Saturday, August 22, 2009

Obama is still insisting you're stupid today

(Mr. O, anybody ever tell you that you have a great face for radio?....) But, I digress:

Is he ever going to pay attention and tell the whole truth? From a radio address you might want to read the highlights from:

Let's take it apart: "Obama said illegal immigrants would not be part of the health care overhaul" Okay, then why is he using illegal immigrant numbers in the amount of people uncovered by healthcare who must, according to him, be covered?

"taxpayers would not be mandated to fund abortions" Read THIS and others you can find.. One thing is for certain; the Bill does not say "abortion will not be publicly funded through this Bill." And then Obama says....

"......and he does not intend a government takeover of health care — all claims that critics have made at contentious town hall-style meetings with members of Congress." But, how can they not? Read THIS, particularly about your losing your private coverage.

He also took a swipe at "death panels," an idea former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin introduced on her Facebook page........"As every credible person who has looked into it has said, there are no so-called death panels — an offensive notion to me and to the American people," Obama said. "These are phony claims meant to divide us."

Please see my piece below about the VA and health care, the linked article from which has this information: "Your Life, Your Choices" presents end-of-life choices in a way aimed at steering users toward predetermined conclusions, much like a political "push poll." For example, a worksheet on page 21 lists various scenarios and asks users to then decide whether their own life would be "not worth living." By the way...the article goes on to say "And as you might guess, only one organization was listed in the new version as a resource on advance directives: the Hemlock Society."

PLEASE Mr. President, it is very easy for you to speak behind a radio microphone with a teleprompter and tell us we're wrong, we misinterpret, 'that cable channel is causing people to be misinformed' (you don't mean MSNBC's lies, DO you), ....YOU ARE THE ONE CALLING FOR 'HONEST DEBATE' TODAY... Could you please come out from behind the teleprompter and TALK TO US with a person who reads the things WE see in your health care plan? Let us respond and YOU calm us down! You work FOR US. You let OUR GUY tell you where he feels we'll be in ten years after your health care's in place and YOU tell us where you think we'll be. Tell us how we who like our insurance now will still have it in ten years and HOW (because that can't work, Mr. President, YOU KNOW THAT). WHY NOT have this kind of real informative debate? Maybe you'll start understanding your plan better. If you can't or don't want to do this, TELL US WHY NOT. Thank you.

Oh, by the Chicago cartoon from 1934 shows not much has changed, Mr. Obama, don't YOU THINK? Read the bottom poster (click and it enlarges for easier reading)...I think you'll like that part a lot, Barack. I don't.



Always On Watch said...

Is BHO following Alinsky's Rules for Radicals? BHO tells such bald-faced lies!

Brooke said...

AOW: Yes.

Obama won't step out from behind the teleprompter because he cannot tell us the truth.

Obama becomes so befuddled without it anyway that he would probably have trouble stringing even a lie together without the TOTUS.

Opus #6 said...

I can't stand the sound of his voice. Thanks for going over the radio address, so I don't have to.

FrogBurger said...

I'm with Opus. Cannot stand the way he talks. I have to turn the radio or tv to mute each time I hear him.

He's telling people what they want to hear to later stab them in the back.

I hate his guts. I had to say it.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Look, it's really this simple: a vast bulk of Americans voted for Mr Obama simply because they didn't care for Bush. They weren't listening to what Obama said nor were they listening to what McCain said -- McCain was too linked to Bush.

Now that the luster has faded, the bloom is off the rose, buyers' remorse is starting to set in. The Startling New World promised by Mr Obama is fading fast. Instead of Change he appears to be entrenched in More Of The Same. In the span of roughly a week the 10-year projected deficit, under Our Hero, Mr Obama, has risen from $7.1 TRILLION to $9 TRILLION dollars.

And the spending just has no end. Want want want. Spend spend spend. How about some CUTS, ladies and gentlemen?

But if you DISagree with Mr Obama or His Minions, you're UNpatriotic and STUPID.

I submit it's quite the other way around.


namaste said...

i can't stand the sound of his voice either!

and i love the way he always resorts to insulting people he hates, as he did sarah, simply because they point out inconsistencies in obamacare.

Anonymous said...

No thank you, Health care Socialist style just don't do it for me. Have you ever been to a communist country? Well they are lifting the travel ban on going to Cuba. I suggest you make a trip down there and see how well that "shared wealth" policy has worked out for the average Cuban.

The problem with societies like that is that it destroys incentive. Why would anyone put in extra effort to better his or her life if the extra fruits of their labor are going to be shared with someone who just wants to coast along.

I work my ass off and I donate a lot of money to charity and I don't mind doing. However, I do not want government coming to me and forcing me to "share" with the guy next door who sat home all day and played video games.

Anonymous said...

I think they're past the point of changing minds. It has become too clear it's all about tactics.

For Obama, the bloom is off the rose, and it's getting pretty thorny in Wahington.

If they ram this through, next year's election should be very interesting. In fact, I think even at this point, that promises to already be a given.

We can only hope that this thugocracy, marches itself right into oblivion, and it will have been done to themselves, by themselves.

And why? Because they underestimated the American people, and continue to do so.

Bullies ultimately end up with a black eye, out of hubris and a lack of understanding that there's someone out there who won't stand for bullying, and will punch back.

Power to the People!


Z said...

FrogBurger, you're just braver than some of us, TRUST ME.

They are underestimating the American people, but I assert that the Soros/Obama/Elitist thuggers were on a roll but 10 years too early. They lost their patience and started hoisting heavy socialism on us BEFORE THE OLDER AMERICANS DIED.

If they'd waited, max, 10 years, considering how our kids are indoctrinated and considering the media will probably never again be anything but a mouthpiece for the socialist agenda, they could have got this through in five minutes, you all know that. They goofed, they're ticked off and this disdain is how they're displaying it to us. #@@#$(&*(#


FrogBurger said...

Z, you're right. Had they waited it would have been like "une lettre a la poste" as the French say.

That's why Sarkozy got elected by the way. Despite the fact French people have a socialist gene in them (my mom is right but I still argue with her when she says capitalism is not that great), Sarkozy won because of the old generation that saw France before massive welfare programs took place in the 70s and immigration became a welfare-hungry immigration.

The young generation has also been brainwashed with Marx, Bourdieu and the likes.

Anonymous said...

"They are underestimating the American people, but I assert that the Soros/Obama/Elitist thuggers were on a roll but 10 years too early. They lost their patience and started hoisting heavy socialism on us BEFORE THE OLDER AMERICANS DIED."

Great point Z.

No wonder they want "end of life" counseling!

Of course it could be Soros wanted a win before he kicks the bucket!
No end of life counseling for him, I'll betcha!


Z said...

FrogBurger, brainwashed by the people who 'don't approve of that stuff', right? And they have no conscience, these awful indoctrinators...Machiavellian.

Pris, Yes, it hit me a week or so ago, I thought "They should have waited about 10 years, they'd have never had this response the TownHallers are giving".

I don't see but maybe 10% people under 30 in those crowds...I hope I'm wrong but I really pay attention and that 10% isn't enough. And, yes, wonder they want 'life counseling'...get RID of those awful conservatives. That's the leftwinger mantra.