Friday, October 15, 2010


Obama's aunt stands firm.........HERE............America's a great country and we owe her, from her point of view.   Her logic during this short interview astounds me and I can't help wondering what kind of man with approximately five million dollars doesn't help his illegal aunt to get off the public (that'd be US) dole.

She's kind of a metaphor for all of his dishonesty, in my opinion.
By the way, have any of you heard what her situation is now?  There was a hearing in February, 2010........but there seems to still be no decision on whether or not she should be deported.  The new story is she'll have to have asylum here because her being Obama's aunt could get her killed in Kenya.  (?)
But, why isn't he helping PAY FOR HER?



Anonymous said...

I like how this post is right next to the one about Chris Matthews' quote about conservatives only being out for themselves. Conservatives are about voluntarily helping each other. Liberals are about taxing people involuntarily and then fighting over who is entitled to the spoils.


Scotty said...

His aunt lives in socialist nirvana, why would he want to change that??

FairWitness said...

Obama's aunt has never been taught that hard work and self-reliance are fundamental to truly being free. She doesn't know the meaning of the word responsibility as it relates to her, only as it relates what America owes to her, the poor and the rest of the world. Her understanding of Christianity gives God ownership of all that America is and has, and while that's certainly true, her assertion that her taking advantage of welfare programs is a miracle from God is not.

I find her sad, the product of a corrupt, failed society. She doesn't have the a clue about what it is to be an American. Her perception is warped. She doesn't see that SHE has a duty and responsibility to her fellow man.

And President Obama NOT stepping up, not setting up some kind of income for her, or training for a job, it disgusting. What kind of a man is he?

Craig and Heather said...

It's a great country. It's nice to be here. You can do whatever you want when you are here...

Unless you are a legal resident?

Anonymous said...

Let her move in with the Duck. Kindred souls.


cube said...

What a warped sense of entitlement. And we're stuck with this parasite for life.

Anonymous said...

I’ve been following the Auntie-Gate for some time now; I’ve listened to her interviews with the press, and honestly, I am not surprised. Fair Witness claims that she is the product of a corrupt, failed society. I don’t think she is anything of the sort. A welfare state acted as a magnet for this woman; she is taking advantage of other people’s stupidity. She thinks that welfare is her due; she honestly thinks that redistributing wealth is the right thing to do.

Let’s examine where this woman comes from, shall we? No, this isn’t racism. It is observing and speaking the truth about Africans. The more you read about the events in Kenya —beyond Barack Obama’s best selling lie, the more you understand about African culture. No one is more lethal to the interests of Africans than other Africans are, and this is why Barack Obama Sr. fled Kenya to begin with. One may recall that Jomo Kenyatta helped to facilitate the Mau Mau uprising, even if he did not participate in it directly … but he was not willing to share his power with the likes of Barack Obama Sr., an economist of the communist persuasion. Auntie Obama came to her present circumstances quite naturally. We owe her because Americans are richer than anyone else is. The rich have a duty to feed the poor. There is no reason for the poor to become rich for as long as the rich will feed them, clothe them, and shelter them. She is still here because her nephew, Barack Obama Jr., President of the United States: a corrupt African who loathes the British for their colonialism (even when the African people benefitted from British colonialism) and one who does not intend to share HIS Soros-supplied wealth with his auntie.

Ducky's here said...

Hey , z, was there a perp walk for that Armenian mob that got busted for medicare fraud in L.A?

Z said...

tio, well said.

Scotty, welcome, and so true.."socialist nirvana=the new America" and so many Americans don't even care.

FW...the entitlement is what got to me, too....but the fact that Obama doesn't help her financially is astonishing; maybe he figures if he does Americans will think he approves of her illegality. Um...I guess he does. But, he can't SHOW it :-) true. All we're told to do is support her, right?

Cube...SilvrLady DOES have a good idea :-)

Mustang...and the bright, educated kids who get out of Africa don't want to go back, i saw tons of them in Paris while I lived there..."Brain Drain"
The other thing I saw was African country embassy homes FAR FAR more elaborate and beautiful and luxurious than ANY of the Western countries' homes. Everyone would comment on that when you pointed embassy homes out (we lived in an area with lots of them)...visitors would say "How can they have that incredible home when Africans are so poor?" Ya, how?
Maybe we ought to send Auntie to one of those; she'd love it.

Ducky, I don't know which bunch you mean. Since Armenians from Russia (black market mentality) have come to Los Angeles, there have been several nasty groups arrested for fraud. And the jails are full of black market Russian Armenians. That communism thing's bad all the way around.
Funny, I once spoke to a cop about Armenians and crime. What he said was they'd never had an Armenian in jail in LA before, in the almost 100 years they've been here now (since muslims murdered 1.5 million of them and they had to scram if they could)...but since Communist-trained Russian Armenians (a very different culture than the so -called "Turkish Armenians" , which means it's where they were expelled from, not that they're Turkish) came, we Turkish Armenians are just as threatened as all Los Angelenos from Communist Russian types now. Very sad.
I remember my Dad, 25 yrs ago, coming home one day and telling me he'd been embarrassed of being Armenian for the very first time in his life because of the behavior of a Russian Armenian on a job site...Something I've never forgotten. That Communist 'gonna take it even if it's not mine' attitude sticks with people who were raised in it.
Why do you ask?

Z said...

By the way, Mustang, your comment is so true, and so sad. This woman is convinced that we owe her...because this is GOd's country. Wait till it isn't anymore and see how she likes it.

Anonymous said...

Wow … look at that. Ducky once again proved beyond a doubt that he has no class whatsoever. Well, he is after all a leftist of the same persuasion of those who shot dead a thirteen-year-old boy with hemophilia. He posed a danger to the emerging Soviet state, you see. Ducky is of the same ilk —he and Chris Matthews, Angela Davis, Charles Manson, Herbert Mancuse …

Joe Conservative said...

His deliberate public distancing of himself from her can only mean that Obama IS HELPING HER.

He just can't be SEEN to be doing so.

So that no one will accuse him "later" of having helped her.

You can bet she's on the Fast-track for approval. The "i's" will 1st all be properly dotted, and then the "t's" will be properly crossed. She will be an "official" American before you he leaves office, BET ON IT!

Joe Conservative said...

Need evidence that Obama (but more likely his deep-pocketed slum-lord building/owning friends from Chicago) ARE helping her? Just look at all the suits...

Z said...

Joe, I looked and looked and Googled so many times and couldn't find the latest information; thanks SO MUCH.

So, SURPRISE! She's GRANTED ASYLUM and can now get a driver's license and a work permit. I guess she still gets welfare, too, huh?
Her nephew's very wealthy, but we pick up her tab.
Perfect. She won. He won.
America loses. Again.

I wish her no harm, I wish sanity back in this country. I wish liberals who voted for this guy would just WAKE UP before they do more harm.

Anonymous said...

This aunt exemplifies why the third world is reliant on handouts from the West.

She has no ambition to be independent, no inclination to take care of herself, and every excuse for believing she deserves a free ride. Evidently God being one of them.

She considers that she is chosen, for some reason to be taken care of. This lady, an articulate, seemingly fairly intelligent woman, has chosen "poverty" as her profession.

She's smart enough to have figured out how to work the system, and thinks the world owes her a living because......why? Because she can, and because she is in a country which no longer demands anything from people who are called minorities. And that is racism exemplified by paternalism.

I, a conservative, would have told her long ago, to get a job because her race is not a factor, only her unwillingness to work is, and that's not a good reason for being poor.

As for Obama, I think he's a cold fish who simply doesn't care about anyone but himself. Most narcissists don't, and he's no exception.


Anonymous said...

Hey Ducky, is Obama's aunt an Armenian? Who knew?


Brooke said...

Ducky has no argument for the blatant lawbreaking of Obama's aunt, nor her corpulent sense of entitlement, so he blathers on some off-point nonsense.

Her audacity and attitude are appalling. I would buy her a plane ticket back to where she came from, but there's no way she would accept it, considering all of the taxpayer-bought freebies she's getting.

Obama is FULLY aware of this and hasn't lifted a finger to get her off the system she wants us to blame. It's beyond disgusting

Always On Watch said...

From Right Truth:

from Hyscience

Our racist-in-chief now wants $1.15 billion from Congress - to add to a $100-million earmark he pushed through Congress in 2008 when he was a senator - to create a $1.25 billion federal fund to settle discrimination claims by what the Justice Department says is 66,000 African Americans who "farmed or attempted to farm" and were allegedly the victims of discrimination committed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) during the period from Jan. 1, 1981 to Dec. 31, 1996.

So, BHO is busy doing THAT!

FrogBurger said...

Ducky your comment sounded racist.

Karen K said...

I think FairWitness has a good point-- she probably grew up with no concept of things like hard work and self-reliance.

I too don't understand why her nephew doesn't help her out. But then why should he when WE can do that?

Major said...

"Let her move in with the Duck. Kindred souls."

Duck has no soul...he's a pagan lib.


Z said...

Ducky, you'll probably have cut and run this topic by now because changing the subject didn't help, but I found it a huge coincidence that someone went me this information:

And topped the email/link with this, which I'd practically just said:

"I am an Armenian American born and bred.

Armenian Americans have been in America since the 1600's. They are fine, law-abiding, industrious Christians who have built churches, community centers, and schools throughout the land and who have proudly served America in every profession and capacity, including in the Armed Forces.

The Armenians who have been arrested for Medicare fraud are from former Soviet Armenia. They were not born in America. Every former Soviet bloc country has such people. Their hearts and minds were polluted by decades of Communism to lie, cheat, steal and worse.

This is one reason why we need tough enforcement of immigration laws. Why were such criminal types allowed in the US to begin with? They should not have been. People with questionable pasts should not be allowed into this country. Only people with solid backgrounds and education should be allowed in. Why have our laws not been enforced?

The Armenian Americans whose families have lived in this country for well over 100 years would like to see any criminals from Armenia either deported or sent to prison and the key thrown away. Believe me, we are even more disgusted with these people than you are."

Very impressed by this guy......he's totally right. z

Joe said...

Any self respecting citizen, whatever his/her heritage...even Mexican, would want those who commit illegal acts, and thus cast poor light on their law-abiding countrymen, to be dealt with by the law.

If a citizen does not want that, then he/she is admitting to condoning his/her illegal countrymens' deeds.