Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Now you see a public option, now you DON'T!?

OH, GeeeeeeeeZ! Robert Gibbs better get the message straight! Because they're doing exactly what I predicted.........HERE. But, THAT can't be right! Obama and his thuggers said THIS.... and THIS and THIS!

Oh, my........but then, his far left backers might be upset, click HERE. SO...they go with the far left even though the polls show Americans do not want this bill, especially the public option.

So, who's Gibbs most loyal TO? Obama or the far leftwingers? Hmmmm. Who's Obama most loyal to?

Then, of course, it doesn't matter that you are educated and understand the bill....Ms Sebelius insists any pleasure over what was coming out of the White House about dropping the 'public option' was based solely on "a slow news day." What I think Ms Sebelius is saying to America is that you just don't get it....what we say and do are quite different things.........You just had nothing else to think about because the news was slow...WOW.

Gibbs, Sebelius........they're quite different messages than what was discussed all last week by Obama and others. I guess it's a case of "You heard NOTHING, you SAW NOTHING..." Typical, angry mobs, you need glasses and hearing aids. Oh, and Obama did NOT bow to the Saudi King. Doesn't matter that you saw the pictures, Robert Gibbs says you're WRONG. :-)

Shut your eyes! You did not see that.

Oops...they ARE so scared of their far leftwing base.....I say "Keep playing to it....you're losing independents by the busloads.."


Anonymous said...

Gotta energize the base to defend the public option, since the Left is losing the health care argument in the press and around the nation... so Sebelius sounded a deniable note of "retreat."

Look forward to the "netroots" people showing up at your blogs to argue, folks. And "Give 'em Heck" when they do!

Z said...

You know, FJ, I saw a presentation on CSPAN, I think it was...about netroots..a panel discussion I THOUGHT was conservatives!?
So, I just saw your comment and wondered about it and Googled...I was wrong...I'd only heard the five seconds a conservative spoke and then a friend called and I turned down the sound, so I got a wrong glimpse.
I just added something to the post that fits this perfectly....LET the leftards play to their far left base........hippies, mental patients (smile)....they're losing independents faster than you can say Woodstock.

FrogBurger said...

It shows either their malice or incompetence. Either way it's a losing situation for them, which I find delightful.

shoprat said...

It's not a matter of what we see. It's a matter of what we're supposed to see. Like Squealer the Pig in Animal Farm he skips back and forth with a melodious voice telling we didn't see what we saw and our memories are wrong.

~Leslie said...

"I was for the public option before I was against it and then for it and against it...again..."

Amazing. They don't even know what to say. This is a great example of how the whole health care reform issue is just one big power grab. Anyone acting out of their true ideals or a true belief system would know exactly what they thought, what they were campaigning for, and how to present it.

*Good comparison Shoprat. How similar to the times when the pigs changed the Commandments and Muriel read them over again and found out "yet another of them which the animals had remembered wrong."

But the American people are not as dumb. The masses seem to be listening and closely.

Anonymous said...

Shoprat is very astute.

Folks, we're hearing about co-ops. The government supplies the seed money for these co-ops, and who's on the boards of these overseers? Who appoints them, and makes the rules? Anybody know?

If the government supplies the money, who pulls the strings? Who's that man behind the back door? Hmmmmm?

Senator Kyl said it, co-ops are nothing more than a trojan horse. Believe it.

Yes Shoprat, you are so right. It's a matter of what we're supposed to see.

Nancy Pelosi said this:
"We agree with the president that a public option will keep insurance companies honest and increase competition."

Just one question Nancy, who's going to keep you and your cronies honest? The folks that spent the money meant for Medicare over the years? It's broke!

How about Medicaid? It's broke too? Oh!

That heralded ponzi scheme called Social Security? There's no fund? No kidding, you spent that too! It's collapsing on itself, big surprise.

And now, because you all have such a sterling record of running public programs, YOU are going to keep the insurance companies honest, and provide healthcare for 300,000,000 people. Three hundred million people!!!

Britain can't do it for 50,000,000 people.

But, oh no there'll be no rationing, or end of life panels. Well, there are in Britain. Obama talked about appointing a panel to decide quality of care, and to oversee doctors.

So, my fellow dissenters, don't leave the trenches, stay engaged, the battle has just begun.

The thuggers are planning as we speak, and haven't given up. They want their way and think they can achieve it by hook or by crook.

Power to the People!


FrogBurger said...

Co-ops are used in France but usually they're available to gov workers or companies with strong unions i.e. the tax payers pay for subsidized insurance anyway but may not get the benefit from it. So another gov scam.

If their goal was truly to diminish cost, they would open the insurance market nationwide. That's a first step. Then they would see what happens.

I should be able to choose an insurance in NY state if I feel like it. The Congress per the Constitution is supposed to ease trade across states so why don't they do what they're supposed to do?

Second step is to have a bill preventing from frivolous lawsuits against physicians.

Third step is to allow people to pay doctors for regular preventive visits without an insurance but cash and possibly entice lower prices if people want to pay cash. It's less hassle for the doctor and therefore it's less time, hence less money.

But no they want to make it more complicated because they're too intelligent to keep it simple.

FrogBurger said...

One another step is to allow people to write off any medical expense without a cap. We had over 10k of medical bills last year but the gov only allowed us to write off 3k.

If there's one expense you don't want to write off to pay less taxes, it's medical stuff. It's not like I'm going to go to the doctor to get my leg amputated to pay less taxes.

Although Obama is so twisted in his head, he may very well think I try to cheat the IRS by doing so.

Z said...

I should be able to choose an insurance in NY state if I feel like it. The Congress per the Constitution is supposed to ease trade across states so why don't they do what they're supposed to do?

FrogBurger for President:
His advice:

I should be able to choose an insurance in NY state if I feel like it. The Congress per the Constitution is supposed to ease trade across states so why don't they do what they're supposed to do?
Second step is to have a bill preventing from frivolous lawsuits against physicians.

Third step is to allow people to pay doctors for regular preventive visits without an insurance but cash and possibly entice lower prices if people want to pay cash. It's less hassle for the doctor and therefore it's less time, hence less money.

And Pris..absolutely true; it IS a Trojan Horse..it's getting their feet wet...it's just paving the way......

But, of course, we're too stupid to see how GOOD their plan is for us. :-)

Z said...

Oh, FrogBurger, I SO agree with you on the write off of medical bills...allow the WHOLE THING.

AND, if you have private insurance and you have not met your deductible....? Great..then pay the $2000 for the procedure and the pvt ins. company has to deduct the WHOLE $2000 from your deductible, not their "OUR ALLOWABLE is $700..you pay the rest" RUBBISH

Anonymous said...

The RNC is trying to develop a netroots equivalent, but they're no where near as organized and cohesive in their internet political activities as the Democrats are... and CSPAN was covering both groups last weekend... so chances are you saw the conservative equivalent.

Conservatives don't "herd" nearly as well as liberals/ socialists.

Anonymous said...

Here's the libbies. The conservative group that was on C-SPAN is called RightOnLine.

Chuck said...

I think they are losing the media and are getting confused with all of the attention and questions.

Read this:


Deborah on the Bayside said...

Shoprat is FUNNY and Frogburger is right! We need to open the insurance market nationwide.

Just remember, what they give away in the bill now -- amid MUCH fanfare -- can always be added back in reconciliation if Pelosi keeps the public option in her version, which I expect (what with the likes of Waxman and all).

I suspect they need this sooner rather than later to disguise the bankruptcy of the Medicare system.

Steve Harkonnen said...

What happens if the federal government shuts down in say, November?

No health care for December?

defiant_infidel said...

Ah! Behold the glorious implosion of the house made of cards! (ALL Jokers...)

Long live the REAL America!

WomanHonorThyself said...

amen Z!..they are imploding indeed!

Anonymous said...

"Conservatives don't "herd" nearly as well as liberals/ socialists."

FJ - That's because we're more independent, and don't need affirmation of the herd to be secure.

Just a layperson's analysis, for whatever that's worth.


Z said...

Fj..thanks for the info.....I appreciate it.

Chuck! Great info. The Left's running scared and can't figure out why they're QUESTIONED! Finally. WOULD that our media was honest enough to do the dirty work THEY used to do, NOT US. Up to US now.

Deborah, they could take a smidgen of the trillion(s) and fix medicare... That's all anybody really wants.

Steve..THAT is a scary thought. A new version of Healthcare RATIONING.

DI (HI!) and WHT....IMPLODING, INDEED. But 3 1/2 years to go.......ugh

Z said...

Pris, it makes me laugh when the Dems talk about how OPEN MINDED and DIVERGENT their party is....you will NEVER EVER see a Dem slam another Dem in public...watch for it. Republicans? They can't wait to disagree..(dayum!)
You want to see a BIG TENT PARTY, look at Republicans. We could do with a little LESS of that, maybe a bit MORE careful herd mentality would keep us focused and help independents know better what we stand for, right?! :-)

Pamela Zydel said...

Well first we saw the "end of life care" and now we don't. They took that out of the bill, too. Senator Charles E. Grassley of Iowa said in a statement that the committee “dropped end-of-life provisions from consideration entirely because of the way they could be misinterpreted and implemented incorrectly.”

Duh...isn't THAT what we've been saying all along! This entire monstrosity is one big misinterpretation!

Unknown said...

Hubby and I watched the entire White House briefing today on CSPAN. Are we really going to have to listen to Gibbs for several more years? Well, at least he entertianed us a bit today!

Netroots folks are NUT roots!

Ducky's here said...

... you're losing independents by the busloads...


To whom? Sarah Palin? I doubt that. Jeb Bush? Rudy Giuliani? Governor Huckleberry?

Losing them to whom?

Z said...

Who knows, Ducky..maybe in 2012, it'll be "Anybody BUT OBama!" :-) Worked for the hate America crowd, could work for the love America crowd, too. There are still enough of us, Trust me.

Mike said...

And today it´s BAAAAAAAAACK!

Ducky's here said...

Something strange has happened in America in the nine months since Barack Obama was elected. It has best been summarized by the comedian Bill Maher: "The Democrats have moved to the right, and the Republicans have moved to a mental hospital."

Ducky's here said...


Y'all sign up now.

Z said...

Mike, thanks for coming by and for that information.
Ya, if the Obama thuggers would think before they spoke, they wouldn't look quite this bad...and the country wouldn't be in such a quandary over him, would they...he's really losing people fast and the "why?" is clear.

Ducky....the guy who wrote the piece on America from the Pravda blog was disdained by you but we're supposed to blindly follow Maher's every word? cute

Who cares about netroots? These kind of people have been in business since blogging began. They're the ones we used to see coming to FPM suddenly saying "I was a Republican, but I could NEVER vote for BUSH!" New scream names before an electno and GONE after. It's kind of fun to watch!! I hope you enjoy it, too.

Chuck said...

The Dems have moved to the right? Right of what Duck?

Anonymous said...

...a market that is dominated by one insurance company..??!!??

Where is this?

how ridiculuous...

Anonymous said...

Ah yes. Bill Maher...peddler of hatred.
The epitome of the American Left.

Z said...

OH, Jen..now,now, now...Ducky thinks Maher's gospel but the guy who wrote the piece for Pravda blog is a nut because there are pieces on aliens on that blog written by other people! :-)