Wednesday, August 5, 2009

This DNC ad will be an eye opener...check it out

I've been looking for this and finally found it. PLEASE look at THIS LINK VIDEO....Maybe you've seen it, but look again.........this is absolutely incredible.

Please send this link to non blogging email friends and's important they see what's happening. Apparently, if you're an American who yells a question at a townhall meeting, you're part of an 'angry mob'...? The Republicans are "at it again"....Be very careful: You MUST NOT dissent from this healthcare plan. Remember the leftwinger harangue that "DISSENT IS PATRIOTIC"??...Apparently, it's only patriotic when it's the Left dissenting. (sorry for the language in the image, I have it there to make my point)

Nancy Pelosi says HERE that people dissenting from the healthcare plan are carrying swastikas. Have YOU ever seen a swastika at a townhall meeting on television or in the videos bloggers are showing of people challenging politicians about the healthcare details? I'm thinking if there WAS one, the cameras would pick it up, huh? And, if there has been some extremist NUT carrying one, I'm sure the crowd would tell him to leave. And should. How ugly and LOW of Pelosi to even say this........They will stoop to anything, folks...absolutely ANYTHING.

UNRELATED UPDATE (sort of): I was at Jess's blog (which you should visit!) and she has a piece on SWEARING! I commented that I try not to, but...well......I TRY. I finished up my comment and my 'word verification' was 'fucteras'.... Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction! Had to share that...bad word or no bad word.



Anonymous said...

"Have YOU ever seen a swastika at a townhall meeting on television or in the videos bloggers are showing of people challenging politicians about the healthcare details?"

Z - No I haven't seen that nor have I seen one at the tea parties
I attended.

However I do seem to remember during Bush's Presidency a picture of Bush morphed into Hitler! Maybe that's what Pelosi was referring to?

Her complaint sounds "fishy" to me.


Average American said...

I always thought I was a gentleman until I found myself unable to shake this nagging feeling that I would just LOVE to punch that ugly bulldog face of Piglosi's. Damned, she is one butt ugly dumb bitch!

Oh, did I say that out loud? Sorry.

Z said...

Pris, it's okay when the leftwingers do that, it's only not okay when the Right is LIED about having done so...unreal.

Average..I saw a pic on the internet tonight of Pelosi before her face lift and I have to say I felt kinda sorry for her. But, you know, she seems so ugly inside, with such lies and horrible plans for America, that nothing she could do on the outside could make her beautiful. That's how I feel, anyway. Sad.

Deborah on the Bayside said...

Still, it's almost impossible to beat Barbara Boxer for irrational, hairbrained non sequitars - (At least Joe Biden can be funny with his foot in his mouth.)

Now she says "they're trying to hurt our president." Gee, babe - think you got that one backwards. Who is hurting whom? "They" are just trying to talk over the media babble so the damage gets reported.

Or shall we follow the model of patriotic rectitude you exhibited in the 8 years toward W? No thanks! Like the town halls, I'll argue ideas, not demonize people.

beamish said...

Only six months after taking office.


I actually thought it would take longer for Democrats to reveal that they are intellectually bankrupt.

Unemployment is rocketing over 10%, we have quadrupled our deficit spending, Cambridge MA police are getting more bully pulpit criticism from the President than the Iranian Basij secret police, our Secretary of State is the punchline of a very sad diplomatic joke, White House press conferences are prescripted puppet shows...

...and the lefties think we dismiss Obama over his birth in Kenya rather than his lack of qualifications to have his job.

JINGOIST said...


Get a load of this Z.
This White House is now having citizens inform on each other. They want e-mails and other correspondence that is opposed to Obamacare to be forwarded to the White House.

Can you say "STASI tactics"? from 8-4-09

Make sure that you spell my name correctly! The Kremlin may be calling!

If Americans don't throw these totalitarian BUFFOONS out on their ears in a year and in 3 years, we are FINISHED as a bastion of human freedom.

Z said...

Deborah, they can't argue ideas because it appears their senators don't know the facts...they look so shocked and dismayed that people actually aren't thrilled with having their freedoms taken if they REALLY feel we don't know any better.
I'd seen your link....cute, isn't she? I have trouble even watching Boxer....she's just too uneducated and disdainful.

Beamish....the lefties find ways to attack for only questioning the birth certificate... Saul Alinsky lives. Obama seems almost desperate lately, and looks slightly scared, as if he's trying to make schedules others have told him he must keep, must accomplish.weird.
Never has been another president who's criticized Conservative radio or TV people by name...or ridiculed Americans for not agreeing with him. It's such a shocking development and so immature of the WH...'re only supposed to report friends and family if they say anything "Fishy" about the Health Care Plan !(Imagine!? tongue in cheek here, TRUST me)
Yes, the Stasi's arrived in America. And Leftwingers don't see it! THAT's the hilarious part.
The party of OPEN MINDS? Ya, RIGHT.

FJ said...

The people imposing this health care plan are wearing swastikas.

Chuck said...

I think this will work, but only for the far left. There are two problems wirth it.

-Beamish said it well, they are intellectually bankrupt and it is showing. This ad offer no rebuttal, just an attack of the Repiublican attack machine. I think the public is slowly seeing this.

-The DNC doesn't have to worry about the GOP, they need to worry about their own party members. There are more and more Dems showing up at these Tea Party and health care townhall events, and they are getting pissed.

I think the Dems are falling into the trap of appealing only to their extreme base, this will cost them moderate Dems and independants.

Finally the GOP, even if they get extreme at times, is on the side of the general public. The DNC is not.

As far as this Pelosi bit. I wonder if we will see her challenged in next years primary? She's getting more and more vulnerable every time she opens her mouth.

DaBlade said...

IHAVE had enough of the mob. The Chicago mob, that is. Thanks z. I actually thought the vid was rather funny.

Ducky's here said...

I'm not sure when trucking in a bunch of stooges for a shout down became dissent. I remember when L'il Davie Horowitz used to complain vehemently about being shouted down by everyone at his "lectures" who wasn't in the tank for Likud and the right thought it was just terrible.

So the tea baggers got nowhere (because they had no focused message) and now the tactics get a little nastier.

I did enjoy how the RNC managed to reroute the incoming calls to the DNC switchboard. Pretty neat.

Oh well, keep whining right wingers. It's what you do best.

DD2 aka Debonair Dude said...

Will Do

FrogBurger said...

Typical leftists tactics. Ridiculing, labeling and shallow thinking. Look at Ducky, our own blog's Pelosi-like figure. Doesn't even know history very well and believe witty words and humour can camouflage a shallow thinking based on pure emotions and denying facts and statistics on economics.

But the people are now dumb, unlike what they say. Keep pushing the buttons and the waves will get bigger and bigger.

Our corrupted officials, new kings, are seeing ourselves as peasants and serfs.

We know what happened to the kings.

FrogBurger can't spell said...

God, I wish I can type.

I meant "people are noT dumb" vs. now dumb.

Too much boot camp exercise today.

FrogBurger said...

Next step for the gov is to stage guys wearing nazi gears. You'll see they'll end up doing it.

FrogBurger said...

She seems to forget that eugenics (old people are useless, forced abortions, sterilizing producs in water) are typical fascist and communist techniques.

I think all of us should invade her mailbox to ask for a public apology and her resignation.

Faith said...

Z, I had this same impression you had: "Obama seems almost desperate lately, and looks slightly scared, as if he's trying to make schedules others have told him he must keep, must accomplish.weird." Like there's an agenda. The Illuminatis' perhaps? The Antichrist waiting in the wings? (The United Nations' darling "Maitreya" seems to be gearing up for a soon appearance. Go to for the latest.)

The same feeling comes across from that other video you put up of the townhall where people were protesting. The People are interfering with some Grand Plan.

christian soldier said...

check out Gateway Pundit for the Dark Side's swastika---during the Bush Presidency...
I would love to duplicate it and put bho's face on it...Rule # 5 --ridicule the enemy...
I'm just following Alinsky's 'rules' folks..

Faith said...

Yeah it could be a purely American agenda, but I've been looking a lot at the End Times Big Picture lately and whatever we do is going to fit into that somehow. The stage is set, it's all coming down very very soon (of course the protestors may keep it from happening on the devil's schedule, may their tribe increase), and this Maitreya guy (or demon spirit) I just linked to really is sponsored by the UN though that information has been removed from their site. I stopped advertising the talks of Scott Johnson about end times events some time ago because he gets out into areas he doesn't document very well, but in this case it's only too well documented and his latest talks are well worth listening to, so here's a link to him for more knowledge than you ever wanted to have about Maitreya:

Elmers Brother said...

duhkkky you think the left wing is effective at protesting? the wackos...ever see those bear your breasts not bomb rallies. Yeah that worked.

FrogBurger said...

Not about politics but this could mean the end :)

Steve Harkonnen said...

Oh, speaking of DISSENT:

Since Liberals LOVE Dissent, I'll be DISSENTING from the idea of a government run HEALTH CARE PROGRAM.

I've been studying HR3200. It is no laughing matter, and even Liberals are starting to hate it.

Steve Harkonnen said...

Meant to add that Obama is in for the fight of his life.

Oh, and get your OBAMA SOCIALIST T-shirts here BEFORE THEY GET BANNED:

FrogBurger said...

I have to say that what they're doing is different than socialism. I've seen socialism in France and honestly Obama and Pelosi's gang are doing worse. No French politicians would talk about denying healthcare to elderly. No French president has put czars in place in a manner that reminds me of central planning in the soviet union, or the mob. No French president has used an organization like ACORN to prepare for the next election fraud and brainwash people.

Oh wait, the last time we had this was maybe Petain during WW2.

Debbie said...

I bet their site will eventually crash. There are lots of Conservatives reporting themselves, and giving Obama a piece of their mind. They have no idea what they have unleashed.

And the comments about what the people are wearing is just crazy. If they had shown up in ragged jeans or something, the Left would have called them HICKS.

Deborah F. Hamilton
Right Truth

Z said...

Debbie, you said "And the comments about what the people are wearing is just crazy. If they had shown up in ragged jeans or something, the Left would have called them HICKS."

Na, they'd have thought some of their own got in there. You've seen leftwinger demonstrations! Except these "ANGRY MOBS" somehow don't NEED chain link to keep them back like leftwingers do.

FrogBurger..amazing, isn't it.
I'm sorry you have to see this... As my husband's always said "In Europe, you don't hear such name calling of politicians from the other side, people are civil. Also, you don't have this kind of lobbying!" He's right.
He's also said "Italy's had something like 45 governments since the second world war, but they're still ITALY...America seems to be falling apart in this divide."

Elmers Brother said...

FB - that article was hilarious

Ciao Baby said...

It's getting to be very scary out there, the Libs have taken over the asylum

Jess said...

That's just "fucteras" disgusting (that one was for you Z ;)

Ok instead of viewing protesters who are tired of big government and uncontrolled spending as patriotic Americans who care about their future and the future of their beloved country, they are instead being portrayed as traitorous, ignorant radical whackjobs strategically placed by the right wing radical whackjob Republican party.

That video is disgraceful.

FrogBurger said...

I can't wait for DC on 9/12. With such comments, the crowd will be bigger.

Z said...

Thanks for your first visit, Ciao Baby...good luck on your new blog.

Jess, good one! And that video really is disgraceful and I'd have thought leftwingers would even get that. Some have, I've seen Steve Murphy and that blonde bimbo lib who teaches at Occidental say they think it's wrong...people are catching on to THEIR ONE.

FrogBurger, the crowd will definitely swell after this kind of treatment...March on

Jess said...

Oh Z you are too kind, what a great advertisement you gave me LOL!

Z said...

Jess, you deserve it....keep blogging!

The G-man said...

Yeah I spit coffee all over the place when I heard the left calling those voicing their opinions extremists... I mean I remember very clearly code pink disrupting every event they could, but those are patriots! (of course).

The left just can't understand why anyone would be opposed to their "common sense" policies. But they are as far from common sense as the arctic is from the antarctic.

On the swearing front... I have to apologize, serving in the military "spiced" my language such that I rarely realize that I am swearing. Besides, sometimes some things can only be properly expressed with a good invective laced tirade!

Z said...

BOXER is saying that the last time she saw people dressed like this speaking out(whatever that means..they're not liberal grunge or something so they can't be one with her?) was when Gore lost the election...get the inference, folks?

Susannah at her blog (see my sidebar! Blunt POlitics), has this:

"WH Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said today, with a chortle in his throat & perma-grin on his lips, “There are groups that are, uh, have spread out people across the country to go to these things & to specifically generate videos that can be posted on internet sites…”"

See the effort, people? They're demeaning you as 'just one of the crowd that won the election illegally for Bush' and accusing you of speaking out just so we rightwingers will post the videos. They must be SCARED TO DEATH at the WH.

MY GOSH are Chicago tactics in play here..THUGS, liars and socialists. Lovely feeling that they're all in our White House, huh?

G-Man..the left wing, when IT demonstrates, needs chain link barriers to protect the community....Vets and old ladies are threatening now to the left?! What a joke, you're right.

beamish said...


I'll report you if you'll report me.

In fact, anybody wanting an earburner to forward to the Presidential Stasi should email me at

RightKlik said...

Additional interesting comments on this topic:

The trouble with the DNC ad ( is “the mob” looks like middle America. Unlike this Seattle scene:

The Dems seem to hate anyone who disagrees. Ironically, the people they’re demonizing voted them into office and feel betrayed by a bigger government–they didn’t like that part of George W. Bush. Democrats are squandering good will.

Z said...

beamish, publish one here!

RightKlik...terrific comments and links...Yes, as I've said before "WE are an 'angry mob' sitting in leisure suits and visors asking questions of politicians when the left's angry mobs need chain link barriers because they cause such havoc?"

And did you notice Pelosi throwing SWASTIKAS in the mix? And Boxer proclaiming we're just the same bunch of well dressed people who got Bush the election illegally? Robert Gibbs is so disdainful it's not worth quoting's endless.

This is one HELL of a SCARED BUNCH OF LIBERALS....they can't stand the fact that ALL PEOPLE didn't fall for THE ONE...and man, we'll pay for it now.

Ciao Baby said...

Nancy Pelosi is a pathetic excuse for a human being much less the Speaker of the House. 6 million people died at the hands of the Nazi's and she invokes swastikas. This is a new low for the lowest of the low.I am ashamed that this person is the Speaker of the House. I can only hope that all of her comments, but especially this one, come back to haunt her forever.

Pat Jenkins said...

z i will keep screaming this from the moutnain tops over and over but the left's "blame" of average citizens shows how much contempt they have for the rights of an individual. and that blatant exposure may be a diamond in the rough in this healthcare debate!!

Anonymous said...

I just heard that Obama's called out the unions. The AFL-CIO to send out to town hall meetings union members to confront Americans who dissent.

Funny isn't it, it's the organized mob calling everyday people nazis!

How stupid are these democrats anyway? These are voters they're calling names. They're not of any party. They're of all parties. American citizens, period!

And now, union thugs are going to show up? Let 'em. Any nastiness resulting from this will be on Obama's doorstep. He's creating confrontation.

If people who belong to unions wanted to show up at these meetings, no one would stop them. However this is being orchestrated.
How ironic, that the organizers are projecting their tactics onto the people.

Actually it happens all the time, the left are masters at it. Project onto others what you plan to do yourself. The left has this down to a science.

Remember the Clintons when they came on the scene accusing others of the "politics of personal destrucion"? Then they engaged in it in spades. Obama and his acolytes have raised this tactic to an artform.

This will not succeed. Not this time. This will make people angrier and more determined.

If the democrats were smart, they'd listen to people's concerns, and rethink their plans. But, they can't, they're in too deep, and have now exposed what they really are.

Hang in there folks, stand your ground, we have a country to save!


RightKlik said...

Z, I think you'll like this:

Meet the Mob

FrogBurger said...

The Stasi and Gestapo are working here now.

I just heard that the administration is now asking to report websites that make false claims about obamacare.

You and I are next. We'll be denounced by our neighbors.

Then the camps.

FrogBurger said...

Check the video of the dog on this blog

Z said...

RightKlik, that is FANTASTIC! That baby is a GOP PLANT! Too good.

The rest of your comments here...Pris, Frogburger:


UNIONS will be doing what the WH wrongfully accused the RNC people of doing at Townhall mtgs?

By the way, Frogburger, there is one thing which Obama DWELLS on and that's the "You can KEEP your private insurance plan"

He and Linda Douglas, etc., will NOT admit that there IS NO WAY THOSE PRIVATE COMPANIES CAN STAY IN BUSINESS IF HIS PLAN IS IMPLEMENTED! This is the way they're LYING. You see the finesse they're using? "this is a RIGHTWING LIE" No, it is NOT..

Either they're too DUMB to understand the implications of his plan or they're just downright LYING.

I'm afraid to look at a gay link about dogs, Frogburger, but I'll check it now.....wish me luck!

Z said...

FB: Whew!! Not what I THOUGHT it would be!! :-)

That is SO cute...and exactly how I FEEL!! xxx

FrogBurger said...

No it's a great blog of a formerly liberal gay who studied the issue and became conservative.

Like him, I sent an email to the WH and turned myself in electronically :)

Z said...

It does look like a very good blog, FB..thanks for turning me on to it.

Anonymous said...

FrogBurger -

I love that dog! If only the liberals in Washington were that smart! Hilarious.


Elmers Brother said...

and now we find out that the commercial they're running was actually a 'mob' speaking out when a Republican was giving a speech...too funny.

Z said...

Elbro..WHAT'S THAT? TELL US! I hadn't heard this...!!??

Always On Watch said...

Nancy Pelosi says HERE that people dissenting from the healthcare plan are carrying swastikas.

I call BS on Nancy Pelosi -- for that statement and a bunch of others.

Z said...

Always, she disgraced the whole country with that line and we can only IMAGINE what would have happened had a Republican used it.