Monday, August 3, 2009

People are angry at Specter, Sebelius and GOVERNMENT HEALTHCARE.....

Pay close attention to what's said from the platform...WHAT is the "VERY FAST" about? What does Sebelius (Sec. of Health and Human Services) mean when she says she's never been a member of congress and she's never seen congress work this hard? Look at her demeanor.... What is with these people? They work for US, don't they? She needn't look at Specter with "What's wrong with the crowd?" They're very used to the Obama crowds of love and sweetness. I like to think there are some Obama fans still in that crowd and even THEY are finally getting why rushing this legislation through has NO UP SIDE. The bill apparently doesn't go into effect until 2013, from what I've heard. WHY THE RUSH, people?

Then there's this HERE...ya, people aren't happy.

Thanks, Elmer's Brother, for the video...
Thanks, Mustang, for the poll information.


Deborah on the Bayside said...

"Hours and hours and hours have been spent. If people say they haven't read the legislation then tell them to read it."

Tsk tsk tsk. All those hours. You could say the same thing about the termites in my house -- who have about the same effect.

" it" What do we have here - a bulb dimmer than Barbara Boxer (and that's hard!) or the dismissive armwave of an effete elitist. You decide.

Z said...

Deborah, poor Kathleen looks SO uptight every time I see her speak; One suspects she's not REAL sure about this bill or why it's so necessary and SO FAST every time she speaks. She's scared and grappling with people who know more than she does.
As for Specter? Specter is the perfect name for the man. He should be ashamed of himself.


Definitely true about the termites and the same effect, definitely

Average American said...

The only damned thing they should fix about healthcare this year or next is to get the GDamned illegals OFF OF IT!! Just doing that will save 10%. We can NOT afford anything else until at least the economy gets turned around, and unemployment goes down under 6%. Same thing with tax and trade. Same thing with all the rest of his bullshit spending. The polls you linked to, as of right now, show 11% strongly for, 8% somewhat for, 79% AGAINST, and 2% undecided. Quite the landslide I'd say.

Pam said...

I saw this aired on a prime time cable news show tonight but took the time to watch it again here! It brings me joy to see that some of our good citizens are waking up!!! And boy, that Sebelius woman almost didn't know what to do with herself did she?

DaBlade said...

Something IS happening out there. Even conservative blogger Michelle Malkin gets an ovation on the View after ripping apart Behar and Whoopi and discussing her new book, "Culture of Corruption, Obama and his team of tax cheats, crooks and cronies". Has "it" frozen over?

Faith said...

FINALLY, people are starting to protest. I thought it would NEVER happen. I have an unpleasant feeling it's only going to rebound against the protestors and anyone who is at odds with the current regime, but that's not a reason to stop. It's just another sign that the End Times are upon us.

Always On Watch said...

They're very used to the Obama crowds of love and sweetness.

The above is what has emboldened the politicians (aka power grabbers).

Z said...

Da Blade...I wish I saw what YOU saw in the VIEW interview I just watched, and thanks, by the way...but
I thought Malkin came off weak as any Conservative does there...
ALL she said was negated by Behar's cheap reference to IRAQ RIGHT at the END, of course.
Which, of course, is the underpinning of WHY Obama got elected.."anything but BUSH"
Yes, she mentioned IRAQ and Malkin said she agreed with that mission and look at Behar's look to the audience like "I rest my case...anything she said about Obama is negated".
The crowd cheered for a free book, which DID surprise me considering its contents and how they supported Behar, but man, that Behar and her TWITCHING (watch it at the beginning) she does when they have to have a Conservative on..WOW.
Then Whoopi misquotes Malkin and Malkin tells her 'it's not in the book' and Whoopi STILL looks at the audience and gestures "It's here on MY CARD" Man, the egos.

I got all excited at the link and your surmisal and I HOPE I see it wrong and someone will tell me so......? But, Behar won shots go far in America, true or not. GOTCHA reigns supreme, sadly.

Average, it did look like a landslide..people are waking up but, if you watch the link DaBlade provided, you'll see a woman say "But, so WHAT if Obama's corrupt and people are turning away..what do you want to DO with that information?" See, it doesn't MATTER what Americans think to the leftwingers, or what polls say..THE ONE wants this and THE ONE 'should get it'...grrrr

Pam, I was SO ticked when Hannity led with it last night...But, I did scoop him (smile!)And yes, Sebelius is in WAY over her head; she looks like she hasn't a CLUE on every presentation I've seen her.

Faith...people sure are waking up...and earlier than I'd thought.

Z said...

HI ,Always, just saw your comment..

see DaBlade's link.......the Right just gets negated at every turn, even WITH the good information and Malkin's no slouch; she doesn't print what she doesn't know. Imagine Behar's DECREE at the end, and her bobbing head with the audience.."See? She agreed with Bush on IRAQ! So NOTHING Malkin can EVER say holds water"
That's scary leftwinger thinking that's got us in this mess,right?

ANYTHING BUT BUSH thinking is backfiring on us........I wasn't a big Bush fan for a lot of reasons and I'd want him back...heck, I'd take HILLARY today as pres....(DID I SAY THAT? OH, GOD, NO!)

Ducky's here said...

Now this is what I call a conversation. The tea bag and the "birther" jokes fizzled (z, don't post the Obama Kenyan birth certificate story, It's been thoroughly debunked) so now you just shout people down.

The brownshirts are coming.

Palin 2012 - No extended death throes.

Dr. Dave said...

Sphincter is an ass, and I love it when people shout him down. The problem is, he'll never listen. He's been in DC so long, his ears are wide shut.

Z said...

Don't look now, Ducky, but those people are right.
Don't tell me what to post and no, it's not been 'debunked', it's getting hotter, thanks to you leftwingers who don't give a darn and STILL won't just plain produce a birth certificate. Darned if that trip to Hawaii didn't seal whatever docs they have that very weekend, huh?

Palin STILL scaring you, Ducky? MAN!!!

Dr. Dave...welcome. To see a man who supposedly had conservative values (I can't say principles because he clearly has never HAD any) shouting down a crowd which is absolutely right "If you can't run cash for clunkers, how're you running healthcare?", and the disdain on Sibelius's face, etc..showed they just DO NOT GET that there IS no hurry.
Obama TOLD Specter and SIbelius that THE PEOPLE NEED FREEBIES NO MATTER WHAT, and they can't BELIEVE THE WON got it so wrong. sickening, really

FrogBurger said...

Ducky the brownshirts are Obama's folks. You're confused. The brownshirts were socialist and marxist people. Read history closer. You'd learn things.

F said...

Ducky how can you support people who exempt themselves from the laws they want to impose on people? You really are a blind idiot.

RaDena said...

Thanks, Z. Well, it looks like the people are finally starting to get it, doesn't it? They know Obama's putting the shaft to them, finally! We sure didn't see any love and blind worship in that crowd! :)

My Sarcastic Opinion said...

Right on the money... great blog "Z"

Z said...

Thanks, Sarcastic...good to see you back.

RaDena...the Dems are contemplating not holding meetings anymore... they don't want to hear from us, we might show them that THE WON is a LOSER.

Z said...

Everyone; do you hear the mantra of the left now?
Anybody who doesn't agree with them is 'ginned up' by the insurance companies and rightwing talk shows and TV. We have no brains, we can't understand that THEY KNOW BETTER, that it doesn't matter that people are voting without understanding the points, etc etc.

Wait for it; this is telling, typical, and people need to be aware of the kind of 'shut down the masses' mentality of the Obama thugs.

FrogBurger said...

You're right Z. Even Duckette is confused. We're brownshirts now when we're fighting the Statists and the zombies who want us to think all alike.

Ducky's here said...

• The newspaper in Exeter, NH is reporting that local supporters are canvassing everywhere to build support for reform: door-to-door, at farmers' markets, and at state fairs. The article quotes volunteer Dave Munsey as saying that 2008 "was probably the most important election of my lifetime. This is just an extension of that."

• Supporters in Florida held simultaneous press conferences outside of nine local Senate offices with doctors, small-business owners, and others, all telling their personal health care stories about why reform is so important to them.

• After a huge event in Wisconsin, hundreds of the participants headed to a nearby town hall event hosted by Republican Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner to share their stories and urge him to stand with voters in support of reform.

• A host in Minnesota organized a barbeque for supporters to hear from speakers and write letters to their members of Congress. 1200 people joined in!

• Volunteer community organizers have participated in trainings in more than 13 states -- and 17 more are scheduled for the upcoming weeks.


And all our "liberal media"(LMAO) reports are the activities of a bunch of brownshirts.

FrogBurger said...

How does it prove your point, Duckette? Your logic is once again the one of a sophist.

The brownshirts are the ones who organized a child parade for Obama in Washington State.

You're very confused.

Z said...

Ducky, there will always be the duped amongst us.
Americans want to know their lives are in the hands of people who actually READ THE BILL....Like the petition Republicans signed but, as of last week, no Democrats; a promise to at least READ IT.
Americans who demand freebies are your ilk who think EVERYTHING in America is a RIGHT.

Ducky, who do YOU suppose will be paying for this? You don't really believe the debt we're incurring is sustainable ... even a socialist has to know you can't print money.
keep spending, Democrats....Americans aren't quite as weak as you'd hoped.

FrogBurger said...

Ducky, have you read that the French gov was asking citizens to take private insurance to complement the gov one? It's not working with 60 millions people that are fairly healthy. You think it's going to work with 300, 25% of which are obese?
My mom already has 2 complementary insurances called "mutuelles" on top of the gov one, for which she pays 500 dollars a month.

Oh and in France the representatives have the same system as the citizen. It's not a soviet style system Barack Louis the XVI Obama wants us to have.

Maggie M. Thornton said...

This is why Specter is a weasel Democrat. After all this, he still doesn't get it that a bill like this should never be done in a hurry, and especially just because his bosses in the party, say it should be.

He would never consider saying, I simply will not vote until I know what I am voting for.

I thank God that Specter is no longer taking up space in the Republican cloak room. He was probably a spy for years for the other side.

Brooke said...

They don't know what to do when faced with a crowd of real people that can smell a load of crap instead of the Obamazombies that they are accustomed to.

Z said...

Frogburger and Ducky:

Frog, you're right about France, of course. A few years ago liberal Schroeder started telling the German public to please buy private health insurance, that the system can't afford it anymore...they needed help.

I hate to be unkind, but anybody who thinks universal healthcare is a good idea for America needs extreme mental healthcare... except they won't get it here.

FrogBurger said...

Did you guys see this?

Good news but it takes someone who's not officially in the gov to do it. Funny, isn't it?

FrogBurger said...

Funny how this administration is for transparency.;_ylt=AlAEwfOggAHQwVhhc_77tz6s0NUE;_ylu=X3oDMTFlczlianE3BHBvcwM4OQRzZWMDYWNjb3JkaW9uX3BvbGl0aWNzBHNsawNvYmFtYWFkbWluaXM-

Anonymous said...

"• Volunteer community organizers have participated in trainings in more than 13 states -- and 17 more are scheduled for the upcoming weeks."

Ducky, training? On what, how to get people out to demonstrate? How much do they get paid? I guess ACORN's pretty busy huh? They have all that money to spend.

The tea parties are not the result of training or bribes, they're word of mouth and the people who attend also find out where they are on their own, by looking them up. Which is exactly what I did on my own. Here in California it began as a California issue, and has grown from there.
This is the people looking for a way to have a voice and demanding to be heard.

We called and wrote our representatives, we heard what they were saying, and what they're saying doesn't match up with the truth. We were ignored and dismissed.

What you don't get is, the left is in authority at the moment, and they now are experiencing the dissent which they themselves have schooled millions of young people to participate in, and promoted as our patriotic duty.

Well alot of those young people are adults now, and the young of today are seeing their futures in question, and they don't like what they see.

What did you all think Ducky, that we would lie down while you walked all over us? By the way, the "us" is not just conservatives, it's all groups except for the far left, and it's grassroots.

If it were organized, or manufactured, well, two could play that game, couldn't they. However it's not. That's what makes it so heartening. Get used to it!


dmarks said...

These people are protesting abusive, fascistic power grabs by government. And yet these protesters are called "Brownshirts" by some who have no sense of history.

Obama is no Hitler. But the whiff of the Nazis, faint as it is, is on him, with his plan to centralize and destroy health care (something that meets the definition of fascism). It is not on those who oppose the plan. Not at all.

dmarks said...

And Ducky laughs at the idea that the media are mostly leftist/liberal. I guess he never watches any news or reads anything.

Anonymous said...

"I guess he never watches any news or reads anything."

dmarks - How could he? He's too busy trying to memorize lines from movies. That's where he lives, in a fictional world.


Miss T.C. Shore said...

The folks in Washington have disconnected from the American public. It doesn't matter what the polls say (and they now say that a significant majority of Americans are opposed to HR3200). They are going to do what they consider to be in our best interest. Expect a health care reform bill to pass before the end of the year.

Deborah on the Bayside said...


Breitbart got it on tape. Wants single payer plan despite what he says publicly now. So who's surprised?

If you don't want to click on the link: "I happen to be a proponent of a single payer universal health care program. I see no reason why the United States of America, the wealthiest country in the history of the world, spending 14 percent of its Gross National Product on health care cannot provide basic health insurance to everybody. ... everybody in, nobody out. A single payer health care plan, a universal health care plan. And that’s what I’d like to see. But as all of you know, we may not get there immediately...."

MK said...

"The bill apparently doesn't go into effect until 2013, from what I've heard."

That is correct, so yes, "WHY THE RUSH, people?"

Z said...

Yes, Deborah...a lot of the blogs are featuring that video..thank goodness.

But, you know, the WH is saying we're just a bunch of uncivil rightwingers trying to upset his applecart....that "these people" are not understanding, that Republicans are putting these angry Americans up to it...Check out Robt Gibbs.

This is Saul Alinksy to the LETTER and the Leftwingers don't even blush.


Ducky's here said...

During the town hall, one conservative activist turns to his fellow attendees and asks them to raise their hands if they “oppose any form of socialized or government-run health care.” Almost all the hands shot up. Rep Green quickly turned the question on the audience and asked, “How many of you have Medicare?” Nearly half the attendees raised their hands, failing to note the irony.


That's a report from a staged disruption of a Dem representatives meeting in Texas.

The far right is very funny.

Anonymous said...

"Rep Green quickly turned the question on the audience and asked, “How many of you have Medicare?” Nearly half the attendees raised their hands, failing to note the irony."

In a sense you're right Ducky, but the fact that the administration, and the dems are planning to use six hundred billion dollars of medicare money for universal healthcare proves a very important point.

What the government provides, it can take away. And we all know it. Doctors are not required to accept medicare patients btw, and that's as it should be.

It is also a fact that Medicare recipients have had money witheld from their paychecks to pay for medicare all their lives, whether they wanted it or not.

That money could've been gaining interest in a personal savings acct. instead, but we had no choice, because it's a glorified ponzi scheme which robs Peter to pay Paul.

Also many, like Mr. Pris and I, have supplemental insurance, which we pay for.

I'm glad you brought this up. Medicare is a good example of why universal healthcare is a failed system before it's even begun. It's another plan that will borrow against the future. Like medicare, it's unsustainable.


Z said...

Exactly right, Pris..thanks

Medicare was paid INTO....that it's been run terribly is why this stupid obama plan'll only happen again but we'll ALL suffer now. And NO CHOICE, too..we'll be stuck, damn him...and he won't even let his sycophants answer questions; Or they just don't KNOW..Sebelius and Specter look like deer in the headlights and they get disdainful instead of being helpful, it's sickening.

Thank goodness Americans are waking up.

Jess said...

I love that the crowd got rude. This kind of reaction from the American people is no different than what politicians received over 200 years ago. When you push the people, they are going to push back.