Friday, August 14, 2009

Question, challenge, write and call.....Pelosi LIKES it after all.......

Get out there and speak out at the Town Hall Meetings, if you can. Concentrate on the important issues and do not be silenced! Call and write. Turns out Speaker Pelosi IS a fan of your actions....the advocates it in the above video...Go FIGURE~! Meanwhile....

Maybe the Left doesn't understand nuance
....or doesn't want to read into the bill anything that isn't right there in specific words, and maybe DEATH PANEL was the silliest expression Sarah Palin could have used (giving the media and the White House great ammunition to argue with and scoff), but the inference that mainstream America doesn't understand that end of life issues WERE threatening as the bill was written (they're supposedly gone now, but I haven't had time or energy to look at the wording in its place) is just plain WRONG.
Sarah's DEATH PANEL remark has been an excellent foil for the leftwing, too. It's a terrific way to get around something that has NOT been taken out of the bill, nor will it be if the leftwingers have anything to say about it (and they do, sadly), and that is "You can keep your private insurance." In the way that that is a downright lie if you are mature enough to understand that there's no way private insurance can exist after this hideous health care plan goes into existence; it's also a downright lie to suggest end of life issues will NOT come up, in this bill or not, should Obama get his Plan. Mark my words. But, don't just rely on ME!! See THIS ARTICLE from Miss T.C. at " a Handbasket", she writes well and makes good points. Blogger and friend, Brooke, a nurse, said it this way in a comment in my piece about healthScare below:

Blogger Brooke said...

Do I think there could be death panels? Not as such.
I do think health care will be rationed to those most productive, with less expensive conditions, etc.
If someone else with a more serious condition happens to die while waiting for those 'prioritized' for care, well, that'll just be unfortunate, won't it.
I think that is what most people fear from Obama's plan, and his so-called 'counseling' sessions.

Exactly. My friends just plain make sense. Don't be duped. Speak out, contact your 'representatives', turn the tables on people like Pelosi and stop this whole bill; Get them to STOP, WAIT, THINK, have everyone involved, and LISTEN TO THE PUBLIC, to fix what's broken............Pelosi now thinks you ARE Patriotic! WHO KNEW? Well...okaaay, she thinks HER PEOPLE are patriotic when THEY get loud. Not you.


MK said...

It's a lie, it was a lie the second she uttered those words and will remain so. Just ask all the people who tried to attend obama's townhall meetings and got shafted.

Sorry only sniveling sycophants allowed.

Anonymous said...

How's the "mob" doing this evening? Got all those rib stains off yer overalls, bibs and holey Levi's?

EDGE said...

Nancy Pelosi...does she really have a purpose on this Earth?

Z said...

MK and EDGE...good points.

Impertinent; HAPPY to have you here, my friend xx
and thanks, this MOB is doing quite well, thankyouverymuch!

Anonymous said...

I don't think Sarah Palin's remark about death panels was inappropriate at all. In fact, it shone a brighter light on it.

Let them scoff. They'll scoff in any case.

Obama has said he'd appoint a panel to decide quality of care (whatever that means), and to govern medical decisions in certain cases.

The UK has just that, a panel, and it has decided if treatment of certain patients requires more than $45,000.00 in a year, that's it! Yep! A death panel.

The White House is on the defensive as is the Congress. Even Rahm Emanuel's brother Ezekial the doctor with his life-control ideas, is trying to back away from his long held statements on which lives are of more or less value.

I don't think Palin was far off at all, and maybe if I had a baby who others thought I should have aborted, I'd take all this very personally.

All of this is a human cost based on an intellectual, academic approach which comes down to numbers. Not people, but numbers.

It is a devaluation of human life, and it has happened before, as it does today in other countries.

Add to that a few bureaucrats who, like Caesar in a Roman colliseum, can turn thumbs up, or thumbs down.

If it's your loved one, you want the doctor who knows that loved one, who knows you and knows what's possible and not possible to be done.

Yes it's painful, and difficult, but the odds are the right decision will be reached, not based on cost, but care and concern.

It's also likely all those involved will come to terms with it, whether it's to go on with treatment or not.

As for Pelosi, she won't have to face this cruel reality will she. She and her family will be exempt, and no doubt will have the best of care.

One wonders where these people get their gall. And we're not supposed to be angry? We wouldn't be human if we weren't!


Anonymous said...

Hey Imp,
Long time no see. The mob's just fine. We have our torches and pitchforks at the ready, how about you?


Z said...

Pris, it worked but it might not have. YOu can't be using terms like that and expect the leftwingers not to have a blast ridiculing and we do NOT need that. DEATH PANELS.
WATERLOO. BREAK THE PRESIDENT...they just shouldn't do it, in my opinion.

Good to have IMP here, isn't it!

Anonymous said...

Z, it was good to have Imp here. Too bad he didn't stick around.

I know what your saying, and I see your point, but as long as we walk as if on eggshells, they've got our number.

These folks expect us to back down and be careful, that's why they do it. If we are careful, they'll make something up, like the nonsense calling us racists.

No one has said anything racist have they? No. They've gotten away with this for years. Ridicule is part of their strategy.

What we have to do is maintain control and not look silly like the left does right now. But, some toughness and sense of purpose is necessary IMO.


Always On Watch said...

From this source:

Crowds' Ire Sharpens Cardin's Resolve for Bill

"I'm more resolved than ever," Cardin, 65, said Thursday after his whirlwind week. "I love debating. I'm sorry more of that couldn't happen this week because of so much of the shouting, but I personally believe the American people still want us to deal with tough problems...."

In other words, "I am a utopian and know what's best from you, so screw your concerns."

Z said...

Pris, I see you point...I just resent that our folks give ammo to the media.

Always; the SHOUTING is something the left applauds in themselves and disdains in those who don't share their opinions, isn't it.
Plus, the SHOUTING would never have happened had the people being shouted AT could articulate their answers without sounding like the complete liars they seem to be.
"You can keep your insurance"? Try that again, folks.
"Who's paying for this?" No answer.
etc etc.

It's RIDICULOUS to ridicule people demanding answers they're not getting and turning it on THEM for being angry mobs. A la Saul Alinsky.

Anonymous said...

"Crowds' Ire Sharpens Cardin's Resolve for Bill"

I hope all those angry citizens at Cardins town hall vote their conscience too.

Yeah Mr. Cardin, the people's toughest problem right now is you. How about a good kick in the a-- on your way out the door!


Z said...

Pris, see what the new WH MEMO is?

Now it's "those crowds just deepen our resolve to EDUCATE, CONVINCE..THEY'll THEN GET IT and LOVE US!"

Ya, and the other day, obama came out with exactly what I'd predicted "Gee, we shouldn't squelch this kind of challenge, those are good people in those meetings" BITE ME, BARACK.

Anonymous said...

"Nancy Pelosi...does she really have a purpose on this Earth?

As I see it...she's there so we won't have to listen to a sheila jackson lee?

How luck we are.

Anonymous said...

Yes Z, I get it.
Not only that, the healthcare program is supposed to go into effect in............are you ready?

Imagine that, after the 2012 election.

Oh Imp, I didn't know you looked so much like Dumbo!! Ha, Ha! And you can fly too.


Miss T.C. Shore said...

Z, thanks for the link. I think this relationship is going to work well. Feel free to link and/or cut and paste anything from my site.


Anonymous said...

"Oh Imp, I didn't know you looked so much like Dumbo!! Ha, Ha! And you can fly too."

If there was anyone here who would make the'd be you Prisc!!
Good catch.

Anonymous said...

Well Imp, good throw!