Monday, August 3, 2009

Meals at the White House...."Credit card, please".

The White House is charging CEO's for meals it has with the president. They collect credit cards from each invitee now though there is a budget for entertaining at the White House. Click HERE for the story from Politico.
What do you think about this? I wonder about it because it feels to me like luncheons or dinners of open conversation between corporate America and the White House should be something that benefits us all, no? Is this about elitism and "you're lucky enough to BE here with me, the least you can do is PAY." Or is it "trying to look like we're not trying to win the executives over with our agenda"?

Can the executives write off this meal at the White House as what used to be "our guests", or has that been taken off the deductions list of corporate America?

Our loony California governor Brown, Jr., once served Prince Charles a bag lunch at a factory....very proletarian, dontchaknow. This Obama antic strikes me as cheap and undignified. It's MY White House and I don't WANT people charged to eat there on his invitation.

And I wonder if they charge their Wednesday night rock star guests for steak and lobster?


FrogBurger said...

I really don't know what to think of this. But I think it's lame. I'd love to know if union leaders have to pay.

Z said...'re SO right. I wonder if they do.

Ducky's here said...

What union leaders? The U.S. labor force is less than 10% union members.

Now, please name one that has been to the White House.

FrogBurger said...

Ducky again your idiocy is amazing.

But you're making a good point. Why is the WH in bed with unions when they don't represent the people.

And for your question here it is

Z said...

Ducky, Just a few of non-union members at the White House (LOL!),0,5918169.story

Well, after all, Ducky...maybe they didn't get to eat.

FrogBurger said...

Sorry I don't have the name but you can use this thing called Google. Google loves Obama so you should use it. I just knew he had met with him

FrogBurger said...

BTW I love the top 100 of Amazon Books. It's a good sign

Trekkie4Ever said...

Wow! Now that is cheap! How he has shamed the White sad.

Anonymous said...

Is this an attempt to compensate for the extravagances of Obama's family which the taxpayers recently (and constantly) are charged with (dare I mention the London excursion of Michelle and the girls, just to name the most obvious one)?

How much is a night in the Lincoln Bedrooms these days? I bet that bribery fee has gone up, too, since the Clinton days.

This whole Washington bunch is a disgrace to this country, and it comes out day by day and piece by piece.

Mr. Z

FrogBurger said...

Heads on a stick!

shoprat said...

Just like Clinton, all but in name, rented out the Lincoln Bedroom.

Ciao Baby said...

Caviar and champagne anyone?

FrogBurger said...

The question I'd have for him would be: do you break even, make a profit or are you running the WH cafeteria like you're running the cash for clunckers program? He better break even because they said profit was bad.

WomanHonorThyself said...

how generous of the socialist Z!..not!

Elmers Brother said...

at the very least it's bad form and at the worst I'd say it gives the impression of pandering to the class warfare idiots.

Elmers Brother said...

if it's the latter then he's continuing the message from the campaign of blaming the bourgeoisie and agitating the proletariat.

Z said...

FrogBurger makes an excellent point.
Where's the company credit card money paid by executives GO? Do we have a cash register for loose change if anybody needs it? Petty cash?

Elbro....exactly right...
The WHITE HOUSE, just imagine charging?

DaBlade said...

Just wait until Sgt. James Crowley gets his bar tab!

Anonymous said...

It's tacky.

The first couple are first-rate tacky.

Anonymous said...

The collecting of the credit cards is a smoke screen for campaigning, people.
He is raising money inside the whitehouse.

I think that is against the law, but since when did that stop anyone?

The story you printed up is for our consumption.
If you really believe it, I have a bridge to sell you.


FrogBurger said...

Anon is brilliant!!!

Obama raised money overseas during his campaign and didn't check on credit card addresses, and so he's frauding the system again.

The guy is a thug.

Steve: The Lightning Man said...

Wagyu Beef, baby! It's all about the Wagyu!

The White House entertainment budget goes to fund the lackeys that Michelle keeps as her entourage. The entertainment budget is there to pay for the entertainment director; the people being entertained pay for the entertainment. Tha, or the collection of their money *is* the entertainment for the B. Hussein Obama's.

Chuck said...

Filet Mignon - $50

Bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon - $75

Dessert - $30

Knowing the US President is for sale - priceless.

Joe said...

President BO is loaded with class...all of it low.

Truth said...

You just keep proving how dumb Conservatives really are, over and over again.

I can tell you first hand that this has been going on since Reagan was in office. I’ve had dinner no less than five times at the White House while Reagan was in office. Twice while Clinton was in office and twice when George W. was in office, each time we were charged for our meals.
The first family is also charged for their meals, all meals. They are also charged for all dry cleaning, maid and butler service, they get a bill at the end of month.
This really upset Nancy Reagan when she first moved in and it took some explaining before she finally got it, read her autobiography.
Nothing new here, this has been going on for many years and it’s the way it should be.
No parties on the taxpayers dime.

Z said...

You think those big dinners at the White House are PAID for by the Guests?
From the article "The former senior Bush administration official said meals with the president were covered by official entertainment expenses that fall under the Executive Residence budget or the White House’s annual account. But the Bush administration was so sensitive about appearing cozy with corporate America that another former high-ranking official cannot recall a single instance of President Bush lunching with CEOs in the White House."

Good try.
I'll ask my friend who was in charge of all the female hires under Reagan at the WH....stay close.

Truth said...


Not even the truth means much here.

Nice try you say......

It's a fact.

I don't give a rats ass what your friend has to say, they're wrong believe me.

Ask Nancy Reagan.

Z said...

Thanks, Truth.
Everything I'm reading says different but, I don't believe people come here to comment and lie, usually, and I'll have to take your word for it.
But, I will email my friend.

Z said...

By the way, Truth, the truth DOES mean a lot here; putting this situation aside, whatever that truth DOES.

It's needed today with a media which won't tell us.

Z said...

Truth, by the way, do you think the Wednesday night Obama cocktail parties are given on our dime or do the rock star guests pay?
I'd really like to know; I don't want to be unfair. I happen to think that, when living there, being charged for extras like dry cleaning, etc., should be done..but when the WH INVITES people there, I don't believe they should be charging for the food.

Average American said...

Does the staff split tips? They better make sure they claim them on their taxes! NObama has enough tax cheats running around that place already!

Anonymous said...

It could be true that this practice has been done for years as a certain someone claims here. None the less, seeing how Obama and Co, work, I know the opportunity to do something with a gaggle of credit cards would be up their alley.

ANd during the election of 2008, there sure were lots and lots of unusual credit card activity around the ONE that happened.

Just recently he had to return a nice big chunk of money.
SO, what ever...
It is my right as a crazy , gun toting bitter, bible thumping right winger from fly over land to think and believe anything I wish.

Maybe some of us have the ability to smell something from many miles away.

Lord knows, it is not like Mr. Obama tells the truth all the time.

SO, when those big political persons from other countries come to visit, the Obama's just ask cash or credit???


Truth said...


My Rats Ass comment was a bad choice of words, ask your freind, she'll tell you.

If the Rock Stars don't pay the Obama's will. It's like staying at a fine hotel.

This was one of things that really upset Nancy Reagan.

It's just as if you were having guests over to your home for a party, you pick up the tab.

Z said...

Truth, Nancy Reagan had a point (except for the dry cleaning, etc., which I DO think the families should pay for)...when one invites to the WH, one should not expect them to pay.
It's unbelievable. You're not suggesting that those big galas where people like Yoyo Ma entertain, etc., and bigwig world leaders come have a Visa card scanner at the door, are you?

WV, pretty amazing stuff doesn't make sense.

Anonymous said...

If someone wants to abuse a system, they will.
If an entity charges 5,000 dollars for that hamburger that is being consumed, then yes, one can say, he just was charged for his meal and it is legal.

I have no proof of anything I assert, only an observation of a gang who is extremely devious and deceitful.

Are they capable of this type of thing???
Bet lots of whitehouse occupants have done this.
Uh-----well, decide for yourself.
As for some people who know everything about everything.

Brooke said...

So the Obamas can fly to Paris on our dime but they INVITE someone over and charge them for the food?

Were they expected to tip the staff as well?!?

How utterly crass.

Anonymous said...

Just read an interesting tidbit about "lobbyists" who have paid over a million dollars to the Obama during his first six months in office.

How interesting. Wonder if they got invited to any lunches.

Z said...

WV, I heard yesterday that Obama's charging for Ambassadorships. I've always known that's a good ol' boys club but didn't know money was involved.

Pat Jenkins said...

z if obama had a credit card for america's economy i have a suspicion it would be rejected, thanks to over charges!!!

MathewK said...

I don't care much for the corporate fatcats, they've been in tank with big government for a long time now. We just don't know much about it.

They can pay, but i would like to know where exactly the money is going, is it really going towards the cost of the dinners or is hussein siphoning it off for other purposes?

Anonymous said...

It is no secret, even during the time of the 2008 election that there was a pay to play mindset going on, and understood by people who wanted to "play".

Talk about a culture of corruption.

Of course, those Hollywood big wigs did complain that the thing with the Clintons was, that they did not stay bought.

Guess it is different now with the new occupant at the Whitehouse.

And may I say, Thank God for Congressman Issa??


Z said...

CONFIRMED TONIGHT: Bush was SO concerned about looking like HE was in the tank with Corporate CEO's he never (NEVER, get it?) had a luncheon with CEO's at the WH.


WV: California has to have SOMETHING good! :-)

This morning Mr and Mrs Z were in the same doctor's office with Bill Rosendahl, an LA councilman. He was VERy gregarious as we got into a crowded elevator heading down 7 floors and said "Well, there's a crowd here..I've given speeches in a place like this!" I said "Oh, please don't...I don't agree with most of what you say!" !!
He said "Well, at least we can civilly disagree!" I said "Yup!" Cracked me up.