Thursday, June 14, 2012

Secret intelligence? WHICH PART?

U.S. expands secret intelligence operations in Africa

The U.S. military is expanding its secret intelligence operations across Africa, establishing a network of small air bases to spy on terrorist hideouts from the fringes of the Sahara to jungle terrain along the equator, according to documents and people involved in the project.

At the heart of the surveillance operations are small, unarmed turboprop aircraft disguised as private planes.


A hub for secret network
A key hub of the U.S. spying network can be found in Ouagadougou (WAH-gah-DOO-goo), the flat, sunbaked capital of Burkina Faso, one of the most impoverished countries in Africa.
Under a classified surveillance program code-named Creek Sand, dozens of U.S. personnel and contractors have come to Ouagadougou in recent years to establish a small air base on the military side of the international airport.

Well....I don't imagine one can hide easily in Ouagadougou since it's so flat and impoverished.  And I don't imagine our guys all LOOK like they're from Burkina Faso, right?  And they now know the code name is Creek Sand, and they know about how many US personnel and contractors are there.....which part is the SECRET?

Is it me, or is this another kind of leak, compliments of the Washington Post?!!



Ducky's here said...

Must be that operation that was going in after the Lord's Resistance Army.

They'll probably start drone attack in Nigeria for fun.

Brooke said...

What can you say?


Ed Bonderenka said...

You wouldn't catch me in a "small, unarmed turboprop aircraft" in Africa now.
Sorta like CIA using "journalist" for a cover. Not so bad, until you tell everyone.
Not off topic: Watch Walter Matthau on "Hopscotch".

Alligator said...

Well. All that article did was leave out the names and pictures of the personnel stationed in Africa.

Duck is probably right on the drone attacks in Africa soon.

FairWitness said...

Z, where did you find this information?

FairWitness said...

Never mind, I clicked on the title. Duhhhh! Wow, that article is extensive and long, filled with information that certainly seems like it shouldn't have been divulged and published in any newspaper. The Obama Administration isn't leaking, it's a gusher - a total water main break. This is what happens when we elect unqualified amateurs to the Presidency of the United States.

Scotty said...

I'm not going to try an speculate why this administration is doing this, nor do I believe that this administration has the ability to think on it's feet to pull this off but, in the past, "secret" information was put out in order to keep the enemy guessing.

General Schwarzkopf used this strategy superbly during the Gulf War. And, it was often used in past conflicts the United States has been in.

Has the U.S. expanded it's intelligence in Africa? Mebbe, mebbe not but, it would sure keep an enemy looking over their shoulders and make them a bit more paranoid than usual.

We can't be everywhere at the same time but, I would sure like the enemy to think we can be.

Sam Huntington said...

Perhaps the purpose of this particular leak is to cause nervous tension within African al-Qaeda, LLC. This proclivity of publishing everything the government tells them is why our enemy regards journalists as CIA spies or lackies.

Elmers Brother said...

Drones in Africa? At least since 2008 when the UN authorized force in Somalia.

Anonymous said...

The continued leaks is something that just may blow-up in our Dear Leader's face. Even some Democrats are upset.

Z said...

Ed Bonderenka said...

You wouldn't catch me in a "small, unarmed turboprop aircraft" in Africa now."

EXACTLY what I was thinking. What the...?

Alligator, that's what I thought! All they need is pictures!

FW...How do we protect our people over there? It's horrible.

Scotty and SAM... I hope that's WHY we're "divulging" this make a good point.
After all, our gov't's pulled so much funding from our military that maybe we're just telling folks we're after them since we can't really come up with the goods!? Of course, it would take about 2 weeks of carrying on their shenanigans and NOT getting caught before they figured out we're NOT THERE!

Elbro...then why all this hoopla about it now?'s our only hope. I posted a year or so ago, several times, that our only chance of getting this guy OUT is if the Dems start waking up; I believe they are. Europe sure is and I'm publishing a post either later of tomorrow morning on that, a first hand report from Germany.

Elmers Brother said...

The same reason for all the other leaks - Obama the Conquerer!

CnC said...

Maybe that's what obama meant when he said he was going to have the most open administration in history.
leaking secret info in his warped mind is just being open. Now when it comes to Fast and Furious ....... that's another matter.

Elmers Brother said...

Obama can't run on his domestic or economic policies, the only thing left to salvage is to some home resurrect him via foreign policy; sounding tough on terrorism. He's running out of time to do that, so the leaks about the final say so on the "kill list", OBL demise, etc etc are an attempt to paint him as some sort of lone bold decider in chief.

FreeThinke said...

What's there that we would either want or need?

Elbro is probably right. There's an aura of falseness –– theatricality –– about every gesture made by this administration. It's all showmanship. Everything they do seems calculated to achieve political gain of one kind or another.

Do you suppose these people know the meaning of the word sincerity, if it's even in their vocabulary at all, which seems dubious.

These drones –– and apparently there are many different kinds "some as small as a hummingbird," as one article said –– are an unsettling phenomenon at best.

There's a pretty old book called The Puzzle Palace -- written back in the eighties, I think. It's about the terrifyingly sophisticated technology developed for the CIA and the FBI. I remember reading that even thirty-odd years ago the government could fly planes thousands of feet above our heads and take pictures of the INSIDE of any individual house on which they chose to set their sites. Apparently, they could see precisely what activities were taking place in anyone's bedroom, living room, office, basement recreation room, etc. They could also listen to conversations in houses or apartments down the street and around the corner from wherever their operatives were stationed.

I'm sure their powers have grown a great deal stronger and even more terrifying by now. I doubt we have a chance should they turn against us.

And people still dismiss the idea of our being ruled and ultimately enslaved by an oligarchy of unknown, unknowable, international elitists as mere "conspiracy theory" –– as though entertaining such thoughts automatically qualifies one for the booby hatch.

Too bad our species tends to be so complacent and unimaginative. If we were more alert and alarmed, we might yet save ourselves.

~ FreeThinke

Z said...

CnC said...

Maybe that's what obama meant when he said he was going to have the most open administration in history."

Perfect...absolutely perfect! :-)

Elbro, that's the complaint of the Republican senators...Was this a fairly transparent attempt at posing as the BIG TERRORIST FIGHTER.....It sure seems like it but that thinking is muddying up the facts, as Republicans usually do; The media's running with that instead of the FACT THAT LEAKS DID HAPPEN, REALLY DANGEROUS LEAKS.
By the way, I watch CNN a goodly amount of time, and I have yet to see them cover this story. They might have, but I haven't seen it and I usually tune in around the top of the hour so I can see what the top news is in their minds.

Anonymous said...

Ducky's here said...

Must be that operation that was going in after the Lord's Resistance Army.

They'll probably start drone attack in Nigeria for fun.

Maybe we should!

Bob said...

FairWitness said, "his is what happens when we elect unqualified amateurs to the Presidency of the United States".

Dude! Barack Obama was a fully qualified amateur when he was elected, and has regressed to unqualified executive. He is going backwards on the experience curve.

We have to be careful how we talk about our leaders. :)

Bob said...

The article said, "At the heart of the surveillance operations are small, unarmed turboprop aircraft disguised as private planes."

In today's parlance these aircraft are called, targets.

Plus, didn't the Administration tell us that Al Queda was now defeated, and had virtually disappeard? I just found them. They are in Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. Look at the map.

That's a great secret map the Washington Post published for us to see where our secret operations are taking place.

Mustang said...

If anyone wants to read the secret map and decipher Obama’s secret plans, you’ll need a secret decoder ring. I happen to have two boxes of secret decoder rings left over from the cold war, when Ducky’s hero Uncle Joe Stalin was still murdering his citizens by the tens of thousands. I will accept bids for these rings starting with $25,000 each in 1950s dollars. In Obama dollars, that would be about twenty-five cents.

Anonymous said...

There's intelligence in Africa?

That's news to me...most of Africa is still in the dark and mired in the 17th Century. Or...suffering from famine, war, genocide and disease.

How many billions have we poured into that bottomless, inescapable black hole? And I mean the celestial kind.

viburnum said...

Ed: "You wouldn't catch me in a "small, unarmed turboprop aircraft" in Africa now."

Yeah really.

Anonymous said...

" In Obama dollars, that would be about twenty-five cents...."

Mustang...I'll give you $10....I'm feeling generous with all those "recovery" dollars that landed in my lap. Plus that 99 weeks of welfare has definitely boosted my charitable instincts. I've got your money to burn! / sarc off

Law and Order Teacher said...

I think the LRA mission is morphing into a major military presence for the US. I feel like I saw this one coming. I show a video about the child soldiers in that area and it's a real tear jerker. Thankfully it's spurred some of our students to become involved.

I was distressed, however, when I read that BO was sending troops in there. It smells like Blackhawk Down all over again, a movie I show in Current Issues class. I read the students the article (small, back page of newspaper)about BO's plan and their reaction was that they were dismayed.

This guy is all about self-aggrandizement without regard to the welfare of our troops.


Z said...

BY THE WAY; did you all know that tonight's fundraiser for Obama at Sarah Jessica Parker's house was $40,000 a TICKET?

HOly COW............

Only at liberal fundraisers will people pay that much and then listen to a speaker about how the poor need help.

Anonymous said...

"This guy is all about self-aggrandizement without regard to the welfare of our troops..."

Totally true since the POS disgraced families and Vets so recently. He cares not...about those American troops he kills.

He's proven his cold, indifference at the Vietnam Wall last week. He is a GD disgrace.

No wonder John F'in Kerry had his mouth shut...he above all the demrat scum ( even more so than that fat dead Murtha ) has dishonored 58,000 lives sacrificed by a demrat bastard "president".... LBJ. Whose only concern was how many Hueys he could build in Texas.

Me...after those two...I will always hate liberal scum.

I despise them as much as I did the VC...

Some memories can never be erased by bullshit rhetoric.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Vib: It's scary, but the Strela would be more cost-effective on a larger target.

Anonymous said...

"Only at liberal fundraisers will people pay that much and then listen to a speaker about how the poor need help..."

And the "meek" and the "poor"...still don't get where this POS is coming from.

Blacks still believe he gives a rats ass for them? a way he does....he wants all the bling bling he can get..on their backs.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

How about this amazing revelatory information:

If YOU'RE writing about it, it's not "secret."

"Secret," evidently, must involve some kind of series of air quotes.


They Say/We Say said...

24's Jack Bower, always went over the edge to do what he thought was necessary. Each time the episode ended, Jack had to leave the Country.
Jack was put in the over the top positions by over aggrandizing people at the Top of Statutes-who always sucked their thumbs when the walls were coming down on them.
The Robber Barons did not disappear in defeat, but, slithered behind the skirt of Mother Russia; ah the revolution. The Revolution of 1917 which was outlined on a napkin in a New York Restaurant.
The same Robber Baron's increased their foot hold by eliminating the middle class, increasing the divide between the haves and the havenots!
How? The same as we see in every revolution or skirmish that puts the locals in disparaging hunger and down right despotism so the propaganda of Socialism will seem a way of helping themselves.
The only thing that Communism/Socialism produces, is, FAT CATS!
The one world governance is just that, a room filled with Fat Cats previously known as Robber Barons.
They are moving in on us, have taken seats of Statutes and control the monetary system, can drive up the cost of everything and set top percent taxing - the common folks in and out of the middle class until the teeter-toter slams all the way down with the weight of the last remaining few of the middle class burdened with the bill that can't be payed and wipes out any competition that might have made the Robber Barons flee to some other hiding place.
The only way of staying in the Statutes is with world wide chaos, and misinformation.
But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object, evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their security.
And accordingly all experiences hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.

Z said...

They Say...that's a mouthful! I never have seen ONE episode of 24, imagine? I really need to rent the videos or something as I've heard it was very good.
So you think it's the commies who preach against FAT CATS who are the ROBBER BARONS...probably right.

BZ....exactly. It's HERE, how can it be SECRET? But, it appears only some of us understand that, not our own government!?

Bob said...

Z said, "I never have seen ONE episode of 24, imagine?"

Oh, horrors! Now we really know the Left Coast is a cultural wasteland. Who could claim any degree of sophistication without knowing who Jack Bauer is/was? There was one season when I was absolutely captivated by the show. I had fun at work comparing Jack Bauer stories with others.

If Jack Bauer said he would shoot you in the knee if you didn't talk, it was BAM! Sometimes, he MIGHT count to three. Do you want matching knees? Bauer always got his info. Water-boarding was for wusses.

Right Wing Theocrat said...

Well if it prevents jihadist trash from seeing up shop there then good.