Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Abbigail and the Marine

A dear friend and commenter on this site, WV DOTTR, sent this story to me and I had to share it with you. It took place in "the Upstate South Carolina" as I was told. She wrote:

I have to tell you a little story:

My grandniece, Abbigail...she is 5 years old.
Yesterday, she and her mother sat watching GAC , which is a country western music video channel, and there flashed a video of a particular singer, performing for soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. The GI's were wearing their combat uniforms, the BDU's , or camouflage.

Abbigail asked her mother why the people were wearing those clothes, and so Amanda, my niece ( her mom) told her that they were soldiers, and that they were fighting for freedom, to keep her free in America so she could live a good life, go to school and so on. Amanda told Abbigail that these people put their lives on the line for us, and some times, they did not get to come home, and that some people do die. Also Amanda explained to Abbigail that her own grandpas and uncles had been soldiers, and that she came from a long line of people who had fought for America.

So, today, Amanda and her daughter were in Target looking to kill some time, and Abbigail spots a US Marine in his dress blues, and tells her mother excitedly that there was a soldier.
Before Amanda knew what was happening, Abbigail went up to that Marine and touched his arm and said in her very distinct southern accent;..

" I want to thank you for everything you have done for me and my country."

The marine sort of knelt down, to her level and said to her, "you're welcome. It's my job."
Can you believe it?? I am so proud of that girl.

Z: So are WE, WVDOTTR....thanks! And, Mothers and Dads, Grandpas and Grandmas, Aunts, get the picture.............teach the children......America deserves it. And so do our soldiers. BIG time



christian soldier said...

Z - this brought tears to my eyes--
How great minds 'post'..:-)
I just finished posting an article about my Marine friend:
and thought you would be interested...

FrogBurger said...

Nice story.

The Hermit said...

I'm sure he appreciated it. Things like that make it easier to keep a good attitude no matter what comes down the pike.

Beverly said...

Just before I read your comment, I had read this on Google Reader and had it in my mind to come by and comment. That is such a neat post.

WomanHonorThyself said...

lovely Z!..thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

Abbigail rocks.

Anonymous said...

A wonderful story Z.

Yes, teach the children. It's up to families to teach American values. To instill pride in them for their country and for them to know what has gone before them.

It's up to grandparents to relate their experiences and memories of days gone by.

Our grandson used to say, tell me a story Papa (his name for Mr. Pris). He loved to hear about what to him was very long ago.

Children watch, and they listen and learn.


Anonymous said...

teach the children, indeed. abigail's momma surely is doing a good job. as ronald reagan used to comment, freedom is not passed down in the bloodlines and we are always just one generation from losing our freedoms. it's nice to see that there are still those among us who are passing down the tennents of freedom to the next generation.

thank you so much for posting this, z, i can't stop crying. it's just touched me so much - maybe because i have a nephew in harm's way and soon will have a son in the same place. no matter, this is an important piece.

FJ said...

Abbigail's all right! ;-)

The Merry Widow said...

That kind of remark from an innocent child can do wonders for a soul! Bless Abigail for acting on her heart knowledge, and her Mom for explaining to her clearly so that she understood!


Z said...

Mr Z reminded me this is almost like my Patriotism class for my 4 yr olds at the school. For those of you who just got excited, calm's a Christian schoool, NOT public (i'd be arrested!)

they're like sponges and love to tell me, as one did today "I saw something about Amelia Erhart on TV the other night" She would NEVER have known who that was 2 months ago, but she knows NOW!

Get them young, as the biblical saying goes!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely child. And a what a good mother she has.