Friday, May 15, 2009

Morgan has a BLOG!

My good friend Morgan has opened a blog....FOUNDING PRINCIPLES.
It will be good to have another smart, true conservative and great American who speaks his mind. We can't have enough of them these days......Check it out!


The Merry Widow said...

I went, read and commented!


Joe said...

I read his post and left a comment.

Turns out I used to live on the St. Johns and can identify.

JINGOIST said...

Thanks everyone! Come on by!

beamish said...

Well, alright!

'Bout time Morgan started blogging!!

Heck, maybe I'll get out of my lawn chair and figure out how to blog too.

Anonymous said...

I've blog rolled him! Thanks, Z.

Anonymous said...

Way to go, Morgan. All the best to you.


JINGOIST said...

Thanks Pris! Come and say hi when you get a chance.