bites his head off.

What is remarkable about the recent leaks is the coincidence — it can only be that — that they all made the president look good, heroic, decisive, strong and even a touch cruel; born, as the birthers long suspected, not in Hawaii — but possibly on the lost planet Krypton. The leak that displayed all these Obamian attributes was the one that said the president personally approves the assassinations of terrorists abroad. He gives his okay, and the bad guys are dispatched via missiles from drones.

The New York Times, which broke this particular story, said it had interviewed “three dozen of [Obama’s] current and former advisers,” which suggests the sort of mass law-breaking not seen since Richard Nixon took out after commies, liberals, conservationists, antiwar protesters, Jews and, of course, leakers. The two U.S. attorneys assigned to finding the leakers may have to use the facilities at Guantanamo, which, as luck would have it, are somehow still open. Of course, the chances of a successful prosecution are slim, leak cases being hard to prove. Journalists, unlike the mob, still adhere to the Mafia code of silence, omertà. We are, at heart, traditionalists.

All administrations leak what they want when they want....

If Obama loses the Obama-shilling mainstream media, he will lose in November.

Z said...

AOW! "If Obama loses the Obama-shilling mainstream media, he will lose in November."

Amen to that.

Remember I've said for many months that it will take ANGRY DEMOCRATS to get him to lose and it's happening!

Wait till you see what I will blog next ! And the really amazing thing is Huff Post is carrying it!

I refuse to get excited, however..."miles to go before we sleep..." :-)

Anonymous said...

"The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Wednesday shows Mitt Romney attracting 48% of the vote, while President Obama earns 44%. Four percent (4%) prefer some other candidate, and four percent (4%) are undecided."

I think the human stain in OUR White House is getting ready to get his jive, "cool" ass whipped.

Liberalmann said...

If Bush were doing this the right would be cheering. As it is, he let Osama go and Obama got him, lol!

viburnum said...

Lib-Mann: "If Bush were doing this the right would be cheering. As it is, he let Osama go and Obama got him, lol!"

I'll cheer anyone who kills our enemies, even Obama. That's not the point. The issue is revealing information that compromises our ability to carry out missions, gather further information, and endangers those who are cooperating with us.

Do you think the Iranians are going to let anyone through the gate with a flash drive in his pocket again?

Do you think someone is going to assist us in finding the whereabouts of Ayman Zawahiri?

This is not a freaking game

Kid said...

With respect Z; stuff this important and wrong has been going on in the obama administrations actions for the last 3.5 years.

What to do about it is a good question.
- vote the dems out of power
- take back the education process and teach kids why they live in the greatest country in the world
- throttle the unions
- throttle the trial lawyers
- Put biden in jail for Felony Funny.

Z said...

Oh, no...Libmann isn't paying attention again. Gad.

Kid, with all due respect, nobody HEARS THIS and it's all I can do on my blog to GET IT OUT THERE THE BEST I CAN :-)

Z said...

viburnum, I believe the O admin does think it's a game. ALL presidents do ANYTHING to get elected, but not usually things that will damage America quite so much as this mob

Kid said...

Z, Anything any democrat politician does is 'part of the plan' from the hive - the collective known as the democrat party.

They know that idiots will be disarmed if you just tell them you are on their side. "The American People shouldn't have to put up with This!"

Are they going to do anything about it? No.
Did they say they would do anything about it? No.
Are they the ones "Doing It" to "The American People" ? More than likely.

This can be applied to most of what comes from actually Most politicians.

Tea Party. If they can't bring it, then I'll give up, but I'll vote with my last breath to get the Tea Party republicans to critical mass in Congress.

Kid said...

Z, You do a wonderful job of it as well.

Z said...

Thanks, Kid xx

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