Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Hillary and Bill.............

So Bill got the two American female journalists out of N. Korea. GOOD for good ol' Bill, huh? You think Hillary's feeling that way, too?


Mark said...

The first thing I thought of when I heard this is this:

I wonder what Clinton offered in return. Remember how he sold North Korea the technology that enabled them to hit their targets more accurately?

Just what did he promise America would give up?

If he did it without selling America down the river, good for him. If it turns out it was an outstanding piece of negotiation, I will give him the proper credit. But I will withhold my verdict until we know more about it.

I just wonder if we will ever know what kind of deal he struck?

Z said...

Cheer up, Mark...maybe he gave them obama. :-)

windypoo said...

Indeed, this was a TRADE not a negotiation. Knowing Bill, he offered them Hill'ry. =)

Opus #6 said...

This is good news for the two ladies and their families.

christian soldier said...

name of the game is oppression and shame ...
the nation that pays it is lost...

I'm glad the two were returned...
At what cost?

Anonymous said...

"Cheer up, Mark...maybe he gave them obama. :-)"

Now Z, that's funny!

Seriously, if North Korea got anything for this, which I can't believe they didn't, bargaining with the Devil is never wise. It's like making a deal with terrorists.

I'm happy for those two girls and their families, but when it comes to world affairs, and adversaries, two people in the scheme of things, are not important.

They were hostages, and it cost Kim Jung IL nothing. If nothing else, it gave him a propaganda victory. He put one over on the United States, and we fell for it.

It's a bad signal to the world, that this administration is a pushover, and invites more of the same.

What's next negotiations with the butchers of Iran, to get three stupid American hikers out who refused to listen to border guards' warnings in the Kurdish territory of Iraq?


The Lightning Man said...

Hillary's had Bill cut off from her "womanly charms" so he gets back at her by coming to the rescue. He probably hit on those two the entire flight home, asking for a lil' Asian Mile High 3-way. Remember, he feels your pain.

JINGOIST said...

...and if Bill had "rescued" you ANYTHING, would you ride back with him in his plane?

DaBlade said...

I'm happy for the girls also -except for that plane ride home :) Good one JING. I do give Clinton credit and thought it took some cahones to march into NK. I never thought I'd miss the Clinton presidency, neutered by a Republican House of course.

Always On Watch said...

I can't imagine that Hillary is thrilled. Bill eclipsed her thunder on this one.

Always On Watch said...

Lightning Man said, Hillary's had Bill cut off from her "womanly charms"...

Hillary has womanly charms? Who knew?

RaDena said...

I too, wonder what Clinton offered in return, but I'm glad the two ladies are finally free, and I can't help wondering why Hillary wasn't the one who went over there.

Now that little creep has his picture splattered all over the world with him standing by Clinton and trying to look all benevolent when he doesn't give a tinker's da*n about human rights. I wonder what the fact that we do care about human rights is going to cost us and if we'll ever know?

MK said...

What i'd like to know is, what did he given in exchange for them.

Mark said...

I'd rather have four more years of Clinton than 1 more day of Obama.

At least, between dalliances, he got some positive things done.

uh...I can't think of any at the moment, but he's still better than Obama.

Tom said...

What did Bill give in return for the return of the two journalists?

Pris pretty well got it.

1) A photo op for the North Koreans.
2) The propaganda opportunity that legitimizes the North Korean government.
3) Bill apologized to the North Koreans for the women. (which just weakens any future US negotiations with North Korea).
4) Shows that the current Secretary of State and the Administration is weak and impotent on the international stage. Bill is now a private citizen, and has no official standing.

Yeas, I happy the women were released, but I'm concerned with the fallout.

My Sarcastic Opinion said...

These people that wander on to these borders of these dictatorship regimes and get caught are always these starry eyed liberals.
And when they get caught, it costs us plenty.
In this case, who know how much it cost us?

My Sarcastic Opinion said...

I just blogged on this very subject..

El Cerdo Ignatius said...

If Tom is correct about what was given up for the release of these two women from North Korea, then it was a fair trade.

1) A photo-op for Kim Jong-Il is of no value to him outside his borders. His adversaries already know BS when they see it. His friends - if he has any - might be impressed, but so may be his inflatable wife. Within North Korea, it makes no difference. It is not as if Kim's (and his party's) grip on power is failing.

2) Every day is a new day for propaganda in North Korea. I don't like the idea of giving them legitimacy either, but neither the giving of it or the withholding of it is likely to influence their behaviour.

3) Bill Clinton's apologizing for the women is unseemly. It's too bad NK would not have settled for an expression of "regret" that these two ladies had wandered into their country without authorization. But apologizing to other countries is what liberal Democrats do (cf. Obama, Barack H.).

4) The current Secretary of State, like most of them, is indeed weak on the international stage. But Clinton is no ordinary private citizen - he's the former president. Having a former president visit a dictator over tea to secure the release of Americans seems to be a reasonable occupation, provided they don't do it so often as to cheapen the currency.

Bottom line is I don't think the fallout, whatever it is, makes the situation in North Korea any worse than it was. On that basis, as much as it goes against my usual habit to say such things, I say good work and well done, President Clinton.

Z said...

Well, I might be unpopular here today, but if Clinton got ME out of a place led by the "supreme leader" who'd ruled that I'd be serving TWELVE YEARS HARD LABOR, I'd have been MORE than glad to travel back on Clinton's plane! In fact (those of you with weak stomachs, don't read this: I saw them shaking hands with him as they boarded and I said "if he got ME out of N Korea and the twelve years of hard labor camp, I'd have been kissing his feet"....eeooo, that even hurts MY stomach by the light of morning!!! but...)!!

It's VERY good news those two were freed but we have to STOP leftwinger journalists who want their first Pulitzer from putting us ALL in jeopardy via what we might do to have to get them out.

That group picture of Clinton sitting near Kim Jung (very) Ill.."SAY NUKES...SMILE!" does Kim a lot of good....and makes us, the country he's constantly threatening to annihilate look like a weak loony country with no teeth. Well, let's face it, it started looking like that when Bush was voted out by the "Peace is Patriotic" dopes.

Always hit it on the head with what I was trying to get to here...I'm surprised more of you didn't, or is it too obvious to comment on?
HILLARY is Sec of State...and her husband SAVES THE DAY? Think there will be a "Hillary was the one working behind the scenes" announcement?

naaa..obama can't give her THAT much. No.

The G-man said...

I think this whole thing is very interesting. These two "journalists" are the left's equivalent to the right's military veterans. These are their heroes... These and those green peace anti-whaling wingnuts (that couldn't pour piss out of a boot if the instructions were printed on the heel).

Sometime ago I blogged about a request for aid for a wounded cavalryman from my old unit that had lost both legs in Iraq. Some liberal turd showed up in the comments, asking why the soldier was not taking responsibility for his own predicament because he had decided to put himself in harm's way.

If that's where the bar is set, then why are these two "journalists" not still rotting away in some North Korean gulag and getting a preview of where Obama wants to take this country? I mean they decided to cross the border into North Korea, why are we making concessions with terrorist regimes to haul their stupid asses out of a predicament that they put themselves into?

On another note, did you notice how Clinton was paying more attention to the cuter of the two gals?

Ducky's here said...

I wonder what Clinton offered in return. Remember how he sold North Korea the technology that enabled them to hit their targets more accurately?


No I don't, mark. I do remember that the right wing aluminum hat crew said that about China but maybe the right doesn't realize there's a difference.

Anyway, kudos to Big Dawg for making John Bolton look like a putz --- again.

FrogBurger said...

"Anyway, kudos to Big Dawg for making John Bolton look like a putz --- again."

Ducky you need to go see a shrink. You could have said kudos to Clinton and that's it. But no, you have to make someone feel bad.

I told you: keep your self loathing and pathological "leftism" away from us. It makes me want to throw up

shoprat said...

I am not sorry that they are coming back. I just hope Clinton remained a gentleman. If he gave them anything it is curious that he had anything to give them.

Anonymous said...

I can imagine how Pimp Willie handled it on the plane coming back.
"yeah, ladies. Bill do for you. Now you gonna do for Bill."

Jungle Mom said...
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Anonymous said...

Not to be too cynical about this, but if those two journalists worked for an Al Gore publication and just happened to wander across the border into North Korea, it took Bill Clinton to ride in on his white horse to rescue them. Sounds a bit concocted to me. Next they'll be saying that Kim Jong ILL and North Korea deserve a spot a the table of nations of the world.

That this just happened again in Iran is a bit much, IMO. Who will rescue them from Iran, Hillary, I guess. Or maybe BO can go on another world apologetics tour and be the hero there ...


Truth said...

does WWII, the Pacific War and Ling and Lee have in common?

All taken care of by a Democrat.

Come to think of it, has a Republican President ever won an American War?

beamish said...

I can imagine that conversation.

"What does he mean I'm vulgar and unintelligent? You're the one that gave him nuclear weapons!"

"C'mon now darlin, you can go give the Russians another red button trinket and still be a serious Secretary of State in your mind. Triangulate, baby."

William Jefferson Clinton, said...

Does anyone here truly believe that Bill Clinton put this deal together? Please... It was worked out long before Clinton became the chosen messenger - what we do not know is what message from Obama was delivered - and with the total lack of transparency in this Administration, we shall never know... And, in the not too distant future, this scenario will be replayed perhaps with new actors when we pay another secret ransom to the Iranians to release the latest group of "hikers".
By the way, I read that that after a couple of hours alone with klintoon, they were begging to go back to the north Koreans.

Average American said...

I was so glad to see those young ladies released. I'm sure with a good detergent and some elbow grease that they can get the stains out of their dresses.

Anonymous said...

"Come to think of it, has a Republican President ever won an American War?"

Truth -

Lincoln was a Republican. I'd say the Civil War ranks right up there at the top of the list of important victories, wouldn't you?

President Reagan was a Republican.
We won the Cold War. I'd say that ranks high on the list as well.

What possible relationship do Ling and Lee have with American wars?


Jess said...

I was thinking yesterday, "who is our Secretary of State?" maybe we have the wrong Clinton in that position?

Truth said...

Lincoln was a Republican. I'd say the Civil War ranks right up there at the top of the list of important victories, wouldn't you?

I never really thought of Americans killing Americans as a American War.

President Reagan was a Republican.
We won the Cold War. I'd say that ranks high on the list as well.

No, this was not an American War where our troops were sent into harms way. Not a shot fired or a soldier deployed.


Truth said...

My comment about Lincoln and Reagan was in no way down-playing either of these two Great American Presidents.

I know that if we had gone to War under Reagan he would have kicked ass.

Z said...

G=man...that is DISGUSTING....the guy got himself in trouble..for protecting Americans? Unbelievable, why do leftwingers think that way? Who taught them to disparage and hurt Americans?
I'll bet that leftwinger would have been the first one to scream "protect the journalists, give N. Korea ANYTHING!"

Truth, you're very confusing. Yes, if we'd gone to war under Reagan, he'd have kicked ass so hard nobody'd ever mess with us again. Today? We're pandering, appeasing and pulling out...and we're not telling illegals to get out; If WE don't honor our own country (no national language, no secure borders, paying for illegals' healthcare and schooling, etc.!!!), why SHOULD we feel they should respect us? It's stupid, really, isn't it?
Also, re: Dem Presidents and wars? I'll bet there were tons of patriotic soldiers in WWII who were Democrats. Those were the days. I'd like to know the difference in Iraq today:
First: Take the number of soldiers who say they went in to help America...
Second: Ask how many are conservatives.
It'll be a landslide, you know that.

People from both sides of the aisle did things for America in those days..they still showed they loved this country through their patriotism, work, and actions.
I long for the days of Tip O'Neal and Pat Moynihan....
Encouraging socialism in So many ways is not American. O'Neil and Moynihan must be turning in their graves.

The rest of you..thanks for coming by.

Z said...

OH, and Wm Jefferson Clinton? The ORIGINAL news stories I heard on ABC radio when they girls were freed were "This was already very far ahead in negotiations.."

After that, I haven't heard that since. I could be just in the wrong station at the wrong time, but that's not been disucssed much since.

The G-man said...

"I know that if we had gone to War under Reagan he would have kicked ass."

I served under 4 commanders in chief. Reagan was by far and without a doubt, the best.

WomanHonorThyself said...

I dont give that fool one shred of credit..bargaining with the devil!

Joe said...

I am supremely happy that these two "journalists" are home safely.

I wonder why Algore's Current News network had them there in the first place?

What is so newsworthy that a couple of female reporters are sent to a country where femalism is considered second class on a good day? Are the leaders of Current News not bright enough to have anticipated that something would go wrong?

(Oh, wait...these are of the same ilk as those who did not realize how bad the economy way when they took over...I forgot.)

Still, I smell something fishy here.

FrogBurger said...

They're bargaining with the devil b/c they have no sense of right and wrong. It's pathological in lefties. That's why they loathe human nature. Because they can't deal with their flaws so they put everybody in the same bucket, and say we're all bad therefore we must be controlled and regulated. That excuses them and their pathetic behavior.

The G-man said...

There's another interesting little tidbit... The liberals are all in here bleating about all the wars their presidents have won... Look at Reagan's skill he won the potentially most deadly war (nuclear annihilation) without even firing a shot! I thought the liberals were the party of the peace-niks... Therefore solving a matter by means of dirty nasty war should be considered failure and not success for them! I mean they had to resort to icky raw aggression.

Anonymous said...

"My comment about Lincoln and Reagan was in no way down-playing either of these two Great American Presidents.

I know that if we had gone to War under Reagan he would have kicked ass."

Truth -

I appreciate these comments and agree wholeheartedly.

I do take issue with your comment that the American
Civil War was not an American war. If not an American war, what kind of war was it?

Americans at war with each other on American soil. Of course it was an American War.


RightKlik said...

It's a big charade. Having Bill show up was just part of the show.

Z said...

G-man...thanks for your service and your comments.
You make a good point about presidents and wars; It's a media lie that Conservatives LIKE WAR and I'm sick of it and the damage that lie propagates...
But, we're having to live with more and more lies today, aren't we.

Joe...a WOMAN Muslim has been appointed MUSLIM APPEASER..Oh, sorry, I think they call it MUSLIM ENVOY ...Ya, a WOMAN as a Muslim American Envoy. YOu figure it out.
Right after we figure out why Michelle Obama's been to most every country her hubby's visited except the 3 muslim countries he was in..odd, huh?

RK..i think it was a big show, too. Imagine? Does the left think everyone's stupid?
This was negotiated beforehand ....the WH should understand thinking Americans are wondering "Wait, all it TOOK was for Mr. Wonderful Bill Clinton to go and CHAT and the girls are FREED?"
What the heck got negotiated? Do we deserve to know?
Everyone was all about TRANSPARENCY for Bush...why not NOW?

Pris, I'd have called the Civil War a uniquely AMERICAN war..soley AMERICAN, you're right, of course!

FrogBurger, you make such good sense. How we can negotiate with people who DESPISE us and have THREATENED US OPENLY is beyond me...Yet, there was ol' "Stick out the bottom jaw and SMAAAAHL real big!" was shaking hands with those who'd sooner see him dead. (and us too, it possible)...and the WORLD GOT THOSE PICTURE!

"See? You hate America, aim missiles at them, LIE to them openly....and THEY LIKE YOU!" ya.
Where IS John Bolton when we need him?