Saturday, August 1, 2009

Got a phrase you want to add to this?

I saw a bumper sticker today: PEACE IS PATRIOTIC

I said to Mr. Z "If I had to pick ONE phrase which was stupid, naive, inane, and totally unthinking, it would be that bumper sticker."
Got any of your own? FIRE AWAY... (I can take Rightwing rubbish, too....let's see what you've got)
And let me know if you agree about the latest House Bill to pass, for it?


Anonymous said...

There Is No Peace
Without Freedom


~Leslie said...

Speak softly and carry a big stick.

Pamela Zydel said...


Steve: The Lightning Man said...

Know woman, know cry.


And lest we forget the naive touchy-feelyness that spawned the stickers about schools having all the funding they needed whilst the Air Force held a bake sale to build bombers.

And please, save me from the people with the umpteen stickers proclaiming their kid is a great kid, a terrific kid, an outstanding kid, and a kickass student. What about the "My kid is a mediocre underachiever at JP Dillweed Middle School" stickers?

Deborah on the Bayside said...

"Who would Jesus bomb?" [Answer hint: check out Isaiah 63.]

or the enfant terrible of bumper stickers: "War is not the answer" Really? Ever? Was Auschwitz liberated by peace activists.... or soldiers?

Greywolfe said...

My kid beat up your honor student.

Keep honking, I'm reloading.

This car protected by shotgun 3 nights a week. You guess which 3.

And my favorite of all time....

Politicians and diapers often need changed... Usually for the same reasons.

psi bond said...

There never was a good war or a bad peace.
— Benjamin Franklin

psi bond said...

Naturally the common people don't want war; neither in Russia, nor in England, nor in America, nor in Germany. That is understood. But after all, it is the leaders of the country who determine policy, and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is to tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country.
— Hermann Goering

Bumper sticker to be parceled out over a caravan of Volkswagons

psi bond said...

Peace is appeasement..
— Joe the Rightwinger

psi bond said...

If you want to make peace, you don't talk to your friends. You talk to your enemies.
— Moshe Dayan

psi bond said...

Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.
— King James Bible

psi bond said...

Peace is for creeps.
— Joe the Rightwinger

Elmers Brother said...

So many liberals, so few straitjackets.

Anonymous said...

I support whirled peas!

Always On Watch said...

Mine is predictable: "Dhimmitude is the ultimate peace."

Chuck said...

المضي قدما في البلهاء ، ونعتقد أن هذا

Rita Loca said...

Give Pizza chants!


Peace is great! Freedom is better!


Its easier to appease a dictator than to live under one!

Z said...

Pamela, that's hilarious..oh, yes.

Pris, Got to think about that one!

Lightning Man...ya, the parent brag bumper stickers can get silly, but it IS nice to think somebody's actually happy about a kid achieving!

Deborah, good one about Jesus and bombings...
As for "War is not the answer" don't you always wonder how stupid the question must be?


PSi, what's that Joe's last name?
The Bible one is absolutely right.

See, the impression I get from your list is one I'd thought I'd get from the leftwingers, the inference that nobody but leftwingers hates war!
Surely, you can't really think that.

ELbro...refer to the above!

FJ, I finally got the Whirled Peas takes me some time now and then. !!

Chuck, I think you and Always picked the same one?


Z said...

A favorite of ours is GIVE PREEMPTION A CHANCE!


Seenthelight said...

This is the most polarizing president I have ever seen, this Barry guy. I have never felt such divisiveness by politics in my life. I didn’t like George Bush but no one hated me for it. And while I didn’t like him, I didn’t discuss him all day everyday.

Clearly the majority of Americans voted for this Barry guy. I’m fine with that. We live in a great country and I refuse to concede that it can be destroyed by one arrogant idiot with no experience in the space of four years. So as far as I’m concerned America is just as great as she ever was and will always be. But I digress.

With the majority of Americans that voted for this Barry guy, a sleeping giant awoke. Yes, that’s right. I’m afraid it’s time for me to call them as I see them. While there are many intelligent voters with shared love for our great country, on the right and on the left, who showed up at their respective polls to cast there votes last November, there were also among them the dormant dummies nudged awake by the idea of a black president.

Of course they were nudged awake by more than just an idea. There was also ACORN, the black panthers, and other aspects of the Obama machine. God help us, some of them even took their obtuse ideas to the internet with blogs and websites.

During my perusal of blogs these last few months I have read posts by bloggers who are being harassed by the liberals on the blogs and in real life. I’ve come to understand that dumb people can be as simple-minded and dangerous as your common criminal. Their fragile minds are crackable and volatile all at once. You never know what part of a conversation will set them off.

Case in point. Look at the irrational hatred of Sarah Palin. I won’t ask any left thinkers to explain their irregular passion of hostility towards someone they’ve never met. But I will say this. Cussing a total stranger is a slim step away from striking them as far as I’m concerned. Before I got married, during my dating days, I would break ties immediately with any man that would cuss me or any other woman (even if it was his ex). Abuse is abuse no matter its form. And one form of abuse does typically lead to another.

So, yes. The monster that now looms is as dumb as a bag of rocks and their voices are raping my ears and their writings are scratching my retina. On a rare occasion one or two of them will leave a comment.

All of this unrest simply because of this Barry guy. Why is it so? you might ask. Is it connected to race, history or what? Aside from Barry being just a jerk, I do have some thoughts on why it is so. But for now what you’ve just read is enough to chew on.

FrogBurger said...

You should see what some democrats are saying on the site

Look at the comments section

The revolution is on its way.

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

"Books not Bombs"

"Friends don't let friends vote Republican"

"No blood for oil"

Ducky's here said...

Palin/Gingrich 2012

Anonymous said...

Yes, ignorant people being poked and prodded and incited can do a lot of damage. Don't think so?
Ask the last CZAR of Russia, ask Marie Antoinette.


Ducky's here said...

Horn Broke - Watch for Finger

Z said...

Here are two setiments I think we'll be hearing more of: From FrogBurger's link..which you all ought to go read...see the comments, folks:

July 24, 2009 • 10:09 pm

As a life long liberal democrat I want to tell you that I would be proud to attend a Tea Party. Many dems hate Obama. He was not democratically elected in our primary. He cheated just like he did time and again in Illinois. He will cheat again via ACORN. Obama is the worst thing that has ever happened to America.
When you hear people on he left like Nader and Kucinich saying the same thing about O’Burak that people like Glenn Beck are saying its hard to avoid the fact that Obama is a fraud a liar and a threat to America.
And he’s been Tea Bagging Goldman Sachs-Soros since he cashed their checks-millions.

Tamra White
July 25, 2009 • 10:18 am

You are absolutely correct. I am a registered Democrat but that doesn’t make me a fascist or socialist. Obama is a shrewd architect. He is systematically tearing down our country and doing it under the guise of making us all equal. WE’RE NOT ALL EQUAL. Acorn needs to be destroyed with Americorp shortly behind. We must stop this massive growth of gov’t and big brother.

Z said...

seenthelight, I'm sure you won't be back, but I wanted to say that I'm sorry your blog's invite only....good luck with it! Did you just open it today? It says August 2009...keep talking, you make a lot of sense.
But, of course it's not because Barry is a 'jerk'...
He's running the WH like a campaign; he's come from Chicago politics of lies and thuggery ...even to the point that Axelrod explained away the extreme heat$$ in the WH after the inauguration cold weather with "He's from HAWAII, he's used to the heat" when he's not lived in Hawaii for at least 20 years.
The MEDIA is what doesn't expose these silly things but I guess the larger question is what prompted Americans not to think exactly what I DID? "WHAT? TWENTY YEARS I CHICAGO and HE'S USED TO HOT WINTERS?" Part of it's this: NOTHING MATTERED BUT THIS:
This election was called HOPE AND CHANGE because it was all about ANYBODY BUT BUSH/CHENEY.
I know even smart people who fell for that, we ALL do.

Anonymous said...

Z, In a country without freedom for it's people, I don't see lack of conflict as peace, I see it as a facade, illusory.

Is Iran at peace? There has been recent domestic conflict there. Were those people at peace before it broke out?

BTW Z, I see PSI is talking to himself again.


Z said...

I get ya, Pris...I THOUGHT that's what you meant!

And yes, poor psi bond.

Mark said...

War is not the answer.

I always want to confront the bearer of that sticker with the question, "What is the answer?"

I already wrote about a bumper sticker I saw one day. You saw it. It isn't exactly what you asked for, but it's a great bumper sticker:

"That Obama sticker on your car might as well say, 'Yes, I'm stupid"

But Obama voters aren't necessarily stupid. They are naive, uninformed, uneducated, apathetic, evil, Marxist, Communist, Socialist, black, white people with white guilt, atheists, Muslims, terrorists, and just plain Liberals.

But they aren't all stupid!

Seenthelight said...

I'm back, why did you think I wouldn't be back?

Z said...

Hi, particular reason...sometimes new visitors are 'hit and run'.....not all check "email follow up comments"..Glad you're back.

Why the 'invite only' blog? I hope you open it up..I'd like to read more of your thoughts..and hear your reaction to mine re; obama's popularity.\

Mark, you crack me UP! Good one! xx

Anonymous said...

Greywolfe, I think I'm partial to your one about diapers. Very good.

Z, did you post the Andrew Klavan bit about the War is not the Answer bumper sticker?

The "coexist" sticker with letters turned to crescents, crosses and other religous symbols is the one that makes me think "there goes a liberal blow-hard." I'm sure there's something much more inane, but it escapes me right now.

Jay Nordlinger has pointed out the irony / tragedy of seeing cars with both "meat is murder" and "keep abortion legal" stickers on it.

In the first half of the decade, Democrats were losing elections and saying it's because Republican philosophy is trite sayings that fit can be put on bumper stickers, whereas Democrat philosophy was too profound to fit on a bumper sticker. To this, Ann Coulter said, granted the Communist Manifesto doesn't fit on a bumper sticker, but I heart partial birth abortion fits just fine.


David Schantz said...

Pamela D. Heart beat me to it, "Obama/Biden". I did see on on a teachers car parked in front of the building I work part time at. Another left over from the last election, "Vote For Change". That one could be used again in the next presidential election.

God Bless America, God Save The Republic.

shoprat said...

There is such thing as a bad peace. That's a peace where the bullies have absolute control. We would have had peace had Hitler conquered the world but I don't think too many people would have been happy with it. War is preferable to a surrender.

Z said...

No, tio, I don't think I posted that..and I LOVE that guy. I got to meet and chat with Bill what's-his-name who owns Pajama... Klavan's on there. Bill's a TERRIFIC young man and there are MANY behind him Breitbart and Richard Miniter, etc...very encouraging.

psi bond said...

Peace is a pair of sturdy handcuffs.
— Sgt. James Crowley, attributed

Peace is problematic when people are acting stupidly.
— Barack Obama, attributed

Peace is ill served with beers in the Rose Garden.
— Rush Limbaugh, attributed

Peace is a piece of cake (and a beer).
— psi bond, attributed

psi bond said...

There never was a bad war or a good peace.
— Joe the Rightwinger

Mike said...

Probably my all-time most hated bumpersticker is:
"War is not the answer"

Really? Ever? What an absolutely idiotic and naive statement.

I'm mostly irritated by bumperstickers because I don't see the point in displaying a one-line political statement, as if someone is going to read it and change their mind about the issue.

"Hmm, war is not the know what, you're right. War is NOT the answer. I used to think it was until I saw your bumpersticker, and now I am enlightened!" (AS IF!)

Also annoying are the environmental bumperstickers affixed to the rusting bumpers of 25-year-old Volvos.

As far as bumperstickers go, I like sarcastic and "over the top" best. If I have to read the bumpersticker, I want to laugh (because you certainly aren't changing my mind about anything). A couple already posted here by Greywolfe made me chuckle:
"This car protected by shotgun 3 nights a week. You guess which 3." and "Keep Honking, I'm Reloading".

A few that I have actually seen that made me laugh:

"Hydro-Carbon Powered Eco-Vehicle" (Glenn Beck's poke at environmentalists)

"A-Bomb Baghdad, Bin laden, and Berkeley" (hand-made and hanging in the back of a window)

psi bond said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
psi bond said...

There can be no peace without tolerance.
— psi bond

Z said...

"Tolerance is the virtue of a man with no convictions." - G. K. Chesterton

PsiBond, You won't be coming here to insult the Bible, TRUST me. That was low...even for you.
As for the rest.......fair, funny...not bad at all..thanks.

MA..great comment. Thanks for taking the time, I loved it!

psi bond said...

Z: "Tolerance is the virtue of a man with no convictions." - G. K. Chesterton

Tolerance is the virtue of a man with liberal convictions. — psi bond

Human diversity makes tolerance more than a virtue; it makes it a requirement for survival. — Réné Dubos

Z: PsiBond, You won't be coming here to insult the Bible, TRUST me. That was low...even for you.

Not misread, it has nothing to do with the Bible, trust me. The satirical point of it was peace-loving rightwingers.
Z: As for the rest.......fair, funny...not bad at all..thanks.

Peace may be just too difficult for human beings. — psi bond

psi bond said...

"This car protected by shotgun 3 nights a week. You guess which 3." and "Keep Honking, I'm Reloading", sound like typical things Joe the Rightwinger would say, M.A.

I must be on a different wavelength because bumper stickers that make me chuckle are sort of like:

I brake for a pastrami sandwich.

But this is not to say you don't have a right to laugh at what tickles you.

Mark said...

The only thing Liberals don't tolerate is tolerance for Conservatism.

Mark said...

Despite the fact that I disagree with the theory of evolution, the fish with feet thing was pretty clever.

Then that was answered by a Jesus fish eating the fish with feet, and I thought that was clever, too, but now the Darwin fish eating the Jesus fish, eating the fish with feet thing is just getting silly.

Sometimes cleverness goes too far.

Steve Harkonnen said...



Chuck said...

Sorry it took so long to get back.

It was close to AOW's (which was great)

"Go ahead idiots, believe this"

Mark said...

Chuck, I don't get it.

psi bond said...

The only thing liberals don't tolerate is intolerance, but conservatism is not always wrong.

Z said...

psi, at least conservatism is RIGHT sometimes.

psi bond said...

Z: psi, at least conservatism is RIGHT sometimes.

Yeah. Even a ruined clock that some may think tells the time is right twice a day.

Z said...

psi bond...keep taxing us into recovery and see what happens, brilliant leftwingers.

We'll blame you for the ruin of America...good job.

psi bond said...

Z: We'll blame you for the ruin of America...good job.

I'm sure you'll blame me for "the ruin of America" no matter what happens in this country. I can bear it.

Z said...

PSI..oh, I hope I won't have to blame anybody for the ruin of America...I hope that never happens...
My belief, and that of others (and most of that part of Europe that actually is pulling out of the recession) is that leaving the economy alone to heal itself would have helped AFTER fixing the housing problem...
Most Americans feel we don't need a sweeping overhaul to the health care system polls say 90% of us are satisfied with (that number went from 80 to 90% as the media finally had to admit what was in it because the Republicans were FINALLY screaming out)...
Just because we disagree about Iraq does not mean that you're right....Just because some want Gitmo closed doesn't mean they're right..

Will I blame Leftwingers for hurting America beyond repair, as they seem to be bent on doing? Ya, can anybody not?

People act as if THIS IS ALL BUSH"S fault and even the MEDIA has done a very handy job of keeping quiet that he tried and tried to get health care insurance co-ops for small business, tried to help social security, tried HARD to get people to wake up to the scandalous Freddie/Fannie stuff that was happening...but, you see, the media hated him so Americans didn't hear much about it, and he had a liberal congress which couldn't take giving him ANYTHING because it might lose THEM votes.

Sad...America deserves eons better than what leftwingers are shoving down her throat right taxes, lies and mischaracterizations.

Miss T.C. Shore said...

Stupid, inane, naive bumper stickers? I saw one that just said "Obama '08." How much stupider, inane and naive can you get?

psi bond said...

Z: We'll blame you for the ruin of America...good job.

PSI..oh, I hope I won't have to blame anybody for the ruin of America...I hope that never happens...

Sure, Z. In any case, should that be the judgment you come to, don't worry: I assure you I will hold up somehow. It wouldn't be something new. Conservatives have been predicting the ruin of America for at least a hundred years.

Bush, had he been an effective leader, would have solved America's big problems and America would be utopia now. But maybe he did do that and the conspiring Media haven't told us.

Surely, if the Media were doing their job, they would have alerted Americans to the danger of getting serious about health care reform (it ticks off Republicans, who say they know better). Naturally, Media are to blame, in rightwingers' view, for the ruin of America (watch for it!), together with sinister liberal operatives shoving awful stuff down her (America's) throat. It's that simple, of course. Ya!

Most Americans feel we don't need a sweeping overhaul to the health care system polls say 90% of us are satisfied with (that number went from 80 to 90% as the media finally had to admit what was in it because the Republicans were FINALLY screaming out)...

For sure, Republican opposition tactics are becoming more aggressive, disruptive, and focused. And inevitably, when crucial details of the plan remain to be settled, public doubt will grow. But those who lose their coverage if they get sick or laid off may be less satisfied with the health care system. Likewise for those who are bankrupted by health care costs. Reportedly, 14,000 lose their insurance every day.

The U.S. spends more on health care to get less than almost every other industrialized country. According to a Time magazine poll conducted on July 27 and 28, most remain dissatisfied with the current state of health-care delivery and supportive of reform in principle. Forty-six percent of respondents said it was "very important" that Congress and the President pass major health reform in the next few months, and an additional 23% said it was "somewhat important." Only 28% found the immediate effort either not very or not at all important. In a separate question, more Americans said it would be better to pass "major reform" to health care (55%) rather than "minor adjustments" (43%).

Sixty-three percent said they would support providing health-care coverage for all Americans, even if the government had to subsidize those who could not afford it. Fifty-six percent said they supported a "public health insurance option" to compete with private plans.

Asked who they trust to develop new health-care legislation, 47% of respondents said Obama, compared with 32% who said Republicans in Congress.

My belief, and that of others (and most of that part of Europe that actually is pulling out of the recession) is that leaving the economy alone to heal itself would have helped AFTER fixing the housing problem...

According to the head of the European Central Bank, though the worst of the downturn had probably passed, the euro-area economy would be unlikely to grow appreciably until the middle of 2010. The fresh signs of life in America’s housing market raise hopes that recession is lifting in Europe’s biggest export market. In France household spending on manufactured goods jumped by 1.4% in June. Government incentives to support new car sales by offering cash for old ones have tempted buyers into showrooms. Spending power has also been boosted by falling consumer prices. Germany’s economy could bounce back faster than expected, because its cuts in business investment and stocks have been so savage.

psi bond said...


But according to some European economists, "The good news ends there. One worry is that more pain is due in Spain, Italy and elsewhere. The surprisingly large fall in second-quarter GDP in Britain is a blow to its euro-zone trading partners. It is also a warning that recovering from housing and credit busts is hard. Spain and Ireland were big sources of euro-zone demand, before their housing busts. Spain will soon find it harder to offer fiscal support to its economy. Italy’s exporters are struggling with high wage costs and a strong euro. Eastern Europe, once a fast-growing market, is also sickly."

The longer-term fear is that unemployment will drag the economy back down. The jobless rates in France and Germany have barely responded to lower output. German job losses have been stemmed by a government scheme that subsidises the wages of those on short-time working. Around 1.4m workers are receiving the short-time allowance. The reduction in labor supply because of the scheme is equivalent to some 400,000 full-time employees.

Such schemes cannot last for ever. Car firms and their suppliers have been among the keenest users of short-time working, anxious to keep skilled staff. Yet unless demand for cars stays high after “cash-for-clunkers” incentives fade, the car industry in Europe will need fewer workers.

Similarly, labor hoarding in France also comes at a cost. French firms in aggregate still spend more than they earn, despite cuts in investment. Action taken to bridge that gap while financing conditions are still tight would include job cuts. As in Germany, that process could be slow and rely more on hiring freezes than lay-offs, says Julian Callow at Barclays Capital. But it would weigh on consumer demand all the same. Although Europe shows signs of recovery, there are plenty of reasons to fear it will not be a robust one.

Z said...

psi, sorry. We know Germany and Germans are picking up their economy very well.
no stimulus.
Good try

psi bond said...

Z: psi, sorry. We know Germany and Germans are picking up their economy very well.
no stimulus.
Good try

We should be sorry for those poor European economists–––they really are trying hard, but they're clearly not as trustworthy or authoritative as you for comprehensive, painstaking study of the economic indicators. Moreover, they are grossly ignorant of Republican anti-stimulus talking points. Sad.