Friday, May 29, 2009

Basketball tickets...what happens?

THE LAKERS WON (Did you hear me cheering at your house?)
So, you have tickets to the 7th game and it's not played. Do they send you your money back, or???


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you and the Lakers Z. I know how excited you must be. I'm happy they won too. But you are a rabid Laker fan, enjoy!

Let's hope we have an all LA year!!


Elmers Brother said...

I'm happy for you Z.

Z said...

thanks, guys!

Anybody know the answer to my question? You've bought tickets for Game 7, and there isn't a Game 7....this happens a lot. Do they just return your money? that must be a logistical nightmare, no?

christian soldier said...

Z-Good for them--
My Red Wings start the third set - tomorrow - Sat the JOE..Stanley Cup ...Do we all agree!!!
Z- thank you for your kind thoughts...I just posted a power song from Key...I needed to sing tonight...

David Wyatt said...

Good for you Z. No. I do not know the answer to your question, I am sorry. I'm not much of a Basketball fan, but when I was a wee lad I liked the Lakers because of Jerry West!

I hope my Reds do as well in baseball!

Z said...

When I was single, I would be at restaurants and for cocktails at various places in LA and it was like Jerry West was following me. We'd so frequently be at the same place! It got to the point we'd both kind of react like we knew each other and almost say HELLO until we both realized we did NOT know the other...very weird.
He was married.. So, at least we know he wasn't a player!! Seemed like a nice man. But, he did like to "LOOK"!

heidianne jackson said...

jerry west is a class act, z. but he recently said lebron james is a better player than kobe - i simply MUST take exception to that statement.

but i do think the magic is going to be a much tougher series for our lakers than cleveland would have been. oh well, i think it's our year.

go lakers!

Z said...

I STILL don't know the answer to my question..Do they just send all that money for 7th game ticket holders back? OUch!!

HA, I hope it's our year (again! heh). I personally thought Cleveland would be tougher to beat, so'd Mr. Z...but, you could be right, of course.

Time will tell! GO, LAKERS!!

Can you believe the bias in the commentary? It makes you grit your teeth. Kobe'd dunk an amazing basket and they'd just continue going on talking about the nugget's great game..but the nuggets would sink one and it was "2 POINTS FOR THE NUGGETS" It's almost like a cartoon skit, in my opinion, and I more sportsmanship minded than to condemn the commentators..This is just FACT. They're jealous, I guess. We've won a LOT of championships!

heidianne jackson said...

we HAVE won a lot of championships - but not the most championships. that honor goes to the boston celtics with 17 compared to lakers' 13. however, the lakers have won more games than any other team in nba history, so that's probably the source of the animosity from others.

btw, i heard on tnt during the regular season (no i haven't verified it, but it sounds true) that more players have their career best games against the lakers than any other team. so jealousy makes them play harder, better? who knows.

as for the answer to your question, according to the lakers tickets website - if you purchase the tickets in advance of the start of the series and the game is not played they will issue a full refund. if you get last minute tickets, too bad, so sad...

Beverly said...

Well, Z, I'll be cheering for the Orlando Magic.

As it was said, DisneyWorld meets Disneyland.

Z said...

Beverly...I thought YOU LOVED ME! heh heh!

HEIDIANNE, thanks...finally, I figured that's the way it went, but WHAT a pain in the neck, huh?