Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Irony in England?

While perusing WorldNetDaily this afternoon for some information, I stumbled upon this irony in their article about Michael Savage and his being banned from coming to England. From the article:

Home Secretary Jacqui Smith said she decided to publicize the list of 16 people banned since October to show the type of behavior Britain will not tolerate, according to U.K. news reports......

Smith explained to Britain's GMTV that she believed it was "important that people understand the sorts of values and sorts of standards that we have here, the fact that it's a privilege to come and the sort of things that mean you won't be welcome in this country."

Michael Savage is being kept out because he said something nasty about the Koran and islamist extremists.........doesn't Ms Smith's comment strike you as ironic? England doesn't welcome people whose "sorts of values and sorts of standards...." don't fit England's? WHAT? (Ms. say your country wants to keep out people who don't share your values? DON'T LOOK NOW, but..........TOO LATE!! The people in my picture above are IN and you're keeping Savage OUT? THAT's rich!)



Always On Watch said...

Apparently, the sorts of values and sorts of standards allow for choosing Islamic "values."

I'm not a great fan of Michael Savage as he rants so much. However, this UK ban is sending the message that Savage promotes hate crimes. Of course, if he were ranting if favor of the leftist agenda, that would likely be just fine and dandy and not result in a no-enter policy.

Listen To John said...

It seems as if everyone is blogging on this subject. I just left DD2's blog and left a comment there as well.
Great blog Z, Savage may rant and rave, but he is certainly NO threat to anyone nor is he a criminal. So why do this unless it was a favor to the Obama administration.

Larry Durham said...

RIP the Mother Land: Multiculturalism has killed her at last.

Ducky's here said...

What strikes me as ironic is that the other folks on the list represented an immediate threat to public order.

Now Michael Savage is a serious piece of filth but unless you put him behind a microphone it's hard to imagine how he would represent a danger visiting Britain.

The ban strikes me as unjust despite the level of disgust
normals feel for Savage.

Z said...

Always and Ducky, I'm not a big fan, either, but this is NUTS.

Listen to John..thanks for coming by. After I'd readied this post, I visited some blogs and saw a lot had posted on it, but figured I'd keep the midnight publishing time!
Ya, I believe this WAS a favor; this looks so damning on conservatives. I believe you're right.

Larry, I am a real Anglophile, so this just hurts so badly. hard to see, isn't it.
thanks for coming by, everybody.

highboy said...

I love how liberals think Mike Savage is a piece of filth simply because he illuminates how utterly retarded the whole liberal ideology actually is. I'm not a big fan of the way he goes about it all the time, but there are just as many liberal blowhards that do the same thing if not more so. In any event, he's hardly a threat.

Z: that pro life web page I had is deleted for the current blog you visted today. You did know that highboy and Tim are the same person right? Thanks for coming by.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

But here's the greater point that many seem to miss about the issue:

The "banishment" of Michael Savage is not predicated on actual acts or deeds, but only upon his SPEECH and his THOUGHTS.

And this written despite the fact that though I believe Mr Savage many times has a viable and important message, he is frequently the WORST possible messenger.

Ladies and gentlemen, I fear for your children and their children, for a time when NO ONE will be able to speak or write their mind in Western Civilizations.


Z said...

HIGHBOY, oh MAN, I had gone stupid there....I don't think I did realize that!! No, he's no threat.
I LOVED the conversation at your place! Am looking forward to checking it out and am blogrolling you!

EXCELLENT point, BZ......many Republicans are absolutely RIGHT ON but their delivery's so terrible ...and the media focuses on that. FAR easier to slam the personality so one doesn't need to attack the message they can't attack for lack of good arguments, right?

I DO wonder if England had worried they couldn't keep him safe...but, also, you wonder how many British muslim extremists ever HEARD of Michael Savage enough to try to kill him!?

Ducky's here said...

Oh please Highboy, the man is a complete piece of filth.

I remember a few years back when there was a huge earthquake in Iran and Michael was upset that we offered aid. He stated that the only thing we should consider sending was smallpox infested blankets.

He's filth. Right now all he does is entertain the worst of the right wing knuckle draggers in America but as the recent suspension of Jay Severin in Boston indicates, people are placing limits on these talk radio animals.

Gayle said...

The Republicans delivery may be terrible but the Democrat's delivery is far worse, otherwise they would be more successful in running radio talk shows. The real reason so many liberals hate Rush, Hannity, Savage and other conservatives with a platform is because they have a platform and more people listen to them than to Democrats. Remember Air America? :)

As for Michael Savage, I've never listened to him, but I think BZ is right. It's banning his thoughts and speech and it's wrong.

cube said...

Savage is no threat to the UK. If I were them, I'd worry more about the growing threat of islamofacism.

KG said...

My father was British, but if my values and standards fitted in with those of modern Britain I'd be very worried and ashamed indeed.
A country which has surrendered its sovereignty to unelected bureaucrats in Brussels, which has trashed a thousand years of tradition, a country which sells ancient honours to any grubby donor willing to support the socialist government, a country which treats it's own troops with utter contempt, a country which doesn't have the guts to deal with muslim hate preachers living there on public benefits...
I could go on, but it's too depressing. If I were Mr. Savage I'd regard this creature Smith's ban as a badge of honour.

Susannah said...

hmm, hmmm, hmmm...

Savage can't come in, but they're letting their country & "thousand years of tradition" (as KG says) to be steamrolled by Islamo-facists.

hmm, hmm, hmmm...
Ironic, indeed...

Joe said...

Given Britain's birth rate of below the 2.11 sustainability rate and the rapid influx of Muslims into the country, England is just preparing for the future: that of being an Islamic nation.

Z said...

I share your opinions, everybody.

Except Ducky's.. Anyone only has to watch olbermann or listen to olbermann or hear Durbin or Dodd compare an American administration to Hitler and that's more FILTH than Savage can ever muster.

EVERYONE: Today, the news is that a British airline flight attendant's been fired for not walking BEHIND the men while in Arabia. The British courts upheld the complaint against her.

Ya, "there will always be an England........" Right. Not like the author of that line hoped for.

Steve Harkonnen said...

Great minds think alike, Z!!!!! WHEEEE!!!!!

Ducky's here said...

Off topic breaking news:

Maine just legalized gay marriage.

Looks like folks realize the world didn't come to an end in Massachusetts.

In ten years everyone outside of Mississippi, Alabama, Texas and Oklahoma will wonder what the fuss was about.

Steve Harkonnen said...


The ban strikes me as unjust despite the level of disgust
normals feel for Savage.
Michael Savage does indeed tend to let his emotions choose his decisions on what he is saying (much like most liberals do), but at least you agree with the thesis of the blog post. It is not only unjust, it is government flat-out interfering in freedom of speech.

Ducky's here said...

EVERYONE: Today, the news is that a British airline flight attendant's been fired for not walking BEHIND the men while in Arabia. The British courts upheld the complaint against her.


Another WND exclusive?

Larry Durham said...

By the way: We don't get Savage locally, but I do occasionally pick him up late at night while surfing for clear channels. He is pretty outrageous, but not nearly as outrageous as crashing planes into buildings, stoning rape victims or blowing up doughnut shops. I can understand how shrinking violet libs would recoil in horror at speech.

Steve Harkonnen said...

Off topic breaking news:

Maine just legalized gay marriage.
So, the big deal is what? Are we all supposed to celebrate un-natural faggotry and feel sorry for homos not having "rights" to marriage benefits?

The definition stands as marriage being between a man and a woman. Not two fag males or two butch bull dykes who get off on one another.

Homosexuality is a CHOICE which is why gay marriage should NOT be an option.

Anonymous said...

It don't make a difference if you like him or hate him or if you ar a Conservative or a liberal.
You have to look at the bigger picture. The fact that they won't let an American into their country only because of the way he "Thinks"

Anonymous said...

The Muslims have already taken over the country (Britain).
Have you been there lately? They are all over the place, like horse dung.

Anonymous said...

Savage may be the worst possible messenger of the conservative party or not, it don't make any difference, we have to look at the big picture.
Throwing Michael Savage out of Britain sets a bad message.
Do they want to throw everyone out of the country that doesn't agree with them?

Z said...

Ducky. ABC news.

Another bit of information is that Daily Mail did a poll which says 79% of Brits think Savage should NOT be banned.

You know, one starts to wonder if there will be parts of countries, or whole countries, where ALL of us can't or can go depending on our opinions.

I'm starting to think America might be better off that way. I don't want to live with people of certain opinions and the fact that our schools are FULL of them...unconscionably 'teaching' our kids THEIR values...not OURS. And that's supposed to be 'so cool'...

Anonymous said...

Jacqui Smith is a stupid, useless parasite, there is a litany of incompetence and stupidity that has come out of that woman's office, it's amazing how long she has managed to keep that office.

Jacqui is lucky that breathing is involuntary, otherwise she would have been dead long, long ago and that nation would have been better off without her.

Anonymous said...

Britain is scared to death.

They have capitulated to the Islamists to the point that they have given themselves no way out short of civil war.

And they did this because of cowardice and political correctness, which, in itself is a form of tyranny

They bought into multiculturalism and moral equivalence, ie. the United Kingdom would not consider itself exceptional regarding it's standing as a nation or a civilization.

Her traditions and cultural values were no more important or desirable than others even in their own country.

They are simply killing their own country.

So, when in Britain, they ban Michael Savage, and Geert Wilders who have the temerity to criticize Islam, they act out of fear and politically correct obedience.

When, in France, they arrest Brigitte Bardot for hate speech in her book, they act out of fear, and politically correct obedience.

I wonder how long it will be that they have book burning bonfires, a sort of Farenheit 451.

Europe as we knew it is dying by it's own hand. Because of the left, and Islam. The partners in this deadly dance.

I wonder how long it will be before we suffer the same fate. The Party in power, the left, is in a hurry for it. They long for it, and I don't think they even know why.


KG said...

What Pris said...exactly.

highboy said...

"Off topic breaking news:

Maine just legalized gay marriage.

Looks like folks realize the world didn't come to an end in Massachusetts.

In ten years everyone outside of Mississippi, Alabama, Texas and Oklahoma will wonder what the fuss was about."

And 20 years after that the population will be cut in half and we'll resemble another form of Canada where those that can procreate are either married to the same sex or having abortions, while the rest are killing themselves. Just like Canada.

Susannah said...

ditto KG - "What Pris said; exactly."

Zack R said...

So many great comments, and a terrific post as usual Z. Anonymous' remarks really set me to thinking (by the way is it "anonymous," or "Pris?" If signed "Pris," how can you also be anonymou...oh, nevermind). Anyway: I see the current massive British concessions to the Muslims, coupled with the gradual, subtle Muslim inroads into Britain's culture, as a kind of scaffolding: seemingly minimal, largely inoffensive, with but a few well-placed posts and boards but still lots of free, clean air all throughout. And yet this same bare-bones scaffolding-- i.e., the early phases of British appeasement/Muslim incursion-- is being constructed of the strongest steel, with foundation of concrete and stone... so that in the coming years and decades, as it is covered over with permanent siding (just as Britain is covered over by Muslim rule through intimidation and then legal control), it will be as unconquerable as the mightiest structure. No hyperbole: barring the emergence of a titanic and largely conservative leader, i.e. one who recognizes evil even when it comes cloaked in the kind of multicultural garb that renders liberals impotent, England is sunk. And in its sinking it bears, banner-like, the message: "Go not my way: fight back! Do not appease! Do not coddle the multicultural-but-amoral; and do not scorn those among you (read: Michael Savage)who with rude and angry fighting words seek to battle back the growing force of the greatest threat to civilization since the Third Reich. Instead, JOIN WITH THEM in that fight!"

Z said...

Zack, great comments, thanks!

As far as Anon and Pris...she hasn't a blog so she doesn't have a 'click back' thing like we do leading back to our blogs ....and so she signs in her comment so we know it's her!