Thursday, August 13, 2009

Chocolate IS good for you!

We can't only read hard hitting politics on the blogs ALL the time, right?

. Yes, you are! You didn't read that wrong. Click HERE for the story. Well, they say it's good for 'heart attack survivors' but how can that not be good for anybody with a heart?

I'm not as HUGE a chocolate fan as some, but I DO like you'll see HERE. Now, they're finding it's better for you than they'd even thought before! The very best thing about the article is it does not insist on DARK CHOCOLATE. I like that but I'm a milk chocolate fan......Just in case they forgot to stipulate this time (most stats showed it was dark chocolate that really helped your health), I'm hedging my bets and will eat semi sweet chocolate!
This has been a public service post. :-) I'm going to the store..................................


Elmers Brother said...

eat chocolate, don't eat chocolate, eat chocolate...

Sometimes I wish they'd just shut up.

cube said...

Moderation is the key... of course, that implies taking moderation in moderation ;-)

Linda said...

I'm sure the saying is, "A chocolate a day keeps the Dr away!"

Rita Loca said...

I will obey your command this very moment!
My husband who had to live with a wife and three teen age daughters in the house, took to having some chocolate hidden away at all times. He used it as an 'attitude adjustment for us all! :)

Miss T.C. Shore said...

".... take two Hershey's bars and call me in the morning."

Opus #6 said...

Sign me up for the chocolate infusion!

(((Thought Criminal))) said...

Chocolate covered anything.

Average American said...

Best news THIS chocolate lover has had all year!

Anonymous said...

When I was a tiny little girl, during a time when a chocolate bar was a luxury, my mother would say,

"open your mouth and close your eyes, and I'll give you something to make you wise".

I would do so, and she'd place one small square of a Hershey bar on my tongue, and I'd let it melt and savor it.

She'd make that one Hershey bar last a week, one small square a day.

I do think I enjoyed that one small square of chocolate much more than if I could've had as much as I wanted.

It must be so, because I've always remembered that and it still brings a smile to my face.


shoprat said...

I could eat semi-sweet chocolate all day. When I was a youngster I used to sneak into Mom's chocolate chips and she always wondered where they went. Sweet chocolate I will pass on.

shelia said...

Such wisdom cannot be passed up!

THANKS!!! :)

Deborah on the Bayside said...

WHOAA...Don't get too excited yet.

Interesting link. It screams MAGNESIUM (which choc is high in) to me. A good emergency room will stock cheap $2 magnesium injections for heart attack. It can lower the death rate from a 2nd attack substantially. (Sorry - data not at hand, but it's something like 1/3). So I vote for magnesium as the object worthy of more study.

Most chocolate is processed with noxious stuff. High lead, high cadmium (despite major manufacturer claims). Standard processing (high heat and alkali) destroys up to 1/2 the antioxidants. Milk protein binds with them, which tends to cancel out that benefit. Not to mention immune suppressing sugar, at high levels even in dark.... etc.

Z said...

Deborah, sometimes you have to just have FUN and enjoy!! :-)
I like the idea that, once in a while, I can eat chocolate and not feel totally guilty!
Anyway, I heard Obama's getting rid of our sugar...

GET IT WHILE YOU CAAAAAN! I don't eat much sugar at all...but the thought that we can't HAVE more because of HIM bugs me.

Thanks for all your comments...Glad you all like this advice! CHOW DOWN! Life's short, and Obama's healthcare plan will have you taking a 'bye bye' pill when you're 70, anyway :-(

Maggie Thornton said...

I loved this story and I adore geeeeeZ and I will follow your command.

I believe it is true, also, just as having a glass of wine each night keeps your arteries dialated.

(not...Mogen David - just an 11-12% alcohol wine:-)

Anonymous said...

I came across a chocolatier in Ft. Worth recently.
Oh. my.
I bought six pieces of the most delicious, smooth, silky chocolate I have EVER tasted. Six pieces for about six dollars...and worth EVERY penny!

Pass the dark chocolate to me, Z. I once had a giradelli chocolate that was 70% cocoa. WOOOOT!

Z said...

Oh, and Maggie..dark chocolate with a Merlot? EXQUISITE and thank you so much for your kindness about my blog..I'm so glad you're here.

Jen, not so much (SMILE!) YOU KNOW I ADORE YOU, kiddo, had to joke.
And OH, yes..One buck a chocolate is a lot but if it's good, it's GOOOOOD and worth it and I'm glad you enjoyed it so much! xxx