Saturday, August 29, 2009

Super Posts at Mike's America and G-Man's

Beware Obama's September Surprise.................Excellent thinking there on Mike's part....Options on Obama's part which should give you pause about how he might be hoping to jump start his sinking approval numbers. I'd read it if I were you! Here's the LINK. It's quite an eye-opener. Be prepared.
UPDATE: I just saw G-Man's HERE. He makes the excellent point that leftwingers said they supported our troops but not Bush's war while Bush was president. Why aren't they out there supporting troops now that it's Obama's war and we're losing more than usual of our precious soldiers in Afghanistan, asks G-Man much more eloquently than I just did. Here's MY addition to this situation: Remember when we all heard Cindy Sheehan was definitely going to Martha's Vineyard to protest like she did at Crawford, TX with Bush? Let me know if you find anything... I can't. She must have been 'dissuaded', huh? WOW. This WH is very powerful, folks.....


Always On Watch said...

I saw Mike's post very early this morning.

Yes, it's important!

Always On Watch said...

BHO may have set the stage for his comeback today with his eulogy at Ted Kennedy's funeral.

Anonymous said...

Insofar that the left holds the non-elite American citizen in such disdain, hopefully, the left will undo itself. Since they "know what is best" for everyone (except themselves who are exempt from their own policies concerning health care (Congress), environmental responsibility (Al Gore, Nancy Pelosi, etc.), wealth re-distribution (how much will Teddie leave for the poor from his estate?), and on and on. I am betting that the advantage lies with us. They are underestimating the tea parties, the outrage that will accompany any enlightenment that is allowed among the public concerning "cap and trade" and other issues. An enlightened people is only a free people if it takes the necessary steps to remain free.

Michael G. Miller

Z said...

I only caught the last bit of Obama's eulogy but felt it odd and scary when he told the apparently 'cute' story about how Kennedy had brought great TX cigars to a negotiation with a TX Senator and how he pulled those cigars back every time things weren't going in his direction,and pushed them toward the other senator when they were going in Ted's direction.....

Always...regarding BHO trying to stage a comeback today, I'd said this in a comment on my post below:

"It said a lot that Obama would pick THAT STORY to best illustrated Kennedy's legislative modus operundi...kind of telling....kind of like the stimulus package and all the ways he's paying back supporters..."I'll give YOU something, if.."

Chicago and Boston politics suddenly seemed so cozy. "

I stick to that...some Americans will not see the point, others will find it charming (and who can blame them?), others will understand that this kind of tit for tat "luring with goodies" negotiation is EXACTLY what drives Obama and the rest of the far left, like Kennedy.

christian soldier said...

speaking of our troops-just posted four-KIA-August 25 09

the 'appeaser' always endangers our BEST>>>

Joe said...

I don't know what the "September Surprise" is, but the Senate is pushing through S773 to give the WH the power to disconnect private-sector computers from the Internet.

You can read about it at Jo-Joe Politico.

G-Man said...

Thanks for the plug Z. I know I shouldn't be amazed a the hypocrisy of the left because "democrat" and "hypocrite" are synonyms after all, but it is just so hard to not be incredulous.

Z said...

You'll read more about it HERE very soon, Joe.....Priscilla's writing about it... are so welcome, and you are SO right.

RightKlik said...

The left isn't committed to any principles...only to the state.
That's why they completely change their tune every time the White House is transfered from the Dems to the GOP or vice versa.

FrogBurger said...

Article on s773

This is so bogus. If there's an attack, they know what the attackers are attacking. If it's gov computers, then shut down the gov network, not the whole thing.

I'm sure the idiots who wrote the bill can't even use a mouse.

Another proof of gov incompetence regarding IT.

Average American said...

Thanks for the links to G-man and Mikes Z. Both nice blogs.

The only way NObama could stage much of a comeback would be to shift way over to the center and he is NOT about to do that. He is in for a long (3 1/3 years) and painful political death.

The left is in serious trouble. They just don't know it yet. They are making a huge mistake when they dismiss these town hall critics as fringe. One of the first rules of warfare is to "KNOW YOUR ENEMY" and they don't! This will bite them in the ass!

Z said...

Ya, Average....nice blogs.
G-Man let me know his if he needs to! what a super guy he is.
Like you, Average..I'm so glad you're commenting here again. You must have been busy there a few months and I missed you particularly! You've been a great supporter since early days....thanks, friend.