Monday, August 24, 2009


The German newspapers are printing headlines this morning you probably won't hear here in America. They're saying Obama's taking interrogation from the CIA and putting it at the FBI now. They also discuss the Ethics Committee at Justice and the dozen suspected cases of misuse of prisoners by the CIA employees. HERE's an article from Reuters.

I'm sure CIA members are sleeping better tonight; maybe just as well as many of us Americans when we heard Eric Holder is intent on hearings (in public) on this subject. Who would join the CIA these days? Anybody? Meanwhile, terrorists in this country are recruiting as I type. Super scenario. Thanks, Mr. Holder. And, thanks, America; We have a president who thinks transparency in our spy organizations is a healthy thing. It is, but not for us.

Let me know what you think.

UDATE: Guess what one CIA Officer is saying in THIS article: ""Ten years from now we're going to be sorry we're doing this (but) it has to be done," one unidentified CIA officer said in the report, predicting that interrogators would someday have to appear in court to answer for such tactics." Do you wonder what he might mean by that?

If we just beheaded or bombed thousands of innocent people or opened churches or synagogues preaching murder all over Islamic countries (like mosques here and all over Europe), we'd probably have been better off..........I don't see the Holder Bunch doing anything but trying to make US look like the REALLY BAD GUYS.............



Rita Loca said...


Anonymous said...

Maybe Americans should think twice next time before electing Alcibiades president again. Laches or Nicias are much better choices.

Mind your Hermes, folks!

Ducky's here said...

Ah our CIA, thanks z.

I haven't got anything to do tonight so I thought maybe I'd put on a film.

"The Spy Who Came In From the Cold" it is. To bad the Harry Palmer films are out of print.

Ducky's here said...

... or maybe Three Days of the Condor?

Unjustly neglected. Pretty well constructed film, especially the New York Times ending.

I still think that Jailhouse Judy Miller and some of the others in the NYT steno pool are CIA assets, though. Remember, Curveball? Seems the CIA is more concerned about deluding the simpletons in the American public than actual hard intelligence.

Z said...

Me, too, Jungle Mom.

The CIA....needs work, but not to be TRANSPARENT. Don't look now, but I THINK transparency is exactly what we can't have in a spy agency, but maybe that's just me? They teach them to protect, as we teach our soldiers and cops to protect....sometimes bad things happen.

After we've maligned soldiers, cops and the CIA so's nobody's enlisting, who do we fall back on to protect America, that Obama Civilian Corps?

Maybe Mr. Holder could do some things in QUIET....check the bad guys out, NO PROBLEM. But, do NOT rejoice in screwing over those people you Harvard elitists have such disdain for...people who put their lives on the line for our country; I know that's difficult to grasp for some, but do NOT demean it, please.

Ducky's here said...

... of course when Dick Cheney was outing agents everyone was upset that Uncle Dick's integrity was being impugned.

The far right is very inconsistent.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Simpleton's, how do you like the avatar, mr. ducky? I'll let you have it cheap... as it likely has a pretty short shelf-life vis a vis "relevancy".

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

When you denigrate the work of Warriors -- not just America, but any country -- you help to ensure you won't have available Warriors in your future. Kept on this current path, you remake your true Warriors more into -- first: Cops, then: Social Workers.

This is a trend that cannot continue, with hopes that our country will continue.


Ducky's here said...

Huh? A turf war between the a couple of cabinet departments becomes some kind of attack on "our warriors"?

You're tearing the fabric of reason.

Anonymous said...

I'd say that the fabric of your reason had long since given way, ducky. This ain't no turf war. This is Democrats pretending to solve problems through misdirection.

Anonymous said...

...slight of hand... of hide the pea/three card Monte.

FrogBurger said...

I think it's so that "right wing extremists" can now be interrogated by the FBI and the White House. Very convenient.

Anonymous said...

...whoda thought that the entire scandal associated with the Spanish Inquisition could have averted had they only transferred responsibility for interrogations from the Dominicans to the Franciscans....

WomanHonorThyself said...

o gosh..Z..what has our Nation done to itself!!!

Anonymous said...

"Seems the CIA is more concerned about deluding the simpletons in the American public than actual hard intelligence."

The fact you're deluded Ducky, is because you base your conclusions about just about everything, on movies.

Your ignorance on the subject of intelligence gathering, and the intelligence community is superceded only by your lack of ability to grasp reality, and your innate anti-American bias.

Z, Yes, why would anyone apply for work in the CIA, when they have to work with their hands tied behind their backs? Wondering if what's legal today won't be deemed legal tomorrow?

We now are at the point we were before 9-11.
The FBI was created to investigate domestic federal crimes.

The CIA was created to investigate foreign threats, and to gather intelligence pertaining to our national security.

In order to accomplish their missions, the CIA has people in other countries risking theur lives, in order to get crucial information needed to keep us safe.

The wall between the two agencies, built by democrats, was lowered during the Bush administration, with the cooperation of congress btw, so that the two could share info that redounded to national security.

Obama is determined to diminish the greater latitude the CIA has had in accomplishing their tasks at hand.

This latest news, IMO, is to throw a bone to the left, and to create a distraction from his clumsy, incompetent handling of the healthcare fiasco.

All in the name of politics, and to hell with our national security.

Well, he can smile at the terrorists, recite ridiculous mantras in the name if Islam, and bow and scrape to our enemies and adversaries. Jimmy Carter did it, Clinton did it, and now Obama.

We threatened Khalid Sheik Mohammed? The man behind 9-11? Do I care? Hell no!

We're still at war. Our troops are still being killed, 3000 innocents were murdered, and we're supposed to get all exercised because a butcher was threatened!

God protect us, because this President sure won't.


(((Thought Criminal))) said...

Oh boy. The Federal Bureau of Incompetence is going to take on finding terrorists.

"The perpetrators of 9/11 died in the plane crashes. Case closed."

Osama Bin Laden will be safe until he pirates Brokeback Mountain off of Limewire.

Z said...

Ducky, you say "Huh? A turf war between the a couple of cabinet departments becomes some kind of attack on "our warriors"?"

Do you understand what this ridiculous 'transparency' to the whole world does to our people who are trying to keep you and your family safe? Unless, of course, you don't believe terrorism exists.

You call this a 'turf war'? WOW...And, if it is, that's SOME bunch you voted's all POWER and EGO. America be damned. (oh, wait, that was Jeremiah Wright who coined that's all starting to come together, isn't it)

FJ..great avatar!

BZ...that is EXACTLY my fear. We can't continue when police, soldiers and spies are getting this badly lied about and dragged through the media...

Pris, you SO have a point about this ; what timing, huh? Just when the heat's on a bit too high on their laughable healthcare bill?

I was watching CNN in a hospital lobby today (no way to turn the channel!) and they found (BUGLE CALL HERE) the ONE CAR DEALER who likes Cash for Clunkers! They then went directly into a story about how terrible multiple deployments are to our soldiers.


Z said... want to respond to this information I found at Hoosier Army Mom's blog about those "UNTRUE DEATH PANELS!?" Thanks:

"The Democrats in their own words – no hints of death panels here.

Ezekiel Emanuel, Rahm Emanuel’s brother and one of Obama’s health-care advisors, wrote in a January 2009 white paper that health care should be rationed in a way that “promot[es] and reward[s] social usefulness.” He said age could play a factor in determining who can and cannot access health-care resources.

Read the full article for more on this top adviser’s sick views. can find the full article under her name on my sidebar....if you have the fortitude to get the truth.

Anonymous said...

"Read the full article for more on this top adviser’s sick views. can find the full article under her name on my sidebar....if you have the fortitude to get the truth."

Z, this is great advice for Ducky, unfortunately, he's probably at the movies.


cube said...

Something only an America-hating president would do. BO has a chip on his shoulder that will be the end of us all if we allow it.

HoosierArmyMom said...

Hey Z, I have the pdf version of the "VA Death Book". If you would like a copy, let me know via email and I'll send it on.

Ducky, we will see how you feel about being protected when terrorist hit Boston. We are being left wide open for attacks thanks to the far left morons.

The Bay of Pigs plans were started during the Eisenhower admin, but you didn't see JFK blaming that administration when it went sour. He had some experience and class, something the new Socialist Democrat party seems to lack.

(((Thought Criminal))) said...

Bah. JFK was a friggin moron, at best.

Stripping American air support out of Eisenhower's plan on the idea that America shouldn't boldly and undeniably support anti-Communist forces, JFK continued the Democrat tradition of maximizing friendly casualties via incompetent military strategies. JFK sent those Cuban exiles to their deaths, and ensured the invasion would fail.

JFK couldn't blame the failure of the Bay of Pigs on Eisenhower when he was too busy trying to pretend Cuban exiles came up with their own planes and amphibious assault vehicles magically out of a Cracker Jack box.

Please, America, stop electing drug abusing Democrats to the Presidency.

Deborah on the Bayside said...

FIRST - Let Holder answer to his despicable role in Clinton's political payback pardons. Having that man in the AG's office is a disgrace.

In his book "Defending Identity" Natan Sharansky develops an interesting topic of enlightment. There are "good" and "bad" identities. Old Marxists saw capitalistic western Europe as "good" at one stage in the struggle, but "bad" in a later stage, even though they didn't change. What was "good" or "bad" was their utility in promoting Marxism. There is no inherent good or bad.

Only what promotes the cause is "good." When it impedes the cause it's "bad." When Bush "interfered" it was bad because he did not promote the left's agenda. When The One interferes it's good, because he carries the left's water.

A generation raised on the pablum of relativism has no problem with this. Yes - they can actually say it with the same straight face as the Marxists of yore ... or today.

Z said...

right, Deborah....Eric Holder was who got Mark Rich pardoned. Holder's a idealogical crook and we're stuck with him now..

sort of like obama, come to think of it...peas in a pod

Anonymous said...

Such a shame! Excellent post. We have to keep the heat on his administration, we can't step down. We have to FIGHT to get our country back from this idiot.