Friday, August 7, 2009

More soldiers are dying..........

Please don't forget our soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan; It seems like the number of deaths is picking up. Please pray.............who deserves it more?



FrogBurger said...

It's a good reminder because most media, including Fox, don't report on that anymore.

G-Man said...

Of course there are more dying. They are serving under a liberal CiC. Liberals have less concern for them than they do for the troops' adversaries. That's why they always saddle the troops with such assinine RoE's (Rules of Engagement). As I've mentioned before I've served under 4 CiC's. Two of them were liberals (Carter & Clinton) and the difference was stark! While serving under Mr. Reagan, we trained hard and often. I was in an armored unit. We practically lived in our tanks. While serving under Clinton I was in a different tank unit. We were limited and could only move our tanks a grand total of 1 mile per year. A large part of that mile was taken up with just moving them forward to sweep under them and then back into place.

I normally am very supportive of young folks entering the service, but since Bammy has ascended the throne, I've been actively trying to dissuade them from serving. We've sacrificed enough conservative children at the altars of liberal folly. It's time for their self-centered youth to pony up and serve for a change.

I know that sounds harsh, but that's the mood I happen to be in.

Anonymous said...

I never forget them, as most who come here. Unfortunately the media does. The President himself seldom mentions them.

Bush was so engaged with them and so involved. One wonders if Obama even knows what they're doing, or how they're doing? He's on a perennial campaign.

He's more concerned with we Americans who are challenging his plans here at home. We, the American people, are his problem, not brave young Americans who are fighting and dying for this country.


Average American said...

It sucked being in uniform with Johnson as the CIC too. Idiot didn't know whether to shit or get off the pot. And try eating frigging c-rations that were almost 20 years old. Now THAT takes a cast iron stomach. All because they were to cheap to throw the bastards away.

Law and Order Teacher said...

Average American speaks the truth. I remember the cigarettes in the C-rations were so hard they really were coffin nails. I was in under Nixon/Ford.

My complaint was that we were still not allowed to win. The whole war was marked by bad leadership.

I'm still pissed that Ford pardoned the new Canadian citizens who didn't want to be in the war.

I don't have a problem if you don't want to be in the military. I have a problem if you leave the country.

Beth said...

Their families who don't get to see them and I'm sure are constantly worried for their safety also deserve our prayers. They, too, are making sacrifices.

It makes me sick to know how little our president cares for the well-being of our military.

DaBlade said...

You're right Z. Nobody deserves our prayers more than the young men and women serving in our military, especially those in harm's way in Obama's wars.

Anonymous said...

The real shame is that their new CIC has no desire at all to actually WIN in Afghanistan. His party will be strengthened the higher the American body count goes.

His objective is to make the American people sick of war, not defeat the Taliban.

Anonymous said...

btw - I wonder if Obama's new military commander knows how to play Go and has an aversion to chess?

Because the game in Afghanistan is Go, NOT chess.

cube said...

We don't forget them. I feel sorry that they are serving under this self-serving liberal administration. I believe G-Man & Average American are spot on with their analysis.

G-Man said...

Ah C-Rats... I had quite forgotten the joys of multi-week long bouts of constipation. Now you have me feeling all nostalic. LOL!

christian soldier said...

Weakness always sounds the death knell for our BEST..
And do we ever have WEAKNESS in the gov. now...

Anonymous said...

My dad was in the military during the Eishenhower, Kennedy,Johnson years, Nixon, Ford and Carter.

My husband came in during Nixon, and stayed through the first president Bush.

And boy , did the Viet Nam thing get worse, with all the people who ran that show. PC ism started really running amok then, in the military.

Yes, our military do deserve better.
And I just read that Mr. Obama is going to set up some tests for progress in Afghanistan,. which is starting to worry some of his fellow Democrats.

And I especially do not like Madame Hillary running around talking about America joining the international court, either.


Z said...

WV.."set up tests"? the man is an imbecile, with no military background, no management background, and no understanding of righteous war. MAn, are we SO in trouble.

International court, huh? know what that means : America on her knees. Typical leftwinger rubbish.
God help us all.