Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Russia attention, World - By Mr.Z

I have said for years that the cold war is not over. This year, the Soviets celebrated their win over Germany (May 9, 1945) with the largest military parade ever since WW II. Do you think it's an accident that they do this exactly in the year that Obama assumed the reign? Other anniversaries have come and gone through the years, 10th, 20th, etc., but they chose this year to beef it up. They consider him weak (as does most of the rest of the world, please don't rely on the American press) and are clearly sticking it in his eye. If our leader doesn’t understand that (including our media) then he doesn't have his eyes open. (check out the picture above, don't Russia's leaders make a happy little pair?)

And if anybody can explain to me why the Soviets have such a big Army, Air Force etc. when everybody else is dismantling whatever is left of any military power, and we're trying to negotiate arms deals with them, I would be grateful to accept assumptions. Also, they have engaged in the development of major weaponry in all categories (particularly those which our 'experts' in DC are stopping). My assumptions are:

(1) Their plan is to do one day what they didn't do after WW II – assume power of all Europe, before the Chinese do it (reminder: The Soviets have increased their military budget over the last several years by probably more than 10% EACH YEAR, and the Chinese THIS YEAR ALONE by 25%).

(2) Unlike a lot of other countries, the Russians are actually doing something against the threat by Iran, N. Korea and China, and …… the U.S.

Draw your own conclusions about those in DC who are doing everything they possibly can to weaken the position of the U.S. So, the new world order is shaping up:

(a) Military: See above.

(b) Political Strength: Europe and China.

The U.S.: In line with the super powers Cuba and Venezuela. Congratulations. (Mr Z)


Papa Frank said...

Bears hibernate and ALWAYS wake up hungry and on the prowl.

Anonymous said...

Z wrote:
"They consider him a weakling (as does the rest of the world) and are clearly sticking it in his eye. If our leader doesn’t understand that (including the media) then he doesn't have his eyes open."

This is true. Obie doesn't WANT a foreign policy that includes other nations. He IS a foreigner in OUR country and he doesn't like it! He's working overtime to "change" it for the worse (damage) and those pesky Ruskies, Iranians, and Chinese are diverting his attention.


Mustang said...

No president has a field of expertise in every aspect of government; this is why he has a cabinet, and why it is critical that his appointees are true experts, rather than mere yes-men to massage the ego of any president. Like you, I believe that another cold war is just beyond the horizon, and whether it redevelops depends on a strong, consistent America. China’s navy is expanding exponentially, and Vietnam is now purchasing submarines from Russia. Not only has Russia increased military spending, it has become a staunch ally of the Islamic Republic of Iran … has funded, supplied, and helped develop Iran’s nuclear capability. Has Iran become a Russian pawn?

These are all perplexing questions, and yet Obama has one of this country’s foremost experts as his National Security Advisor. General James L. Jones, USMC (Retired) was a Marine officer for more than 40 years. During that time, he served as the 32nd Commandant of the Marine Corps, and then at a time when all other former-commandants retire, George Bush appointed General Jones Commander of the US European command, and Supreme Allied Commander (Europe). After his retirement, he served as the Chairman of the Congressional Independent Commission to Iraq. President Bush appointed him as a Special Envoy to the Middle East, and he served as Chairman of the Atlantic Council of the United States. We cannot say that Mr. Øbama’s national security advisor lacks experience, or is naïve, or even that he lacks an aggressive attitude with respect to the security of the United States.

So like Mr. Z … I find Mr. Øbama’s intentions are confusing. But it is perfectly okay if I am confused, I do not pose a danger to the United States of America. But if his messages are confusing to Russia, China, Pakistan, North Korea, China, or any number of the dozens of radical Islamic groups operating around the world (including within the USA), then yes … that could be problematic. So I think it is a good idea for everyone to get used to eating with chopsticks, drinking vodka, eating curie, crapping in their backyards, and maybe purchasing a couple of burkhas … just in case.

highboy said...

You have to remember though Z that communism would have worked if the right people were in charge. Really.

The Eyes Of An Angel said...

Hey this blog is super, I'm glad I found it..I'll be back again and often

beamish said...

I'm not all that worried about a resurgent Russia.

What are they going to "resurge" with? People?

Between migration, death, and contraceptive abortion (3 out of 4 pregnancies in Russia are aborted), Russia's population growth rate is NEGATIVE! -0.5%

There will be less Russians next year than there are this year.

Technology? We took out Russian-made GPS scramblers in Iraq, with GPS guided bombs.

Leftism has taken its toll on Russia. The only credible threat they pose is the same threat any leftist poses...

They will soak your shoes in drool.

Z said...

Pops..GReat point.

Morgan, isn't it unbelievable ...those pesky types are busy sharpening their tools while we're trying to convince Americans the economic sky is falling, don't worry about the threats from outside. We even took away the funding for NYC subway virus/bio/chem detection and took even more money from the border fence.
I think obama's keeping us busy with the economy and we're goig to wake up to NO country.

Mustang, at least I can have vodka?!

highboy...thanks for the smile.

The Eyes of an Angel...thanks so much for coming by. I went to you but no new blogs for a while. Hoping you start writing again, they were good!

Z said...

Beamish...we hope you're right. But they've got a LOT of Soldiers. I didn't include all the looked like an obama Greek Columned rally, I swear. THOUSANDS ....the only thing missing was clicking heels and hands in the air in front of them in salute.

beamish said...

Honestly, Russia has never been victorious in a war they had to fight by themselves.

Never. As far back as history can see.

Oh, they're pretty good at defeating unarmed people, but is that really that impressive?

In the 20th Century, Russia went to war with Japan, sailing all the way around Asia, and lost their navy.

They went to war with Finland, and got their asses handed to them.

In a pact with their fellow leftists in Nazi Germany, they helped occupy Poland.

When Hitler was done with them, they were kicked out of Poland, AND lost the Ukraine, their primary food supply source.

They even lost thousands of conscripts pushing through what was left of the Nazi Army in Eastern Europe when Britain and America had cut off the Nazi's Eastern front supply lines and pasted most of the opposition with aerial bombardment - at the same time Britain and America were fighting through enemy sea and air space to deliver food and supplies to the Russians to keep them in the war. While America was fighting heavily in two theatres (North Africa / Europe and the Pacific).

What exactly is Russia celebrating? That the British that were bombed by the Nazis using Russian fuel and explosive chemical stocks paved them a cratered road to march into Berlin upon?

That Americans tightened their belts and rationed food so Russian soldiers could eat Spam flown in through German anti-aircraft fire?

What are they celebrating?

Anonymous said...

While I agree that Gen. Jones has sufficient experience, he doesn't control the agenda. I wonder why he accepted that responsibility since I am reasonably sure his views are opposite of those of his boss. And since his boss does whatever he wants to fit his agenda, I wonder how long Gen. Jones will play with it - on one hand he is a good military leader who follows orders, even if he considers them wrong, on the other hand, this must go really against his own convictions. I would not have accepted that assignment, if this is any reference.

But the fact of the matter is that the military and intelligence capabilities of this country are being dismantled in front of our very eyes because of the appeasement conviction Obama holds so dear - ignoring the fact that it has never ever worked.

I agree that no one person can know everything, but he has to surround himself with knowledgeable people. That is the basis for any organization, even the government. But that supposes two essential ingredients:

1. A manager must enough factual knowledge to know whom to put in charge. Obama has failed miserably in this category since, with the exception of Gen. Jones, his cabinet and higher officials are the most unprofessional I have ever seen in any government (and I have seen a lot), in addition to the high rate of rapsheets and tax evasion activities of which the world has seen no similar (with the exception of Kenya, BTW).

2. A good boss must be able to make an assessment which advice to adopt and which not. That requires knowledge and not ideology, something which escapes Obama completely.

Since Obama sticks his head in front of TV cameras on a daily basis, we can witness this incompetence every day - but so can our enemies and allies. Consequently, the image of the U.S. is being reshaped (as Obama promised), but it is not for the better. He appears nice, personable, grinning, etc., and most people fall for that. But the reality is that this friendliness is extremely deceiving, and everybody with a little brain left between the ears is able to see beyond this imaginary curtain built up so ably by Obama (when he is standing behind his teleprompters, that is).

Conclusion: There is a big gap between the knowledge a communist community organizer acquires and the knowledge a President of the United States must possess.

Consequence: The power play by the Russias, Irans, etc. of this world.


beamish said...

Mr. Z,

If Obama is as hopelessly retarded by leftism as he seems to be, I would hope Gen. Jones would tough it out in his position as long as his conscience can bear.

Too many fine officers quit our military under Clinton.

Anonymous said...

Beamish: I think you are mistaken. While I agree with you in principle that they haven't won much with their army or anything else (and I am aware of the fact that they would not have succeeded with their WW II effort if it wasn't for the American ships bringing supplies for them through Murmansk), I wouldn't take the armament too lightly. I know a little bit about that. And these things may have flaws, but at the time when we in the West are dismantling our armed forces, they are doing exactly the opposite.

Remember that with their rudimentary technology they had the Sputnik earlier in space than any satellite by the sophisticated Americans. And everybody has laughed about the rudimentary technology of taking people into space, with these huge rockets with five huge boosters (completely over dimensioned) - but these things work, in the contrary to the sophisticated technology by the U.S. or the Europeans. Similar picture with their A/C and Missile systems...And I do know about other technologies which I cannot talk about here, where the Russians are way ahead of the West.

I don't want to over emphasize this, I am not shivering in my boots (I am not doing that anyway), but it is not the first time where I have made an assessment about these types of things and I was right at the end.

All I wanted to do is warn about the policies of Omaba in terms of National security, which in my judgment are the opposite of what we should be doing, and that stems from the complete ignorance of this matter by this guy in the White House.


Anonymous said...

Beamish: Since our messages have crossed, you are certainly not wrong with the desire that Jones sticks it out. My suggestions is that he won't. There is only so much an officer can take.

To see officers leave, as you suggested, under Clinton and now under Obama, is troublesome. But, let's face it: With the climate being generated by Obama and all the leftist government, coutry, etc. in the country: Do you think that many people are left in this country who are willing to become a military officer, a police officer, a border officer or an intelligence officer anymore, under the assumption that they are threatened with every one of their moves to protect us with a law suit by the government or the ACLU or some scheister lawyers?

May be that is the reason why Obama wants to create his own private civil force in similarity to Hitler's SA?


Larry Durham said...

Highboy's comment "that communism would have worked if the right people were in charge", while funny as hell, is actually what a lot of lefty morons really think. There's no doubt that Comrade Barry believes that to the core. The first 100 days pretty much prove that.

Ducky's here said...

Beamish: I think you are mistaken. While I agree with you in principle that they haven't won much with their army or anything else ...


Look, whatever you think of Russians, if they didn't hold at Stalingrad we would have never pushed Hitler out of Europe.

Now, Korea, Vietnam, Beirut, Afghanistan ... just what have we achieved. No fair claiming the "victory" in Grenada.

Z said...

Mr. Z....I don't see a lot of enlistment happening in the future, but with the murder of the soldiers by our own and the way the media's handling that (it's more about the poor killer and what caused it than realizing ALL people snap and maybe focusing on those who lost their lives?), and the way Murtha condemned our kids before he knew the facts, the way Obama tried to take away health benefits from soldiers who HAD ENLISTED, etc., about the CIA giving out torture information!!?.....WHY would ANYBODY enlist?
Then, when they did in large numbers for Bush who, one could see from the reactions in the crowds when he went there, was respected and liked, they were accused of signing up only for the benefits! Did you see how the soldiers barely clapped for obama in that last visit he made to soldiers? Even those behind him? SAD.

No, who'd enlist now? With how we're treating them? AND, if they do the slightest thing wrong, they're condemned viciously and publicly. We're even believing the Taliban is telling the truth that OUR KIDS killed their innocents, ignoring the evidence that the Taliban killed their own to make it look bad..Heck, the Taliban reads the NYTimes, don't kid yourselves...they're playing our left like a fine balalayka.

Larry, Highboy's right and so are you; OUR left knows BETTER than other socialists!!

Wait till you see my post of an interview with a Frenchman I met last night...and I should get some input from the Polish American I met, too....they are frothing at the mouth for having LEFT socialist situations so excited to come HERE and then this happened....they're warning, but who's listening?

KrisEveland said...

Russia is dangerous and Barry refuses to see it. He would rather rub shoulders with world leaders and apologize for his own country than to keep it safe. I hope he wakes up before it's too late...

Ducky's here said...

....they are frothing at the mouth for having LEFT socialist situations so excited to come HERE and then this happened....they're warning, but who's listening?


You are comparing the current administration to communist Poland?

Are you serious,z. This is hyperbole.

highboy said...

Please explain what the difference is between communism in one country as opposed to the same system in another country ducky. Or does it work better over here because we have the "right people in charge"?

Wow z, looks like the libs really do feel that way.

shoprat said...

Russia is back with a vengeance, and America needs to come back as well after we cure ourselves of this Socialist disease we have been infected with.

Z said...

Ducky, you can't actually believe that.
This woman lived through it all. She LIVED UNDER SOCIALISM.
The Eastern Europeans see the signs; WE DO NOT.
It takes one who's LIVED UNDER IT to see the take over of COMPANIES as a hideous reminder of what COULD HAPPEN (oops, it HAS happened..who'd have imagined it?)

Today, obama is setting executive salaries for companies he DOES NOT OWN.......good idea?


I'll be publishing an interview in a week, hopefully, of these people who UNDERSTAND> That only conservatives see the seep as well is not only frightening but telling.

Shoprat...we can't rise again. Not with a man so hurriedly and obviously moving us to mediocrity...We can't. In 3 years the Russians and Chinese won't want us; we'll be Venezuela. that's that, in my opinion.

Z said...

The Polish woman said "I lived there under nationalized you want your healthcare to be run in the way the DMV is?"

shoprat said...

I don't know if he really is communist or socialist. There appears to be a lot of Fascism in his plans (as defined by Mussolini - - You may own it but the government tells you what to do with it.)

beamish said...

Mr. Z,

All I wanted to do is warn about the policies of Omaba in terms of National security, which in my judgment are the opposite of what we should be doing, and that stems from the complete ignorance of this matter by this guy in the White House.Absolutely. As Joe Biden would say, the Presidency is no place for on the job training. As Hillary Clinton would say, Barack Obama brings a speech he gave in 2002 to foreign policy concerns.


As far as Russia goes, they don't have the manpower or the population to produce the manpower necessary to conduct a protracted war against anyone (I think Finland would kick their asses again) and Russia is still a rational actor in the "Mutually Assured Destruction" model of nuclear brinkmanship - they care about not being nuked off the planet as much as we do.

As far as weapons technology, the Russians do have an advantage in some areas, but they lack the resources to implement new weapons platforms on a wide scale. They are, for the most part, still tooling around in obsolescence.

Take their numerical advantage in tanks. I think they outnumber America in tanks by 5 to 1.

But our tanks are sophisticated enough to take out 10 or more enemy tanks to every one of ours they take out.

Wanna see Soviet military doctrine vs. modern American military doctrine? Hit the highlight reel from Desert Storm, when Iraq had the 4th largest military in the world - trained by the Soviets in Soviet equipment.

Russia wouldn't win a conventional stand-up fight with America. They'd have to go nuclear.

Obama would probably sit back and watch Russia "resurge" unchecked for a few years, and likely help the same way Roosevelt sent war steel to Hitler to keep the union steelworkers in gravy boats.

Democrats are good at foreign policy like axle grease is good at icing cinnamon buns.

The saving grace is we can boot Obama out in 2012 when his foreign policy ignorance has a rap sheet.

I pray that rap sheet doesn't have too many unnecessarily dead people on it.

Anonymous said...

"You are comparing the current administration to communist Poland?"

My God Ducky, open your eyes. This administration is just getting started, can't you see that? All the signs are there. We can see how deft they are at grabbing power at all costs already.

Do you think they're going to stop?
Is enough ever enough with people like this?
The handwriting's on the wall.


Anonymous said...

What does worry me about Russia increasing it's military is that 40% of their army is soon to be muslim.

Anonymous said...

Beamish: I believe we are mostly in agreement, including what the capabilities of the people in Russia per se are concerned. However, I reiterate (and then I will leave the subject) two reasons why we shouldn't under estimate the Russians:

1. Manpower: I don't know what the actual numbers are, but it may be 4.5 million vs. 1 million in the U.S., 200k Germany and the like...It's like Attila the Hun - even under equipped and under capable, the sheer number is still overwhelming.

2. Weaponry: The ABRAMS (and Germany's Leopard II, for that matter) may be better (but not factor 10!), again the sheer number is frightening. But my point here is a different one: They are investing heavily in weapons in areas where Obama is stopping the development, i.e. missile defense, attack missiles, superior fighter A/C, etc.

To illustrate that point: I was once flown in a soviet made plane (I believe it was the TU 154) somewhere in the Middle East. The plane was constructed inside like we would build ships - everything solid metal, stable, unshakeable. And yet, the start was something else - the plane went into the sky with an acceleration and under an angle like a fighter plane.

But there is another point why we shouldn't under estimate the Soviets (sorry, I have to call them that): They have the will to use the weapons and manpower. We are just losing that part. Now, our Military has to ask Nancy and Harry whether it's ok to use force in a particular case (I am exaggerating, but we are almost there) if they want to avoid that the Attorney General doesn't get after them.....


Ducky's here said...

The Polish woman said "I lived there under nationalized you want your healthcare to be run in the way the DMV is?"


No, I want decisions made by an 85 I.Q. clerk at a for profit insurance company.

Ducky's here said...

My God Ducky, open your eyes. This administration is just getting started, can't you see that? All the signs are there.



Name one and if you name deficit spending I counter with St. Ronnie Raygun , a fine deficit spender.

So fire away, this should be good.

Z said...

Nice obfuscation, Ducky.

I want the highest IQ doctors, I don't want the lowest of the lows who will still work for the pittance our gov't will pay them to cure me, Thanks.