Saturday, June 9, 2012

CaCHINK! caCHINK $$$$$

What do you think of THIS?   Do you believe the Police would take a guy into the academy who said he wouldn't obey the rules and spend that much money training him only to fire him now?   Should he be made to cut the beard or not?
Think he'll make a bundle now based on religious discrimination?


beamish said...

We wouldn't have these sorts of problems if there were no police departments.

Right Wing Theocrat said...

The fellow sounds like a real trouble maker, they should have known better than to waste money in him.I hopr they have covered themselves legally cos he sounds litigious.

Jan said...

None of this makes any sense, Z.

The guy had to know what the rules were, so did he think that they just wouldn't apply to him, because of his particular sect?

What about the other two dozen Hasidic officers? Obviously, they must be complying with the rule pertaining to the length of their beards.

It is hard for me to understand why people think they should be allowed to follow their own rules, rather than what is required of them, if they want to be accepted for employment.

The Borough President said that they are required to make a reasonable accommodation for religious beliefs, but maybe what this recruit was asking is not reasonable.

I don't believe the department would discriminate against just this one man, do you?

And yes, he probably WILL make a bundle, unfortunately.

Kid said...

Yea, he'll collect.

Ducky's here said...

I have to imagine this clown signed a contract agreeing to the police requirements.

He'll have to prove the requirement is unnecessary and discriminatory. Since he's not a Muslim he may have a chance.

viburnum said...

"I don't understand what the problem would be," said Litzman.

Until some clown grabs him by the beard and beats his head against a wall. Which I'd bet is the rationale behind the regulation in the first place.

Lisa said...

imagine that. When I saw the picture I thought he was a Muslim and thought that is the reason he will get away with it and then I see Ducky's commnet

Law and Order Teacher said...

I have been in Louisville grading Advanced Placement US history essays. Taxing, but I was happy to read most of them as they had insights that most students don't get.

As for this post, holy smokes. The rules are about a lot of things. Citizens expect the police to look a certain way. Uniforms crisp and clean and the officers well groomed. In other words, paramilitary. The police represent law and order. Society needs and wants this and it craves order.

Why do police wear uniforms and badges? They certainly don't stop bullets. They are a symbol of authority. The government is required to keep order. That's why the US transitioned to the Constitution from the Articles of Confederation. Clearly the lack of a central authority impeded freedom. The government keeps order and that allows all citizens to thrive.

Now having said that, the government is under control. And the Constitution restricts that authority thereby keeping the ultimate authority in the hands of the people.

Contrary to what one of your posters thinks, the police are vital to a free society. As I was taught in the police academy, if there were three people in the world, one would have to be a police officer in order to settle the differences of the other two.

Z said...

beamish...amazing deduction :-)
"next time you're in trouble, call a hippie"

RWT...he does sound litigious, doesn't he.

Kid and Jan, isn't it nuts? he KNEW the rule! Yes, he'll get rich. The city will suffer because of that. again.

Ducky, if he were muslim, they'd have just acquiesced and CAIR would have sued anyway.

viburnum....OUCH! EXCELLENT POINT, you ARE logical. I always admire logic in other people.

Lisa :-) See my comment to Ducky above!! xxx

HI, L&O!...I think you're right about the police; only one commenter disagrees, by the way.
And Viburnum had an excellent point about how a perp can grab a beard and really hurt a cop that way, right?
By the way, now that we've dealt with the LAW part of your screen name, let me address your TEACHER side: My first class of seniors graduated last night....I have to admit to being a little weepy over it and I was only a sub! It's hard to see such great kids move's a private school and we only had 33 in our Senior class this year, so I knew them all quite well.
A Science teacher told me she asked the class for favorite teachers and some of them named ME, a sub! Is that cool, or what?
Do you feel sad when some of the kids you teach are graduating? (of course, there were 2 I'm really glad to see the backside of, tell you the truth, but........that's me!)

Law and Order Teacher said...

I went to a graduation party today for one of the students I had in class and who was on the school's soccer team I coach. She is a great kid and I'll miss her. She is going to college almost for free due to a sports/academic scholarship. Her parents are thrilled (who wouldn't be).

I spent a lot of time today talking to current players and students. It was great. I talked to a student who went to a different school because of her parents' divorce. Her mother forced her to move away from our school which she had attended since kindergarten. Mostly out of spite for the kid's father.

She spent a long time talking to me and cried most of the time. I loved that kid and I felt for her. She missed her friends, the school and her teachers. That's why you get into education. I'm amazed each day how much we impact kid's lives.

Educators, subs too, have a great affect on these kids and if that doesn't drive you to do your best for them each day, get another job. Yeah, I miss them. Why wouldn't you?

Z said...

L&O, thanks for telling me that about your students.
Honestly, I LOVE these kids. I know they're not all perfect by a long shot, but I can just tell that they need so little affection and they blossom!
I remember there was one boy I didn't connect with (when you're a sub,you don't see them that often, anyway, but I'm also at the school doing other things so I see them more than other subs do)...anyway, I didn't really connect with Sion and, one day, I was sub'ing and they had a test and I walked by and put my hand on his shoulder and said "I hope you do well!" and I kept walking.
From that day on, he never walked by me in a hallway without saying "Hi, Mrs. Z!"
That made me really aware of how any little kindness matters to them. And, yes, you blossom yourself when you see your attentions giving kids confidence and security.

I just LOVE sub'ing...I wish now that I'd gone into education. But who KNEW! :-)

Law and Order Teacher said...

BTW, I posted an article on my blog about my week grading essays. Thanks for the constant encouragement. It meant a lot.

viburnum said...

Z: "EXCELLENT POINT, you ARE logical."

It's not exactly rocket science. For the same reason, when you see a cop wearing a necktie you can bet the farm it's a clip on. ;-)

FreeThinke said...

Disparate cultural elements that function as the moral equivalent of oil and water ought never try to mix.

It's a physical, mental, moral and spiritual impossibility.

The police were foolish to accept the application of such an obvious misfit.

I imagine the "candidate," was never truly interested in being a policeman. His -- to me -- obvious intent was always to make trouble.

Career Dissidents of this ilk are a blight on society.

That's my opinion, anyway.

~ FreeThinke

christian soldier said...

Z-RE: your comment to L&O--
Perhaps there will be a time when you will be asked to be a 'permanent' sub with one class--

Teaching does have great rewards-Doesn't it!

beamish said...

beamish...amazing deduction :-)
"next time you're in trouble, call a hippie"

Nah. Carry a sidearm. It's always there when you need it, arrives faster than summoned law enforcement, and has been scientifically proven to reduce the criminal populations it is applied upon.