Thursday, August 27, 2009

We're out for Mr Z's birthday....but I had to leave you with this.....MAN, it makes me mad. YOU?

WE DIDN'T "RETURN FIRE"? Say Goodbye to America, folks.........say "Obama's in charge and little Somali pirates are firing at OUR helicopters but we don't return fire." Tell me what message that leaves with them and the rest of the terrorist world. Which one?:

"OH, they're SO nice that they didn't fire back, let's stop firing at THEM, too, okay!? Then the whole world will be peaceful...."
"Good, let's try again..they're too crippled by their own leftwing to have the guts to do anything to us"

Ya, you tell ME what the world's thinking after you read THIS ARTICLE. Perhaps I'm drawing more from this little incident than I might...but I hate to think how many of OUR NAVY would have been killed if the Somali "large caliber weapon" HAD hit. You see, they in Somalia or elsewhere, have no brakes; there IS no one holding them to any rules of engagement. But US?...if we do anything wrong, don't worry, the New York Times will be there castigating US. The Somalis? Not so much.

See the photograph? Man, how COULD AMERICA stop THOSE TOUGH GUYS, RIGHT? (heh)

geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeZ (Please give Mr. Z your birthday wishes on the post below..or here! He's enjoying this and I'm only SLIGHTLY embarrassed of my solicitation!:-) And somebody tell Mustang the Porsche is STILL not here and we're leaving soon :-(



FrogBurger said...

They're underprivileged so they have an excuse. (sarcasm)

Z said...

good point FB..

Mr. Z's here in our office, we just got back from (a marvelous) lunch at the beach, and he saw my post here..he said "They SHOT at the NAVY and we didn't shoot BACK? WHAT?"

ya, that was my feeling, too! And yes, they're underprivileged...maybe some STIMULUS money will go to them, then they'll love us. (Sarcasm)

Elmers Brother said...

well if the African Union has it's way they will be getting a stimulus package.

Z said...

exactly, Elbro....and maybe some much needed rain if we pay enough? Because it's apparent that much of the world believes American's compensation$$ based on how much we've polluted the WHOLE PLANET will solve everything.. After all, our money can ecologically balance out the amount of spewing China and India will never agree to stopping, RIGHT? :-)

FrogBurger said...

Maybe we could put them in jail, then they would get a stimulus check.

Z said...

Stimulus check, health benefits, work out equipment, islamic food, prayer rugs and korans, the best American Harvard lawyers and complete dental.

or live in Somalia. Hey! Maybe these guys are firing on us because they WANT to be picked up and brought to our prisons, huh? :-)

Z said...

see all later..

Talk among yourselves! I'm eager to hear the comments.

Somali pirates are shooting OUR NAVY and we're....not fighting back.

Steve: The Lightning Man said...

Ugh...if I say everything I want to in my pithy reply, I'll have nothing to post in my own blog later!

Have fun tonight, kids!

FrogBurger said...

More disturbing and something to blog about.

I am appalled. And I'm not super religious.

Always On Watch said...

From the article:

the first such attack by pirates on an American military aircraft

Good grief!

And America didn't stand up by firing back?

Damn, this infuriates me.

The pirates fired on our military because they could, kwowing full well under BHO that no consequence would come.

Elmers Brother said...

that mother might want to consider FB. We retain them for issues such as that. It is appalling.

heidianne jackson said...

it just amazes me that some among us honestly believe that we are going to get these bullies - because we all know pirates are nothing more than bullies - to see the light by being sweetness itself. didn't these people go to kindergarten?!? didn't they learn that the only way a bully leaves you alone is when you stand up to him!?!?

aow, i'll see your infuration and raise you a disgusting.

christian soldier said...

sadly-I am not surprised-
dein geld--anyone...

Average American said...

Shame on all you people!! Don't you realize that shooting at those poor Somalis would be RACISM!!?? What are you, a bunch of RACISTS? Don't you know they are not white? Come on people, wake up and smell the coffee.

Z, did you give Mr. Z that massage I ordered yet?

Ducky's here said...

The copter was flying on Wednesday over a Taiwanese-flagged fishing vessel, the Win Far, which pirates seized along with its 30-member crew in April and were holding south of the Somali port town of Hobyo.


So return fire may have endangered the crew.

Of course the crew was Asian, not American or Israeli, so in the right wing world they're just some of the "extra people". Okay, now I understand.

Anonymous said...

If there is one thing we have an abundance of on planet earth, it is people; so many, in fact, that we could remove a stupid one every hour of the day for the next 90-million years and still have more than we need. Whenever this happens, the value of stupid people drops because there is less demand for them.

The popular premise among a large number of stupid people in America (also known as the political left) is that we should avoid doing the right thing because “innocent people are in the way.” This argument is illogical and blatantly false. There are no innocent people. Every one of us is capable of the most egregious behavior, and most of us are probably guilty of it. We refer to this as “the human condition,” and in most instances, a successful socio-political program for the past ten thousand years. The way it works is this: when you have too many stupid people, start hitting them on the top of their head with heavy mallets. In time, as numbers decrease, their value to society begins to improve until they once again become over populated.

If we give this problem due consideration, most of us will understand what is really happening here. Most of us will even acknowledge that we understand the leftist point of view. When they argue for the sanctity of human life (even when there is no such thing), they are really trying to convince us to spare THEIR lives. The teacher always tells Johnny, “No Hitting. Hitting isn’t nice.” But even Johnny knows that Billy had it coming, if for no other reason than Billy is one of those stupid leftist who overpopulate the earth. We should not be surprised to hear anyone from the stupid side of the aisle arguing for tolerance and human rights. It’s a self-preservation thing.

The next reality is that everyone “has it coming.” Not only that, but we’re all going to get it. Some of us will die in a car accident, others from some sickness or disease, others from listening to IPods 24-hours a day. And then, some of us (the stupid ones) will die because they booked passage on a third-world freighter operating off the coast of Somalia. What difference does it make who pulls the trigger? Personally, I’d rather a bomb made in America send me to hell than the trigger finger of a 12-year old Somali warlord — but then, I’m not stupid, so you will never catch me off the coast of Somalia.


Z said...

Thanks, is unbelievable, isn't it.

Ducky.."ASIAN"? So you're making this a Republican racist thing?
I didn't expect you to understand, but...

Z said...

Sam.."no sanctity of human life?"

Ducky's here said...

The popular premise among a large number of stupid people in America (also known as the political left) is that we should avoid doing the right thing because “innocent people are in the way.”

Clealry this dipstick doesn't understand that he immediately begged the question of exactly what was the right thing.

The right, their logic is as impaired as their values.

Ducky's here said...

According to the Navy's news release Thursday, the flight crew on the SH-60 helicopter "noticed activity" on the ship but could not determine if the pirates had fired at them.

When the helicopter returned to the USS Chancellorsville, a review of its infrared camera showed the aircraft was fired on.

The helicopter did not return fire, according to the release.


From the CNN report.

It's just worth looking at a few sources. Fleshes things out.

Z said...

thanks for the confirmation, Ducky,

Yes, it was fired on. As the original piece said.
your news is scintillating.

Blow them out of the water, they'll never do it again.
Or risk our sailors, American young men ....

You're a leftist, you don't understand yet, I guess.

Ducky's here said...

z, I'm sure you read the part that states they left the area before they knew anyone had fired.

Glad I was able to give you the full story.

Anonymous said...

The point of the post seemed to be that the President of the United States just sided with pirates by ordering no shots being allowed to be fired...

I will break down what the President is really saying, for the leftist brain: Dear pirates it is okay to do what you want, you poor abused individuals, I'm sure there was something hidden in your childhood or socio/economic situation that forced you to turn to crime therefore you have an excuse to steal, kill, and destroy... and anyone from the retched United States of America (those evil, warmongering, racist people) have no right to defend themselves from any hostile actions on your part.

Glad I could translate Obama's statement for you. This one is free of charge. The next one comes with a nice hammershot upon thy head; yeah call me whatever you wish.

~Sam's Twin

Z said...

Sam's're as smart as SAM!

(who are you!? Thanks for coming by, whoever you are!)