Tuesday, May 19, 2009

China and India are on TOP of the ECO index?

India first, China second....ever see pictures of the AIR in China? Here's one:
Germany ranks 10th in the chart above, Americ's 17th. Um........Ever been to Mexico? It placed 6th. Here's what Mr. Z has to say on the subject:

This demonstrates how utterly idiotic the ECO index is, assembled by National Geographic (Are they paid by Gore to distribute lies like this?!).

Let’s take Germany: The country has put a very high importance on ecological good behavior (too much for my taste and study on the subject, but that’s not the point). Germany was beaten by countries like India and China, and Mexico for that matter, which are all absolute ecological messes; there is no other way to describe it, but they win over Germany because the people walk or use public transportation instead of driving (because they're so poor they can't buy cars!) and don’t drink bottled mineral water. And Germany is mainly “punished” because of their love for bottled mineral water. Anybody with half a brain could have figured out that there is something major wrong with the model. This study and its outcome have probably been ordered by the UN, with our money, I might add – which demonstrates directly why the U.N. and all related organizations need to be abolished or, more simply, the money resources need to be stopped – IMMEDIATELY.

I recommend we orient our eco behavior to the frontrunners. I demand that their exemplary behavior be integrated into our laws (yes, my tongue's stuck in my cheek here!). Nancy Pelosi can implement that, can’t she?

Z: This is almost as hilarious as WILLIAM JEFFERSON CLINTON as SPECIAL ENVOY to.................HAITI!! I am STILL laughing since I heard it last night.



Ducky's here said...

What is the ECO index?

RightKlik said...

This reminds me of the World Health Organization's ranking of the world's health systems where the U.S consistently ranks somewhere around #40 simply because our health care delivery system isn't totally socialist yet.

Tom said...

India and China should be dead last considering the amount of pollution they spit out in a month,

Deborah on the Bayside said...

Hmmm... Does that mean we should follow China’s example when we manufacture solar cells, dump all the toxic waste from it into surrounding farms and villages, kill crops, make people sick and make farmland moonscape. Wonder what else this report overlooked? Wonder how many of us know the true cost of our appetite for solar cells? (see Washington Post 3/9/08 - Solar Energy Firms Leave Waste Behind in China)

And Z, I think Bill Clinton may be starting his run for Secretary General. Or maybe running his start for Secretary General. Or is that a running start for his secretary. Hard to know!

WomanHonorThyself said...

This demonstrates how utterly idiotic the ECO index is...yup!!!

Anonymous said...

The international ecological movement, while based on justifiable concerns and lessons learned from the past, has become the worst example of liberal/utopian bullying. Even worse, the bullies predicate their behavior on erroneous scientific supposition. It is no more than a platform for under-educated politicians who seek to advance their careers at great expense to the working class, who end up paying for government largesse, which in the final analysis, has not improved the conservation of any vital resources.

Elmers Brother said...

The Rainforest Alliance launched the Eco-Index in 2001 to provide the conservation community with a quickly and easily accessible vehicle to share project data and reports, lessons learned, and best practices in a succinct and consistent format

Elmers Brother said...

really duhkkky it's as easy as using google.

beamish said...

The United States should help to lower the Earth's rising average temperature by putting more data sampling thermometers in the Artic.

Z said...

CLINTON takes HAITI! There's a promotion for him!

Thanks for explaining ECO to Ducky, folks.

You've all got it right: IMAGINE? The Germans are about THE most ECO friendly on the planet but China and Indian, biggest spewers on the planet, WIN!?

Your UN Dollars at work, folks.

JINGOIST said...

What a sad but predictable fraud. So WE are 17th eh? And Mexico and China are ahead of us? This ECO index is like any other leftist inspired piece of garbage.
Thanks for exposing it.

JINGOIST said...

Good post RightKlik! I recently had knee surgery, and from diagnosis to surgery the entire process COULD have taken 3 weeks if I had let it.

We keep health insurance with a LARGE deductable, which makes the premiums affordable. When you couple that with hospitals which accept interest free payment plans it IMPOSSIBLE to improve on that.

But gimme socialized medicine! LOL!

Anonymous said...

The point of all this is to bring the west into line with the rest of the world. Not in terms of a clean environment, but in terms of standard of living.

To accomplish this you focus the parameters of the eco index on the number of cars driven or cultural habits the UN divines are important or not, as opposed to true numbers regarding clean air.

How could a guilt trip be laid at the feet of the USA or Germany if we were at the top? How could we be seen as the cause of the evil which this hoax perpetuates?

The fix is in. We are to be punished for creating the most wonderful, freest, most prosperous civilization in the history of man. Also, we have the temerity to enjoy our way of life, and to expect it to continue. Tsk, tsk.

Included in this are the European countries which are also successful, and generally prosperous countries.

This is the formation of the "New World Order". By hook or by crook. The ends justify the means.

Here at home, we are being dictated to, not presented with debate, or genuine concern for Americans.

Today President Obama announced new cafe standards which during the Bush administration were expected to be in effect by 2020. Obama moved it up to 2016.

He did this knowing the economic conditions here, and the state of the automotive industry. He did this because the left doesn't care about our welfare, or the American way of life. Or our industry, what's left of it.

It looks to me as though the left won't be satisfied until this great country is on her knees.

They are true haters who will lie cheat and steal for power.

I will never forgive them for their ignorance, their hatred, and what they're doing to America. Never.


Brooke said...

Hi, Z!!!

Anything that is labeled 'environmentalist' is corrupt from the get-go.

Pat Jenkins said...

mr.z maybe you can help me understand something. when in God's name did the planet or enviroment become more important than mankind himself? i am sick of the debate over the "fragility" of mother earth. humans should be the first and last concern for existence.

Chuck said...


Half of their freakin income is money that illegals send home from the US.