Saturday, June 16, 2012


The book DON'T MESS WITH TRAVIS is getting great reviews in all sorts of outlets.  The author, Bob Smiley, and I share a good friend......This book is supposed to be great!  I included the plot down below the glowing reviews below; Sounds like most of us would love it!   Here's one review HERE........

"If there were a Nobel Prize for political wit, Bob Smiley’s novel Don’t Mess With Travis would win it in a landslide. Much needed in this angry political season!"
-- Steve Forbes

"A freewheeling satire that does for politics what Texan Dan Jenkins' antic fictions did for golf and football. Smiley's first novel disproves the notion that conservatives can't be really funny." -- Kirkus Reviews

"One of the year's best, and arguably the most stinging work of political satire since Christopher Buckley's Boomsday. Sacred cows on the left... beware." --

"Smiley's incisive and derisive view of the political process makes this razor-sharp debut novel a timely and entertaining read."
-- Booklist

"The world of politics is anything but funny these days. That's why Bob Smiley's new book Don't Mess With Travis is so refreshing. If you need an escape and your politics lean to the right, put away the Wall Street Journal, crack open an ice cold beer, and prepare to laugh and cheer for a not so unlikely political hero."
-- Mark Meckler, co-founder Tea Party Patriots

"Some people might say that Don't Mess with Travis is a mix of Carl Hiaasen and George Will. But it's more than just a witty blend of larger-than-life characters and a prescient political narrative: It's intelligent satire - true on both the human and policy dimensions... Smiley is this generation's Christopher Buckley."
-- Ilya Shapiro, Senior Fellow in Constitutional Studies, Cato Institute

"Bob Smiley gives us two things we really need: 1) a funny book about politics and 2) a Texas governor we can all get behind."
-- Steve Hely, author of How I Became a Famous Novelist and The Ridiculous Race

"A terrific read for the 2012 campaign season... funny for folks on either side of the aisle." -- Jeremy Blachman, author of Anonymous Lawyer
Written with the comedic mastery of Christopher Buckley, Don't Mess with Travis tells the story of Ben Travis, a no-name Texas senator who becomes governor after a late-night accident takes the lives of the men ahead of him in the chain of command.

Before the paint has even dried on his parking spot, the recently divorced Travis uncovers the latest Washington power grab and decides there's only one solution: secession.

The stunt pits Travis (and Texas) against the president, a golf-obsessed, progressive egomaniac with spotty leadership skills, and the liberal elites behind him, who will try every dirty trick to derail the new governor and hold on to the most prosperous state in the Union.

Despite the doomsday threats from D.C., Travis forges ahead in a thrilling and hysterical quest to fight big government tyranny and restore sanity to the nation.

In the tradition of Advise and Consent and Primary Colors, Don't Mess with Travis brilliantly lampoons all that's wrong with present-day politics while waving the flag behind everything that's right.
 (and don't miss my post below about more Obama hypocrisy...amazing!)


Ducky's here said...

Has The New York Review of Books reviewed it?

Z said...

No idea...I just hear it's so good I'm hoping this does a little bit for his business. Every review I've seen is really enthusiastic!

viburnum said...

Thanks for the tip Z. Downloaded it from B&N this morning after reading the excerpts. 100 pages into it and I'm ROFLMAO.

More when I finish

Z said...

Viburnum, that's GREAT! I'm so glad!
Yes, let us know how it goes...!

viburnum said...

Finally got to finish it Wednesday night. Bob Smiley hosts a good old fashion Texas style barbecue with “Don’t Mess with Travis”. On the menu? Liberal sacred cows, skewered and roasted to perfection, seasoned with wit and sagacity. Fast paced, funny, and damn near impossible to put down. Buy it, enjoy it, and share it with a liberal friend. It's engaging exposition of conservative principles may just get a few of them to stop being so damn defensive, and think.

Z said...

Wow, Viburnum, that's terrific.
Will send this to my friend because Mr. Smiley ought to see this.
Thanks, I'm SO glad you enjoyed it!