Thursday, August 20, 2009

IS Sonja Schmidt RACIST? Naaaa Check her out.

I thought you'd enjoy her! Thanks to PJTV. Update: I thought THIS ARTICLE was something everyone should read. It echoes the video above's opinions of Obama and shows his utter disdain for anything "Not Obama". Please check it out....Here's a bit from the article: "He peppered his DNC remarks with jokes and jabs at conservatives that had the partisan crowd breaking into applause and laughter." This is a president, folks. SOME dignified, how cautious and open minded. No, how utterly a Chicago thug elitist laughing at half the country he's supposed to represent.



Ducky's here said...

Who the hell is Sonja Schmidt?

Hey Andy, another one got her 15 minutes !!!

Z said...

Again, Ducky.....who CARES? She's a bright, articulate Woman who GETS IT.

I don't care if she's a ditch differ from Hoboken. But, you go ahead and kill the messenger...AGAIN! GeeeeZ

Anonymous said...

Hey Ducky, who the hell is Barack Hussein Obama?

I'd say he's used up his fifteen minutes. Now let's get a real President!


FrogBurger said...

Puky can't deal with strong, opinionated women. That's scary for his kind.

Anonymous said...

IS Sonja Schmidt RACIST?

Does a bear do it in the woods?

christian soldier said...

I just may 'swipe' it :-)

Joe said...

Ducky: Was the question, "Who is Sonja Schmidt?"

Maybe the real question should be, "Who is this 'Ducky' character who speaks sanctimoniously and condescendingly about people just becaus HE has never heard of them?"

I know who Sonja Schmidt is, Ducky. I can't imagine that a man (you are a man, aren't you?) as smart and sophisticated as you, who knows almost everything, doesn't know who she is.

Jungle Mom said...

Witty and clever. It is great when the truth is told in such a simple manner as this. Even Ducky can't fight the message but goes after the messenger!

Z said...

Every time, JM...sort of like the Obama thuggers, huh?

Deborah on the Bayside said...

Aaah, nothing like a little levity to drive the message home. I've heard it all before - many times. But I like her fresh approach. Yeah. They really just The Breakfast club - who knew?

She's part of the "Right to Laugh" comedy tour.

Other zingers include:
“Some people were critical that there were no blacks at the tea parties. Well Barack Obama went to Germany to speak, and there are no black people in Germany.”

“We gave the liberals Dick Cheney. They gave us a dic-tator.”

“Some people are thrilled that we have a black man in the White House. With a 70% out of wedlock birth rate in the black community, I could care less about a black man in the White House. I want a black man in his own d@mn house.”

cube said...

Sonja is bright, articulate and clean, but unlike BO, she makes a lot of sense.