Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Rush Limbaugh............(is he being 'savaged,' too?)

Would you use the term "ENTERTAINER" for Rush Limbaugh.....?

Just curious.
Colin Powell does: "I think what Rush does as an entertainer diminishes the party and -- true -- inserts itself into our public life."



Anonymous said...

Rush refers to himself as an entertainer. I regard him as a political commentator, or a radio blogger, but it is okay with me if he wants to be an entertainer. When he checks his pay stub, I'm sure it doesn't matter what other people call him.

christian soldier said...

Colin has never shown himself to be a truth teller-'watch your back' -is the word regarding the good General...

cube said...

I would rather stand beside Rush, whatever he decides to refer to himself as, than stand beside the affirmative action general Powell.

Z said...

Hi, Mustang! Rush talks about politics and gives his opinions with a flourish....if he calls it entertaining, great..but I doubt if Colin Powell meant quite what Rush means when he refers to himself as 'entertainer'.
When people like Powell use it, it's meant to demean, in my opinion. There seems to be a real push to slam the conservative talkers, TV and radio, in order to slip the Fairness Doctrine in fairly easily (I believe this is behind Savage's treatment by England, too...not so important to England, since they don't even know him there! But, sure does sound bad to Americans who don't know better)'s going to take some working, considering FOX is number one, by FAR and growing every single hour...and how important the radio people are due to the fact that we can't get balanced news anywhere else.

20 million listeners apparently listen to him every day.....a place they can get a conservative's point of view and some good laughs, too. Mostly, as little as I've listened to Rush, the laughs come from the fact that he isn't politically correct and that he gives information in a way that's so sardonic to the Left that you can't help but laugh with him.

C-CS: You bet. Ol' Colin's got his finger to the wind, doesn't he.

Anonymous said...

I know you're right, Z. Powell isn't about standing up for what is proper and true; he is so focused on his own legacy that he even lack the balls to stand up for his president when attacked by the whack-o left. So ... we know what Powell is. We've know it for a while. Do we really care what he (Powell) thinks?

I don't.

Anonymous said...

The only time Powell crawls out from under his rock is to criticize his own "side". He's probably trying to do Obama a favor.

I wonder why he had nothing to say about entertainers, John Stewart, Bill Maher, Garofolo, etc., I'd go on but I'd run out of space.

Where was he when Kerry, Reid, Murtha, were trashing our troops? He is a General, no?

Republicans couldn't care less about what he thinks or says. He's nothing more than another in a long line of Obama dupes!


Z said...

No, Mustang, I sure don't.
But, it's powerful to Americans who don't seek the truth. They respect Powell for his service and the media's always liked him and presented him in the best way possible.
Heck, I was a huge fan before he worked to throw Conservatives under the bus.
So, he's a powerful influence on those who just plain like him.....
He's seemed snide lately and how can anyone respect someone who espoused conservative values and then suddenly supported a socialist with so little experience and with terrorist friends and 'hate America first' pastors... how? How do you get SO away from what you SAID you valued, and so suddenly?

Z said...

Pris, but it isn't important what Reps think about him. He does have cache with the American public and they DO take to heart what he says.

I so agree with you! Where was he when Murtha smeared our troops and when Garofalo said what she said, etc etc? VERY good observation, P, as usual!!

beamish said...

Rush Limbaugh is a Hillary Clinton supporter.

I thought the Democrats had healed their intra-party rift.

dmarks said...

Whatever Rush is, Powell is a racist, since he strongly stands behind affirmative action (which is nothing more than a policy to punish and reward based on skin color).

Always On Watch said...

Colin Powell is now dedicated to making sure that the Republican Party modernizes and moderates -- in other words, moves to the left.

Let's not forget that Colin Powell is an Obama supporter.

DaBlade said...

I'd rather remember Colin Powell as a great war general, and not the political stooge and tool for the left.

Ducky's here said...

I see him as a pathetic schmuck who had to cruise Denny's parking lots to score his Oxycontin.

He's a perfect leader for what's left of the St. Ronnie Raygun revolution.

Z said...

Powell will only be remembered by the Left now with any fondness or respect, which is sad.

I'm wondering how many of us could have gone through the intense pain Rush Limbaugh apparently went through, day after day, with no medical solution available. Many suffer with back pain like that.

I just wish one Democrat who we found was a tax evader had had the scrutiny that Limbaugh did when it was discovered how desperate he'd been to get drugs.

William Jeffers' icy money, Sandy Berger's theft, Rangel's dealings, Geithner's (and was it 11 other?) tax evaders, ... none gets close to the ugly and damning criticism Limbaugh got for trying to get pain relief. Sad.

Anonymous said...

He's a perfect leader for what's left of the St. Ronnie Raygun revolution.And Ducky is the perfect leftist poster child for cerebral palsy.

Ducky's here said...

Yes sir, z, simple pain relief.

Personal responsibility?
Not if you're on the far right.

Your guide is Rush Limbaugh. Man, talk about being down to seeds and stems. The right has utterly destroyed itself.

Oh, as an aside. I was listening to talk radio this morning, one of the less strident programs at that. What are they talking about?
Yup, the WND story on Obam's scholarship. They had Jerome Corsi on and that circus clown is going to run with it and continue to make a laughing stock of what remains of the right.

The right has been thoroughly discredited and it's going to take more than Rush or Savage or a joke like Michelle Malkin to move you from fringe status.

Anonymous said...

I've always thought of Miss Limbaugh as being a comedienne. Do a Google search of Limbaugh+Gay.
Tip Top

beamish said...

The right has been thoroughly discredited and it's going to take more than Rush or Savage or a joke like Michelle Malkin to move you from fringe status.By golly you're right, Ducky. Why just the other day I saw a massive army of people marching in the streets demanding tax increases for themselves.

On the next block there was another mass of people burning their guns on a bonfire and calling for the abolition of private gun ownership.

And on further down the street, there was a petition going around where people could sign up to adopt their very own Gitmo detainee.

Z said...

Ducky, you did NOT SAY THIS!!!

"Personal responsibility?
Not if you're on the far right."

Um. Personal responsibility is a LEFTIST THING? you just crack me up!

Why do you think your lefty stuff is winning? Americans have finally been trained to believe personal responsibility's a thing of the past and you say THIS!?
Thanks, I needed the giggle.......

highboy said...

Yes ducky lets talk about personal responsibility?

1. Ted Kennedy: He was all apologies for letting his ho drown in the river.
2. Bill Clinton: Its very honorable to admit to perjury after you get caught.
3. Hillary Clinton: Its a wonder she still wanted to steal all that furniture what with not knowing where all those stains came from.
4. Joe Biden: Nothing like blaming McCain for voting for deregulation on the campaign trail while forgetting to mention your own voting record in 1999 where you voted for the same thing. Oh well, dumb Americans won't research it anyways.
5. Randi Rhodes: Yes, openly calling for the assassination of a Republican president over the radio is far more noble than a radio personality scoring oxy.
6. Gary Condit: thankfully they found that poor girl's body.
7. Barrack Obama Cabinet: do any of them know how to fill out a tax return?
8. Barrack Obama President: I'm glad we have a president that thinks leaving dying babies to suffer under a blanket in a dirty linen closet is a Constitutional right to be protected.

Ducky's here said...

That's called a straw man argument, highboy.

Fact is that Limbaugh loved sucking down Oxy, doctor shopped so he get more of Rush's Little Helper and then lawyered up to beat the rap and avoid any responsibility.

You guys try to pass yourself of as the "personal responsibility" party. I know people are human right along the entire spectrum. Time you and z learned it also.

Lynne said...

What comes around GOES around
I've long suspected that some of these bloggers are not really Christians at all because some of them are ..
it's despicable, whether or not you're a christian unpatriotic to be so despicable as to blog about our president as some of you do.
But being a conservative, it figures that you would be spreading your

highboy said...

No ducky that is calling you on your hypocrisy. You pick on Rush for no other reason than he's a voice for the Republicn RINOS. If it was one of your democrat politicians you wouldn't even care as you've already proven above.

highboy said...

Yes Lynn I guess we'd be more Christian if we just abandoned our principles and our faith so we can support the new young black face all you libs feel good about. Never mind that he's an established liar, totally incompetent, and in 3 months put our country into more debt that Bush did in 8 years. Never mind that he puts everyone who disagrees with him on Homeland Security's shit list. Never mind he thinks stabbing babies in the head with scissors on their way out of the womb is a Constitutional right. He's the first black president who makes pretty tear jerking speeches so the Christian thing to do is overlook all these things and support him. Its not like libs ever blogged about Bush, no way.

Ducky's here said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
highboy said...

Yeah ducky we're national jokes because the dems are in power. Lord knows that's never happened before. Meanwhile Obama's approval ratings continue to drop and the national debt approaches 13 trillion and in case you missed it, you're own party is tearing each other apart. National jokes indeed. I don't need to worry about Obama's birth certificate. I can just sit back and watch all of his/your liberal policies destroy America.

highboy said...

Oh I almost forgot, while Powell is most certainly a joke, I find it very telling that you mock his lack of respect in front of the U.N, an organization that contributes nothing but gang rape in third world countries.

Anonymous said...

Sure he's an entertainer. He also just happens to speak the truth about politics while he's at it. He weaves the two together perfectly.

Anonymous said...

The libs think that Rush is a joke, but the jokes on them.
Rush has more brains in his pinkie than Obama has in his peanut little head.

Did you hear that Lynne!

Z said...

Ducky, you've been deleted..
NOBODY comes to this blog with that ugliness and insult. I didn't set it up for you. You'll just have to set up your own corner at Moveon or something, okay? Sorry, but...that's silly.

I still just DO NOT GET why lefties are so angry and upset at the Right. YOU HAVE WON, the country's floundering and getting into debt beyond anybody's wildest dreams, we're acting like Egypt kicking King Farouk out nationalizing and appointing gov't guys with no business experience to boards of companis!, it's okay to kill unborn babies up to the last minute of their gestation, you can have boys marrying boys in a few states now and they'll be accused of discrimination soon if they can't marry their cousin or pet, we're appeasing despots and dictators, we have a president who STILL won't listen to the thousands of scientists proving humans are not mostly responsible for the cyclical environmental patterns, etc etc etc YOU WIN! We're more immoral, we have more sex on TV and films than anybody could image, we have viagra and penis enlarging commercials on radio and TV....Christians and Jews just can't do ANYTHING right, but muslims MUST be protected at all costs.

YOU WON! What's the big deal? YOu belittled the tea parties, you admire Olbermann types who have lowered the bar of class and dignity, you've got a president who hangs with terrorists and Harvard thug elitists and appoints people who are law breakers...

You should be thrilled..Wassup, Ducky? it's the oddest thing! :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised Limbaugh was not on that list. An entertainer he is, but his really calling is 'bane of the left'. As you can tell Rush invokes such pathological hatred from the left. Very few can claim that particular honor.

colin powell can get stuffed, just become a democrat mate, you know you want to.

shoprat said...

There is nothing wrong with being an entertainer who tells the truth and makes people think.

LASunsett said...

//That's called a straw man argument, highboy.//

Ducky knows strawmen, he uses them almost anytime he loses the argument.

Ask Duck:

If Rush were a liberal offending conservatives, would he bring up the drug problem from a few years back?

See what he says.

When does he tackle the arguments head on with intelligent debate? Answer, he doesn't. He just brings up the drug problem and a little play on names, Ronnie Raygun. He thinks that is the way to win a debate.

Gayle said...

Colin voted for Obama, so this doesn't surprise me in the least, Z. No, I don't think of Rush as an entertainer, but he does call himself one. Like Mustang said, I doubt he cares what anyone says about him. He knows who he is and that's all that's important. He has the audience, and a turncoat like Colin Powell can't stand it. Tough! :)

Joe said...

Colin Powell is the entertainer.

Rush is Right!

He and I agree on 90% of things in general, 94% of things political.

Only I thought of them first...he only reinforces what I already thought...DUCKY.

See, I'm older than he is and formed my political philosophy when he was in elementary school.