Tuesday, June 5, 2012

"Where has our common sense gone?"

My blog slows down when I post a video.  I know we're all busy and I do the same thing sometimes at other blogs..'I don't have time to watch this one.'    I IMPLORE you to watch this video...it's short and you need to watch and send it around, PLEASE.

I'll beat my lefties to the punch:
1. But America is better for welcoming illegals.
2. What kind of Christians are you people?
3. They work so cheaply it's all that's keeping our economy going.
4. Why do you hate Hispanics?

and more.....wait for it.  Ridiculous, but true.

Please watch it and send it along............We need people paying attention to what's ruining our country and people who'll send this to friends so they can WAKE UP.  Watch, if you only have a few minutes, skip the comment if it helps you, time wise.  But, of course, then you'll never be welcome here again. (JUST KIDDING :-)!!

Here's the problem, what WILL it take for Americans to start valuing ourselves again and obeying the laws which keep out illegals and welcome, with open arms, the legal immigrants who love and support US?  What's WRONG with that?   Can we ever get back to it? How do we stem the tide that's ruining our shores?


FairWitness said...

Stop electing progressive to positions of power and authority. That's what needs to happen to right these wrongs.

Always On Watch said...

Can we ever get back to it? How do we stem the tide that's ruining our shores

We've "lost the plot"!

Silverfiddle said...

Remove the magnets (government benefits) and arrest employers who hire illegal immigrants, and it will stop.

Government and the Chamber of Commerce conspire to keep the situation as it is. They want cheap labor. We are committing a human rights abuse with this system.

I do not blame immigrants for coming here. We are encouraging them to sneak in. We should be ashamed of ourselves.

Ducky's here said...

Didn't the great Saint Ronnie Raygun fix this problem with his amnesty?

Or did NAFTA have anything to do with this? FREE TRADE another mantra of our Galtian overlords.

Well the flood gates opened under Chucklenuts Bush, with NAFTA a prime reason I believe.

It happens because someone wants it to happen. Someone wants the cheap labor. We get the expense and the Chamber of Commerce gets the profit. Still love Kapital?

And did anyone catch the name of that filmmaker ? Splice together some stock footage and the fringe right has the next Fred Wiseman.

Lisa said...

I am waiting for Lib and Ducky to intelligently explain tis away to show how paranoid and racist we are.

I am on LI and here it is a huge problem. The Western Unions are so busy with the money being sent back to Mexico.
They did an 3 day article this week in the NY Newsday "educating" the rest of us how wonderful it is that that the "immigrants" are Christian and glamourizing Christianity all of a sudden. This was front page. Then they did a story on an "immigrant" family who every Sunday go to a Spanish speaking Catholic Church and how awesome it is that all "40" of them yes "40" all go together.

Fredd said...

Stopping this problem is simple:

1. Build a barrier along our border with Mexico from the Pacific Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico. Place manned and heavily armed turrets within overlapping fields of fire of each other along the fence.

2. Destroy any invader that attempts to cross the barrier.

3. Demand proof of citizenship for all workers in the U.S. Deport all illegals who don't have proof, along with their families.

4. Fine/imprison employers who hire illegals.

Simple. Heartless, you say? Tell that to all Americans whose loved ones are gunned down by these criminals, and whose jobs have been taken by these invaders.

Simple, I say.

Ducky's here said...

Who's going to do the demanding, Fredd?

Haven't you figured out that the Club for Growth and the Chamber of Commerce doesn't give two warm farts in hell about Americans.

They pay the expenses. That's all and if they start getting lippy they get the Full Ayn Rand.

But Bain Kapital will fix it all, right?
Stop complaining or stop being a sucker. One or the other.

Mustang said...

The magnets include "free schooling, free medical care, and access to publicly funded welfare systems --including subsidized housing."

But we have to admit these programs work well for the leftist scum in America. How better to destroy America than unrestricted illegal immigration?

And you know what? Ducky is so predictable. What a moron.

Z said...

FW....that's not going to happen. People are still clueless, and grabbiness has become more important than what's good for the country.

AOW...I hope not! (what plot?) :-)

SV...that's exactly right. Remove the magnets.
never happen.

Ducky, yes, I still love it.
I had to laugh at your slamming because I so expected it.
This is exactly that kind of film "stock footage" best suits...it's used to show reality all the time.
Someone doing a film on Hitler would use 'stock footage', too, not some dreamy 'better film making' stuff you might prefer. you should know that.

Lisa...is that right about Western Union? WHY isn't the media informing Americans? It's unbelievable. We're so lost as we bow to leftist PC and as we recognize just how badly they've infected our thinking. Since when did being 'nice' to those who are raping us trump our country? wow.

Fredd, we only ask for id of our ex military trying to register to vote; did you hear about that?
ALL your points are right.
We must get tough.

Mustang, I know. And bringing up Bain Capital? Even some of the leftists are saying that's unwarranted. But, the beat goes on. lying, misrepresenting, making Romney look BAD for having succeeded, for having laid people off who the company couldn't afford, for being (gasp!) rich on his own muster?
Socialists are so sad.

Z said...

By the way, I have heard so many stories of construction sites being threatened by Mexican construction gangs demanding they get hired or they'll follow the superintendent home, etc., that I'm thinking people might just vote for a candidate who clamped down, really.
Most Americans only need to see films like this, of illegals saying "Yes, we are taking your jobs" "Yes, I don't pay taxes and then send the money to Mexico" and I think they'd vote against anyone who isn't tough on illegals.

But, candidates are afraid.

What do you think?

Always On Watch said...

I have heard so many stories of construction sites being threatened by Mexican construction gangs demanding they get hired or they'll follow the superintendent home, etc....

Haven't heard that around here. Of course, Virginia is not a border state. Is what you said happening in several border states?

Z said...

AOW, it's happening in my backyard, practically. ALL OVER THE PLACE.
California's got open arms, dontchaknow? We're so rich that leftists think it's a great idea to allow more and more to come and we'll pay them. Hospitals have closed under the crush of illegals, too. 3 good hospitals. Gets very little news mention, by the way, it doesn't fit the news peoples' ideologies of "Illegals first, Americans second"

Yes, I had an acquaintance who had a heart attack under the pressure of being threatened.

THAT is the problem here.

Who here doesn't want legal immigration? ANYBODY? No, of course not,
But if we say one thing against illegals and all they're doing to us, the left damns us for being xenophobes. How do you fight this? I don't know.

We want those legals who used to come here and contribute to the culture, learn the language, be so HAPPY they were Americans! God, I still know so many people like that. My own mother included.
I always joke that, during the Bicentennial, our house looked more patriotic than the White House! She's an American NUT born in Istanbul and raised in Cairo of Armenian family! She loves AMerica MUCH MUCH more than most Libs I know. And she understands it so much better; the constitution, the Founding Fathers.

If we could get back to the dreams of the Fathers of self-reliance, smaller government, honoring only LEGAL things, etc, how much better would we be?

Ducky's here said...

Why is this happening and who is benefiting? Until you answer those questions you will be at the mercy of politicians who will run around and offer silly stopgap tactical measures while they lack any strategic goal(at least one not approved by The Club for Growth).


This syndrome can also be applied to Afghanistan and any number of problems we face.

"It's not going to stop
It's not going to stop
'Til you wise up"

Z said...

Ducky, you are not superior and you do not have thoughts the rest of us don't have. SOrry, but that's the truth.
We must do what we can; we have to deal with what we're dealt at this point.
The Tea Party actually is the closest thing to what you're advising...they see what's happening and they see who's benefiting. And they want it changed.

One step at a time. Obama is NOT the next step.

Anonymous said...

Take away the incentives and crack down on those that hir illegals and, of course, vote conservative.

Anonymous said...

When you "welcome" Mexicans into America...you get Mexico and Mexicans with all their baggage, illiteracy, ignorance and 3rd world trappings.

Mexicans ( a generic for all illegals from central and south America ) as a whole produce squat. Compared to what they receive from us broke, stupid, hard working, tax paying citizens who support these parasites with our largess.

Pat Buchannan was fired recently for daring to speak his mind and the truth.

Next day the NYT, USA Today, Daily News...scream with headlines that "minorities" now produce more illegal litters than our citizens. And rewarded for it. So the guy who admits to "fathering" 30 illegitimate pups with 11 different "mommas" gets a yawn?

Actually gets a yawn? Cause we're too cowed to say what we really feel about this rape of our wealth and transfer to the worst among us? OK...I'm as generous as the next. How do we continue to pay for this? By taxing Californians ( with millions of illegal grifters ) at 10%, 15% or maybe in a year or two...20%?

How do we solve this? Once we agree to allow these thieving bastards to continually raise our taxes to pay for the parasites...the illegals...the aliens....the welfare thieves and grifters...where does it end?

It doesn't. The illegals don't give a fart what we're burdened with...so long as they get food stamps, housing, EBT cards, tax credits and welfare of all sorts....they just keep on coming.

WTF is wrong with us? Are we that stupid? Are we all cowards and refuse to speak the truth to the obvious solutions?

We're sick...we're stuck...we're stupid and way too PC to ever resolve this...amicably.

Lisa said...

Z it really is. We moved away from a mixed neighborhood 13 years ago mainly because our house got robbed as well as many houses around us.
We were living in a 40 year old house and paying 5,400 per year in property and school taxes.
I wouldn't have minded if we were getting out money's worth but the school taxes were going to teach bilingual children and to provide them with not just free lunch but also free breakfast. Of course who would turn that down but to their own peril people move away depleting the money supply.
Maybe Sarah Jessica Parker and Anna Wintour should be kicking in to these low income family's education instead of handing it over to President Backwards

Z said...

Right, Con F..

Imp "WTF is wrong with us? Are we that stupid? Are we all cowards and refuse to speak the truth to the obvious solutions?"

Yes, voila this film.

Lisa; that's too Republican for the rich to do that in this country, right? Actually, the Republicans DO give more in charity and even that's lied about.

Lisa said...

Z I didn't hear about the construction situation. That is just beyond the pale.
Can you believe the politicians are too busy worried about getting the Latino vote so you can't speak up against something that is illegal?
we are our own worst enemy

Always On Watch said...

Thanks for the explanation about immigrants issuing threats in your part of the nation. I find myself dismayed -- well, even more dismayed than I already was after recent conversations with my brother-in-law, who lives in Southern Californa (Pasadena area, I think).


I see "the plot" as the coherent thread and culture and the heritage that our Founders bequeathed to us, all those things tying us together as a nation. We've lost that plot, IMO. Permanently?

Z said...

Yes, AOW, I think "permanently"...the left's winning the fights and integrity and love of country are being put aside for political correctness.

When the left can't figure out a difference between legal and illegal immig., we have problems.
When their media's lying about so much of it, the problems grow.

Lisa...definitely out own worst enemy.

Liberalmann said...

Obama has send more illegals back than Bush. Fewer have entered illegally under Obama. This video is more tea party fear mongering bullshit.

viburnum said...

Lib -Mann: "Obama has send more illegals back than Bush."

True enough as far as it goes, but the trickle needs to become a flood. ICE claims to be concentrating on deporting 'criminal' aliens. Here's a hint for them. They're ALL criminals!!!

"Fewer have entered illegally under Obama."

Damn little reason too since the economy sucks.

"This video is more tea party fear mongering bullshit."

Is it fear mongering to want the laws and sovereignty of the United States respected and enforced?

Leticia said...

I applaud the person who did this video. It's the truth and it does need to go viral.

I cannot say how many times how much I am against illegal immigration and all the freebies that they take from this nation.

I do not believe in automatic citizenship for babies that are born here by illegals. If the parents are illegal so should the children be as well.

You heard it from those two illegals that they admitted they are taking jobs from Americans who desperately need them.

It's time stop and fine those who hire or even allow illegals into our public schools, etc.

America cannot afford them any longer. They need to go by legal channels and I would welcome them, other than, heck no! Get them out of my country!