Thursday, June 28, 2012


I went to luncheon where Star Parker spoke yesterday.   I got to talk with her for a while and then hear her speech which was riveting. I took a lot of notes for you while she spoke, but Wikipedia really encapsulates her here:

"A conservative African American woman, Parker spent her teen and early adult years as an unemployed mother on welfare. She has chronicled her teenaged arrests for shoplifting and her having had four abortions. After embracing the Christian religion, Parker embarked upon a career as a spokesperson for conservative social and political causes. She opposes many public entitlements, claiming that welfare is similar to an invitation to a government plantation, which creates a situation where those who accept the invitation switch mindsets from "How do I take care of myself?" to "What do I have to do to stay on the plantation?" She claims that stable families and strong moral values are the key to ending poverty. She has asserted a moral objection to abortion and claims that rampant abortion has hurt black families."

She talked a lot about what's happening to Americans today as they accept, more and more, the slow creep of socialism via redistribution (which she feels is inconsistent with our founding), entitlements,  etc........"Uncle Sam's Plantation didn't work for Blacks and it won't work for Whites..," she said today.   Amen to that.

As a young woman, she had been sold on the idea that her problems were somebody else's fault, but she soon wised up and realized that wasn't the case. She learned, first hand, the "destructive nature of entitlements," and today, she speaks to welfare moms and teaches them that the first steps out of poverty are freedom and personal responsibility... to take control of one's life and let less government step in.

She talked about how "half of our country is making and half of our country is taking."  She's right.  And she asserts that can't work. Star also laments that "we are no longer building our country on the blue prints..."  of the founding fathers, etc. 

Interesting stats she gave were about Black voting:

96% were Obama fans in 2008
94% in 2009
85% in 2011
79% in 2012      Slow and steady....slow and steady.............

An interesting point is that Blacks are fleeing the big cities...17% drop in Blacks in Chicago and NY, 20% drop in Detroit...they're going to right to work cities........that's more good news.

One of the ways she illustrated her disdain for big government and how some of its programs are destined to ruin American families was by telling us this:  Did you know that if your children neglect their kids or can't or don't want to support them,  they can turn them over to the State and the State will put them in Foster Homes?  Sure, and what's happening is the grandparents are tearfully persuading the Foster Home system to give them the grandchildren they want to raise and, that way, the grandparents get THREE TIMES the pay their daughter would have from welfare!  Why would a mother decide to keep her children when this can happen?   And can you imagine how many are bilking the system? $$$  Star's none too happy about that, either.  Who would be?

Some really good news is that she worked to get vouchers in the DC system and they finally beat Obama and there are 1700 vouchers worth $7500 each and children are taking advantage of better schools;  a good thing.

Star Parker is the founder and president of CURE, the Center for Urban Renewal and Education, a 501(c)(3) non-profit think tank which promotes market based public policy to fight poverty.  HERE is her website.

She talked about a lot of things yesterday but I won't go into them all.  Suffice it to say she's beautiful, she's smart, she's PASSIONATE and a loyal, faithful American....and a big part of her message is how she believes Black Americans will wake up if only they get the message that they can be what they want to be and that entitlements are enslavement..........she was enslaved and broke out of the chains.  May her work continue for others..........

If you can support her group, C.U.R.E. (link above,) please do!  Thanks!



Silverfiddle said...

But she's a traitor to her race and her gender... ;)

She has a great story to tell. Too bad only conservatives pay attention to it, because it's an American story that we all can learn from.

Ducky's here said...


Z said...

SF..the good thing is she's too smart to sit back and preach to the choir and actively goes into the inner cities, etc...constantly. She's changing lives.

Ducky, thanks. I'm very well aware.

Anonymous said...

Her stats on black support for Obama are encouraging. Some blacks are obviously waking up. That is good!

Anonymous said...

Let's celebrate the mighty power of the State today.

Pretty sad day when the State can force you to buy anything as long as you call it a tax.

The sleepy giant of tyranny has been awaken.


Z said...

by the way, there are some very interesting developments which might throw a big wrench in the back to the state decisions which, if blocked by that state, will take Medicaid from millions in that state...etc.
This isn't cut and dried.
People are going to see taxes go up/ the Republicans will try to protect the people in their hopes of repealing and writing something decent, which we all know about before they pass it.

Z said...'s a little more complicated than that. Stay tuned.

ConFire...she had a lot of interesting stats we never hear about in the media

Anonymous said...

I know. Looks like I'll have to leave CA to avoid this crap if states can opt out.


Z said...

FB, I was thinking the same thing; a lot of people will do that, I suppose...
You know THIS state won't opt out.

The president said repeatedly THIS IS NOT A TAX, but his lawyers were more cunning than he is (quite a fete) and argued TAX in the court. TAXES ARE LEGAL. The liars and connivers win.

BUT, this is extremely complicated and it's not quite the time for champagne the WH probably thinks it will; and will paint it as.
I was wondering if they open champagne or fire up a bong...

Anonymous said...

The economy will tank further b/c of that. Get used to 8-10% unemployment in the US now. This smells like France more and more every day.


Z said...

FB, I don't think we understand yet the details of this.

How this affects small businesses is a curiosity to me.......we're not through yet.

Some experts are infering this gives Romney good fodder in debates and about why this must be repealed and worked on so it's fair for everyone. Let's hope.

Anonymous said...

Fodder for Romney when he's done the same in MA? He's actually pretty stuck now.


Lisa said...

I admire Star Parker for everything she stands for. I am jealous you got to hear her speak. I didn't know she was making rounds. Definitely refreshing from Sharpton and his ilk.


those radical far right justices

I guess you get what you vote for.

If this was overturned Obama would have been campaigning on how everyone is going to die now.
For the republicans they can use it as cost increases on health care they can point out the increases as they come up and use for the campaign.And also continue to point out all the lies we were fed. I hope Romney grows one huge pair unless he becomes a turncoat like Roberts did because we have one more shot in Nov to overturn this travesty.

Z said...

Lisa, I don't think Roberts is a turn coat. Right now, I hate the thought of him, but my rational side says it's only his job to uphold the law and "Death and taxes" are what Americans can expect.

I'm kind of impressed that even Kagan voted that it was too coercive for the Feds to force Medicaid on the states.

FB...Romney's going to be screeching REPEAL REPEAL and will look ridiculous; wait for it.
Instead, he needs to be VERy restrained and carefully but forcibly explain to AMericans why the whole bill needs to be repealed and redone so people actually DO benefit without completely killing the AMerican economy and losing the amount of jobs the CBO predicts.

As for Romney and the Mass. bill...we'll see how he handles it. I don't understand enough to weigh in here, but I do know that plenty of people say the gov who came in after Romney did a lot of the more left leaning work there...and Romney gets the blame.

Anonymous said...

Roberts did do his job.

All it does is pushing me further away from the State.

I am more and more fond of people like Lysander Spooner.


Ivan Wolanski said...
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Z said...

FB, I do admire Roberts for doing his job as much as I'm sure he knows this bill is going to kill the economy, although I think quoting Ben Franklin's DEATH AND TAXES phrase is a little childish.
I also admire Kagan for being part of the 7-2 dissent re coercing states re medicaid.

How the HECK is the IRS going to manage this HUGE imposition on THEM?
I hear Republicans are vowing to block hiring of agents enough to cover this new TAX.

Ivan Wolanski said...

Obamacare was passed by anti-American socialists, who bullied some moderate democrats into voting with them.

Obama has already proven himself to be an inept, inexperienced, incompetent, anti-American, socialistic, muslim-leaning, ex-lawyer dufus.

Our Supreme Court should be slapping down the idiotic legislation passed by clueless democrats and signed by an equally clueless obama

It never ceases to amaze me how the racist, stupid “liberals” who elected Obama are!

Unfortunately all today's ruling will be is another indication of how political the Supreme Court has become.

This was a wonderful and free country before the the tyrant was e;elected!!!!!

I think I may need healthcare—-I’m kinda sick to my stomach right now…it’s tough watching the country you love die right before your very eyes!!.

Anonymous said...

Z, I am not going to get angry at the Supreme Court because that's an important institution.

All it does is reinforce my libertarian beliefs.

If taxes still are the means to impose tyranny on the people, like the British and French kings were doing, then we're missing a piece of the puzzle.

I'm no expert but does that decision mean I could be forced to buy a car and if I don't buy one get forced to pay a tax?

We've definitely entered a new era where the gov has stopped working for us. We've entered an era where this is not a Republic anymore. We have to obey.

Hopefully overtaxing the people will lead to the same thing that happened before us when the Colonies or the French people couldn't take it anymore.


Z said...

Ivan, welcome to GeeeeZ.
I actually think this ruling shows how UNpolitical the SCOTUS can be....except I have no confidence that a liberal Chief Justice would have done the same thing Roberts did in voting against his beliefs of freedom and liberty and having to follow the constitution.

Obama pulled a fast one with the TAX thing and I'm hoping AMericans wake up.

Yes, it is hard to see your country die, I admit.

As Star Parker said "We're no longer building a country based on the blueprints."

On the other hand, Roberts quoted Benjamin Franklin's "Death and Taxes" adage (which I think childish of Roberts, but..) and taxes are something the government CAN levy.

And brother, does this government love that.

The state mandate thing is going to weigh heavy on this obamacare mess.......
Let's see how Romney covers it in a few minutes when he speaks.
I have low hopes.

If I were in the White House now, I wouldn't be dragging the Bong out too soon in celebration.

Z said...

FB, the liberals are winning. We have to see that now.
It'll be 'cradle to grave'...except we can't afford it.
then what?

They're too ...pigheaded (i'm being charitable) to understand that we can't keep taxing and expect people to see all the good things in this country disappear.

Get your Mao jackets out, folks.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully the after life is nice and the State doesn't exist there.


Z said...

FB, 'after life'...up or down? :-)

I was just thinking both sides will call this VICTORY...


It's a tough one.

That's why Star Parker's working so hard...she believes that's so important.

Anonymous said...

Yes it is, Z.

"Not a good day for freedom in the USA" as Dennis Prager just said.

Unless you think freedom is being provided everything through the State.

Pretty pathetic.


Z said...

Sen Coons (what a name) just spoke on FOX...big fan of Obama care...then he says "Roberts showed leadership"

Leadership? In the SCOTUS? REALLY?
A senator calls the Chief Justice a LEADER because he voted his way?

Judges don't show LEADERSHIP when they go your way..they interpret.
Talk about Democrats politicizing the court.

Anonymous said...

Isn't he the judge who showed leadership when he said Obama lied during the State of the Union address?


Z said...

Obama's speaking now....
He's setting it up that anybody who disagrees with this is "not moving forward"...that "we'll see we were better off for this law in five or ten years". Setting it up that nobody can disagree because he calls disagreement 'returning to the past' and 'playing politics'... we don't want to 'refight the battles'....?
REALLY? Just call anything a TAX and it passes? (as my friend Kid just emailed?)

I think he just said 'God Bless AMerica', there's no stopping him when he's feeling happy.


Anonymous said...

The lobbies are going to love it.

They'll be able to pressure Congressmen to create laws to force us to buy stuff and then call it a tax.

The people are not owing Washington anymore.


Anonymous said...

Interestedly, Roberts basically rewrote the law by saying that although the law says it isn't a tax, it really is a tax and therefore the Congress has the authority to impose it.
Although Obama is a Marxist/Communist thug and usually ignores laws he doesn't like and issues executive orders to impose laws he does like, this court's ruling may very well work against him as approx, 61% of the people already don't ant it,
If the Republicans make a good case for repeal and offer a superior plan (which shouldn't be too difficult considering what Obamacare entails) for reforming health care,then it becomes a election year positive.

Z said...

Anonymous...he didn't rewrite it, the Obama thugs argued it as a TAX after Obama'd said repeatedly that it wasn't..
I'm going to post the link of at least one video of his saying IT IS NOT A TAX.

I agree; this could help Romney get elected.

Anonymous said...

PEople you can't just look at this decision as an election or partisan thing.

If the gov has the power to create taxes as a means to limit our personal liberties, I really don't care who it serves at the next election.


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Z said...

" is NOT A TAX...I absolutely reject that"

Anonymous said...

"the people will lead to the same thing that happened before us when the Colonies or the French people couldn't take it anymore."

Exxxx...zactly. Can we start in ducks hometown again?

Bean Town?

I think we all ought to become gurellia fighters and join the Dem party...destroy them from works for the muzzies, socialists, anarchists and marxists.

Z said...

FB, our friend and commenter "KID" emailed me this recently: "So the Fed can force you to by anything and call it a tax.. ?? That's a huge problem.."

he's right and so are's scary.

Lisa said...

typical liberal solution to a problem.Let's just throw more money at it.
Higher taxes,Higher copays and ultimately rationed care.

Z said...

Part of the bill:

Abortion surcharge of at least $1 per person to go into abortion fund

Taxpayer funding for abortion training

Lack of any strong conscience protections

And the notorious HHS mandate


Z said...

Lisa, there is NO WAY this bill will work without rationed care.
Liberal Americans don't seem able to grasp that.
I hope they discuss it with their own doctors (before the doctor quits the business)

Lisa said...

"I think we all ought to become guerrilla fighters and join the Dem party...destroy them from works for the muzzies, socialists, anarchists and marxists."

IMP I think you are on to something ere.

Anonymous said...

Why not mandate a tax that everyone must buy cars from GM (Government Motors)?
Why not mandate a tax that everyone who has a job of any kind must pay all the union"s dues or be fined.
Why not mandate a tax that everyone must purchase wedding gifts by giving the money to the Obama re-election committee?

MGM in Indiana

Bob said...

As I said on my blog, the ruling is double talk. It is called a mandate, because it is. It is called a tax, because it is.

The case is just another pretend game.

Obama feels vindicated, and he should. He has screwed the nation, again. The economic news will not be good with the largest tax increase in history, on top of the current slow economy. Jobs will suffer. Unemployment will creep up.

I will have to accustom myself to expect the Obama death panels in the coming years. Health care will be rationed, and they will not justify spending Medicare money on people after the age of 75.

Z said...

Imp, LIsa's right...maybe you are on to something!

MGM...I'm getting emails from friends saying that exact thing....
'just call it a tax'...really? wise, as usual.
I hear the stock market went down immediately after the reading...but I guess the left thinks that's a good thing.

Anonymous said...

"stock market went down immediately after the reading"...

It's good thing though...OIL is dropping too!

Z said...

They're saying many companies will drop insurance entirely and just pay the tax.
I saw that coming immediately...the tax will be lower than the huge costs hoisted on businesses..

And many will be fired if the company has more than 50 employees.


Wait till Americans wake up.

Z said...

By the way, I'm feeling a little less charitable towards Roberts having had to 'obey' the constitution the more I hear on this thing.

Z said...

Imp, it IS tanking, huh?
I just emailed my broker cousin in CT to see what he's hearing...

One thing I know is he's got a condo in FLA and says all his rich Democrat friends can't stand Obama anymore....I was stunned by that because he really argued a lot with them a couple of years ago as they stood up for him!

Good to have you back, Imp.

Anonymous said...

".the tax will be lower than the huge costs hoisted on businesses.."

If that's true...then it's also true that those in the public sector / unions will get hit hard care cause the taxpayer...pays for all those lush pensions and health bennies?

Stockton might be the first ( how did pitiful Detroit escape this? ) but it won't be the last city to go under.

Are dems and union thugs so dense as to not realize that their beloved thug in chief....JUST SCREWED THEM ALL?

Z said...

"Are dems and union thugs so dense as to not realize that their beloved thug in chief....JUST SCREWED THEM ALL?"


Anonymous said...

"Good to have you back, Imp..

YOU SURE ABOUT THAT? Wait a week....I'm back about 50%!

Law and Order Teacher said...

On the upside the decision took away the favorite tool of the left which the commerce clause. They have used it for years to do everything they ever wanted. The court said they couldn't claim the mandate under commerce only under taxing power. Now that's closed off.

Secondly, the court called it what it is a tax. Now the Dems have to run on wanting to raise everyone's taxes and I mean the middle class too. That's going to be a real problem for them.

Thirdly, the Repubs now have a cause. It, I think, will redound to the point that even lukewarm support for Romney will now heat up.

As I said yesterday, I didn't think Roberts wanted to be the CJ that wanted to define bad policy, just constitutionality. This is bad policy. We'll see if the Tea Parties rev up now.

Anonymous said...

I'm laughing my butt off when I watch this again

Watch after 4th minute when OBama keeps saying it isn't a tax.


Ducky's here said...

The critical matter here is why Roberts turned. He could have gone along with Tough Tony and Slappy and shot it all down but for some reason he didn't want the court seen that way.

Well, now the right will fight for repeal and I hope they get it so that we can move to single payer.

Always On Watch said...

Grim for this household on a personal level. Under ObamaCare, Mr. AOW loses his Medicare gap coverage.

What I fail to understand: how can the SCOTUS get away with rewriting the original statute instead of ruling on the statue presented before the court? Haven't numerous cases been basically rejected because the statute wasn't written in a manner that was constitutional?

Over at IBA, Pastorius said THIS:


Anonymous said...

AOW, what is the Medicare gap coverage?

I don't know. Sorry.


Anonymous said...

Well, now the right will fight for repeal and I hope they get it so that we can move to single payer.

You're right as far as the next step.

But don't get fooled by the single payer system. It doesn't work and you'll end up complementing your gov insurance with 1 or 2 insurances like my mom does. And it doesn't even guarantee her the right to go to a private clinic in France.

And now she won't even be able to come to CA to see some nice doctors while on vacation with us.

That's called progress in leftist terms.


Ducky's here said...

AOW, why would the bill disallow Mr. AOW's gap coverage?

Anonymous said...

BTW the single payer system in France is 60 billion euros in the red. And so it's financed through debt and is party responsible, in addition to the other welfare programs, of the collapse of Europe.


Ducky's here said...

Freaking parcel of rogues

The Boogey- Man said...

I wonder if this will this motivate most people who may finally, finally, be fed up enough to elect only Republicans, and vote for Romney who says that he will repeal this disaster? Even if they think Romney is not really a Reagan-type Republican, whatever he is has to be better than having a communist sympathizer in our white house.
If not, and these numb-nuts who put him in office before and do it again, we ARE screwed, because it’s up to ue freedom lovers to elect people who WILL undo this disastrous mess. .

And I can’t wait to hear the spin about the issue of this ‘mandate’ being ok as a tax, even though there are plenty of tapes of obuma and others saying it is not a tax, which, of course, it is since Roberts just said it is,.but of course, obuma can spin or unspin anything he says, since he is incapable of speaking the truth about anything, except when he says he wants to ‘change America’ . . . .
Actually it was it all over when Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats forced this thing down the mouths of the States telling them that they have to vote for it so that they can read it. And when she marched to the Capitol with large gavel in hand?
Not when the nation rose up and threw the Democrats out of power in the House in 2010.
Is it over now that the Supreme Court has upheld the mandate on the basis of a taxing power which Democrats expressly disavowed while passing Obamacare?
Not unless we allow Barack Obama to be reelected and the Democrats to hold the Senate.This was a wonderful and free country before the the tyrant was elected!
May all these Commie's burn in hell.

Z said...

Boogey Man, we're in huge trouble in this country're right.

I hope the Republicans start reiterating what their health care plans were because they were good and many. Actually, some of the better things were swooped up by Obama and he takes the credit, of course, like going out of state for market at its best.

There will be so many problems with this idiotic bill that it could finally wake Americans up.

I'm hoping Romney's articulate enough to deliver the truth in just the right way.

Ducky, when you can stop the insults, maybe I won't delete you next time; I'm in no mood today.

Imp...:-) Give it all you've got when you can!

Z said...

HERE is the poll on the Yahoo page:

Did you want Obama's health care law upheld?

Yes, I support the decision.


No, I'm disappointed with the ruling.


I'm hoping the end of that statement is "...and now I REALLY can't vote for Obama again".

The Debonair Dudes World said...

Late Breaking News!

House Votes to Hold Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. in Contempt of Congress

A good Start.

Z said...

Dude, it is a start toward truth, that's for sure.
But even I hate to see this kind of thing necessary.
The list of what he's held back is long and the mainstream media's not supplying it.
I have yet to see CNN spend 1 minute on this, which is frustrating and unethical at best.

Liberalmann said...

The redistribution in this country is from the middle class to the wealthy.

Anonymous said...

I think you're onto something Libman.

Now the gov can force us to buy products from their lobbying buddies and call it a tax.

Big gov is the best ally for the wealthy indeed.


Anonymous said...

I am boggled by the mind of the leftists.

They bitch about the wealthy getting richer and yet they think big and central gov is going to fix it when all it does is bail out their buddies, or use regulations to reinforce competitive positions from big corporations and create massive overheads for small businesses.

They haven't noticed that when times are tough or regulations are heavy small businesses die whereas big businesses can take the hits.

It's pretty simple to comprehend though.


Rita said...

You might as well start a new thread and let us bombard it with our frustration.

Pris said...

Star Parker spoke at one of our Tea Party conventions. She's the only one who got a standing Ovation! She's terrific!

Speaking of the Tea Party, I would like to encourage anyone here to add to our numbers. This SCOTUS ruling will energize we who want freedom from tyranny, and who care about our children and
grandchildren's future.

And Ducky, if you think Obamacare doesn't represent a dictatorial government, just wait. I believe you're a senior? Well, you can join us under the bus!

The Obama administration doesn't give a damn about the health of the American people, it does want control over all of us, it's about the power of government over the people.

The definition of Fascism is, and I quote, "A system of Government characterized by rigid one-party dictatorship, forcible suppression of opposition, private economic enterprise under centralized governmental control, belligerent nationalism, racism and militarism".

Right Wing Theocrat said...

I truly hope more blacks listen to her, if they want to escape the bottom rung, they need to first rid themselves of the democrats that are passionately 'helping' them.

If only blacks opened their eyes to the number of their unborn babies are being killed off.

Mark said...

Let me be clear. NO government has ANY right to force ANYONE to buy ANYTHING under penalty of law. PERIOD!

Z said...

I wanted to add today (for the sake of memorializing the moment!) that I just heard Star read my post and thought it "fantastic"....
I wish I could have written a lot more about her...she really does rock.

We need a million more like Star Parker!