Sunday, August 23, 2009

Climate Change comes first. OH, and so does CHINA?

I saw this statement in THIS ARTICLE on Social Security and how they'll be "paying less" soon: "President Barack Obama has said he would like tackle Social Security next year, after Congress finishes work on health care, climate change and new financial regulations." But, our seniors could use some relief NOW. Climate change and THEN social security?

And then there's THIS STORY about our selling the B-2 stealth bomber blueprints to CHINA for $50 billion in debt relief. SNOPES denies the story very cagily again with the fact that this "isn't quite a reality yet." What's that supposed to mean? I've researched a bit, the story originally was out in June, have you heard anything more?

And, if either are true, is he kidding?



Law and Order Teacher said...

And it begins...

My elderly mother has me to depend on. What happens to others?

Z said...

You know, Law and Order, I feel like we're living in some big LIE and I can't figure out WHY.

I'm watching Chris Wallace on FOX right now and he's pretty fair; most people don't know his politics, which I find admirable.
He caught the ex-vet (and double amputee, poor woman)Duckworth who works for VA Affairs (is she the secretary, or??) lying about two pages of the VA Manual saying there is no direction to that "Life Choices (including death") manual but it was clearly THERE.

Then he had Specter (who said Duckworth "held her own!" what's that supposed to be, a CRITIQUE of the interview?!! She held her own in a LIE but Americans are more impressed she can HOLD HER OWN?!!) and Ryan on just now and Specter is STILL SAYING that the Health Care plan absolutely provides you can keep your insurance....when there's a page in there which says "No new private policies can be written" after a certain date not too far away. AND, the FACT that the private sector will be totally squeezed out to we who like it because most people don't understand how bad the gov't run care will be and how doctors will be fleeing and care will be so badly rationed ..they'll be signing up for PUBLIC care and who'll be paying premiums enough for Blue SHield, for example, to even stay open??
WHY NOT MENTION THIS on this show today and others? SILENCE.

The DEATH PANEL thing was the worst thing Palin could have said because it deflects from the truth that there WAS provision like a death panel..and now all the Libs are "wasn't that RIDICULOUS?" Yes, because the exaggerated term gave them fodder to complain about while they were busy redoing the bill to make it look like it had never been there,you see? She DID get that out, I give Palin that, but OH, are they playing on that term to make anybody who really understands the bill look STUPID.

Specter clearly hasn't read or understood it or he's just plain lying through his teeth.
And NOBODY demands RIGHT THERE AND THEN, to "TELL US HOW WE CAN KEEP PRIVATE INSURANCE, when........(see above)" see my point?

And yes, sorry to go so off topic, but your elderly mom depends on you and others have nobody! And we're dissing THEM because we need to pay for China and India to keep spewing while we're economically BUSTED?? WHAT THE HECK?

Anonymous said...

As a recipient of Social Security, I am against an increase. The country can't afford to pay more. Just as I was against the medicare RX program under Bush, I'm against this as well.

The economy is already overburdened, and that's BEFORE any new entitlement programs such as this administration's healthcare plans.

This President is determined to destroy this country, I'm convinced. It looks like we'll be fighting this administration in perpetuity, even after they're gone.

Climate change legislation assuredly, will rob us of more freedoms, and will also be very costly if we let it become law. The ramifications are endless. All based on a hoax and back room deals.

And from what we've seen so far, the administration doesn't care. Power is what they care about.

I can't wait to see what these new "financial regulations" are. What the hell is that?

Now is probably a good time to remind the President, there are elections next year. The politicians are not going to be anxious to pass anything that will impact their re-election negatively. Many are already in trouble, thank goodness.

I'd bet that the Obama administration has more plans for redistributing our money, if we have any left. He'll try to ram more legislation through before we know what's in it.

Our taxes are higher, and promise to go even higher, unemployment is high, and could go higher, the deficit is projected at nine trillion dollars over a period of ten years as it stands now, and on and on.

So, they'll keep their thuggers ready, but, we're not going anywhere. It's going to be a bumpy ride.

Power to the people, we have a country to save.


Chuck said...

Have you read what's in the VA pamplet Z? "Are you a burden on your family?" is one of the questions severely wounded vets should ask themselves. Bush dropped the pamphlet and the military-hating Dems brought it back.

Z said...

OH, no, Chuck..Duckworth says it's GONE (Smile)
Remember...what we SEE is NOT reality in the progressive world! :0)

Pris, as you know, I'm convinced obama's out to destroy America, just CAN'T do what he's doing and not either be totally stupid or totally hate filled.

WE are going to pay for the biggest freakin' chip on any man's shoulders since .... Sisyphus!

Khaki Elephant said...

The only campaign promise that Obama has kept is "Change." It's too bad that he wasn't honest about what that change would be like before millions of misled voted for him.

Anonymous said...

Z, what does Snopes mean "this isn't quite a reality yet?"
Do they have an inside track or something?

Are we supposed to be surprised that China would demand this kind of ransom from the U.S.? Of course Gates was furious.

He should resign his post. I wouldn't think Gates would want to be part of selling out the U.S. I wonder just how much Obama is willing to "give" to an adversary, in order to take complete control of our country!

If he keeps this up, there won't be much of a country left to give.

I'm utterly sickened by this man and all he is capable of. He'll be the ruin of us all.


Average American said...

Don't worry, be happy. The messiah has a plan to fix social security and medicare. Talk all the old people out of expensive medical procedures and give them pain killers instead. The faster we old buggers die off, the more they save to "spread around." He just has to figure out how to make the doctors stay alive cause there is already a shortage of them. Can't have doctors start their practice at 30 and kick the bucket at 60, that just won't work.

Always On Watch said...

I have a cousin who subsists on Social Security Disability. Her disability is that of a terrible heart condition.

If Medicare payments to her are cut, she won't be able to afford all the meds and will die.

Well, she DID vote for BHO. Her voter remorse began when the Stimulus Bill didn't work.

HoosierArmyMom said...

By the way Z, there is an addition to the "Death Panel" post this morning.

Since Obama has the nerve to ask vets if their lives are worth living, I imagine the same questionnaire is in route to seniors on Social Security and Medicare!!! The only thing "transparent" about this administration the presence of "moral fortitude".

If something isn't done quickly to neuter this administration we can all look forward to "end of life counseling at a bureaucrats office near you!

HoosierArmyMom said...

AOW, my own beloved brother and sis-n-law voted for Obama and they still don't see what they have done! It's downright embarrassing.

Joe said...

When I was in college, more years ago than any of us can remember, groups of us used to sit around in what we called Bull Sessions, discussing this and that.

There were always those who floated wild, way-out ideas that aimed a some sort of utopian society that had little or nothing to do with the real world.

Coincidentally, they were mostly Sophomores.

Freshmen know nothing. Juniors know that they don't know enough. Seniors crave knowing more.

Sophomores only think they know everything.

President BO is very Sophomoric.

Ducky's here said...

Snopes does a pretty good job of explaining that the source of the B-2 stupidity is a comedy site.

He also tries to explain to the far right why the whole story doesn't pass a reality test by explaining how trivial 50 billion is in world finance.

And meanwhile drug costs are going up and that will effect seniors (note it has nothing to due with SS payments, it's medicare drug payments).
Of course our leftist (LMAO!) president has assured pharma that he isn't going to cut into their profits. They get to continue delivering the Full Ayn Rand to everyone. Capitalism at its finest. What are you complaining about?

Ducky's here said...

Before Law and Order decides he has to carry mom up Mt. Narayama it might be worthwhile to take a look at what we are really facing.

The notion of "US medical care is better than anywhere else" is no longer true, it's just more expensive than anywhere else. Please to note that these are many links out there to sites offering Americans "medical tourism" services , these are sober solid businesses that intend to make a profit by helping you get away from the US medical system.

Now the loss of this large number of high profit patients is killing the system. Hospitals are closing, costs are rising in the face of a recession, and I'd give it three years of a slow economy(which is almost certain) before it all collapses, which last is my own opinion, but it is self evident that it won't stand up much longer under current conditions.

I'd suggest discarding all of your old ideas about the medical system prior to 2004 or 2005, reading up on the new information, and then deciding what you'd support to replace the broken mess we have now. Because it will be replaced, and right now that is going to involve outsourcing.

Meanwhile we let the marginal control the dialog with talk about death councils. Terrific

Z said...

That's patently untrue, Ducky..sorry. You're wrong with "The notion of "US medical care is better than anywhere else" is no longer true,"
Unless it happened yesterday and we weren't aware.

As for the Chinese deal, I'm asking for INPUT, Ducky. I hope to find more information but I'm sure the media'll cover that up, too.

Hospitals here are closing from the weight of illegals using the ER as their family doctor......if we limited them to using county hospitals, which is the way it should be, we'd be better off.

Tort Reform is next...billions spent because of threatening lawyers....
Meanwhile, people from all over the world still are coming here for the best healthcare in the world. In France, those who can afford it flock to the American Hospital.......typical.

Z said...

HAM, I'm hearing there are still a few hangers-on, but OH man am I meeting liberals who're embarrassed by their vote.
The problem was it was "Anything but BUSH"...even some liberals saw the background and inexperience of Obama was problematic, but they believed the media and, anyway, who was crazy about McCain?
No, I'm hearing MANY Liberals are jumping ship.
There are a lot of bloggers switching..Sue started calling her blog "Lib No More"..I didn't see a lot of Pro Conservative writing by her there but clearly something had changed her mind...Matt Rose wrote an amazing piece about his regret he voted for Obama, etc. I admire them their honesty. I hope more and more young people come out of that stifling leftwinger closet which prohibits their speaking their minds.

Check out Average American's blog, great videos.

shoprat said...

Snopes is a reliable source as long as long as the content is neither political nor religious. In which case they have a clear bias.

He is only interested in what will increase his personal power. Nothing else matters.

Ducky's here said...

As for the Chinese deal, I'm asking for INPUT, Ducky. I hope to find more information but I'm sure the media'll cover that up, too.


I'm sorry. z but to even consider the idea of selling the B-2 plans for something as trivial as 50 billion (what would that solve?) is silly.

There are a lot of sites out there, now that people get most of their "news" from internet rumor sites that just throw this stuff out there to get a few hits.

FrogBurger said...

Wouldn't selling this stuff be treason if it was a regular administration employee selling this stuff?

Even if the technology is old, it sure has valuable components that Chinese will be able to reverse engineer to improve on.

The guy really is working against the USA.

It's incredible.

I'm starting to think this guy is going to have to be impeached at some point. Am I crazy here?

Ducky's here said...

Yes Froggy, there is no way that revolutionary sister Pelosi would ever let an impeachment hearing get started in the House.

We have that under control.

FrogBurger said...

Thanks puky for your reply, which adds nothing as usual. I'm still waiting specific answers on my specific questions to you.

HoosierArmyMom said...

Charles Krauthammer hit the nail on the head... Obama was elected on the coattails of "Bush Derangement Syndrome" or the I hate Bush mindset.
Many blindly voted for Obama because they wanted to undo Bush. His poll numbers are sinking fast.

Z said...

HAM....that's the ONLY reason Obama got elected. There aren't enough dopes in AMerica to have ignored his past, his lack of experience, etc., to have elected him in any other way.
Plus, the media, of course. IMagine a media who's keeping mute on the fact that he DID say "one payer system" in 2003 ON VIDEO? Or that there is NO FREAKING WAY we can 'keep our private insurance if we like it'? NO NO WAY, and nobody demands the truth. Or that his one week vacation's costing between $34 and 50 THOUSAND dollars? Where's the media on THAT? Imagine if Bush did it!!!! :-)

Yes, they voted for "anything but Bush"....and the country may never recover because people actually got so irrational...Mind you, McCain isn't MY choice of a candidate, either, but OBAMA?
If any rational person sat down and wrote a list of things that were in his favor to be president, there wouldn't be anything ON it, come to think of it.

Chuck said...

Ducky, I read your comment on the US health care system and how many people leave the US for treatment. Stick to what you know.

I notice you do not talk about how many people come to the US for health care, there are far more coming in than going out. Typically if they do leave it is not for better care, it is for experimental care that is unproven and maybe unsafe. To be fair we do need to do a better job of getting these treatments to market but I have not heard your Obamessiah talking much about that. For a good article on patients coming to the US, read this:

You rattle on and on about us getting info from far right, untrustworthy sites. This is an article in a liberal newspaper.

The left likes to toss around stats like life-expectancy, infant mortality rates, etc to prove their point. These are not good numbers to use IMHO.

-Infant mortality rates are skewed in the US because we have too many mothers that are lazy and do not go out and get prenatal care that is free and widely available to them. The service is there and was there before your Obamessiah came along to deliver us from the health care wilderness, they just don't go out and get it. We have developed such a nanny state mentality in this country that we will likely need to provide transportation for these people to get them to do the prenatal care.

-We have a higher rate of automobile use and miles driven than most countries, thus car accidents, effecting mortality rates.

-We have a higher rate of crime and death by weapons than a lot of countries. Before you start on gun control, realize that most of this violence stems from a disproportionally high rate of single parent households, poor graduation rates, and high unemployment rates in the inner cities which in turn stems from the failed "war on poverty" waged by the left. That's a discussion for another time.

-We have high rates of smoking, obesity, alcoholism, and drug abuse. We have a population that has gotten away from physical labor and walking due to advances in technology. Contrary to popular belief, these are not truly health care issues as much as societal. To some extent health care can assist with these issues but cannot, and should not, solve them.

-Our diet consists of junk food and fast food. Again something health care can assist with but not solve, except in the nanny state you pine for.

-Finally, last but not least, illegals. I realize you on the left want to welcome all and let us pay for anyone breaking the law simply by being here but they are killing our system. You mentioned hospitals closing, a lot of them are closing due to the care of illegals. ERs in the Southwest are closing because caring for illegals has bankrupted them.

As far as costs per person, which you mentioned. This is not a symptom of a bad health care system but a mark of success. We have become victims of our success in that we have developed to such a technological level that people who would have died 30 years ago, and still do die in most of the rest of the world, now live. It costs more to keep these people alive. I realize that your Obamessiah wants to let these people die but I would prefer to make that decision for my parents myself.

I live this everyday at work. You can dispute any of this that you want but unless you actually work with it, don't bore me.

Chuck said...

sorry about the oong post Z, struck a nerve

Z said...

Chuck, thanks for all of's good to read your input because you DO KNOW.
I had to laugh at the notion of significant (or even insignificant) amounts of Americans leaving the States because of better healthcare elsewhere.
Americans are leaving to get untried, wierd experimental stuff, possibly...and cheaper Mexican medical assistance but I wouldn't put MY life in Mexico's hands, with little supervision and oversight! Man.
Imagine, in comparison to the MANY who come here because the care is so excellent.

But, it won't be in 5 years; doctors will be quitting, we won't have the money for the significant research and development that's put America (and Germany) on the map for medical breakthroughs in meds and procedures, we'll have run of the mill assembly line medical care like in the cheapest, least competent clinics in our (and others') land.