Monday, June 4, 2012


The above headline was Yahoo's Friday morning, the most predominant one all morning.  I thought "Wow, what did he DO?"  (who wouldn't think that?)  The trouble is, the 'blunder' is a spoof and that's not clear until you click on and read the introduction to the video.   Then you wonder "Why did the headline get written to sound like it's real?"  Then you remember this is liberal media and that this is probably only the beginning as we lead up to the election.   In the video, they've manipulated Romney's body/head through editing.....creating a Romney with another body but his's only slightly stilted from editing and people could definitely believe it's real.

Is this fair game?  Could it be done to Obama or, because he's president, he's off limits?   I don't like it done to Romney, or Obama, or any other candidate....  How far will photo shopping and editing like this go?  It's almost unsafe because we literally don't know WHAT to believe..........and it could be something truly important, not just another leftwing media attempt at dissing a Republican.

There ought to be a LAW :-)


Always On Watch said...

No dog-eating video of Obama?

Ducky's here said...

How far will photo shopping and editing like this go?


Ask James Godard O'Keefe and Lila Varda Rose.

Joe said...

Everything the left sees that they don't like the attach the "photo-shop" label to.

Meanwhile, the MainStream Media just keeps on and keeps on spinning and twisting facts until they present the liberal lie, the whole liberal lie and nothing but the liberal lie.

Sam Huntington said...

As someone pointed out the other day, the left understands the average American’s lack of intelligence, and the media knows a large percentage of people viewing the video will be “spoofed.” Thus, by saying it is a spoof, the left does a hatchet job on Romney, and gets away with it.

Ha ha ha.

Meanwhile, Ducky continues with his dishonesty by referencing O’Keefe and Rose … neither of whom doctored or deceitfully presented their exposé.

Anonymous said...

Recall the flaming libtards at Comedy Central ran the cartoon series "Lil' Bush" while Bush was still on office.

You must possess honor before you can understand shame. This is why liberals have no shame.

Silverfiddle said...

Wasn't the the press (The Fifth Estate) supposed to be the honest broker?

This is why people hate the news media.

Z said...

AOW, of course're right!

Ducky, people got fired because of editing? Do you have that little trust in your liberal institutions that they'd not have made sure the videos were true before letting them go? :-)

Joe, this is pretty shocking and the headline was such a TYPICAL liberal lie.

Sam, Ducky will never see what he doesn't want to see. And yes, some 'spoof'.

Cactus, I don't know what I saw that, and you're right. FAR more insulting things than this were done about Bush DURING his presidency. I guess it's the double standard leftie law again.
And they'll be the first to scream that it's the OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENCY that deserves RESPECT when Obama gets a little ribbing. I guess it was a different office when Bush was president? :-)

SF...the polls do show that. I'd be SO ashamed to be a journalist today.

Liberalmann said...

am Huntington said..."Meanwhile, Ducky continues with his dishonesty by referencing O’Keefe and Rose … neither of whom doctored or deceitfully presented their exposé."

Really now, you can't be this obtuse can you? O'Keefe was caught last week with more edited videos:

Fake Voter Fraud Filmmaker James O’Keefe Says He Faces Grand Jury Subpoena

Live Action Planned Parenthood 'Sting' Videos Are Heavily Edited

James O'Keefe ARRESTED In Mary Landrieu Phone Scheme

The Lies Of James O'Keefe

Z said...

I'm hoping we can address the fact that things like this could look very real and give a real wrong impression of something that could be quite important.
This isn't...we know the Lefty media plans does things like misleading headlines as Yahoo did on this one a lot... but, something important? COuld be a danger.

I'm real sure anything ever done about Obama like this has never been done to mislead and had no headlines suggesting something SO misrepresentative of the truth.

It's a problem and Americans need to wake up to it and figure out how to handle it.

Z said...

Liberalman...everything is 'heavily edited' and questions arise about what and when, etc.

I guess you realize that people were fired over these things; so I'm thinking that maybe the truth was there and, whether the left liked to scream foul or not, they were caught and had to fire their people?
Actually, I'm not thinking it, it IS.

I like when you blast FOX for bias then link to Mediamatters :-) thanks.

Anonymous said...

A sad commentary on American politics!

Z said...

By the way, O'Keefe and (I hope) many others; the biggest shame, and what Breitbart was working so hard to try to stop, is the ignoring of leftwing sins by our 'media' and how they're no longer investigating what must be investigated...and not bringing information to the public.
THAT is why we, sadly, need so badly people who will put their reputations on the line.

Bob said...

Actually, I thought the Romney spoof was funny. The primary audience is made up of those who can't read and write, anyway, i.e., the Democrat's simple minded base of supporters.

Thinking people will take it for what it is, a spoof.

Now that we are allowing spoofs, just how far can we go with Obama? I can think of any number of caricatures, but the one track minds of Democrats will charge racism.

So, the liberals will be calling "hands off" for their lack-luster candidate, but war is war.

We can take the heat. Romney can take the heat. Obama, though, gets petty and childish. In any kind of contest, Obama loses.

Lisa said...
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Lisa said...

I can't get that video to play. I don't usually have a problem with that.

Lisa said...

Lib gets all his info from George Soros because Obama's billionaire backer have so much invested in him. The money and the media are in so deep that it's easier for them to dig deeper instead of digging themselves out of the BS.
If you control the media ,you control the message

Z said...

Bob, thinking people first have to click ON it and not just buy the title's misleading message, right? Not many do.
The media knows that.
But, you're right...if we do anything at Obama it's "RACIST!"

I remember when two or three nuts at Tea Party events had questionable signs in their hands....they were all branded as NAZIS, remember?
The OWS gang was defecating and having sex in public and leaving the areas a MESS and the leftwingers told us "that's only a few, that doesn't stand for the whole group! Anyway, they're probably infiltrators!" :=)
You can't make this bias and irrationality up, can you?
It's almost as dumb as our being called racist for voting for Allan West or Herman Cain!

Lisa...ssshhh! We can't mention Soros and Obama in the same breath or we'll get KOCH BROTHERS ARE BAD comments! NO attention paid to the facts, just go "alinsky" and ATTACK! unreal, isn't it.

Z said...

Blogger Z said...

Lisa, check that out!
They have the guts to talk about Obama and transparency, never mentioning we know almost NOTHING about his grades, his college financing, his lies about Ayers, Wright, etc. etc etc etc.. Imagine?
Ohh, but the article makes sure we see that as Obama's been transparent at least on who his bundlers are, ROmney is just giving as much information as the law insists. :-)

Mustang said...

Actually, Sam … O’Keefe’s videos were edited, but he claimed that he only did what Michael Moore does and doesn’t understand the criticism directed at him by the left. O’Keefe describes himself as “radically progressive,” which places him in the same frying pan as your friend Liberalmann. Actually it makes you wonder about O'Keefe's true purposes, doesn't it? Is he a "double agent?"

Lisa said...
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Lisa said...

Z that is truly amazing. It's OK for Obama to be "In Your Face" with his donors because they make sure that Dumbed down Americans think his backers are irrelevant because he revealed them to us.
And why do we need to know more since they threw us a bone on this?
They sure are good at manipulating the masses aren't they?

Z said...

Mustang, I'd like to see that information... he said he was radically progressive?

Well, he did work with Breitbart from time to time and they do say Breitbart was less political and more into honesty. I know he had a LOT of liberal friends.

Elmers Brother said...

What did O'Keefe edit out, the fact that they're killing baby boys too?

Z said...

From Wikipedia "Because his work has become widely seen as deceptive, O'Keefe's initial success in gaining extensive media attention caused controversy and discussions of journalistic standards."

This made me smile...'journalistic standards'? WHO is holding WHOSE feet to THAT FIRE? OUR MEDIA?! :-)

Mustang's right...he calls himself PROGRESSIVE RADICAL but everything he's done all his life, including heading a newspaper in college, has been conservative......

Maybe he means RADICAL because it's so radical for media to tell the whole truth these days and PROGRESSIVE because he figures that truly IS progress. I do, too.!

Elmers Brother said...

Heavily edited are weasel terms. It's just the liberals way of saying it can't be true because we didn't edit it.

Z said...

Elbro, good one. That's exactly what they mean.
It's like their calling FOX biased and CNN isn't...or MediaMatters isn't :-)

Liberalmann said...

Media matter merely points out O'Keefe's lies. I challenge you show me a lie by media matters.

Elmers Brother said...

Here's one. I can provide dozens more

Elmers Brother said...

Media Matters stifles free speech.

Elmers Brother said...

You really should become more familiar with your Marcusian friends LM.

Z said...;_ylt=A0oGdUv.as1PSE0A0BtXNyoA?p=media%20matters%20%20brent%20bozell&fr2=sb-top&fr=yfp-t-701

Gad, there are so many I can't keep track.

Elbro, imagine not even realizing what Media Matters IS? My GOD

Z said...

there are too many...that's all for now.
I'm taking a much needed BREAK

Liberalmann said...

Moore didn't try to break into a Senator's office and tap the phones. O'Keefe did.

Elmers Brother said...

That's why O'Keefe is in jail?

No Moore did much worse.