Monday, August 10, 2009

The Media again..........Yahoo and Republicans....and a love story from TIME on Obama and GOLF

UPDATE: Monday afternoon: Yahoo has the Mark Sanford story continuing today. An AMAZINGLY fast "SENATE PROBE" is on him again. Nothing else must be happening in the world.

Mark Sanford's
plane use is in question. Big deal, Pelosi had silly plane issues (and I'm not one to think that people of that stature, whether I like them or not, should fly commercial, by the way), but Sanford does things like have his kids pop on board to go with him, or visits a donor, etc., and it's hell to pay, right? If he's wrong, he ought to pay, don't get me wrong.

Here's the rub:
Yahoo Homepage has had that headline ALL DAY LONG. ALL DAY. Sunday's other headlines have come and gone every hour or so: Afghanistan, the helicopter/Piper accident in the Hudson, Tiger Woods' huge win, wrong-way drivers, Chavez, Obama in Mexico, etc., etc., .,...........but MARK SANFORD PLANE USE IN QUESTION.....? ALL DAY LONG. I kept seeing it as I looked at headlines and, finally, by tonight, I thought "That's really ODD. WHY?"

How important is that in comparison to Obama in Mexico? How important is that to Afghanistan or Iraq? How important is that at all?

Governor Sanford is a Republican. Ask Yahoo why it's so important.

UPDATE Monday morning: TIME likes the way Obama plays GOLF. They feel it "shows what kind of a leader he is." To be fair, it mentions how Bush stopped playing golf out of respect for the soldiers fighting. Not that I don't think presidents need an outlet, but the article doesn't mention that Obama might have wanted to stop with the golf, too, showing what kind of leader he really is.


Always On Watch said...

Please check your email.

cube said...

The MSM isn't even trying to hide their liberal bias anymore. Why bother? Everyone knows.

Mark said...

Yahoo, like AOL, and Google, are all Liberally biased. I think if you check it out, Most Yahoo headline stories are written by the Associated (de)Pressed.

As I wrote last week on my blog, Journalism has officially died in America. (As Hannity has said)

Anonymous said...

The ignorance fairies in the MSM have to turn day into night if they are to control the masses through application of selective "shading" and "light".

Me, Myself, And I said...

More made up liberal shite from “progressive” liars.

Anonymous said...

I'm with what Mark said.
Aside form Radio Talk shows, there isn't any conservative voice anywhere.

FrogBurger said...

Check how SEIU lies. Incredible

Maggie Thornton said...

The media has covered nothing of importance from conservatives for so long, we will never change it now. Owned by the rich and made powerful by the power of the press, they needn't even pretend.

Now that most of the Cronkite's are gone and TalkRadio is here, we know more and we see more, and it isn't a pretty picture.

I still use Yahoo as a homepage and I don't know why, because if I pay attention to it, I usually get furious.

Z said...

FrogBurger, Thanks for that link; that footage of the guy on the ground looks uncannily like a tiny bit of the footage on the beating Gladney got. What "pastor" is on the ground there? I hadn't heard that anywhere. I think it's the SEIU's beating of Gladney they got there!?

Did you hear the woman say "Stop PUSHING" And someone in the crowd hysterically calls out "TELL ACORN TO STOP PUSHING!!!!" That's not manufactured, that woman is mad and scared.

I have also seen footage where 3 very large ACORN people stood on a sidewalk blocking the pathway....they wouldn't talk.
Have you noticed that? The ACORN people, particularly the Black, very intimidating people, don't TALK when they're at these things, whether it be voting areas (which they hung out in front of during the election) or now when they're intimidating citizens. The ACORN people who DO speak, and the cops even, say to the people "They won't talk..." AND, One blogger had a video of the police clearly doing what the ACORN people TOLD them to do. I think it's Right Klik on my sidebar with that video, if I'm not mistaken. THAT is difficult to watch.

Yes, the citizens are being made to look like the whackos, folks....Gibbs's snide cracks and the politicians' accusing US of being unruly is, again, Saul Alinsky...These thugs REALLY know their business and the leftwingers in congress have caught on beautifully; they REALLY got the message and have no shame.

Politicians: JUST ANSWER THE QUESTIONS, PEOPLE. The citizens in those townhalls will be very civil IF you stop lying and start talking the truth.

FrogBurger said...

Yes that's the video of the black conservative being beat up and they twisted it.

I think we should be totally peaceful. I actually wished the march in DC was not a march but a sitting with speakers. So that the thugs around would stand up looking like idiots.

Z said...

I thought that was the same video...and the SEIU is using it against US, that Americans beat a PASTOR, I think it said? WHAT?


I'm hoping the Obama thugs even let that even happen, FrogBurger; let's see.

Z said...

Always, my email's down for almost 3 days. See my new email from another account I sent this AM?

Ducky's here said...

"Now watch this drive". Everyone remember that one.

George had to keep the reporters off the links when Mikey Moore got hold of the clip.

Mark said...

Did you read the comments at the end of the video? All of them were unfavorable towards the SEIU!

All of them! And not only that, but it appears the administrator of the blog deleted many of the comments.

AH, isn't living in the USA wonderful?

Ducky's here said...

Day into night, Farmer. So they did a day for night. It's a pretty common shot, especially if you're having budget problems and need to keep the shooting schedule.

G-Man said...

"Yes, the citizens are being made to look like the whackos, folks."

Well you need to remember that the citizens hold the keys to the car and those unruly teen-aged congressmen have to ask us to it.

As far as I'm concerned, their next dance (elections) comes up in a year and a half and I think they should be made to stay home for that one... ;-)

We really need to be focusing on the next elections and removing the majority we've unadvisedly handed them in congress.

Hopefully, by then they won't have changed the face of the country so much that it's unrecognizable.

Beyond that I'd like to make a point.

Do you know why the news media dwells so much on the foibles of conservative politicians? I'll tell you why, because conservatives care so much about it.

The constituency of liberal politicians doesn't care if their politicians are having affairs, are homosexual or are caught in other controversies. All they care about is the fact that the person will deliver the vote/performance in office that they desire.

Many conservatives find those acts understandably repugnant, but fail to understand the practical implications of castigating their representative so harshly... By tossing them out on their ear, we create an opening for the libs to steal a place in the government. If we protract the matter a little more logically we'd see that the person's morals must in some way be already compromised otherwise they wouldn't be pursuing a career in politics.

We conservatives need to start looking at the job the person will perform for us rather than delving too deeply into their undoubtedly seedy lives. We need to by necessity be equally blind as the libs are. (I also understand that libs are also blind to the moral short comings of their politicians because they don't have any morals, but that's beside the point).

We need to be more focused on outcomes and inure ourselves on topics of morality just in order to level the playing field.

Ducky's here said...

Great news quote from Human Events (Ronald Reagan's favorite mag).

"People such as scientist Stephen Hawking wouldn't have a chance in the U.K., where the National Health Service would say the life of this brilliant man, because of his physical handicaps, is essentially worthless."



Brooke said...

Are we at all surprised that what Pelosi does with impunity, a (R) is front page news all day?

The media is so obviously biased, it is laughable.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

You just answered your own question. Gov Sanford is a Republican. Case closed.


G-Man said...

"Great news quote from Human Events (Ronald Reagan's favorite mag)."

Here's a great quote that's quite apropos, directly from one of your heroes ducky. While Che was traversing the high deserts of Peru he said:

"Cuando distribuían cerebros usted pensó que dijeron los trenes y pidió lento."

Anonymous said...

No, the media being biased? Never...

Not even a little shocked. They know we know so they don't even bother to pull the wool over our eyes anymore.

FrogBurger said...


I've found a nice diagram showing the nice deficit of the french nationalized healthcare called social security (securite sociale). Proof that it will lead to tax hikes especially if the economy is blah since there won't be any tax revenues.


Z-man said...

I also have a problem with google search engines, I think on many subjects there's a political bias but that's another subject I've blogged about. I know what you're saying, when I go to yahoo to check my e-mail the top stories are always changing but you'd think to the average person Sanford hopping on planes would be downright boring.

Steve Harkonnen said...

I am seriously beginning to realize something. Government wants you to keep on staring at the news, no matter what the source.

When I was on vacation for that time in Europe, I had NOTHING - no electronic exposure - NOTHING.

It was great.

Z said...

you said "Do you know why the news media dwells so much on the foibles of conservative politicians?"

You could be right but I think it's more that AMERICA HEARS it, Conservatives cower (as you say, they CARE about immorality, lies, mischaracterizations...and fairness)'s very important to leftwingers that uninformed Americans only hear HEADLINES, don't you think? And the headlines must carry dirt about Republicans. That's how the media wins.

Z-Man, GOogle's leaving out articles, too.
And looking for IMAGES cracks me up. I wish I could remember what I put in the other day to find an was pretty generic and the choices which came up were Muslim choices, African American choices, request was SO generic it stunned me. That happens a lot.

Mark said...

I was on google image search looking for a picture from any old western movie of an old west style lynch mob, for my blogpost on Sunday, but the only images I could get were pictures of lynch mobs in 20th century south, hanging black men.

You may have noticed, too, when you search for articles or stories on google, the first several pages are articles with liberal slants.

Ducky's here said...

Mark, you should be able to find screenshots from "The Ox Bow Incident".

Great condensed portrayal of right wing justice.

Z said...

Mark, that's an excellent example.
I remember when I first started hearing about how peaceful the Koran was from leftwingers at Frontpagemag, where I commented for a long time.
I got curious and started Googling and the first clicks were glorious, peaceful, loving, and I thought "What is WITH the conservatives slamming Islam?"
I got more curious and clicked deeper, farther down the links, way farther, and deeper, ... then the very obvious parts of the truth came out.
It was scary to think the parts people were most curious about after having had 9/11 occur were hidden pretty darned well.

These will be the first people to only bring up the 'evils' in the Old Testament of the Bible, of course.

That's when I first noticed Google's stuff, and Yahoo's...

Then I saw FPM's commenters' numbers going down and realized they were simply not linked anymore....they used to have enormous linkage but very little links you back to that conservative site anymore. That's the FPM who, every election year, would suddenly have tons of new "Republican" commenters saying "I USED to be a Republican but I could never vote for them now!" Cracked us regulars up because they'd disappear right after their work was done and the election was over. Same thing happens at Cons. Radio, we've all heard that. IT's a pretty good ruse, I have to admit.
Yes, the longer list at the top of most articles are liberal slant..NY Times, etc etc...the new America.

The BIG OPEN MIND of the leftwingers

FrogBurger said...

Oh Duckinette, please. I can show you left wing justice. Red Khmers, Stalin, Mao, Robespierre and so forth.

And of course, the Democratic Party never worked with the KKK. Progressives like Woodrow Wilson were not racist, etc...

I don't even know why I'm replying to you. I just get irritated at pseudo intelligence like yours.

Mark said...

I did find screen shots from The Oxbow of my favorite movies...but the still I used was a publicity still from the movie.

And the real lynch mobs in the 20th century were mobs of Democrats.

Mark said...

Do you know why I was looking for images of old west movie lynch mobs?

Because the Dems who are ignoring the people's wishes in regard to Obamacare remind me of the old line from those movies,

"You'll get a fair trial followed by a first class hangin'!"

Ducky's here said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ducky's here said...

I see Mark, now this little band of brothers shouting everyone down in town meetings are "the people".

They are , I assume, the REAL AMERICANS.

Bore me later. Yeah, the teabaggers are THE REAL AMERICANS.
Contemporary manifestation of the Know Nothing Party. Nothing more only you have great Americans like the partially insane Glenn Beck running the movement.

Always On Watch said...

I know that you're in a state of morning now that Mustang is on hiatus. But don't leave too many droppings on Z's blog.

Just a word of friendly advice. Take it in the spirit in which it's been offered. Really.

FrogBurger said...

"partially insane Glenn Beck running the movement."

Obama's spending spree is not insane? SEIU and ACORN not insane?

No you're right, it's all calculated so they're just thugs with well conceived intentions.

Let us listen and watch our favorite insane people, and go back to history books so you can come back with valid talking points.

You are a real American. But one with an intellect that is shallow, lazy and pitiful.

Joe said...

Many of the commenters whose comments were deleted went back and re-commented on the SEIU site, including me.

MathewK said...

Ah Time, that worthless, leftist rag, boy am i glad i told them to shove it years ago.

EDGE said...

I know what ya' mean Z! Yahoo! is terrible when it comes to news!