Saturday, October 2, 2010

Bomb the HELL out of them, or..........??

So, folks...I guess you're all hearing that England, France and Germany are on the list of countries islamists are chatting about hitting hard before we make the top of that list.  Please, don't tell me these countries deserve it because nobody deserves these threats.

Here's my question;  Some of us (only a few on the conservative blogosphere, I'll admit) don't believe all muslims want us dead.  But, let's face it, many do and, after all, with nukes and dirty bombs and airplanes, it only takes one to REALLY ruin your day.   We're not allowed to do collateral damage, right?  Our media wouldn't like that and lets the world know every time something happens that puts us and our armed services in a less than favorable light.  They can't wait to tell the world about situations like Abu Ghraib, the media seemed to take glee in showing the world the senate hearings of those in the Bush administration who were trying to protect us but had to be called on the carpet for the least thing that could make America look bad again just in the broadcasting, remember?  Do you think Osama has advisors telling him to be nice, to steer clear of anything that might make the media upset? NO, but we sure do.  The New York Times tells secrets for, supposedly, the interest of 'transparency'.. SO, our protectors are diminished, much of our national secrets which could protect us are in print, and we even show what went wrong in foiled terror plots as if we're writing a primer on what went wrong and how to do it better next time. Don't you agree?

Islamists have a whole world to hit hard, don't they.  We have nobody specific because we supposedly have no one country these people might have come out of, but don't we know, pretty well, who's grooming monsters who'll take jets and kill people?     Can we bomb a country unmercifully to make a point?  OH, no, we can't do that because innocents will get killed.  But, wait, innocents in Western Europe and, soon, US (and remember 9/11, of course) could die in wide scale we not care enough about ourselves to err on our side?   Will it take your sister's death,  your husband's death, your child's death, before we ......... well, keep acquiescing in the name of leftwing political correctness?

Islamist terrorists have our whole world to hit............what do we have? 
How do we get around this?  Osama Bin Laden speaks and the world goes nuts and America (AMERICA?!) is jumping like scared children!   Is that our future?  Is that really America's future?  Oh, I know...I should just be quiet because we need to show the world we're better than they are (Leftwing idiocy you've all heard) and then, just maybe, terrorists will see our lovely example and go away, right? (BS)



Anonymous said...

It stopped the Japanese in WW II.
'nuf said. Stop playing nicey.nice. They want us in the fifteenth entury, so send them back to the Stone Age.


Ducky's here said...

Can we bomb a country unmercifully to make a point? OH, no, we can't do that because innocents will get killed.


Yeah, Slivrday, it sure stopped the North Vietnamese, didn't it?

Can we bomb a country unmercifully to make a point? What point, that you are a barbarian?

Linda said...

Great post, Z! I don't think our country will ever fight back the way they should. What a shame. We will either all become Muslim, or be dead!

Ducky, I guess you can go first.

Ducky's here said...

"We will all become Muslim or be dead"


Linda, should I rough up the Muslims that live on my street? Are they trying to kill me?

(((Thought Criminal))) said...

If England, France, and Germany are hit by major Islamic terrorist attacks involving lots of casualties, I'll be sure to be up front telling them not to be unduly disrespectful to their murderers while I'm persuing war crimes trials at the Hague for their response to the terrorist attacks. Besides, we know how many trainloads of people to bomb in Madrid to get Spain to favor us again.

Taking pictures of Iraqi micro-penises while pointing and laughing is far less effective than levelling the city of Grozny was for the Russians.

Make the rubble bounce.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Ducks, we didn't use in 'Nam what we used on Japan. Don't go to war & worry about making nice, doesn't work. I don't care what we have to do, you can't make an omelette without breaking eggs. If you think those Muslim neighbors of yours are your 'friends' then you are delusional. If you want to call me a barbarian, be my guest. I'm no limp-wristed leftie crybaby. I'm someone who believes in winning a war, not treading water & trying to make friends with avowed enemies. I can tell you one thing, you'll be begging for a 'barbarian' to save your hide if it hits the fan.


Anonymous said...

Abu Ghraib wasn’t collateral damage; it was extra-martial. Happily, those involved were punished (even if not enough, in my judgment). The better example would be Haditha, where our troops were falsely accused of war crimes by one lying journalist and convicted by a liberal press. I think we should dispel this notion of “innocents” getting in the way of the lethality of war. Do you remember the line from the film Unforgiven? “Hell, we’ve all got it coming.”

We are fighting a defensive war: this means that the enemy has the advantage of determining where to attack, when to attack, and what to use. Our hands are further tied by politicians who inhibit the collection of actionable intelligence; we are dealing with a people who are not easily infiltrated; and of course, the left in this country would love nothing better than to see our counter-terrorism efforts fail. It is certain that Obama has done everything in his power to assure failure in Afghanistan. No, we should not blame Obama; we need to blame the dimwits who voted for him.

Bush did tell us this would be a long war. But you are right: America under the current president … and I think most Americans who never served in the military, lack the courage for ruthlessness. They think war should be like we see it in the movies. If I had my way, I’d destroy an entire Middle Eastern city (we could start with Mecca) for every one American killed by a terrorist. It would not take long before these morons, as pig-headed as they are, would finally get the message: DO NOT SCREW WITH AMERICA.

Linda said...

I agree with Slivrday, Ducky. I hope your 'friends' remember that they are your friends if something happens.

It is coming!

Truth said...

"This would be the best of all possible worlds, if there were no religion in it." —John Adams

LA Sunset said...

Duck has no understanding of human behavior or he would not be so quick to over-moralize every last topic into how war waged by the US is barbaric. But he will always be quick to give the real barbarians a pass in the true spirit of leftist delusional thought.

In short... it's America=barbarism and real barbarism is justified because America deserves it. I don;t suppose we will ever get a handle on how a person can get his/her thinking so skewed.

Z said...

To threaten, DUcky...we're losing our edge and I used to be worried that we'd turn into just another Finland or something, after all the good and greatness America's been (I know you disagree but that's not my concern)....instead, because of islamist terrorists, we might not even BE a country at all because we can't show them we're still strong...
And who knows what the Muslims on YOUR street are thinking? There were innocent enough Russians on your street, remember, who were spying on our country? don't be naive, Ducky.

Linda, I wish you said "Z, you're NUTS, we don't have to worry!" :-)

Mustang, my only point in mentioning Abu Ghraib was the way our media rejoiced in blabbing the whole story, with pictures, to the world, as if they actually aren't proud enough of America to just give the facts they had to and be done with it. (YOu don't imagine our media isn't proud of AMerica, DO YOU? ...heh heh) My major point there is that the enemy is so gratified to see how we hate ourselves so much that we even broadcast our shortcomings IN DETAIL. NObody's asking to hide anything, just don't let our left run with any anti-American thing and build it up to where it humiliates this great country. I almost typed "Once great country"..GOD, that's weird.

Truth....are you likening Islam to Christianity in lumping all religions together?

LA...your "in short" irks me so because you're so awful.

BB-Idaho said...

When Silvrlady notes "Hey, Ducks, we didn't use in 'Nam what we used on Japan." For sure..we dropped 2,057,244 tons of bombs in all of WWII. In
Nam, we dropped 7,078,032
tons. So much for bombs...

christian soldier said...

after the new US spent 20% of its GDP to pay tribute to the islmaists in Barbary to pleeeeeeease not take our ships or US citizens as hostage- Jefferson FINALLY woke up and sent the new Navy- Marines (shores of Tripoli) --Madison finished the job--

Our problem is from within--and we had better start seeing it before it is too late!!!

We need people w/ a set-either female or male--and some leadership from our pastors (the black regiment in 1776)!!
Let's ROLL!!!!

Z said...

CAROL, super comment.

You know, I was discussing this with someone last night and said suddenly "Who'd have ever thought I'd even hypothesize the idea of bombing cities only 2 1/2 yrs ago when I started my blog?"

And that's true...NEVER would I have ever even dreamt of it. But, the more I see and read and hear, the more I know the islamists are FAR more cunning than we are....and we need to start fighting EFFECTIVELY and NOW. Hopefully, words will be enough, but is that onus really on US? Have we PC'd ourselves into believing WE rattled their hornet's nest and ignore Yemen and the AFrican embassies, and Beirut, etc..all long before the Iraq war?
Are we going to let our left define US as the bad guys forever?..don't they realize how dangerous that is?

Brooke said...

I agree with Silvrlady. Collateral damage is EXACTLY what will stop terrorism. When the folks over there get tired of suffering they will do something about the terrorists they are harboring.

Anonymous said...

When you 'fight' a war, as in Korea & Viet Nam, & now, where political considerations are more important than winning you are in trouble. As an example, we probably could have taken out Bin Laden but didn't, all because some Saudi sheik's son was in the group. Well, tough, you are known by the company you keep. There are hundreds & hundreds of Saudi sheiks with bunches of sons. He wouldn't have been missed. Stop with the P.C., already.

By the way, I see the worn out peace sign is rearing its stupid symbol again. I remember when we called it the track of the American chicken. Anybody for a fried drumstick?


Always On Watch said...

Islamist terrorists have our whole world to hit............what do we have? How do we get around this?

We can't -- other than to create a civil war by fomenting civil war within Islam. Fomenting such a civil war would require ruthlessness on our part. Is war ever won any other way?

All Muslims, regardless of whether they want to kill us or not, do respect "the strong man."

beakerkin said...


The Duck is more antisemitic than your average Muslim terrorist.

The truth is that his kind has rationalized every war crime committed by Muslims with crap about oppression. Muslims are histories greatest colonialists and claiming they are oppressed is comedic.

~Leslie said...

If we are to be truly honest, I suppose we should ask what is more important: being politically correct and making every Moslem feel good about themselves and their beliefs OR defending American citizens against a common threat, even if that means casualties in war.

The old saying is true 'War is hell' obviously... but that doesn't mean it is unnecessary, especially in the times in which we live, with the threats against our decent lives as they are; in summary, we have the right to defend ourselves, especially since: if the threat against us did not exist, we would go on living peacefully within the global community --We do not seek out hostility, but we are able to and willing to stand up against hostile threats against us and our people. And there is nothing wrong with that, no matter what Ducky and every other progressive idiot says.

Ducky's here said...

An eye for an eye till we go blind.

There's a middle way.

Z said...

Leslie..."we should ask what is more important: being politically correct and making every Moslem feel good about themselves and their beliefs OR defending American citizens against a common threat, even if that means casualties in war" Exactly the point of this post; thanks for that, you put it well.

Ducky, I know, and you have the answer. Good, call Obama and OSama, okay? No, on the other hand, just call Osama because he's far more powerful and far more ideologically on his side than Obama is.

gramma2many said...

According to our fearless leader, we can absorb another attack. I am wondering if he would be willing to absorb one that decimated his family.
Ducky can befriend his muslim neighbors all he wants, however, he should know that in their mind, it is fine to lie to their neighbor. To them the ends justify the means. When his friendly neighbor turns on him first, he had better be able to fight back. It will be him against them and they do not follow any rules. They don't even acknowledge collateral damage. To them there is no innocent person, everyone, man woman and child is the enemy.

Anonymous said...

"Are they trying to kill me?"

Only if you let them know you like guys.

~Leslie said...
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~Leslie said...


That is the most asinine misuse of a Biblical reference I have seen in a very long time.