Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Media's SHOCKED at Republican treatment of Pelosi

Have you seen what Republicans are saying about Nancy Pelosi? I think some of it's over the top, myself...but when one considers what awful things the Democrats said about Bush and Cheney (and never seem to want to STOP, including a sitting president, for goodness sake, THAT's class, eh?), can the media be so shocked that they say things like "RNC's below-the-belt shot at Pelosi"?

The article adds "Not only is it bad form, say Democrats and women's advocates, it's bad politics."

THAT's funny...I found it very bad form when "women's advocates" did nothing for Miss California when a liberal called her the 'c' word and 'bitch'... Or how they shied away from much outrage over Clinton's sexual forays, or when they don't stand up for muslim women's rights .... or when they fawn over and champion Ted Kennedy, the "Chappaquiddick Water Walker".... you pick one, you're probably better at it than I.

I'll add that if this kind of childish behavior by Republicans is what's going to be happening, they don't represent me.....or, probably, many of you. And, don't be blaming the media for unfairness anymore if you agree with what's been said about that horrible Pelosi; this stuff does deserve some indignation. READ the article, don't just guess it's me bashing Republicans, it's BAD. And it has to stop. Now, give me your 'what for'...I can take it. I think!



HoosierArmyMom said...

Spot on Z!!! And let us not forget the Media's "Bad Form" in how they treated Sarah Palin, and the fact our illustrious "women's movement" (more like a bad bowel movement!) sat back and participated in the literal harassment of not only Sarah but her family as well.

Personally pointing out the fact that Ms. Pelosi is a liar and self-serving, incompetent control freak is the Republican's doing the media's job for them, by pointing out the truth. IMH yet vocal, O. LOL!!!

Hope you have a nice holiday weekend Z.

Z said...

Thanks, HoosierArmyMom...
So glad you're here...I always enjoy reading your comments at blogs.

Yes, I forgot the feminists attack on Palin...unforgivable.

But, we DID go too far if Republicans have said some of the things this piece suggests....and that just gives ammo to an already-hateful and agenda-drive media, doesn't it.

You have a nice weekend, too!

Anonymous said...

For one thing, what should Pelosi be compared to, a man?

I read this and thought, I wouldn't choose this strong a tack, but where was Eleanor Smeal when Sarah Palin was being smeared every which way but loose?

"She should stay home and take care of her kids". They made fun of her as a woman. Implied she was an "airhead". Her high heels, her wardrobe, you name it. They had a heyday lambasting her as a woman. Even her little retarded baby wasn't spared, "she should have had an abortion", remember?

So, I'm of two minds about this, and sick and tired of the double standard. None for the left, and another for conservatives.

They want a level playing field for everyone, or so they say. Well?

I thought all the hate they spewed for eight years would backfire, but no, they won. So, while my first reaction was uh oh, I think as long as the left can do or say what they please, and skate, they'll continue unchallenged. Humiliation against them is something they deserve, and have for a very long time.

As far as radio hosts are concerned, that's nothing new. A few are pretty insulting, most draw the line as to what's acceptable or not.

Nancy Pelosi's a liar and a fraud. She plays politics with our national security, and she too, thinks she can skate. Same old, same old.

The media reacts this way to anything we do or say, and we're supposed to apologize.

Well folks, we're losing our country. Are we supposed to be measured and civil at all costs no matter how hard we get hit? I'm not feeling very apologetic these days, how about you?


Z said...

Hi, Pris, while you know I agree with you on most of what you said, I do think that the Reps went too far. The P word isn't necessary, even as an inference.

Yes, we have a double standard in the media in this country, NO DOUBT about, we either go crazy with the ad hominems, knowing Americans will be fed how TERRIBLE the Right is for having done so (by the media), or we can stick to attacking policies and showing how very wrong they are.

I have NO problem attacking Pelosi as a politician and I know Palin got terribly attacked on strictly her femaleness, I agree, but we can't do it..we're not accorded that luxury and we could lose people with the media's double standard. Sickening, but true.

I'm glad you weighed in. I'm not convinced one way or the other, frankly, but I'm always against giving this stinking media ammo with which to destroy us....AGAIN.

Z said...

by the way, The NERVE of the writer to mention "Palin did not respond to questions regarding this" and never mention the OUTRAGEOUSLY UNKIND AND UNCIVIL AND UNFAIR Leftist accusations and name-calling to HER illustrates best what I'm saying.......

It's UNBELIEVABLE that the author didn't draw some conclusions of his own ....amazing. He mentions they called Palin a "bimbo"..WHAT? remember all the other things that were absolutely FALSE? Remember how they said hundreds of 'reporters' were swarming Alaska through her trash, etc..for ANYTHING they could get on her?

But...we can't do the same. Mostly, because Republicans seem to have a lot more class (MOST Of the time), and because of the fact that articles this brazenly dishonest can be written. And won't be for OUR SIDE.

FrogBurger said...

Their ratings are plummeting so at least America has some common sense. When Drew Peterson and Matt Lauer are being buddies whereas they trash Sarah Palin, people get it. The best way for us is to never watch those channels. I never do now. I skip their news and other crappy shows.

Always On Watch said...

I read the link.

I wouldn't be so crass (in public).

But to a certain extent, what goes around comes around.

I hope that Americans, even in the heat of political argument, can criticize without using such terminology.

But I'm starting to wonder if good manners and civility have gone by the wayside such that Americans won't listen unless rudeness and crassness are employed. It seems now that the loudest and vilest screams sway the electorate. Another form of dumbing down!

Always On Watch said...

One more thought....When I often heard leftists carry on with such acceptable crassness, I often thought to myself, "What kind of example are they setting, particularly for their children?"

Don't people care about that standard anymore?

beamish said...

We're back to this double standard?

Okay. I'll play along.

Nancy Pelosi, who by the way has a vagina, accused the CIA of lying, without offering proof.


Z said...

I guess this all boils down to one thing:

Civility. Okay, two things: Civility and America.

We're losing America because we're so busy infighting between parties. (Beamish is right: FOCUS. Pelosi did a terrible thing and the proof's there and it SHOULD be addressed properly and professionally because American politicians don't slam those in charge of PROTECTING US)

Who knows what our enemies are planning as they, too, watch the TV cable shows which have person after person RIPPING up the other. And the laughter on those shows! There are SUCH serious topics but, when it's COMMERCIAL time, it's "Well, Sean, or well, Wolf...thanks for having me ON!" Bright and bouncy, big SMILES, after having discussed Iranian nuclear capabilities. Dandy, huh? Just HILARIOUS

Okay, THREE things: It's all about GREED, and incivility ..... AND losing track of America. We're changing her so fast nobody will recognize our history or the words of our founding fathers OR, especially, our constitution, in four years, you all know that. Because we were WAY too busy arguing and name calling.

while America's losing control.

sorry to sound so down, but this is getting silly. Still, if we call a truce, it's the Republicans always stepping back, being more civil (whatever this article said, it's usually QUITE the other way; I've not seen a conservative talking head wish Robert Gibbs DEAD like THEY did Cheney or Tony Snow... and Huffington had to close down the day of Tony Snow's death for sheer VOLUME of nasty self-congratulatory "ain't ya glad Snow died?" posts, did you all know that?)

So, it would be US calming down and backing off in the attempt that we all get a grip.


we need to do the right thing with civility...we need not to give the slightest ammo to the damned media.

Always; Our kids are suffering terribly, you know that far better than I do because you're around older kids more often; they have instability in most of their homes, their schools AND their country; how good can THAT be? ONE unstable situation is horrifying for any kid. you're right..what respect can they have?

And, especially (sorry, I'm on a roll here!) when WE don't respect ourselves! They're seeing news telling them we don't close our borders and, indeed, PAY for lawbreakers in this country who've snuck in!, they saw Clinton have sex in the WH and lie about it, they saw Americans calling Bush LIAR and worse because, as president, he and the senate believe the war SHOULD happen, they see obama acting like some out of control messianic NUT and a fawning public teaching kids songs about THE ONE, ..oh, my gosh. They think New YOrk will be SINKING in 10 years!
And they're subjected to such CRAP on TV and film that they're having sex at 11 and we're wondering why. Or handing it to them on a silver platter with condems.

Congratulations, America.

Ain't Z in a GREAT mood today!? (ya, I am, but FED UP!!) :-)

HoosierArmyMom said...

You do have a point, but there has to be some doubt about accuracy when you are reading it in Politico or WND, etc. I do know the RNC's recent effort to "rename the Democrat party" seemed petty and wasting time on an unimportant issue.
With everything that is going on, that made me feel like they are becoming as bad as the Democrats became when the far-left wingers started pulling them into the pit of Saul Alinsky's tactics.

To be honest, I think educating people on the issues and making them take a closer look at the records of candidates and what their actions have cost them is a better way to go than being petty and engaging the left wing by emulating their own tacky behavior.

I finally wise up, and the Republican party get's taken over by silly Rhinos. :-)

Anonymous said...

Pussy Galore was an attractive woman. Nancy Pelosi is no Pussy Galore!

Z said...

Hoosier Mom, the stupid name some of the Reps came up with for the Dems was NUTS, you are so right. Talk about JUST the kind of thing we don't want done. Perfect ammunition for the Left. Made the Right look petty and plain stupid, didn't it?

I think they did it only with the intent of cementing that SOCIALIST idea into centrist minds, but it definitely backfired. I believe the ONLY information I even heard about it was only "look at what a dumb stunt" information. That's NOT what the Right needs!!
The Left does that frequently..throw out blatant lies which Americans hear and believe and act on. I know on Talk Radio one of the hosts was saying "How could the left SAY that when they know it's a TOTAL LIE?" (Haditha/Murtha isn't a bad example of that but there are more direct ones; he said it so people would have YET ANOTHER REASON to want soldiers out of Iraq and it was effective..I would hate to do a poll on how many think those soldiers actually were found guilty...none were, of course, but the media barely covered that. Oh, the media/left frequently has talked about FREE HEALTHCARE in France and Germany, too..TOTAL LIE, but people honestly believe that)

That talk show host asked that and I'm laughing because this happens so much and the talk show host didn't even get that it doens't MATTER if it's TRUE, they say it, the media says ZILCH, and people heard a lie they believe..DONE! The Left's lying and laughing themselves into the presidency! Worked like a charm.

Look at what happened with Ayers and Wright; friendships for THAT long and that close, with 2 guys like that would have had any Republican LAUGHED out of the nomination.....after the election, did you see that video of obama electors who didn't even know who Ayers was?

Until we get an honest media which really hits it home, we have no hope at all. (oops. hope. don't get me started!!!)

Z said...

FJ...good point. Man, and THAT's a modicumly attractive shot of pelosi!

Anonymous said...

After finally finding the video of the ad, I watched it. The "P" word isn't mentioned or inferred in my opinion. The woman from the movie is barely visible.

This is the scandalous video? Am I the only one who watched this or did I miss something?

I have to say, I've watched all the Bond movies, but I guess I'm not enough of an aficionado, to distinguish one partial shot of one pretty face from another.

I do know this, no ad attacking Pelosi would have been acceptable and would have been attacked.

This whole stupid thing is a mountain out of a molehill as it always is with the left. There's nothing objectionable about it.

Except of course Nancy Pelosi herself.


Z said...

Hi, Pris...I think the above-linked video's no big deal...I even think the P word thing is highly overplayed because the only inference is in the pictures, but I don't think it's unintentional. The article's dishonest in that point because they suggest there's a 'tag' there in the video and there isn't. If I had produced something like that I probably would have just looked for the first female Bond person I could find usable tape on and insert it and wouldn't have known her name. But I don't think they did! It isn't blatant, that's for sure. As a non-Bond lady myself, I'd have never put 2 and 2 together. I'd have had NO idea what that woman's name was though I have heard of it.

Video aside, and knowing our media as I do, I still think "bitch" and "hag" from Neil Boortz are waaaay out of line.

A terrible part of the video is Gibbs. It's absolutely astonishing the way he gets away with insulting people and acting like king or something. Did you see how he handled Helen Thomas the other day? WOW. Mimicked her words and dismissed her. "We do NOT hear you, therefore anything you say does NOT exist!" He'd be thrown out in 2 days if he were Republican, and the media knows that.

Z said...

Correction: Boortz 'only' said "Hag" ..some other guy said "bitch"

Gayle said...

Wouldn't it be nice Z, if Americans could be united? We are so polarized it's dangerous, and it seems to be getting worse instead of better. Obama promised he would bring people together but has done the exact opposite.

Pelosi should be held accountable for lying, but I agree it can be done with a lot more class.

A male politician can be good looking (most of them aren't), young, old, fat, thin, it doesn't matter. They are judged on their brains or lack of them, but women are a different story. If they are pretty, like Sarah Palin, it is concluded by many that they don't have any brains, and if they are older and show they've been around for awhile, then they're attacked for that. A double standard is still alive and well in America.

Ducky's here said...

Personally pointing out the fact that Ms. Pelosi is a liar


So she flips the digit to our crack intelligence wonks and that makes her a liar?

Maybe I'm a little hard on the CIA. We go in and occupy a country with No Army, No Navy, No Air Force, No Missiles, No Artillery, No Armor and still screw it up ... well they have to take partial credit.

lovelyprism said...

I despised the way the media treated Sarah Palin and two wrongs don't make a right, BUT I can understand how it happened. These are people who would love to debate the actual issue, but Pelosi won't. She dropped a bomb with no proof and now refuses to answer questions or provide such proof. Perhaps if she had provided some kind of proof or made herself available to some sort of debate, these people wouldn't have been frustrated enough to sink to that level.

christian soldier said...

I thought we were talking about the L word---but then- we know that she does do that...
Being nice has not helped us... so... what should we do???
And - speaking of the total annihilation of Sarah Palin and her family.....

Z said...

Gayle, obama's done nothing but push his agenda. His idea of pulling the country together is pulling them in HIS DIRECTION.

Ducky, the CIA did a lousy job in Iraq. I can't say who, but I can say I know someone who knew, during the Gulf War, that Saddam's planes were in underground bunkers...not OUR INTELLIGENCE, they didn't know. It was upsetting to me when our news showed Schwarzkopf admitting they'd got it wrong. I'm thinking "YOU got it wrong, and XXX knew THAT from a few business trips there!?" wow.

Of course, it's more upsetting to me that the whole world believed Saddam would play ball and, again, erred on the enemy's side, but maybe that's just me. Maybe if we'd gone in after three sanctions instead of 16...........who knows?

Pelosi, if she thought the CIA really did lie (and, of course, why would they brief people on procedures they were not going to use?, as Beamish so wisely pointed out) she should NEVER EVER have said that in front of the whole world.

I, for one, do NOT think that transparency and openness are going to win over hearts and just exposes our weaknesses and vulnerabilities in this of which is a government now which would much rather err on the enemy's side.

Z said...

You're all correct about Palin.
She was dead in the water practically a day after the nomination.

FOX, if you'll remember, was so widely and completely ridiculed by the Left BEFORE IT WENT ON THE AIR(remember?) that people still think it's all Right leaning.
Anybody see Shep Smith, Geraldo Rivera, the fact that every single panel has BOTH SIDES, but no...the Alinsky rules were in order and they had to KILL before it's there.....
Palin had that happen to her, too.

I"m sick of the whole thing. We're losing our country because we're so divided. And I don't see that changing.

christian soldier said...

an up-date-and corrections to POLITCO's (sp)take-

Dr No not Goldfinger..and et al...

Anonymous said...

Listen Ducky, those intelligence "wonks" as you put it, have protected you for seven and 1/2 years.

You are an ignorant and ungrateful dolt who knows nothing of the intelligence community, and how they are only as good as they are allowed to be.

Remember that, and note that they are not quite as free now to be as good as they were a few short months ago, thanks to the Obama administration and this feckless congress we're saddled with.

You might also remember that it takes years to overcome the naive, feel good, policies which have been placed in their path, time and time again. I point this out in a time when we are at war, but of course, you would call it fear mongering.

One more thing. Nancy Pelosi is a liar. More, she is not the one who will keep you safe. Pick your sides with some modicum of common sense, if that's possible.


Z said...

Thanks so much, Christian Soldier.

The article says a leftist reporter wrote about Palin: "I don't care if you know a thing about foreign policy. I don't care if you know a damn thing about the economy. Here is what you are to me--breasts, hair and a lovely smile." And who referred to Sarah Palin's selection as being the result of "bigotry, ignorance and cravenness."

Ya, and they're SO outraged at the Pelosi jabs.

Of course, the video is not my main point; and the criticism is really NOT supported by the actual video, as your article also asserts, the point is WE can't fight at ALL as strongly or critically as the Left because of our media. My other point is we shouldn't..."hag" and "bitch" don't help ANY discourse. But, we might as well have said MUCH worse..well, as bad, maybe as Perez Hilton said about Miss California?

That, if we did, the outrage would have NEVER stopped is incontrovertible.
I appreciate your leaving that's a good one.

shoprat said...

It sounds like the GOP is acting like Democrats.

Chuck said...

Z, I agree that the right should not be using this type of language, if for no other reason than it hurts the message.

Two thoughts though.

As usual they are taking a small sample and painting the entire right with the same brush. Let's compare number of incidences or level of depravity between how the right is treated and how the left is treated.

Second, while I do not agree with this type of message, I am not going to lose sleep over it. Until I see the same level of hand wringing for how Palin or any other woman on the right is treated, they can piss off. The left has very selective outrage on how women are treated.

Like Pris said, the things that were said about Sarah Palin went beyond anything I saw in this article, going as far as targeting her Down's syndrome child.

In a way one can almost make the case that they have reset the standard for civility and now have to live in the world they created.

Good post.

Anonymous said...

I not only demand proof that anything Beamish said is true, I want to know when he knew it, and under what circumstances.


Anonymous said...

Washington politics has always been awful. We do not need to aid and abet such behavior. If this continues, no good person will ever step forward to assume important positions of leadership. This is not a defense of Pelosi ... it is a defense of civility, proper manners, and common sense.

Frasypoo said...

I wish they would take away her Botox supply or maybe not...she is going have an exploding face soon!

I saw on CNN where the CIA director was more than mad at Pelosi(but maybe he was Republican!)
But I was suprised that CNN would actually show something that was against them!

Z said...

Mike (which Mike!? I hope I know....??): that is utterly hilarious! You're right..HOW DID YOU KNOW, BEAMISH? And ARE you sure?!! HEE

CHUCK, I'm singling you out of all the very good input here (and I thank you all), because you said this:

"Second, while I do not agree with this type of message, I am not going to lose sleep over it. Until I see the same level of hand wringing for how Palin or any other woman on the right is treated, they can piss off. The left has very selective outrage on how women are treated."

My feeling? That's not the point, my dear friend. WE aren't going to lose sleep over it but that doesn't matter. YOu're absolutely right..they CAN piss off when you consider what they did to Palin and how they're SO double standard now, but it's not what WE think, it's the hearts and minds of those people who think "those nasty ol' Republicans...SEE? the Left's RIGHT about them, see how they're so nasty, see how they're attacking?" THEY are the people I care about because nonthinking dopes are ruining this country with their votes. Do you know how many people I've met who agree with me right down the line politically, but when I say I'm a Conservative? "WHOOAAA>..I could NEVER vote REPUBLICAN!"

It's only when the following equation doesn't work anymore that this country will have a chance and the equation is:

Democrats; Correct

Republicans: EVIL (not incorrect, but EVIL)

This is how the Leftist professors and our media and our such HONORABLE Politicians (notables such as the Chappaquiddick Water Walker, Ted Kennedy, and John "that's not MY kid!" Kerry, John "I was in VIETAM" Kerry AND Robert "Another bridge named after ME? YOu just shouldn't!?OKAY!" Byrd) have represented Republicans, evil, stupid, racist, etc., and that has to stop.
So, as much as it doesn't matter to US what the Left says, it should matter because our votes alone won't take this country back; we need those indoctrinated dupes.

Mustang has a good point, too...but I still think we SHOULD lash out a LITTLE.
Did you all see Michael Steele's speech to the RNC? He rocked...never TOO insulting, but he got his point across, oh brother, did he!

Frasypoo...good to see you! I went by yesterday but you've not been blogging much!? miss you!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget how leftists treated Sarah Palin. Bit rich of them to be whining about a bit of their own medicine coming back at them.

beamish said...

Well, Nancy Pelosi (who by the way has a vagina) and her Democrats in the House just blocked a Republican-led measure in the House calling for a full investigation into Nancy Pelosi's claims that the CIA lied to her.

I guess we can take from this that Democrats and Pelosi (who by the way has a vagina) aren't the least bit interested in bringing any truth to light about Pelosi's claims.

Maybe the House Republican Leadership should accuse the CIA's baseball team of being on steroids.

beamish said...


I not only demand proof that anything Beamish said is true, I want to know when he knew it, and under what circumstances.There was such a great deal of fanfare and attention brought from the Congressional elections of 2006that Nancy Pelosi is the first Speaker of the House with a vagina. It seems relevant to mention, especially since early 2007 was practically flooded with that information. Remember Nancy Pelosi's rage over her vagina being too good for the same airplane used by past Speakers of the House?

beamish said...


It's not that the CIA briefed Pelosi (who by the way has a vagina) and others on interrogation techniques that they "were going to use."

They briefed on techniques that they were USING, presented the various legal arguments for and against what they were doing, and the strategic information yielded from detainees who were subjected to these "enhanced interrogation methods."

And Nancy Pelosi (who has a vagina) and others voted in approval of and to fund fully what they now characterize as "torture."

That's the issue. The CIA briefings take a rhetorical weapon out of Democrat hands.

Either waterboarding was "torture" when Democrats (like Pelosi, who has a vagina) voted for it to continue, or it never was.

beamish said...

I'm still holding back my contempt for John "I voted for the torture I hate when I'm on TV" McCain for another post about vaginas.

Z said...

Mike....are you HAPPY now? :-)

Beamish......thanks for the clarification. And, yes, it's quaint that SHE (yes, THAT one..) blocks her own investigation, isn't it? man

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

That was PRECISELY the WRONG time for the GOP to do anything like that. First, it's just plain stupid. And second, it removes Conservatives who will be associated with the GOP from a position of the high road in terms of ethics.

That was unnecessary, stupid, craven, in poor taste. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know it's Pelosi. But there's a big difference between Small Potatoes blogs like mine taking her to task for humor's sake, and something like that coming from the RNC.

Just completely stupid.


Z said...

BZ...absolutely. Plus, it gives ammo to the media.
Mr Z just said "We can't win without the media"
I said "Reagan got there just by stating facts, explaining, and ACTING presidential in his demeanor and words and dignity.." But, I'm not sure dignity is something people want anymore.
Anyway...the media's key. They keep lying, covering, not asking the tough questions...and add on Republicans using nasty female-oriented epithets and we're toast.

Yes, Palin was insulted beyond reason....and YES, I REALLY DO feel we SHOULD fight back, but we don't have the luxury of low-blow insults.
The Media's already set us up as the NASTY ONES...all it takes is a couple of these and they're encouraged and happy to say "I rest my case". Not everyone's a solid conservative like we all are....some are on the fence, and this isn't good. That's my feeling, anyway.

beamish said...

Politics is no place for Marquess of Queensberry rules.

It's not like "the Media's" sensibilities are fine tuned to serve social conservatism in the first place. And I say that as a social libertarian, not so much concerned about what pundit X has to say or how he says it.

I'm rather fond of coarse, to-the-point, trench warfare language myself. If Americans stayed awake for intelligently argumented, respectful decorum from their political dispensers, Alan Keyes would be President and Congress would be full of Duncan Hunters.

But, we're quite a few years past professional wrasslers teaching kids to point at their crotches and yell "suck it." Social conservatism isn't anyone's party line, so tee-totallers and keg whores are at... the kegger. Where everyone else is.

The media being "shocked" about Pelosi being targeted by some unflattering adjectives by a talk radio host is something ironic enough to wind up in a South Park episode.

beamish said...

I would like to clarify the message above.

It wasn't "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em."

It was more "don't shake your executioner's hand."

Nancy Pelosi accused the CIA of lying, and will not offer proof, and House Democrats will not allow an Congressional investigation (as asked for by the CIA).

Steroid use in major league baseball is far more important a topic to tackle than whether or not Democrats knowingly voted for what they call "torture" now, or if they were tricked into it by the CIA's mind control lasers.

JINGOIST said...

Z, Pelosi is a vicious, bug-eyed, Marxist freak! It's incredibly difficult to think of nice things to say, really. She's mean, petty, and IMO stupid.
Maybe commissar Pelosi is a loving grandmother? She was good looking once upon a time?

shoprat said...

To the best of my knowledge she has never boiled and eaten a baby.There! I said something nice about her.

Z said...

Beamish..doesn't matter what the media thinks, they're so dishonest.
What matters is what they spew to the AMerican public.

Jingo, I'd throw the book at the ... woman, no nice names for her on this side. To suggest Republicans not publicly use terms like BITCH and HAG is a far cry from "I think she's a good person" I can't stand the woman.

Shoprat, she's not boiled a baby, but she's certainly been behind the killing of enough of them! xx

Chuck said...

Z, I see your point and I do agree to a point. How I feel about it is that conservatives need to stop apologizing and pissing their pants every time they are attacked.

We need to fight back. They talk about Sarah Palin's miscues, we hit them with Biden. They talk about Bush lying about WMD's, we release a commercial with a litany of Dems saying the same thing.

They want to throw mud, throw it back. And keep throwing it until it sticks.

If they want to be nasty, make them pay a price for it. I think one of the reasons they do what they do is because they can. If it starts costing them, they may quit.

We all complain about the media (I do too) the reality is that 90% of the GOP's problems are self-inflicted. We let them define us. Our national leaders need to step up.

Look at Chaney in the last week. He is highly unpopular but you know what? People are listening to what he is saying, and his popularity is going up.

Z said...

I don't disagree at all with you, CHUCK.

I just want us to keep it a LITTLE less 'bitch' and 'hag', that's all.

Did you hear Steele's speech? TRUTH to POWER..sublime message there.

OUR TRUTH to obama, who's ONLY POWER.

I heard Cheney went up 8 points recently....I also saw your comment somewhere else (? I forget where!?) about twitter? I think that was many conservatives on fire? YOU BET we are. Now we need to convince centrists and mod. Dems....and 'bitch and hag' won't help.

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

It is bad form; but the whole "Pelosi Galore" name-calling is not new. It's been around Washington, amongst politicians, for some time now. I heard about politicians using this term for her 2 or 3 years ago.

The Vegas Art Guy said...

Awwww, I fweel soooo badly for Pelosi. Not