Friday, August 14, 2009

Z on The Gathering Storm....Podcast here....

I had a wonderful time talking (what else is new!?) on The Gathering Storm Blog Radio Show today. I want to thank Always On Watch and WC for the opportunity.
During the program, we discussed the MEDIA and I had reason to bring up Namaste's blog, My Voice on the Wings of Change....I said I'd link her articles which impressed me so much and I wanted to make sure I did that HERE. As a matter of fact, you won't be sorry if you add her blog to your daily blog visits.
You can listen to The Gathering Storm NOW via Podcast HERE. Click there and listen to the whole show (IQ discusses Islam in enlightening ways....and then I'm on at about 35 minutes into the show). Make Friday's show a regular in your schedule if you can, The Gathering Storm is a very interesting program every week.


Anonymous said...

Good job Z and AOW. You came through loud and clear.


Z said...

So glad you listened, Pris... Always does a GREAT job every time!! I love WC, too, but he chose to sit the ladies out today.

Anonymous said...

I'm listening now... Thanks for the link. ;-)

Marcel said...

Gaza Today
In cursed Gaza a new and even more rabid Islamic group has arisen to war against Hamas because it is considered not foaming at the mouth radical enough.
The billions the decadent and gulit ridden west has pumped into Gaza has ended up in the sewer.
Somehow the UN,EU,US and every NGO will find a way to blame Israel for this.
You can't bless what is cursed no matter how much money you throw at it!
How is it possible that anyone cannot see the satanic roots of this religion of death which our politicians lie and tell us it's a normal religion ?
When they can find no infidels to kill they turn on each other.
We've seen this happening for a long time in Iraq,Afghanistan,Pakistan,Algeria and everywhere else Islam has taken root.
Read the news at the above link and you will see that God's curse on Islam is in effect.
I will bless those who bless you, (Israel) And I will curse him who curses you;
And in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed.”
Genesis 12:3

Steve Harkonnen said...

I had every intent to call in but of course one of my dizzy users upstairs had issues with her computer so that blew my idea of calling out of the water.

namaste said...

Z, thanks so much for this mention of my blog. you caught me by surprise. it is an honor.

Maggie Thornton said...

I missed the Gathering Storm again. I'll try to get it on podcast. I'm anxious to hear this discussion.

Visited Namaste and told her you sent me. Awesome!

Always On Watch said...

Poor WC! As he said before the interview began, he couldn't get in a word edgewise.

Z said...

I was sorry WC didn't chime in. And I didn't hear the 'edgewise' remark, he just seemed to disappear.
Sorry, I thought the give/take went pretty well and I was surprised when he excused himself straight away!??

namaste said...

z, i just finished listening to the radio show. you guys were awesome! i wish we had that kind of radio locally so i'd have something to listen to when i drive.

again, thanks for the mention.

you guys did a nice job covering all the areas of the msm and its slanted reporting and obama's unpresidential flubs. loved it!

Z said...

THANK you, Namaste! Hey, don't you get Prager or Medved or Hannity or O'Reilly(NOT my favorite by a longshot)..? NOBODY on Conservative talk radio? Dennis Miller? You'd enjoy him!