Friday, August 28, 2009

"LOVES CASTRO?" LA CONGRESSWOMAN DIANE will NOT believe what she's said

Thanks to my friend, H, who directed me to this video on The Congresswoman loves Castro, she hates the rich. She's a Democrat who says things in this video they should all be ashamed of; think they will? WOW.


Anonymous said...

Once again, wrong logic. If the president fails but his policies are wrong, it doesn't mean the country fails.

FrogBurger said...

We need to call her and reminder that she's wealthy with the salary she makes.

Tom said...

If she likes Cuba and its healthcare system, she can move on down there. And by the way, the Cuban doctors screwed up Fidel's last surgery!!

FrogBurger said...

Maybe she should go there just to go to the toilet and see if there's tp ;-)

namaste said...

good grief, z. did you actually sit through this audio? the congress woman is completely ignorant. not at all worthy of a discussion.

Z said...

I did, namaste...
I'm just hoping we're changing hearts and minds of democrats who are waking up...that's why I've got it here....but, I know what you mean. Unworthy on every level, poor woman.

ANON.....I agree. A man who's got all the wrong policies can only do us harm. His policies must be stopped so the country can succeed.

FrogBurger......good points.!!

TOM...there's just no lower level to stupid. To think the Cubans are better off on ANY level than we are is scary.

Average American said...

Do you suppose NObama liked being compared to Castro? I imagine even he might think this woman is nutso!

Anonymous said...

Do not dismiss this woman as a fringe kook who speaks for no one but herself.

There are radicals who work in the current administration who want the same thing as Fidel wanted. Power!

She,and many who are now in Washington, do not care about our health. They want to control everyone, including those in her audience who are fool enough to believe her, and this President.

Che Guevarra was a butcher, who, by all accounts loved his job. This is whom Diane Watson lauds and holds up as an example. Notice she says, "he drove out the wealthy". Uh, yes he sure did. Killing, threating, and with utter terror.

Now why would a US congresswoman even mention Che Guevarra? Is she looking for a "few good men"? And why would anyone want to drive out the wealthy, who supply work for millions of people?

Because they are influential, and likely to be a bothersome opposition. Dictators don't like competition.

Castro did it, Chavez did it, Mugabe did it, and on and on. Along with the wealth, went any prosperity, and then came destitution, and rampant poverty.

If this is the "change" which it very well could be, it would do what it always does. Leave a few elitists at the top, and everyone else in misery. Even those who believed and followed. Imagine that.

So, Diane Watson I think, is not a lone voice in this, she just said it out loud. This I think, is the dream.

Full government control of the people, with no rights except what the government says we can have, if we behave of course.

Btw, Obama has called for 9-11 to be a day of National service. Always a community organizer, never a President. Count me out Mr. Obama I have other plans.

We have to stand in their way, the grassroots movement is growing and we're not going away.


Anonymous said...

Deport Watson to Kuba...along with Pelousy, Feinstein, Boxer, Lee, Napolitano-bologna and let Schwarznegger be their governor.

They're all so totally sickening. What is it with unqualified black women in Congress anyway? There I said it...PC be damned. They're silly, ignorant and obviously totally uneducated to spout the nonsense they do on a daily basis.

Watson needs a lobotomy performed by a Cuban doctor with Fidel and Fidel light assisting.

And what is it with the fascination of Che, a mad dog coward and murderer anyway? Is it the gay beret that appeals to the ignorant?

Scags....all scags. Bring on the revolution la revolution right here in the USA with clowns like her being tossed into oblivion.

Z said...

Average, are you kidding? I think Obama would LOVe being compared to Che, Chavez AND Castro..hey, the 3 C's, huh? Absolutely..why ELSE would he be taking us down the path of socialism?

Pris..OH! YOu hit on my comment above!! Che, Castro...sure, O loves it.

WHY THE HELL (pardon me, but..) would 9/11 be about SERVICE?
If we'd ONLY been KINDER AND MORE GIVING it might not have HAPPENED? I hadn't heard about this, ARE YOU KIDDING MEEEE?

Z said...

OR, is it 9/11 is the Day of National Service so we'll FORGET muslims killed THREE FREAKING THOUSAND AMERICANS?

Oh, MAN, this ticks me SO OFF.


Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

If she actually ever listened to him, she'd know how to pronounce his last name!

eddie said...

This may be one of the most disrespectful comments made by a leader (if you want to call her that) in this country. As the son of Cuban immigrants this utterly disappoints me. First of all, she needs to educate herself. Che & Fidel met in Mexico while Fidel had already started his revolutionary group (26 pf December; what can be called a terrorist group today because they came to power and kept it through fear, terror and massive bloodshed). Fidel was never "recruited".

I will not disagree with the fact that the man is brilliant, but I will not sit around and hear her praise a ruthless dictator that stole my family's belongings, imprisoned family members and killed some of my family's closest friends. All in the name of "revolution".

If this was such a great revolution and such a great health care system, why do thousands upon thousands of Cubans risk their lives crossing the dangerous open oceans without the guarantee that they will make it safely to the greatest country in the world? Behind the iron curtain that she was not allowed to see (and probably made no effort to see) there are starving & malnourished men, women & children. Our leaders need to go beyond what they are exposed to when they visit the island.

Doing my research on this Representative, she is nothing but a power hungry racist. This is not the only time she's gone off the wall with a remark. Martin Luther King Jr (one of the most prominent if not the most prominent individual of the 21st century) must be flipping in his grave to see that this is the product of his hard work, dedication and ultimately his sacrifice! Black America needs a real leader, not these suits and clowns they have running around these days.

Z said...

Pasadena, so right!

eddie...great comment. As I said in a comment earlier, there ARE great Black Americans, why are they afraid to speak UP?

Are we so political correct we won't SURVIVE this nonsense? People BELIEVE this idiotic Congresswoman! They clapped! APPLAUDING for CASTRO??????? IN AMERICA?

eddie said...

well they do have a leader who talks sense but he is shun down on by the NAACP

Bill Cosby

While I won't agree with everything he says, he makes a lot of good points. People also paraphrase things he says and add or remove things but behind it all he speaks the truth.

LA needs to wake up, they can do better than this. There has to be Democrats better than this ignorant woman.

Worse thing about it, I can't write to her because I'm not from California! But my congresswoman Rep. Ros-Lehtinen will.

Z said...

eddie, I used to agree about Cosby but every single time he said something that gave me hope, he'd soon be on Larry King saying those same things which encouraged me and then blaming the White man at the end. EVERY single time.

People often misquote him in a way Conservatives would love to think he had said, too...for example, I heard on FOX that Cosby had condemned Obama for his remark that the cops were STUPID when his buddy Prof Gates and Crowley went at it. Then I saw the video and that was hardly the truth. He said Obama'd lived in Cambridge and so he'd understand that situation better than some (we find now that Obama had 19 unpaid parking tickets, but I digress)... No, Cosby touched on the right thing to say and then veered stupid again and the conservatives, again, applauded him unjustifiably. Ah, well.......
that's MY truth, anyway.

How I'd LOVE to have a Bill Cosby in this country with his fame, his amazing talent and humor, and who HONESTLY got that White America does NOT hate Black America! and that we all want the best for our kids and our country and blaming or condemning from EITHER SIDE doesn't help.

It's important that I add add that he DID speak loudly against Ebonics and was roundly condemned by that bunch who actually thinks Ebonics is a good idea (the same type of Black prof who I heard twice now, from Syracuse, condemning Obama's having to live now in "public housing" at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue)

Deborah on the Bayside said...

We've long known this woman is a piece of work. And apparently she's never seen THIS link to Cuba's health care system.

Play around there. You'll find the street where Elian Gonzalez lives all spiffied up for reporters who troop through. Quite a contrast to the rest of town!

So, people want her president to fail -- because of his color. Tsk tsk. She implies she wants him to succeed because of his color. Oops. So which is it Diane - are YOU a racist, or just another leftist hack?

I don't recall her complaining when Democrats in an Oklahoma congressional race published a picture of the black Republican candidate -- taken from his high school year book (years before!) with a "scary looking" afro. Just informing his mostly white constituency, of course (he won anyway). Of course he had an "R" after his name, so maybe he wasn't "really" black.

BTW, Diane, Lenin and Mao were pretty bright boys. Not to mention one of our brightest presidents - Richard Nixon. She seems to admire the ideas of the first two. I wonder how far that breathless tone over brilliance will go when Nixon's the subject.

Nah. Just another leftist hack.

Unknown said...

What a JERK!! This left me with tears streaming down my face. Who were the imbicils applauding her lunacy!???

Anonymous said...

21st Century Leadership.

David Wyatt said...


What could we expect from a demwit like her?

Chuck said...

I've been thinking lately that if the media would only actually report on what the Dems are saying, we wouldn't have another Democrat elected for years. Could you imnagine what would happen to the Democratic party if the media reported on them like the they do the GOP?

Z, if you want to see another stunning video, stop by Wordsmith's today.

By the way, where's the Duck? This nutjob is right up his alley.

Z said...

Chuck, imagine a days-long memorial to a Republican Senator after his death? NEVER HAPPEN.

No, if Bush had had this many unaccountable czars (killing our country while on OUR payroll), etc., he'd have been chance.

It's such hypocrisy it's breath taking.

christian soldier said...

the 'slippery slide' is over and the avalanche has come---
the Rss gave us the slide...
I knew that when the Dark Side (Lucifer's kids) had the majority-- their true colors would show---fascist - communism is their trade..
The Kennedys are in the D.S. group ...

Anonymous said...

Is there some competition among the Democrat women legislators from CA to say the most outlandish things?

Boxer nags a general to address her as "Senator", so Pelosi has to talk about the people at townhall meetings wearing swastikas. Watson probably didn't want to sound too crazy, but Boxer and Pelosi kind of forced her hand, so she had to come up with the ode to Castro just to get noticed. The ball is now in your court Ms. Feinstein.

Maybe SNL doesn't pick on Democrats as much as Republicans is because when Democrats say such ridiculous things, there's no room left for parody.


Z said...

tio, excellent points!
We kind of like "can you top this?" around here! :-)

it's a humiliation....and they vote..argh

MathewK said...

What is the leftist fascination with murderous tyrants, why are they so sick and effed up in their heads.

Z said...

MK..who can figure THAT out? I'm with you.

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