Sunday, August 9, 2009

Town Call Meetings? ANGRY MOBS for HealthScare

I watched one of California's congresswomen, Diane Watson, on television this morning. She's having PHONE TOWNHALL MEETINGS because, as she puts it, "we'll reach 40,000 people." You think that's the reason, folks?

And, though she was asked "Do you think those people are angry MOBS?" (see picture below for one very angry mob member) she was afraid to really answer but did say that they're uncivil and shouting over the speakers. She said "You've shown that on your show..." It's so obvious that the people in those crowds, Right and Left wing representatives, are asking civil and careful questions but getting answers they feel are not truthful. THEN what does a crowd of people do to get the truth? Yes, they have to speak up, it's only fair to demand the truth. These are people who are well aware of the "fishy" things the WH doesn't want them to know and, boy, our politicians just can't take the challenge.

This is the White House Memo: TELL AMERICA THOSE TOWNHALL NUTS WON'T LET US SPEAK, they're just unruly nuts who need to be quieted. No, we'll let you speak. Just tell us the truth. Read the bill. Stop telling us private insurance can be retained, start telling us about rationing, explain the big HURRY!, etc etc. Tell the TRUTH, folks.
Sure, you won't get your bill if you do, but that's DEMOCRACY; The Truth shall set us ALL Free.



Opus #6 said...

Phone town halls. They are running SO scared. I hope they think twice before they decide to foist this monstrosity onto the American public.

Pat Jenkins said...

amazing how civility only finds itself backing liberalism....hmmm.... did you call in z?

David Schantz said...


Great post. I hope everyone has or will call their elected officials to let them know we don't need or want the monstrous health care bill they've been working on passed.

God Bless America, God Save The Republic.

Anonymous said...

As long as the dems stick to the same old talking points, they'll be shouted down. They think if they keep repeating the same old claptrap we'll accept it.

Not once have I heard any of them say, "we hear your concerns, and I believe we have to consider changing our plans. We hear you're concerned about the cost, and more, we know you're concerned about losing your freedom, and you have a right to be angry".

But no, they keep on trying to sell this snake oil, and then stupidly, attack the American people by calling us names, and stupidly, the WH has a "snitch" blog.

Finally, they send out their union and ACORN thugs to intimidate everyday citizens. Wow, that ought to get them votes huh?
Hugo Chavez has nothing on this White House.

What cowards these politicians are. Well, we aren't cowards, we're Americans, and insist on having our rights observed, and some respect for our right to redress and free speech, no matter if it makes some uncomfortable.


Z said...

Check the video Right Klik found.....
THAT will show Americans that it's NOT the 'angry mobs' we need to be wary of.

See what the guy does?...see how he puts it back on the crowd? He looks so scared that he can't answer their questions that he'll do ANYTHING to deflect and hedge and run. And belittle.

What is GOING ON?

FrogBurger said...

If they know people don't want it and they pass it, then they can expect to get a huge kick in the bootie at the next election. That would be such a poor miscalculation.

I've been reading the bill and the bureaucracy put in place is atrocious. In addition, they talk about standards that are not defined yet.

The other things: small businesses will suffer tremendously from it.

Anonymous said...

Frogburger -
Yes, they were going to pass a bill early on, not only that they had not read, but that as Pelosi said at the time, "we'll add the details later".

They're playing fast and loose with our lives, and don't care. Government control is what they're after and to hell with the people. It's never been more obvious.

As I told a staffer in Boxer's office, we're getting steamrolled and we know it. And that's why the folks are angry. Our concerns don't matter.

Once we accept that, there's not really a reason to expect us to be "civil", and compliant. The steamroller's been slowed down, and given us time to see what's going on.

They've overplayed their hand, but this isn't a game, it's our lives and our children's and grandchildren's lives, they're playing with. And, they don't care.


FrogBurger said...

Love the video. And love how the local network handles it.

Z said...

FB, that was pretty surprising. I doubt if our local TV here would have even covered it.

FrogBurger said...

Those representatives are lousy jerks. I'm glad they're starting to freak out.

If they're treating a guy that was asking a question calmly and politely like that, then they're pathetic human beings with no real talking points and no courage.

Z said...

But, FrogBurger, it takes quite some imagination to call these people ANGRY MOBS and other names just because they're asking questions, doesn't it!
THEY are the ones who want to sit and reasonably discuss the points, one by one, it looks like the representatives are not.

FrogBurger said...

They seem to forget who pays their salary and who's going to pay their sweet special healthcare system while we get the crumbs.

David Schantz said...

I thought the Doctor with the health care question acted very civil. Congressman David Scott should be remembered for his behavior when he comes up for reelection. It is very obvious that he has forgotten who is supposed to be working for.

God Bless America, God Save The Republic.

FrogBurger said...

I sent him an email to remind him who was paying for his big fat paychecks, the Congress jets and their very special healthcare.

Joe said...

The video shows how angry the reps are. Also that they do not care one whit what the people think. They're going ahead with their agenda regardless.

Law and Order Teacher said...

If I don't like my food in a restaurant I send it back. I don't like what most of these congress members are doing and they need to be sent back.

If I have to yell to get attention I'll yell. The American people are yelling to let these people know that we are not going to accept this boondoggle without a fight.

The arrogance of Congress people is breathtaking. How dare we ask them to listen to us.
This congressman is not out of the ordinary and that should scare us to death.

Where did our country go?

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

Pris wrote:

Not once have I heard any of them say, "we hear your concerns, and I believe we have to consider changing our plans. We hear you're concerned about the cost, and more, we know you're concerned about losing your freedom, and you have a right to be angry".

Well, that would actually entail working for the voters, rather than the other way around, and listening and representing their concerns, rather than pushing a Party propaganda/agenda.

(((Thought Criminal))) said...

Sen. Claire McCaskill's town hall meeting here in St. Louis has been cancelled "safety issues."

I guess the SEIU thugs bit off more than they could chew shoving people around and denying entrance to non-union members at the last one.

People around here are pissed.

(((Thought Criminal))) said...

really pissed

Average American said...

Senator Shaheen from New Hampshire had a teletown meeting too. They called the day before and I said yes I would like to be part of it. It was scheduled for 6:10 until 7:10 and they would call when the time came. I left my bar early to be there next to the phone and waited until 6:30 when they finally called. I pushed the buttons as directed for those that wanted to speak. Every person that spoke was asked "Please repeat your question." They were ALL prescreened before they were allowed to speak, which by the way I never got the chance. What a pussy way to interact with your constituents! To add insult to injury, the bitch had to leave the phone to staff members several times so she could go vote so half the questions weren't even addressed by her. It was SICKENING!! As you can guess, there were NO tough questions.

Always On Watch said...

I see that you've put that nice graphic at the top of your sidebar.

I need to get mine up too. No time lately. **sigh**

Maggie Thornton said...

"Shouting over the speaker" - oooohhhhh that won't do, will it? How do they get their lies out when the truth won't leave the air.

If constitutients do not get loud, we don't get heard.

Now the White House is installing their OIA, I think it is, in every state??? Right from the White House they are installing offices to organize people to get in our face. Amazing.

Thanks for this Z.

Z said...

Beamish: Gladney's signing autographs? What is with THAT? Can't wait to hear CNN on that "And the Conservatives are getting autographs from the guy beaten"....I don't know, that worries me a bit.

UNBELIEVABLE stories: canceled, phone mtgs staged, questions beforehand; is that the best they can DO?

THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU JUST CAN'T ANSWER THE either don't KNOW the truth, or you're plain lying and you know your constituents are onto you.

Ducky's here said...

Jonah Goldberg finally got one right. Well, you know what they say about the sun and a dogs behind.

I was reading Jonah's column over coffee and after he finished accusing Pelosi of gross deception for stating that the crowds are using Nazi iconography (multiple photos ARE easily available) on occasion, he states "People don't like what they are hearing about this health plan".

And that's it, isn't it? What they are hearing and that's certainly limited by the town meeting shout downs. I'm sure that hearing that critical health decisions are going to be made by an Obama appointed "death board" has some of them going.
Those that aren't completely insane are upset that they heard they must transfer to the public option if their employer provided plan increases its premiums. Also a complete misreading of a clause that doesn't apply to employer supplied plans.

The fact that Rahm Emmanuel went into the tank for Billy Tauzin and the drug companies doesn't seem to be getting as much play.

But that's it, "People don't like what they are hearing". And as long as we keep the town meeting disruptions and Klondike Barbie and the rest in the news there isn't going to be much truth going around. Meanwhile we absolutely need to contain costs and have made absolutely no progress.

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute, wasn't it Rahm Emanuel who said that anybody whose name appeared on a "suspected" terrorist list would be placed on a "no fly list" and would also be prevented from owning firearms. The operative word here is "suspected", IMO.

Now that the public is being encouraged by the powers of the state to report friends, neighbors and family, who don't support the government propaganda for its health care plan, as being "fishy" and their names will be recorded for future purposes, I think. What are the chances of those "fishy" folks somehow ending up on the "suspected" terrorist list that Rahm Emanuel is keeping, as we speak — and having their rights violated by the state?


Ducky's here said...

Waylon, what does that no sequitor have to do with the fact that Emmanuel sold you out to Billy Tauzin and the drug industry?

Also, is it possible for a right winger to carry on an extended thought without bringing up their popguns

Anonymous said...

Here's how it worked on the medicareRX program, Ducky. Mr. Pris and I opposed that new spending program, and did not want to accept the medicareRX.

We have a supplemental insurance policy as part of his retirement package, and we pay a little over half the cost of that supplement, the company pays the balance.

Mr. Pris's former employer informed us we had to accept medicareRX or our supplemental insurance policy would be canceled. Period.

See, Ducky? Short and sweet. Use it or lose it!

Now, if you think if government healthcare goes into effect, that companies all over the country, won't cancel their insurance coverage for employees and leave millions with no other option but government healthcare, you're either a dreamer, or downright stupid.

Tort reform would be a good start in cutting costs. Funny, the administraton has nixed that out of hand. In fact, cutting bureaucracy, not adding to it, would cut costs too.

How you can consider a 1000 page bill full of layers of bureaucracy, a way to contain costs, is the insanity Ducky, not citizens who know they're being taken for a ride, big time!

The biggest cost of all? Freedom of choice, autonomy of free citizens. I thought you lefties believed in freedom of choice, no?

I guess that only applies to killing babies.


Z said...

Ducky, you're just falling apart.

If any Conservative used a symbol, they should be KICKED OUT, GET IT? Conservatives DO NOT advocate use of NAZI symbols.

The swastika thing with pelosi was hilarious because the one in question (photos available) had a line through it...that means NO to Swastikas, GET IT?

What's the use...keep trying, it's getting rather cute..
enjoy your coffee.

Oh, by the way, see FrogBurger's video

Ya, I recognized the beating as SEIU members beating up on a Black guy who's injured now. Ya, a Black Conservative beaten for being at a townhall gathering differing with THE ONE.
Yup...SEIU says it's a "reverend from a local Baptist church"...Um. NO, it's Gladney on the ground kicked by SEIU members.
Nice try.

Anonymous said...

How much did he pay, Ducky? Does Rahm Emanuel have a price?

You don't think there is a logical connection between keeping a list of suspected terrorists and the keeping of a list of "fishy" friends and family?


Z said...

Ducky, what part of Waylon's comment is so troublesome to you?
WHY are you so angry? YOU ARE WINNING, America is falling apart and will continue to do so;
I was going to say "You won't have to worry about the founding fathers and their amazing dream that was met until communists got here", but they're taking "founding fathers" out of the lexicon in schools now so no woman's offended, thanks, leftwingers...that'll be a real help.
The more confused our kids are, the better you like it. Who else would vote for socialism but a bunch of confused people with no understanding of the law, the constitution or human nature?

Pris...thanks. I'm emailing you about your comment.

Z said...

Waylon, get this: the WH is saying they won't keep "fishy" peoples' email addresses and now we're finding out it's the LAW THAT THEY KEEP THEM. THE LAW. Some senators are asking "How are they going to get around that!?" Stay tuned.

Ducky's here said...

Pris, the deal with pharma blocked any cost cutting measures.

What does your form of coverage have to do with that?

Is it possible for a right winger to admit that we need to reduce costs in America or it is going to cause severe problems?

Ducky's here said...

America is falling apart and will continue to do so


That is correct, z. Not that it brings me pleasure but the infection is so deep that we just need to have a good purge and rise from the ashes.
Something a little better, I hope because we have sure lost our way in a self important sense of entitlement.

Z said...


That "sense of entitlement" has brought more good to us and the world than any other country's, Ducky. I pity you.

Ducky's here said...

Tort reform. Stop it z, even the Wall Street Journal, the organ of the Communist Party, has repeatedly printed stories indicating tort reform isn't going to resolve more than a couple percentage points of cost.

It's a non issue and why would the insurance companies reduce doctors premiums. The companies are making massive amounts of money now (and there are only a couple of them, no competition) so how are premiums going to come down unless the government forces them down?

Or would you rather deny citizens remedy in court with artificial limits rather in order to maintain insurance company profits?

Tort reform is a joke. Just a magic wand that the indoctrinated who believe "America has brought more good to the world than any other country" like to try to wave rather than dealing with the issue of insurance companies gaming the system.

Always On Watch said...

I left you a message on the posting above this one.

Tort reform is a joke.

My GYN, whom I saw today, would disagree with you. He has to pay $100,000 every year now for malpractice insurance. Oh, and he's a Dem, BTW.

Anonymous said...

Ducky, fear of medical malpractice lawsuits IMO, is one reason doctors require so many tests. They have to do whatever they can to protect themselves. The cost of that insurance must be prohibitive, and is part of our cost too.

In fact, that's how John Edwards became a multi-millionaire. He was nothing more than an ambulance chaser.

If there's a doctor in the GEEEZ! house, please correct me if I'm off base.

We live in a litigious society full of people who sue at the drop of a hat. In many cases it's unwarranted, but juries award monetary awards to plaintiffs like it's free money, and we all pay for it.

I didn't say it's the be all and end all solution, however your doctor is not there to make you rich by way of a frivolous lawsuit. I said it would be a good start.

I notice you ignored my point that more layers of bureaucracy adds to cost. It's called overhead.

BTW, if you can't read my previous post, and understand it, that's your problem. It seems perfectly clear to me.

I'm not a fan of having insurance at all. It has done nothing but inhibit free market competition, and add a layer of cost to healthcare.

However insurance companies run a business. They sell insurance. Profits are part of that. Nothing is free. Nothing.

Z, I look forward to your e-mail.


Anonymous said...

AOW, thanks for that. Your timing is perfect.


Z said...

Ducky, STOP.

Tort reform is not a may not save enough money to make a dent, but you don't really think taxing all of us will pay for HealthScare, do you? That's been proven to not be true, too.

Why do you have to get SO UGLY here? Just talk, just give facts....nobody agrees with you and nobody wants to the way you talk.

By the way, funny about Stephen Hawkings. Of course he'd have no problem in ANY country with socialized healthcare...He can afford Harley Street or that country's equivalent. Sadly, we probably won't be ALLOWED to have a Harley Street for OUR people...

Average American said...

If the frigging government thinks they absolutely HAVE to control some insurance, let them run/pay for the medical malpractice insurance. Maybe THAT will force them to embrace torte reform. That's a potential $200 BILLION savings a year. That is $2 TRILLION over the infamous 10 year plan that NObama is spewing forth! Use the savings to cover the rest of the poor kids, BUT, STILL SEND THE ILLEGALS BACK HOME!!!!!

Susannah said...

I admit...I was (& am) part of the angry MOB. You may as well include my 12, 10 & 6 year olds too. They were there with me. Wonder what kind of bail will be set for a 6 year old little girl to get out of the klink?