Wednesday, August 5, 2009

More on The Clinton - N Korea story......

More on N. Korea and the 2 Journalists and Wm Jefferson Clinton.....Please click HERE. Everything below in italics is from the article.

This struck me as odd: This account says Bill Clinton's visit was "unannounced". Didn't YOU know he was going to Pyonyang? Mr and Mrs Z heard about it. Kim Jung Ill DIDN'T?

Here are a few tidbits of info from the article:

Al Gore had wanted to go but N. Korea turned him down........The Dems would have you think it they wanted the BIG FISH. I'd say they didn't want the BIG BLOWHARD. Heh.

Could the info below be what we gave up?:

She (Hillary Clinton) said the U.S. was not counting on a breakthrough but also said it could lubricate the way for the North to return to six-party talks about its nuclear program with the U.S., Russia, China, Japan and South Korea.

But there, perhaps, is the rub. The North Koreans have been demanding bilateral talks with Washington. The U.S., however, has shot down such overtures, insisting that it will work only through the six-party format.

I'm not even going to ...well......."lubricate?". Let's move on: Oh, "the rub"? I'm surprised Mrs. Clinton sent her man at all, aren't you? (ya, I can't resist a tasteless joke from time to time, sorry!). Honestly, let's just MOVE ON HERE: WE are insisting we will only work through a six-party format. Let's see what happens in the coming weeks, right?

See this?: Bill Clinton undertook the mission, a senior administration official said, only after the North assured the White House that the reporters would be freed and allowed to return home with the former president. You guys who commented on my piece below were so right: This was all done beforehand....The N. Koreans were playing us like a fine violin.


Here's another clever little bit from the article linked above:

North Korean media said Clinton had carried a message of apology from Obama and that the former president and Kim held wide-ranging talks, but White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said those claims were "not true."

Oh. Good. FINALLY, Obama isn't apologizing for anything. Or IS he?

So........just thought I'd bring you all up to date, if you hadn't seen this info already, especially for the excellent comments you guys chimned in with on my post below on the same subject. Any thoughts?



shoprat said...

Anything is possible. Kim, Clinton and Obama are all skilled liars and nothing comes out of their mouths is to believed.

Average American said...

Like I said Z, some strong soap and a lot of elbow grease will get the stains out of their dresses.

I couldn't resist either! LOL

Anonymous said...

The bilateral talks were always a big deal to Kim.
President Bush denied him the platform to strut and preen, denied him that pulpit.

Seeing as how Bill Clinton sent Jimmy Carter to North Korea , a long time ago, why would anyone be surprised about this turn of events?

A Hollywood producer is said to have furnished the airplane for this little excursion into "Let's Make a Deal".


Maggie M. Thornton said...

I heard that Bing supplied the plane. I wish the girls had not let this happen. I wish the Americans were not in Iran.

Having said that, they did and they are. I'm glad the girls are out - but they are both so Liberal. Now we'll see the books and the interviews.

Clinton is attempting to be above it all - no comments. It's all so serious. I know he already has a date on one of the Sunday shows as well as Oprah. Oprah, of course, will have Clinton AND both girls.

I wonder what Iran is thinking?

Z said...

Shoprat...Something happened and, again, the NON transparent White House (which Helen Thomas revealed is the least transparent she's ever been around in all her years) is not telling us what. They even say in my article that Obama didn't talk to Bill Clinton about his going.......maybe he was out having a beer, huh?

Average......tsk tsk!! LOL is right!

WV......Yes, now Kim's got that great picture of him and an American president, smiling into a camera. "threaten us, we liberals LOVE you for that!" #@$&(*

Maggie...these girls will be famous, they will be all the liberal rage. I was sorry to see the reunion of the families on TV..why? Their first hugs on television...And there was AL GORE right in the middle of the press conference..hugging can't make this stuff up.

Maggie M. Thornton said...

Z, I just heard John Bolton (I think on Hannity) say that even though the story is that the trip was private, Clinton definitely was briefed by the White House.

I doubt we'll ever learn the real story. I do expect Obama to take credit for it all, though.

Z said...

Right, Maggie...I heard it elsewhere, too..that they DID speak.
Also, what's this about "unannounced" trip? WE knew he was going to get them, why didn't Kim Jung Ill?

Ducky's here said...

Man, that's the worst family vacation photo I have ever seen.

Ducky's here said...

Z, I just heard John Bolton (I think on Hannity) say that even though the story is that the trip was private, Clinton definitely was briefed by the White House.


You had to listen to Bolton to figure that out?

Z said...

Ducky, I had to 'figure it out'? I'm telling my readers what the article said and how stupid that was.
OF COURSE he was briefed, why the lie in the article? simple

Ducky's here said...

This was risky. To ensure the release with absolute certainty they should have sent Bush. Everyone loves him.

Ducky's here said...

Is John Bolton still angry about the time Kim called him bloodsucking human scum?

Pat Jenkins said...

z i think we can definitively say 6 months into obama's presidency his foreign policy has failed. he told us his mere election would be enough to calm the fears of "rival" nations who merely had to arm themselves against that evil doer bush.... uh huh.... we now se bush wasn't the problem... good luck barack....

Z said...

Ducky, pay attention.
It's the lies we hate...not that Clinton went. It's GORE hurrying to get the hugs in front of the camera. It's the whole stinking lot of liberals, including the women, who put their egos ahead of their country.
We want to know what was traded...too much to ask? You'd be demanding it of Bush.

As for Bolton and Kim? I'd be thrilled if a scumbag like Kim called me anything like that OR the slam he did to Hillary (forget that, Ducky? Not convenient for your point? :-)

Pat, I'm SO past Obama's plans at this point..yes, they all SUCK.. But it's the lies, the brownshirt tactics, etc., that are REALLY starting to sink the comments on my piece above...the one under the Obama Rolling Stone cover. THAT is scary.

Anonymous said...

This could be just another case of looking into his eyes and seeing his soul mate. This time when Clinton looked into the eyes of Kim Jong Il he was looking into the eyes of his old socialist soul mate. Not much doubt that with Obama's Marxist indoctrination he'd be looking into the eyes of his soul mate too.

The moral of the story — All socialists are brothers under the skin ...


Z said... want to come live in America? YOU ROCK! xxx

MK said...

This is what worries me about this, what has bill given to them and since he's a leftist, you can take that as a gold-plated guarantee that it'll be you folks who'll be doing the paying.