Monday, August 24, 2009

Mulling things over.......

Here's a clip from Rich Galen's excellent email column which I highly recommend you subscribe to, by the way. Today's column's title is "Is Obama Up to This?" You'll want to read the rest of the column by clicking the link above but I wanted to highlight the following in regard to the Eric Holder decision to reveal what the White House feels are terrible things done by the CIA:
  • Let's think about this. The Obama Administration and the Democrats in Congress have been in a projectile sweat about whether Karl Rove had any influence over the hiring or firing of U.S. Attorneys; the thinking being, if he was in the White House he was always acting and thinking politically.
  • Yet, the Obama White House believes that giving the White House direct control over CIA interrogations will somehow make them more acceptable to the ACLU and the same Democrats in Congress.
  • Bush White House interfering: Bad. Obama White House interfering: Good. What am I missing? (Z: And THE ANSWER IS: HYPOCRISY)


Bloviating Zeppelin said...

ANYTHING about the Bush Administration is SO "YESTERDAY."

Which is why my high school "Civics" teacher was correct:

"Republicans don't win elections; Demorats LOSE them."


Deborah on the Bayside said...

Z, I messed up and put this in another post. I cleaned it up and brought it here where it's on topic.

In his book "Defending Identity" Natan Sharansky develops an interesting line of thinking on good and bad for the same actions by different groups.

For example, old Marxists saw capitalistic western Europe as "good" at one stage in the struggle, but "bad" in a later stage, even though they didn't change. What was "good" or "bad" was their utility in promoting Marxism. There is no inherent good or bad.

Only what promotes the cause is "good." When it impedes the cause it's "bad." When Bush "interfered" it was bad because he did not promote the left's agenda. When THE ONE interferes it's good, because he carries the left's water.

A generation raised on the pablum of relativism has no problem with this. Yes - they can actually say it with the same straight face as the Marxists of yore ... or today.

heidianne jackson said...

whatever he's missing, i'm missing it too.

Z said...

BZ...let's hope that holds true for 2010 and 2012. only 3 1/2 years to go..if we live that long with this man in charge. No CIA enrollment, no soldiers wanting to serve this guy..I don't know. And we're in debt to China to where the whole world will start looking at us like a Banana Republic....and we're appeasing and apologizing and cutting defense: Who's going to be scared or respectful of that once-great America again? ANYBODY? I think not.

Deborah.....relativism, political correctness : 2 generations completely lost. It's why I argue with the older folks who say "Oh, Z, don't worry...everything comes back the other direction..America will, too" NOT this time; we don't have enough American kids who love this country anymore.
I saw a piece on TV about young women and binge drinking; our kids have NO heroes, NO hope for self reliance and pride in themselves for accomplishment..that net's GONE, America.

Heidianne..imagine? the hypocrisy!?

I'm sorry to sound so down tonight...that CIA revelation thing's got to me. A friend emailed me this tonight from Indiana (thanks, Mike!):

"Obama's numbers continue to fall and it seems he couldn't care less. He's a dictator with virtually no concern for his "subjects." If he can destroy the country now, he won't need the next four years. That is his legacy: the man who destroyed capitalism and America in our time. Forget jihad, Iran, N. Korea, China, Russia, Al Qaeda, the Taliban, swine flu, the recession/depression, even Communism/Marxism. We got to worry about what our own president will come up with next.

And still, there are 49% who approve of him!! Hello? is anyone home?"

I agree with Mike. We've always had adversaries and troubles in America, but we always had a smart enough and America-loving enough president to get us through. Not now.

Anonymous said...

The left. I'm thinking that they knew how to get elected, this time. They think they know what they want.

But, I wonder, this is the crowd which disdains individual responsibilty. Well, they've got that in spades now.

They have this overwhelming need for control, but, they seem scattered to me, unable to focus on responsibility and executive management.

I think too, those in charge are finding out what sounded good sitting around dreaming about it, doesn't just happen. It takes hard work.

It isn't such fun as marches, demonstrating, those leftist parties of screaming chants, holding hands and dressing up like it's halloween.

Now, they're in charge. They'll be held accountable. The demonstrators are against them, not amongst them. They're not used to that. They're used to being the agitators, spoilers hating the establishment.

We've barely begun to push back, and it threw them off their game. I guess I'm rambling here, but I'm looking for their achilles heel.

If they were in real control, knew what to do to achieve their goals, why would they need thugs?

They can lead, and fool a bunch of kids, and infantile dreamers, but I think they're at a loss at leading adults.

If you ask me, they roll the dice every day, hoping something will work. Perhaps too they're finding out the American people aren't as stupid as they thought.

We have to keep pushing back, resisting, and not let up. We have a little over a year until the next election. Not that long, really.

And the Obama honeymoon is just about over.


HoosierArmyMom said...

I definitely believe that the Obama administration is setting up not only their own demise, but the demise of the party as well. Think about it, I'm sure that they will have quite a future in court themselves when it all said and done.
The are Chicago politicians who are as corrupt as they come. When they are booted out of office, I'm sure some aggressive, ambitious young legal mind in the State Department will be happy to dig dirt on all of Obama's cronies. They break the rules of law on a regular basis and think it won't come back to haunt them. They are used to the "blind moonbats" in Chicago looking the other way. Holder going after the CIA interrogators and putting our troops in danger of not having good intel right now, is about as stupid as it gets. I'm sure many Democrat parents with children serving are noting this brain dead move that is endangering their loved ones.

Z said...

Pris, it really does feel like that every day, doesn't it. They keep making decisions then backing off...never thinking things through.
This is all still CAMPAIGN MODE, ELITISM, UTOPIAN IDIOCY and they don't know how to get off that wheel..meanwhile, America suffers.

Another day, another 'roll the dice'.... So different than America's been all these years, with mostly strong leadership. The obama admin seems to have its finger in the air like Clinton did, remember? "go with the flow.."

HAM: What's scary about the CIA, or scariEST, I should say, is international intel....there are experts suggesting that other countries can't share with us anymore if we'll slam our OWN and reveal our OWN secrets what will we do with THEIRS?
This is HIDEOUS and most of America knows that.........

And now Obama's saying he's not so sure but he'll bow to Holder! He can't think we're all THAT stupid, can he? He gets it both ways..HE's the HERO who isn't quite sure but thinks the CIA revelations aren't a great idea (outwardly) and Holder does the hero's true inward bidding.....

Chuck said...

They run the census from the WH, it's normal.

Actually I think Obbama is taking a huge risk here. Obama's entire game plan is based on blaming someone else. Blame Bush, blame Bush, blame Bush. If we have another attack in a year or so, after he has taken on responsibility for interogations, he's not going to have anywhere to hide.

He could fall back on the blame Bush bit but...Bush let the CIA do their job and we did not have a terrorist attack for the last 7+ years of his term. Let Obama try to explain away that.

Anonymous said...

"The obama admin seems to have its finger in the air like Clinton did, remember? "go with the flow..""

Z, Yes. I do remember. Everything's political all the time. Whatever's expedient at the moment. Tomorrow is another day. It keeps everything in flux, and the people wondering, what next?


Anonymous said...

I still say we will prevail.
Obama can only do what he is allowed to do.

He is in deep trouble already and throwing everyone under that bus.

Be patient and stay vigilant.

We are still free people and this is NOT Europe.

Looks like Obama may finally take the Dems over that cliff in that eternal quest for power.

Be careful what you wish for.

He is now saying it is not HIM doing the expanding of investigating the CIA but Mr. Holder.
Yep. Sure .

We are all watching .