Wednesday, May 27, 2009

To Elbro and the rest of you LUCKY listeners....THE GREAT *BLACK/HISPANIC* DIVIDE

Yes, I'm a big THE BAND fan.........a DIVIDE came up in conversation today (see below) and I couldn't resist a chance to play THE BAND. From THIS ARTICLE:

Judge Sonia Sotomayor's nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court is a historic milestone for Latinos, but it resonates well beyond Hispanic pride. It is perhaps the most potent symbol yet of a 21st century rapprochement between the U.S.'s two largest minorities, Latino Americans and African Americans, who in the 20th century could be as violently distrustful of each other as blacks and whites were.

Elmer's Brother
asked me "IS THERE A (Black/Hispanic) DIVIDE?" apparently.........a GREAT DIVIDE.



Pat Jenkins said...

i looove being a hippy too z!!! oh i am kidding... go lakers!!!

Z said...

Pat, TRUST me, I was NEVER EVER a hippie. Even if I DO know how to spell it! (Smile)

GO, LAKERS, is right! (you really know how to get on my good side!) xxx

FrogBurger said...

On a side note, I just emailed GM and told them I'll never buy one of their products. Sotomayor's comment and GM fake bankruptcy are making me angry

Brooke said...

Isn't it nice that everyone just loves each other now?


FrogBurger said...

I'm for Denver :(

Z said... revoir, mon ami.

pas bien!!

Anonymous said...

frogburger, you live in l.a. and are rooting for denver? aaarrrgggghhhhh - say it isn't so. z, doesn't that invalidate his visa or something? (smile :))

brooke, i'm so happy we all get along and love each other now - just think how wonderful it all is. and who knew there were so many verses to kumbuya???

Jungle Mom said...

A divide? oh yeah!

FrogBurger said...

Never been a Lakers fan. My favorite team is the Washington Wizards and they stink. I don't like Kobe Bryant so that doesn't help. I like Carmelo Anthony a lot more.

Anonymous said...

well kobe's a patriot, so i like him. besides, he's a class act in most instances...

FrogBurger said...

I just can't believe the refs in those games. Seems like the NBA is telling them what to do to.

Z said...

Carmelo "I'm the best and nobody can get me" Anthony? WHAT an EGO.
I LOVE Kobe....after tonight's game, did you see how cute he was? And OH, does he admire Gasol, AND SHOULD. What would we do without THAT guy?
Sorry, FB...There can't be bigger LAKERS fans than me and Heidianne!!! (Heidianne..what's with Kobe trying that 'decoy' stuff tonight like he said."it might have been a risk" "uh, YA, KObe, during PLAYOFFS, I"D SAY SO!" But it worked out..just to 'give my teammates more action'..i love that.)
You're in the GREAT minority here about the Lakers, FB...
(Hey, maybe you can apply for some grant of free mortgage or something, come to think of it?heh heh)

The refs are one thing; the ABC commenters are another; talk about hating the Lakers. Everyone I know's saying "What's WITH those guys?" that's wrong, they should at least TRY to look like they're fair. It's like they took commenting lessons from MSNBC or CNN!!

GO, LAKERS! Now they have to go to the 5000 altitude that gave Kobe so much trouble the other night..he was panting so hard after the last game it seriously worried me and that guy's as FIT as it GETS!

FrogBurger said...

As long as the Orlando Magic go to the Finals I'm happy. They have Pietrus on the team.

And I don't like Phil Jackson either.

Sorry to disappoint you :)

Z said...

no disappointment at all! It's fun to argue sports!

I'm not a huge Phil Jackson fan, either, in ways I know about him personally...but he sure is a good coach.

RightKlik said...

Birds of a feather.
Racists flock together.

shoprat said...

There is, and will continue to be disdain for each other in certain quarters. I found out a long time ago that certain members of each group consider the other group a threat. I don't see that changing as those who feel that way are generally apolitical.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

I saw The Band on the Left Coast at the Fillmore West and also the Cow Palace, in the 70s.

To any number of so-called "African Americans" or "blacks" or whatever the hell you choose to call yourselves this week:

Your culture is predominantly that of a Loser. You choose to kill yourselves. You choose to disavow yourselves of success. You choose to embrace failure instead of success. You choose to embrace lawlessness instead of lawfulness, ethics, morality. You purposely choose Victimhood instead of independence. Your whining and your embracing of abject Victimhood results in few persons supporting you.

Let's be blunt: Mexicans can outwork your ass 4-to-1. At the least.

And, oh, by the way, demography is prophecy.


Z said...'s hard to hear WE are the racists, constantly, isn't it

Shoprat, as long as their bad guys don't kill us in the argument, is my feeling. ANY death is bad. I know we have black v hispanic gangs here...but I don't see them and you don't hear about it unless you're living amongst them. YOu know, too, that a whole big section of Black Americans are dodging bullets of those amongst them who they don't agree with; raising their kids well, etc. My dad's funeral cortege was LOOOONG, and we drove FAR from the church to the cemetery, really far. We were directed through a predominantly Black neighborhood which, frankly, is off my own beaten path, all new to me...and, for all the bad news we hear in the news about the Black population, there it was: A normal, clean, lovely bunch of streets with a little black girl in a lovely white dress skipping rope and the black mailman sorting his mail as we passed. It's the Black America we never hear about, sadly. I turned to Mr. Z and said "Dad's giving us this gift even after he's gone." It was an important moment for me, though it shouldn't have been. I wasn't any more racist than my Dad, the fairest man I EVER MET. ever.

WE're all angry today; no conservative admires racism or sexism and this is it, at its ugliest. The man didn't even make a pretense. His short list was six...SIX WOMEN. The Hispanic was just an added bonus. I hear Judge Wood has a far better reputation than Sotomayor.

Z said...

by the way, I came back here one more time tonight to see comments, I was thinking "GeeeZ, didn't ANYBODY listen to the video?" and there you were mentioning THE BAND. GOod on you, pal!! I wish I could have seen them LIVE..I sure SURE do. OH, MAN, would I have.

Elmers Brother said...

I'm heading out of this one horse town.

Elmers Brother said...

I think P-Diddy getting busy with J-lo did more to bridge the er divide between blacks and Latinos.

Ducky's here said...

"IS THERE A (*****/*******) DIVIDE?"


Fill in the blanks.

bjveraldi said...

Sotomayor is a RACIST- a Female RACIST- a Latino RACIST-a Diabetic RACIST- a Judicial RACIST. We have the Boy-King and his band of thugs telling the Right to "tread softly" and "be very careful" .TYPICAL threatening, Socialist behavior- good job, little B.O. butt-lickers -voting THAT PIG in.
And the Leftist DIMWITS like to constantly call the Right "irrelevent"- must be the favorite new word in their window -licker class.
The right should show as much courtesy to this nominee as the Left- in their typical, lying vicious has shown ours.
Don't worry-we'll take this country off your hands next election-it's obvious you can't run this and wipe yor ass at the same time.
Let's see, the Liberals had no problem attacking Clarence Thomas - a black, Sarah Palin - a woman, Alberto Gonzalez - Hispanic. They were joined by the media who welcomed the opportunity of assisting the Liberal cause by ganging up on the Conservative candidates. But for some unbeknown reason, the Conservatives are now being "advised" by the Socialist that they ought to be concerned about being PC.
Does anyone see something morally wrong with this picture??

Ducky's here said...

Does anyone see something morally wrong with this picture??

Absolutely not.

Payback for the Bush years hasn't even started.

Elmers Brother said...

Payback for the Bush years hasn't even started.Your first mistake was assuming the left has morals that aren't based on which way the wind is blowing today.

Z said...

Ducky...."Brains/The Left" Ya, a GREAT DIVIDE.

bj...only whites and conservative whites, at that, are racists, didn't you know that? :-)

"Payback", Ducky? At America's peril. Elbro's usual.

beamish said...


I'm pretty sure Obama's made it safe for you to resume calling Al Qaeda from your land line phone again.

Z said...

beamish. :-)