Wednesday, August 19, 2009

LA Sunsett's latest post caught my eye..............

Please go to LA Sunsett's blog, Political Yen/Yang, HERE..........and see what he says about Obama and Cindy Sheehan and "What a difference a year makes", the title of his post.

Oh, my goodness, the leftwing hypocrisy just keeps growing......and the media's so complicit.



Steve Harkonnen said...

But we're secretly enjoying the show, aren't we?

Orville Redenbacher must be happy because us conservative folk haven't eaten this much popcorn in years.

Ducky's here said...

Well, Cindy kind of had her day and when an anti-war movement never really formed she kind of lost it by trying to keep in the news getting close to whack jobs like Lynne Stewart.

She lost any serious following long ago.

Z said...

She was a shill, Ducky....and it started to show.

FrogBurger said...

I think the main point is that she's not getting any media support now because that would hurt Obamarx.

On her blog she attacks Obama as well and wonders where the change is.

She seems to be profiteering from it a little bit but in the greater scheme of things, it's no biggie.

The problem is the media. I'm glad we've got talk show radio.

HoosierArmyMom said...

What a coincidence... I posted a rant today on left wing hypocrisy. LOL!!! Seems they leave us no shortage of fodder on that subject.

I will check out Sunsett's post when I get back from the neurosurgeon appointment. Sounds intriguing.

LA Sunset said...
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LA Sunset said...

//She lost any serious following long ago.//

Still, I can admire and respect her intellectual honesty and sticking to her principles, more than I can the two-faced hypocrites that are in control of our government right now. There is a certain amount of integrity in staying consistent to one's core beliefs, much more so than changing positions in a fleeting moment of opportunity.

Ducky's here said...

No, I don't think she was at first, z.

Fact remains that a counter culture anti-war movement isn't likely to develop in America. Not without a draft.

Ducky's here said...

Ah yes Froggie, rabies radio. Why did I know that's your idea of unhypocritical reporting.

I cry for my country.

LA Sunset said...

//Not without a draft.//

Or ... without a Bush in the WH.

FrogBurger said...

Hey Puky, at least it balances things out. That was my point. I don't agree all the time but I can't stand your type of media. It's freedom.

FrogBurger said...

By the way Puky. I'm still waiting for many answers on my specific questions. So instead of your snappy, useless, intellectually lazy comments, address those. If your brain fact-filter device can, that is.

Anonymous said...

Great blog but what's a frogburger?

FrogBurger said...

A frogburger is a French native, immigrant and proud US citizen. I actually have more bun in me than frog meat now. The frog meat is disappearing more and more every day. Otherwise I'd love Obama blindly for bringing socialism to the USA.

Ducky's here said...

No LA, without a draft you aren't going to see much of an active antiwar movement.

And there wasn't much said when he first went into Afghanistan. It was when he lied through his teeth about "Weapons of Mass Destruction" (I think they found a vial of someone's botox treatment and that was about it) and the rest that the critics came out.

FrogBurger said...

Bush lied (still debatable as even the Europeans thought Saddam had WMDs). Obama keeps lying. They all lie. We're sick of it and they deserve a big kick in the butt. 9/12!!

Anonymous said...

I thought it was something that Libs ate to make them GREEN.

FrogBurger said...

No they eat arugula from Whole Foods. Although they're boycotting Whole Foods now since the CEO published his piece against ObaMarxCare

G-Man said...

"It was when he lied through his teeth about "Weapons of Mass Destruction"

Good god do you still have your panties in a wad over that bit of left wing propaganda? Was it a lie when Kerry, Bill & Hitlery Clinton and every other lib with access to a national security briefing said the same thing? Or is a lie only a lie if a conservative speaks it? Next you're going to be telling us that 9/11 was an inside job, that bin Laden is a CIA operative and that some Russian fishermen caught an ET and ate it.

Thomas Lawrence said...

F-Burner is right: It's ok to call GWB Bushitler, but Heaven forbid Iraq or Afghanistan be associated with Barry.

I suppose you lurking libs have learned to appreciate laying the wood to the Muzzies that the community orgaizer of the US is in the White House.

Z said... radio gives us truth we don't hear in our media. And balance. I find that important; I feel most Americans should.
And we're ALL bright enough to know that Free Republic and some others go a bit far from time to time.

I wish the Left was as open and honest enough to admit that about the:
RADIO...Alan Colmes, Ed Burns, Janine Garafalo, etc etc etc etc

HAM...let me know how your appt went. I just had my endoscopy and it seems to have gone well. I LOVE being put out! I swear I do!

Ducky, I think you're probably right; At first, she was not a shill...And, really, who could fault a grief stricken mother to act like she did at first? IN reaction to a son's death, after all. Who knows who got to her soon after that......because, suddenly, she divorced and had pretty darned good income; traveling overseas, etc..but, read on...come to think of it, now that I see LA's comment it spurs me to write this:

LA...You know, maybe the fact is she is NOT ideologically controlled by Soros or someone because she is consistent, even if it means picketing Obama.

Lib Basher..>Good one! Too many chair legs, like Ewell Gibbons? (sp?) And welcome to geeeeZ're so right. And, really, who doesn't believe a lot of stuff was shipped to Syria while the UN was rooting for more and more and more sanctions. But, of course, anybody who differed with the media on that never got heard or was disdained ...

Larry...Ironic that when it was BUSH'S WAR, they hated that it's OBAMA'S WAR, the media's silent..DOESN"T THE LEFT SEE THIS?

LA Sunset said...

//No LA, without a draft you aren't going to see much of an active antiwar movement.//

Maybe not now. But there was an active anti-war movement during GWB's presidency and we didn't have a draft at that time...did we?. Therefore, a draft is not a necessary component.

But even at that, there is no consistency in this issue. The bozos who once opposed the wars when they belonged to GWB are not actively opposing it now. That's the point, anything else you throw in is not relevant to the discussion.

(((Thought Criminal))) said...

On weapons of mass destruction in Iraq I can only say we found tons of undeclared stockpiles of pesticide chemicals for binary chemical artillery shells that mix two pesticide chemicals in flight when fired to create sarin gas and other chemical warfare agents. And we found the shells and rockets to put those chemicals in.

To say Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction is as absurd as recognizing a US Navy aircraft carrier transports bomb cases, tritium detonation triggers, shaped RDX explosive charges, uranium-plutonium cores and screwdrivers, but no nuclear weapons.

(((Thought Criminal))) said...

The bozos who once opposed the wars when they belonged to GWB are not actively opposing it now. That's the point, anything else you throw in is not relevant to the discussion.

To be fair to our left-wing monopolists of imbecility, a very large portion of the list of backers of anti-war demonstrations in the Bush years reads like a who's who of Saddam's beneficiaries from the UN oil-for-food scam.

Z said...

"left-wing monopolists of imbecility"

terrific, Beamish!

And yes, if you just look at how they killed the Kurds, the Iraqis had weapons of mass destruction ... only the leftwing could be in this much denial.