Saturday, June 16, 2012

Can't stop Deportation Through EXECUTIVE ORDER? REALLY?

RUH ROH!   I think Obama's a little confused.    Hoisted on his own petard..that's the expression, I think.

But... he HAS done it..............He HAS halted deportation and all on his own!!......what?

And Romney thinks Obama's move will make it harder for young immigrants! Click here:  MY GOODNESS!
Now, some of you might not like Romney's take on this, I'm not too big on it, but the kids ARE HERE and we need to wake up and realize THEY ARE NOT GOING ANYWHERE.   The problem isn't that they're here, the problem is that many don't WANT to be American and they're taking money from us.  BIG MONEY.  And they're taking college slots that American, particularly white, kids can't get because they're not minorities, etc.   If we can fix these things............we'll have immigrants like my grandparents and yours who add to our country in wonderful ways.   And there are many Latinos who are like that, but others......not so much, sadly.

So, is Obama saying one thing and doing another?  I think so.  

(thanks, Ellen and Peter)


Jan said...

This is maddening!

It's hard to believe that things can get any worse, but obviously they can.

Who would have ever believed that we would have someone, in this country, acting like a potentate, making up his own rules as he goes along,demanding his own way, and getting away with it?

Where are all the people who should be looking out for us all?

It really is unbelievable.

He wants to give them all work permits, so that they can achieve their dreams, and make a contribution, but where are all the jobs?

Oh, never mind...they'll be able to get all of the entitlements, legally, now, and besides that, not even have to worry about becoming legal citizens...and so what if it takes away from our own young people, and their dreams?

Who really needs all the branches of government, when we have him making all of the decisions, and deciding 'the right thing to do.'

He is going to 'exeutive order' us right out of a government of the people, by the people, for the people.

God help us!

Right Wing Theocrat said...

It seems Obama has seen the writing on the wall and is doing all the damage he can before he can't anymore.

viburnum said...

What are oaths to, and responsibilities under, the Constitution when you're pandering for votes?

"he shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed" ( Article 2 Section 3 )

It's just one more indication of how scared he's running.

Always On Watch said...

Synchronicity! I posted the same video a little while ago before I began blog rounds.

Then, I did some speculating.

Joe said...

President BO (the child president) is nothing more than the little man behind the curtain. There is no point in thinking anything he says is real (think OZ).

Anonymous said...

Definition of 'petard'. A fart. Comes from the name of an early type of cannon. I'm sure he has lots of petards.


FairWitness said...

Good morning Z,

I said BEFORE Barack Obama was elected that his words on the campaign trail made it clear that he wasn't running for President, but rather, Dictator (emphasis on the DIC!!!)

He couldn't care less how much damage he does to young American citizens, he's proven that already with all the money he's borrowed against their future.

Good God, when will we hear from a real leader who calls (excuse my language, please) BULLSHIT on this President?

I mean, really! ENOUGH!

Right Truth said...

I'm so disgusted with Obama, I can hardly watch or listen to him any more. Every time he says "let me be clear" you know a big whopper of a lie is about to come out of his mouth.

The big question: Where are the Republicans? Why are they not shouting from the rooftops and doing something to stop him?

Right Truth

FairWitness said...

You know, Z. President Obama could have just issued blanket pardons and reprieves to these "young, innocent" illegals who are here through no fault of their own. But he didn't do that, he chose to circumvent the laws enacted by Congress. The Executive Order he issued yesterday is clearly unconstitutional.

Once he loses reelection, during his lame duck session, he will be at his most dangerous. Who is to say he won't issue blanket pardons for EVERY illegal immigrant in this nation? If he does that... I can't even think of the ramifications. Including the damage he will do to his own Democrat Party. He may think they'll gain 22 million new Hispanic members, but he could lose more American citizens than that FOREVER.

Barack Obama is the most dangerous President this country has ever had. How on Earth were the voters so damned stupid???

Scotty said...

President Obama had to act fast before Senator Rubio unveiled his plan.

Right Truth said:The big question: Where are the Republicans? Why are they not shouting from the rooftops and doing something to stop him?

You mean maybe the 19 that voted aye on Eric Holders nomination for AG, despite knowing his background?

Republicans, in particular the RINO's of the party, are terrified of this third rail of politics!

Z said...

"The big question: Where are the Republicans? Why are they not shouting from the rooftops and doing something to stop him?"

"Good God, when will we hear from a real leader who calls (excuse my language, please) BULLSHIT on this President?"

Everybody here is SO RIGHT....and the two quotes above are the crux of the problem: WHERE ARE THE REPUBLICANS?

Right Wing Theocrat; a lot of people I know are very worried about what he could do before he's out of office if he loses in November.

And I think he must be very scared... He vowed to be an "advocate" for the LGBT community FROM THE WHITE HOUSE the other day...a president is an advocate now? REALLY? SO, that's one community he's going for for votes.

He did this immigration thing...that's another community.

He's got "black only" ads to vote for him (imagine?)'s DIVIDE, CONQUER, and MAKE SURE THEY VOTE.


Debbie, I's almost impossible to watch him anymore..."THE NOTION that.." THE NOTION MY........

Anonymous said...

There exist such a thing as a democratically elected dictator. We have one here in Venezuela. The parallels between chavez and Obama are frighteninf.

Anonymous said...

There is a saying that goes something like this then I will paraphrase it. "I felt sad when I had no shoes until I saw a man with no feet." Well, Z, here is my paraphrase: "I shuddered to think what other stunts he will pull before November, and then I REALLY shuddered when I thought what stunts he will pull if he LOSES in November."
Let's see to it that he DOES lose in November anyway.


Z said...

Conservatives on Fire; That's scary to hear. I mean, we all FEEL that here, but we kind of, in our deepest and darkest thoughts, hope we're WRONG because he IS president and has so much power.....hearing it from you is sobering, to say the least.
What percentage of Venezuelans would you say are NOT fans of Chavez?

By the way, are you of Venezuelan descent or are you working there or did you retire there? If you don't mind saying?


Z said...

Bedig! YOu made it! :-)
Yes, your quotes are cogent.
We MUST see to it that he doesn't win; and yes, there's an AWFUL lot of nasty things he could do even if he loses...

beakerkin said...


Obama will also protect you from Marvin the Martian.

As actual removals and deportations
take decades pretty much all he did was state we are not deporting people we almost never deport and have an employment authorization card join the ranks of unemployed or keep my friends in faculty lounges working.

The Obama economic policies have created a wave of self deprtations.
There aren't even jobs for people who are exploited.

Anonymous said...

If we're stupid enough to elect a Kenyan named Barack Hussein Obama....

Then soon...a Manuel Jose Ortega Gonzales Aquavelva? Formerly an illegal "child" from the great democracy of Mexico?

Z said...

So you think this is mostly political?
I really value your input, being an Immigrations Officer!

Since this economy's forcing 'waves of self-deportations,' I'm thinking these are the people who WANT to work, who we SHOULD KEEP HERE? !! :-)

Z said...

Imp!! "Aquavelva?" that IS funnY!

beakerkin said...


This is a political stunt. These people were not getting deported.
Actual proceedings take a decade
unless there is a criminal angle.

I have fought for and paid a price
for advocating sanity in these matters. Do we really gain anything
from placing a 94 year old woman with three USC children in front of an immigration judge? Now the person
with three DWI's is clearly a menace
to everyone so lets put him to the front of the line.

You could honestly call Obama the best deportation President in modern times. The jobs aren't here so people are heading home. I would rather have a growing economy but it
isn't going to happen soon. With the Euro implosion on the horizon don't count on it.

How much Obama is or isn't to blame for the economic mess I will leave up to your readers.

Hey Impy

No slings and arrows. What does an old friend have to do to get comedic justice.

Anonymous said...

"What does an old friend have to do to get comedic justice...?"

I dunno beak...self deport? LOL

beakerkin said...


That is pretty good

Just remind our friend Ducky that self deportation has nothing to do with Onanism.

All of us are suckers. Obama had commited a gaffe on a par with "let them eat cake" when he claimed the private sector is doing just fine.

Are we supposed to believe our own $&^%*&(& eyes and that of our friends who can't find work or are driving cabs because the great Oz
says the economy is fine. For crying
out loud there aren't even enough
@$#W@%$E^ jobs for illegal immigrants to be exploited by unethical $^%R&%& corrupt employers.

Sorry for the rant Z just add whatever you think ^%$&%UY means
and you get what many of us are feeling in our hearts. The economy
is a disaster it is going to get worse when the Euro implodes and Obama is telling us all is well.

How much of this can we stomach? How low will the media sink to save
their messiah?

Anonymous said...

"a gaffe on a par with "let them eat cake.."

And in November beak....the same guillotine shall befall him too...and Moochele.

FairWitness said...

Hi Beak, How low will the media sink to save their messiah? They will sink as deep as they can, but it won't be enough. Their boy is going down to defeat!

beakerkin said...

The media will stop at nothing to save Obama. We do know about efforts to spin the coverage in the last election. The presence of a group of journalists and academians
working together was confirmed.

Here is the question and I don't really know the answer. Can 24/7 pro
Obama spin save him from what is apparent before our own eyes. Expect
the nastiest of fearmongering and
Mormon bashing.

It is all up to us to take back our country.

The Obama people were feeling gloomy last week but they are energized. How will we respond?

Will we chant where are the jobs?

Will we point out that the economy is such a mess people are self deporting.

It is up to us

Liberalmann said...

Funny, and his plan comes no were near as close to a far more liberal plan by Saint Ronald.

Liberalmann said...

This is what Mitt Romney had to say about President Obama's executive order on immigration.

"I believe the status of young people who come here through no fault of their own is an important matter to be considered, and should be solved on a long term basis so they know what their future would be in this country," Romney said after a campaign stop in Milford, New Hampshire.

So, apparently he's against long-term amnesty*, but for long-term amnesty. Very convincing!

"I think the action that the president took today makes it more difficult to reach that long term solution because an executive order is, of course, a short term matter and can be reversed by subsequent presidents," Romney said.

Liberalmann said...

As a matter of fact, G.W Bush issued more executive orders and more signing statements that any other president.  And, Ronald Reagan in 1986 legalized nearly 3 million undocumented aliens, including many, many children. But of course, if Obama gives a reprieve to children who have been here most of their lives, well! Obama is a commie. The repubs are so blinded by hate they can't see that giving these kids a chance is good for the economy and a way to deter criminal behavior (I'd probably turn to crime if I did the right thing all my life but faced deportation because of something my parents did years ago). I know they don't care about being humane, but how about a little enlightened self-interest? They've declared war on college kids, voters in various states, minorities, women, and now innocent kids who arrived here without any voice or choice. 
at what point does America stand up and say, "Enough"? 

beakerkin said...


You are so blinded your own hatred
you can not grasp logic. If you want to see hate come with me to an OWS gathering and I will hand you a yarmulke and an Israeli flag.

The economy is burning and illegals
can't even find employers to exploit them. The war on the tax payers has reached critical mass.

At what point does America say 'get your stinking paws off my wallet you progressive theif". Real criminals unlike progressives have a work ethic any comparison of hard working criminals to progressives is an insult to criminals everywhere.

Silverfiddle said...

The man is so full of it, he doesn't know what he believes from one day to the next, and his sycophantic followers don't even notice.

Z said...

Beak, what I'd like to know is how they'd prove exactly how long they were here. There's obviously no stamp on their non existent passport, right?
It must be 'five years'...
I'm hearing today we'll all be paying more for college now than illegal aliens...and the aliens wonder why we're not all welcoming.
Remember when immigrants loved America and wouldn't ever take a free hand? My grandparents would have rather died than embarrass themselves by taking a step ahead of a natural AMerican.

By the way, did the WHite House give the meme to Maher for him to say AMERICA WILL BE MORMON? MORMONS AND STUPID AND SO ARE AMERICANS?

Is the bigotry and nastiness of the "we'll do ANYTHING but lose" crowd at the White House taking the gloves off?
Of course, some STILL say Maher didn't give a million to Obama! :-) don't seem to understand what Romney said. It's clear, look into it.

He's actually for a MORE embracing situation for illegals who are here..... He's right; and I put that in my post ... Even CNN's people are saying 'this is all about politics' (boy, did that surprise ME, the most honesty EVER!?) and they are discussing what Romney said fairly open mindedly.... you need to watch.

beakerkin said...


Lets lump the illegals into groups.

A Totally undoccumented. Usually arrived via smugler ( coyotte or Snakehead) or EWI entered without inspection. No legal remedy exists other than the last amnesty bill.

B Overstayed marries a USC and is good to go as long as they never left.

C The assylee crew. Shows up at the airport with a BS story frequently crininal and may get out via marriage to a USC.

Only A is dead in the water but unless they are criminal they can pretty much do as they please.

I have fought tooth and nail for decency in this system. I will not dignify Liberalman with who the haters are. Never met one at a Tea Party event, but I saw scores of them at OWS.

Anonymous said...

“Obama has directly challenged the separation of powers, a principle fundamental to the Constitution,” King said. “If we stand by and allow Obama to succeed, we might as well get out a black pen and start marking out those parts of the Constitution Obama finds offensive to him.”

King noted that Obama’s statute disregards existing federal law that demands illegal immigrants be apprehended and deported, regardless of the age at which they came to the United States or if they have graduated from high school.

He also pointed out Obama’s speech in March last year, when Obama said he did not have the authority to do what he just did.

“The president once denied that he had the legal authority to do this, and Congress was assured more than once that the administration would consider individuals for this sort of deferred status on a case-by-case basis only, and that there was no plan to implement a broad-based program,” Grassley said. “It seems the president has put election-year politics above responsible policies.”

Something that Hugo would do. He's dragging us down in to a 3rd world shit hole financed by these cruds:

Hollywood producer Norman Lear, Jonathan Soros, son of billionaire financier George Soros, Obama advisor David Axelrod, super-lobbyist Steve Elmendorf and New Hampshire yogurt company CEO Gary Hirshberg, as well as major political action committees, like EMILY’s List, the influential Washington, D.C.-based organization that boosts Democratic women who support abortion rights, and CREDO SuperPAC, which boasts it has donated over $70 million since 1985 for “social change” causes like Greenpeace, Planned Parenthood and the homosexual lobby.

Z said...

Beak, even that "dead in the water" isn't too 'dead' if they stay below the radar screen, right?

But don't I have a point in suggesting Obama's Exec. Order (he said was illegal to do but he's just done it) is ridiculous starting with the fact that we don't KNOW if an illegal's been here five years and there's no way to prove it unless, for example, the Coyote keeps records? :-)

That list is interesting...good to see it spelled out.

I believe that if more Latinos were interested in learning English and not taking money from us in every way, there would be far more open arms all around them. One can't espouse LA RAZA and expect a welcome; unless one is hoping liberals who don't seem big on America, don't believe English should be our national language by law, and don't understand the illegal threat are the ones in charge.
Oh, wait, they ARE :-(

Z said...

Imp "He also pointed out Obama’s speech in March last year, when Obama said he did not have the authority to do what he just did."

That's what I've got on my post...

Who's KING?

Anonymous said...


Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa.

Anonymous said...

We're doomed to becoming one of the dumbest nations on the planet.

"A quarter of children in immigrant families do not graduate from high school, compared with 18 percent of children with US-born parents, and only 7 percent of children who are dual language learners become proficient at reading English by the end of third grade."

Then theres Ebonics.

Anonymous said...

"So why are we allowing (in the case of legal immigrants) millions of immigrants into this country who essentially end up becoming wards of the state?

That's right... I almost forgot. "Diversity is our greatest strength!"

Services are being cut to American senior citizens who have worked and paid taxes for over fifty years, and there are still millions of Americans who cannot find work and have to turn to social services for the first time in their lives.

You're better off changing your last name to Sanchez and renouncing your US citizenship. You'll be treated much better by the US government.

Z said...

Imp, For a naive second, I thought it as JOHN KING of CNN!! WHAT WAS I THINKING? :-)

Yes, the comments are all correct...he's good.

Also, re; the children of illegals (which is usually HISPANICS, the way things play out here), we have a lot of Hispanics at our school who are such hard workers and do so well. (Black Manga Cum Laude graduates, too)...
If only all kids had the opportunity and parents who cared like our kids' parents do.
It's not opportunity from THE STATE these kids need, it's teachers who care enough to teach them. Remember Jaime Escalante (STAND AND DELIVER)? Amazing results. He made the KIDS CARE about their futures.

The Left thinks it's MONEY...but it's really not the school, it's the teacher and the parents...

Diversity is our greatest strength when the diverse WANT to be ONE with Americans...and ONLY then.
Yesterday I was looking at a Preschool Teachers' Magazine which had more ads for HOW TO TEACH SPANISH than anything else! I commented to a friend that "It looks to me like we forgot this is America and we need to be teaching those kids ENGLISH" That was upsetting.

Z said...

OFF TOPIC, I just read this from an article about the Egyptian voting today:

"If Mursi wins, he will only serve the Brotherhood, not the country," said the factory owner, standing by his wife who wears a full face veil."

So, here's a full-on Muslim woman with a face veil and who's voting against the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD. We need to remember these people ...we tend to think ALL Muslims want the BROTHERHOOD (and all the negativity we feel that comes with) and that's not the case.

Bob said...

I think everybody ought to cool it. What we have here is not a jump-off-the-roof emergency. It is just an executive order from a man who is a pretty smart political operative.

His executive order should be no surprise. It is obvious that Obama wants the Republicans to be seen as anti-kids. It is a loser of a position to be seen as against kids. I believe this is an easy perception to neutralize.

Mitt Romney has taken the correct approach. He doesn't need to make a big issue out of this.

Secondly, the battle must be fought in Congress. That's where the battle belongs. By November I don't believe it will be a major issue. There's a lot of ruckus, now, but that will pass. People will eventually see it is all politics.

Something like this would have been passed by Congress, anyway.

Z said...

Bob, I'm mostly in agreement with you but my point of posting was less about the bill and more about the incredible hypocrisy of him saying he couldn't do an Executive Order and then doing an Executive Order...
that's the biggest point.

I think Romney's handling it correctly, the more I hear and see; reminding that this is NOT a 'cure' and actually might be detrimental.
When even CNN is saying "it's about the vote," you know it's about the vote :-)

beakerkin said...


I forgot one caveat because it is so rare. We take the military very seriously and accord them grace granted above and beyond the norm.

Should A involve a military family
the local director will parole them in place. It is an administrative grace, but we really don't want to deport military spouses and parents. I doubt even Mr. B would object.

The young ones tend to be in school so we know where they are. Given school budgets this may or may not be a good thing.

The Obama move this close to the election is shallow campaign rhetoric. Where were these people being deported from. Lawyers venue shop to easier locales so it is essentially a rigged game. NYC is considered the easiest so everyone comes here especially from LA and Miami.

Z said...

Bob...your back okay?

Anonymous said...

"The Left thinks it's MONEY"...

Sure and the way the left throws it around...we should have a 95% grad rate with 70% of them being valedictorians with GPA's of 4.50!

Obviously the $$$$ only benefits the union "teachers".

Kid said...

At least executive orders can be folded, spindled, and mutilated by the next resident of the White House.

Jan, Yea, and there's a lot of air between here and January.. Will obama respect the will of the people if they vote him out and not be active in the lame duck period? Hell no.

Z said...

Imp, great point, and excellent way to put it, thanks. Yes, we should have all graduates with the money we're spending.

I used to think that teachers were doing it out of the goodness of their hearts when they taught Bilingual Education, then I found out they get paid much more for it.
ANd it's held our kids BACK by not just immersing themselves in English.

My grandfather was 9 when he came here probably not having heard a word of English until he landed in New York City at Ellis Island. Within months, he was speaking English and later became the owner of 3 very successful butcher shop/stores in Troy, NY....and then the owner of a very 'tony' store here in college...just a willingness to work hard and never take welfare even as a boy and the desire to give his sons a good life. And they got it in spades.

Kid, that's what I just read...if Obama loses, this can be overturned easily.
Then we DO have to work on an Act that does give kids the ability to know they have a future.

I just wish we didn't hear so much about La Raza or see so many ghettos where English isn't spoken. At my grocery store, I don't hear English between the Hispanic checkers, etc....One feels like the usurper, you know? I understand it's easier for them to speak their native language but they ALL SPEAK ENGLISH WELL.

That shows people they don't WANT TO...NO RESPECT. At least in my opinion, it does. On the other hand, they're young people and probably don't even remember when checkers didn't even talk to each other during the check out process because they had a customer to please. THose were the days!

Z said...

I just got an email from someone who works immigration, BIG TIME: "Giving Employment Authorization Cards to those previously not eligible for them is a breach of authority. Entitlements are supposed to come from Congress and be in the regs."

good to know the details and the FACTS.

viburnum said...


You seem to have missed the point here fella. The "Reagan Amnesty" was implemented by The Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 which was enacted by Congress. You know. The way laws are supposed to be made, or changed.

Not by Presidential fiat. Obama has no more authority to rewrite the laws than I do.

Z said...

Viburnum, we ALL missed that point, I think.
Excellent. Thanks for that.

Kid said...

Z, For the record, my position on immigration, especially with the Mexicans is work visas. Get em ID'd on the way in and require ID while they're here. No ID, no stay.

And they're only here to work. They would buy health insurance if they want medical care. No voting rights. As a quick view.

With no pressure, we end up with every kind of vermin criminal here because if they even get caught, our prisons look like 3 start hotels to them. So we get every bit of vermin. And who is speaking for those victims.

Total zero score on National Defense for these last several administrations actually regards Mexican immigrants.

Beyond that, immigration is in our genes, but it has to be done the way it was designed, and adjusted for these kinds of kids doesn't bother me either.

Z said...

Kid, except we don't even SEE them as they sneak in under walls and through deserts, etc....Other than that, I think your idea is a good one.
We must also stop offering free hospital help, but then they bring in diseases (and TB has risen greatly) and don't get helped and die and/or give it to citizens. then what?

We can "get rid of vermin" but they come BACK!

LEGAL immigration is in our genes...this stuff isn't...but, it's become our reality, sadly.

As I keep saying, if they want to come here and learn the language and participate in American values, great!
But they're in ghettos and don't learn our language, undercut our job seekers, etc.
Something has to be done.

The Hispanics I know are the sweetest people I know...and the kids at my school are mostly quite bright and really driven to go to a good college.......we need more like them.

Kid said...

Agreed Z. I lived in Phoenix area for 20 years. I have no problemo with Mexicans. Especially if they're opening restaurants next door !

Seriously, 98% of those that I knew have excellent work ethics. And we're talking a lot of individuals.

Anonymous said...

Starting to sound like a love diversity fest around here.....bipartisan nonsense got us into the immensely deep, deep quagmire.

Anonymous said...

The fraud in chiefs..."Big Dreams":

Obama can urge us all he wants to band together because when we dream big dreams there’s no limit to what Big Government can accomplish.

But these days we can’t build a new Hoover Dam, only an attractive new corner office for the assistant deputy assistant deputy assistant secretary to the secretary of deputy assistants at the Department of Bureaucratic Sclerosis, and she’ll be happy to issue a compliance order that the Hoover Dam’s mandatory fish ladders are non-wheelchair-accessible, and so the whole joint needs to close.

That we can do! If only we dare to dream Big Dreams!! Together!!!

So today our money-no-object government spends lots of money but to no great object.

What are Big Government’s priorities now? Carpeting Catholic universities with IUDs. Regulating the maximum size of milk-coffee beverages. As Obama told us: “That’s how we built this country — together.

We constructed railroads and highways. . . . Together, we touched the surface of the moon, unlocked the mystery of the atom.” And as we will one day tell our grandchildren: “Together, we touched the surface of the decaf caramel macchiato and deemed it to be more than 16 ounces.

Together, we unlocked the mystery of 30-year-old college students’ womanhood.

One small step to the Ikea futon for a lucky Georgetown Law freshwoman, one giant leap for womankind. Who will ever forget the day when the Union Pacific Board of Health Compliance and the Central Pacific Agency of Sustainable Growth Enhancement met at Promontory Community College, Utah, to hammer in the Golden Spike condom dispenser?”

Self-pity is never an attractive quality, and in an elected head of state even less so. Obama whines that his opponents say it’s all his fault. One can argue about whose fault it is, but not, as my colleagues at National Review pointed out, whose responsibility it is: It’s his. He’s the only president we have. And he made things worse. He increased the national debt by some 70 percent, and what do we have to show for it? No dams, no railroads, no moon shots. Just government, and bureaucracy, and regulation, unto national bankruptcy.

“Fly me to the moon / Let me play among the stars . . . ” Who needs another moon shot? Obama’s already up there, soaring ever more unmoored from reality.

Pity us mere mortals back on Planet Earth, living in the land he made."

Anonymous said...

Sorry...Steyn and the NRO.

Z said...

Imp, you don't believe that Hispanics who are working hard, contributing, and learning the language should be appreciated??

Anonymous said...

" Hispanics who are working hard.."

Hard for what Z? Cheap wages that kill local contractors and businesses? Under the table cash to be sent back to the mother land? Who the hell knows what they're status is anyway? And how are we now supposed to support another million illegals on the work force that's has 20 million citizens out of work already?

If they're already citizens...fine...then they're paying taxes and their fair share.

I'm tired of the bleeding hearts so worried about illegals or their kin...and a born in America citizen can't get a job, health care or not 1% of the bennies we so generously grant to the border crossing, illiterate, refuse to assimilate, speak English, ghetto establish and dwelling illegals.

When we can take care of the needs of OUR OWN....Damnit....then we can be generous. BUT NOT BEFORE.

( Racist my butt....Americans first...period. ) How the hell can we even allow illegals to shape our GD immigration policy? HOW?

How is it we have the "money" to throw at these miscreants...but we have to cut VA care? Or public service that we pay taxes be given to fat pregnant illegals? Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

We're not a "better" country until we take care of our own.

Bob said...

Z, the surgery was deferred to next Tuesday. I don't think he wanted to hang around his office on a Friday afternoon.

Kid said...

Imp, Well, if we aren't taking care of our own, which we aren't, then I don't see immigrants as the problem. Government is the problem.

I agree with Z, I don't have a problem with people coming here by the numbers, and adopting our principles and being completely subject to our laws.

Anonymous said...

"Government is the problem..." many 3rd world crap we become one...we adopt the same principles...that we are incapable of governing ourselves.

Look around...a Supreme Court with 4 members who love the constitution...4 who hate it...and one who swings in the breeze.

A Congress with an abdominal negative score where 88% of the people distrust and hate our elected officials. Look at Pelosi...the most hated person in Congress by far.

A Sec of Defense that now celebrates Gay pride? I mean WTF? Again..WTF? Celebrate queer depravity while calling the Ft. Hood murders a workplace incident? WTF?

A President that's an avowed, incompetent, amateur, socialist, community organizer that's manage to evade any legitimacy or vetting. With "composite" girlfriends.....composite qualifications made into a fictional novel....a wife that hates America...and a man that ignores our veterans.

We need a CIC..who was a leader of men...a man who's served his country in the Military. Not an asshole, unaccomplished Magic Negro from Chicago with an AG whose a GD avowed racist liar and a puke. A lying criminal who's killed 300 Mexicans and one GD good American? This is what we get when we capitulate to "diversity" and all it's negative baggage & bullshit.

A President that's done everything in his power through "executive" order or his GD czars to run circles around Congress and the Constitution...daring anyone to call him out lest they be labeled "racists".

All the while the POS sets up PAC's for "African Americans for Obama". Yea...the great "uniter" is a GD great divider.

I..hate what my country has become under a fraud...that's better suited to run the NAACP, the CBC or LaRaza.....or be drafted to be the next mayor of Detroit.

We need more Issas and Joe Mortons and Alan save what's left of this FU'ed country. Otherwise....I see some really serious backlash happening in the heartland....the shits can have the NE.

Anonymous said...



Z said...

Well, Imp, I agree with much of what you say. The thought of vets not getting everything THEY need, but illegals getting everything paid for is REAL HARD TO SWALLOW.

I'm only talking about those who do contribute and obey our laws and legally compete for the same job and money.

The problem with the illegals situation is that the squeaky wheel always makes the loudest noise and gets the most grease and that's not fair to those who ARE working alongside citizens and contributing...

Bob, I have a history of that stuff, so let me know how it goes..thanks.

Kid said...

Imp, I made it too simplistic. I agree with ya.

Government elected by voters.

voters educated by an ever degrading education system

voters not informed and misinformed by a propagandizing agenda motivated media

In short it's all gone to hell.

There are too many that will not be turned around by words but only by pain. We're going to hit bottom first. I hope there is something left to salvage.

You get to where you need some relief from the constant evil, go HERE

Liberalmann said...

Z Said: don't seem to understand what Romney said. It's clear, look into it."

I have. Apparently you haven't becasue Romney has not give a clear comment about ANYTHING he will do whether if it's been on the economy, health care or immigration. He's flip-flopped enough, that's for sure. He's just waiting to take office and have the corporations tell him what to do.

"This was news on Sunday, but it's still important. And it's a window into Mitt Romney's soul, and general lack of conviction.

Mitt Romney was asked three times, in an interview aired last night, if he would overturn President Obama's new executive order permitting illegal immigrants who came here at a young age, and have no criminal record, to stay in the US. And three times, Mitt Romney demurred."

Z said...

Libmann...I gave you the quoted link and you keep misquoting...I can't do more than that.